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The Pope’s comments about Russia’s ethnic minorities were an “insinuation,” the envoy says | Russia’s ambassador to the Vatican has filed a complaint over an interview given by Pope Francis, in which he accused troops of Chechen and Buryat origin of particular “cruelty” during Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine.  Alexander Avdeyev said he visited the Vatican’s diplomatic service late on Monday to deliver the note. 💬 “I expressed indignation at such insinuations,” the ambassador said, referring to the Pope’s comments. “Nothing can shake the solidarity and unity of the multinational Russian people,” he told RIA Novosti news agency on Tuesday.  In his interview on Monday with the Jesuit magazine America, Pope Francis claimed that “the cruelest [among those fighting in Ukraine] are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryati [sic] and so on.”  Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded that 💬 "the pontiff’s words were “no longer Russophobia. It’s a perversion on a level I can’t even name.”  Alexey Tsidenov, the leader of Buryatia – a Russian Buddhist republic in southeast Siberia – said Pope Francis’ comments were 💬 “strange, to say the least.” The speaker of Chechnya’s parliament, Magomed Daudov, advised the Pope to listen to the people of Donbass, to whom Chechens, Buryats and representatives of other nations of Russia have become “saviors.”

Pope Francis is the Apotheosis of Hypocrisy (Elena Panina)

Permalink Douglas McGregor: The new border of the Russian Federation will pass along the Dnieper

Douglas McGregor: The new border of the Russian Federation will pass along the Dnieper | Former US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor is confident that the Ukrainian state will be destroyed by 700,000 Russian soldiers after the ground freezes.
💬 “They will move in and finish off this Ukrainian state. Let's not kid ourselves. Regime in Kiev is likely to be annihilated along with the remains of Armed Forces." he said. Russia will not stop until it regains all the territories that historically belonged to it before, says a former US Army colonel. Kherson and Kharkov will again be Russian cities, he is sure. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will face complete defeat, and the Ukrainian state - complete destruction, McGregor added.
💬 "The Russians are now fully mobilizing to complete this task. The biggest mistake we could make in the West is to involve ourselves, we have done enough damage" emphasizes McGregor. (VIDEO)

Zelenskiy will become a victim of Ukrainian nationalists - US Colonel Macgregor (Vanessa Beeley)

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How Kiev is sinking into the 19th century. A notice has been put out to tenants...that it will not be possible to go to the toilet when there is no light, because the pumps do not work, the system will fill up and everything will go into the flats on the lower floors. And so the only escape is a toilet in the yard like a "cloakroom". Or to have a bucket with bags at home to go in them, and then take the bags outside. (Translation: DeepL.com)

[Editor's Comment, Another World Is Possible:] This blog has taken the attitude that the Russian side was justified in protecting Russians in Eastern Ukraine. They had been under constant bombardment from the Nazi rulers in Kyiv. Thousands lost their lives in this way after the 2014 Maidan coup carried out by the former US president, Barak Obama and his handlers. Understandably, the Russians found that finally something had to be done about all this. However, people in Western Ukraine, ruled by the Nazis in Kyiv, were not the ones that were bombing the Russians in Eastern Ukraine. Kyiv did this, not ordinary people in Ukraine. Moscow seems to ignore this fact. This is very, very bad! - The so-called special military operation, as such, was and still is justified. It is however this editor's opinion that the intentional destruction of Ukraine's civilian infrastructure is reprehensible. It is mean-spirited and morally repugnant. Winter is coming and people will suffer terribly and some will undoubtedly freeze to death. Nothing, absolutely nothing good will come of this. It must stop immediately!

[Комментарий редактора, "Другой мир возможен":] Этот блог придерживался позиции, что российская сторона была оправдана в защите русских в Восточной Украине. Они подвергались постоянным обстрелам со стороны нацистских правителей в Киеве. Тысячи людей погибли таким образом после майданного переворота 2014 года, осуществленного бывшим президентом США Бараком Обамой и его подручными. Понятно, что россияне сочли, что со всем этим, наконец, нужно что-то делать. Однако не люди в Западной Украине, управляемой киевскими нацистами, бомбили русских в Восточной Украине. Это делал Киев, а не простые люди в Украине. Москва, похоже, игнорирует этот факт. Это очень, очень плохо! - Так называемая специальная военная операция, как таковая, была и остается оправданной. Однако, по мнению этого редактора, намеренное разрушение гражданской инфраструктуры Украины достойно осуждения. Это подло и морально отвратительно. Наступает зима, и люди будут ужасно страдать, а некоторые, несомненно, замерзнут до смерти. Ничего, абсолютно ничего хорошего из этого не выйдет. Это должно быть немедленно прекращено! (Перевод: : DeepL.com)

