Permalink Massive Explosion - St. Petersburg, Russia - At Nord Stream Gas Terminal

A very large and powerful explosion has taken place at the Nord Stream gas pipeline terminal in St. Petersburg, Russia. Visible flames and the roar of a major natural gas fire can be seen and heard for miles. Video Below. No word yet on what exploded or why, but with the Ukraine situation, it isn't hard to guess. UPDATE 9:48 AM EST -- We are now told the explosion took place in Vsevolozhsk, a town east of St. Petersburg. State media said that the explosion was caused by a gas pipeline in the region. There were no reports of injuries, and local authorities said that the fire was under control.

"Газпром Трансгаз": причиной аварии под Петербургом стал разрыв газопровода - VIDEO | MOSCOW, November 19 - RIA Novosti. A ruptured gas pipeline caused an accident in the Leningrad Region, rescuers continue to extinguish the fire, Gazprom Transgaz Saint Petersburg said. "Today at 15:32 Moscow time in Vsevolozhsky district at approximately 782 km there was a rupture of the gas pipeline Belousovo - Leningrad with fire. There were no casualties," the statement said. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/; free edtion)

"Fire as high as a 12-storey building". There was an explosion on a gas pipeline near St Petersburg | A gas pipeline near the town of Vsevolozhsk in the Leningrad Region has exploded and triggered a huge fire. Residents heard a rumble like the sound of an aeroplane in flight for about ten minutes. The windows of the houses shook. A huge pillar of fire could be seen for kilometres away from the site of the explosion. According to Aleksandr Drozdenko, governor of the region, there is no threat of the fire spreading to residential areas. Causes of the incident are being investigated. For more information on the accident, see Gazeta.Ru. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/; free edtion)

Permalink It’s out in the open: Vaccine passports for the “next pandemic.”

"In general the MSM gives the impression that we have returned to normal when in fact, the globalist 2030 Agenda is still alive and kicking. We are being distracted from the fact that our traitorous governments are still trying to kill and dispossess us (link)." Despite all the revelations about vaccines and vaccine mandates, globalist technocrats are planning to bring back vaccine passports for the “next pandemic.” Please share this video! https://youtu.be/kMT1bdGLxfw

G20 Promotes WHO-Standardized Global Vaccine Passport and ‘Digital Health’ Identity Scheme
G20 Masters Push Vaccine Passports For Travel As Slave System Clamps Down

Permalink Britain's SNF can be disarmed in one blow

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | Britain's SNF can be disarmed in one blow | The British strategic nuclear submarine Victorious Vanguard class interrupted a combat patrol in the North Atlantic and returned to its base in Scotland. The reason was a fire on board, which led to the destruction of an electrical converter. The submarine "had to surface to wash off the toxic fumes". Britain's strategic nuclear forces include four Vanguard-class submarines:
two are on active duty at Clyde base, meaning they can fire from a pier in a surface position;
one under repair since 2015, end date unknown;
one is now back from patrol due to a fire and will also be out for repairs indefinitely.
But the Royal Navy said Britain's "continuous nuclear deterrent at sea has not been affected". How so? There were three boats (75% of deterrence capability) on active duty on base and at sea, and now only two, and those at the pier (50%) - in one location. This means that Britain's strategic nuclear forces could be disarmed in a single strike. (DeepL.com)

Permalink BBC Television: "Segment of HIV" Used to Create COVID-19 Vaccines !

As more and more people around the world got snookered into taking the COVID "Vaccine" we all got to see how more and more people started dying from strange ailments. Young people started dying from Myocarditis and Pericarditis. Middle aged people starting dropping dead from blood clots in the brain, in the lungs, or in their hearts. Other people started dropping dead from "unknown causes" to such a large extent, they made-up a phony name to describe it: "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" (SADS). Now, we finally have an idea as to why: Manufacturers of the COVID-19 "vaccine" used segments of the HIV virus in the COVID "vaccine." For a lot of the people who got the COVID vax, it now appears to many that they actually gave you a tiny version of...AIDS

Permalink UN Calls for Full Investigation Into Reports of Russian Prisoners of War Killed in Ukraine

The United Nations is calling for a full investigation of all reported human rights violations in the context of more than 10 brutally executed Russian Prisoners of War (PoW) by the Ukrainian side, UN Spokesperson Farhan Haq told Sputnik. 💬 "We have called for all reported human rights violations by all sides in this conflict to be fully investigated and for there to be accountability," Haq said on Friday.  Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Ukrainian military had deliberately killed more than 10 captured Russian servicemen, shooting them in the head at point blank — a crime no one can present as a "tragic exception." The defense ministry said that "the published new video evidence of the mass massacre of unarmed Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian soldiers confirms the savage essence of the current Kiev regime led by [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky and those who protect and support it."

UKRAINE TROOPS MASSACRE SURRENDERING, DIS-ARMED, RUSSIANS LAYING FACE-DOWN ON GROUND | Ukrainian Nazi troops have committed a war crime