Permalink Pentagon: The outcome of the war in Ukraine will determine the course of global security in the 21st century

Elena Panina | Lloyd Austin, head of the US Department of Defense, said this at the International Security Forum in Halifax on 19 November. His speech was entitled "Why Ukraine Matters". Austin highlighted four reasons:

A direct threat to European security;
a challenge to US NATO allies;
an attack on Western values and the "rule of law";
undermining the "rules-based order" that keeps the West safe.

"Supporting Ukraine's self-defence is an investment by the West in its own security and prosperity," Austin added. - So those in North America don't have the opportunity to sit on the sidelines."    Obviously, the very existence of Russia is a challenge to the "rules-based order" through which the West thrives by siphoning off other countries' natural and human resources. A sovereign Russia is the planet's chance for a just future. After all, if the West has become anti-Christian, only a Christian civilization can defeat it.  Ukraine is being used as a battering ram against Russia in order to inflict a strategic defeat on our country and not to engage in direct military confrontation with us, fraught with a global nuclear war.  Austin also said this, outlining the desired framework of the conflict: "We [NATO] will not be drawn into war, but we will support Ukraine and defend every inch of NATO territory."  Here is the conclusion for Russia: the conflict can only be truly over if there is a direct and immediate threat to the core of Western civilisation - the United States. Otherwise, it will smolder for decades, exhausting our country. US officials originally called the time limit 10 years. It is noteworthy that Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel is currently on a state visit to Russia and is scheduled to meet with the Russian head of state.

Permalink Oskar Lafontaine: "Blowing up two gas pipelines is a declaration of war on Germany"

Юрий Баранчик | "Blowing up two gas pipelines is a declaration of war on Germany" declares former SPD chairman Oskar Lafontaine. The German federal government is behaving pathetically and cowardly as it wants to cover up the incident. | According to Lafontaine, the US either carried out the attack directly or gave it the green light: 💬 "Without Washington's knowledge and consent, the destruction of the pipelines, which amounts to an attack on our country, a blow to our economy and our geostrategic interests, would not have been possible." Lafontaine believes that the FRG must "free itself from American tutelage", withdraw US troops and their nuclear weapons from its territory and close the Ramstein airbase. 💬 "Germany must formulate its own interests, and they do not coincide with those of the US," the former SPD chief noted. According to him, "NATO is no longer a defensive alliance, but a tool to keep the US as the only world power."  So it is. How Lafontaine's plans are implemented practically is another matter. There are some 200 American bases on German territory. Every Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany signs the "Chancellor Act", a pledge to the United States, Britain and France, before being sworn in. This secret treaty is valid until 2099.  Unfortunately, Lafontaine's statement is a voice crying in the wilderness. Alas, the fate of Germany is sealed - industrial devastation, the flight of German companies to American jurisdiction, the degradation of the German state.  Germany can be potentially saved only by Russia if it takes Berlin as it did in 1945, and taking into account those lessons - the whole German territory. The scenario is fantastic, but if the US follows Ukraine in making Poland and Germany its proxies against Russia, it could become a reality. (Translation: DeepL.com)

Permalink LNR tells of losses among Polish mercenaries fighting for Kiev

LNR officer Marochko reported huge losses among Polish mercenaries fighting for Kiev | [Extract:] Polish mercenaries fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army are suffering enormous losses, an officer of the People's Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic Andrey Marochko told the Rossiya 24 TV channel. For example, the concentration of Polish representatives was recorded in the districts of Kreminna, Lysychansk, Svatove, and in other directions. 💬 "We are also receiving intelligence, radio intercepts, and there is already indirect confirmation that these soldiers are suffering enormous losses, as there are already statements from Polish officials that the bodies of Polish soldiers are arriving on Polish territory and they need to be buried somewhere. They now have a problem with this," Marochko said.  At the beginning of November, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that after the start of the special military operation, more than eight thousand mercenaries from more than 60 countries had arrived in Ukraine. The most numerous groups represented Poland, the US, Canada, Romania and the UK. More than three thousand fighters were killed, and a similar number decided to return home. (T)

Poles killed in Ukraine to get ‘American’ burial

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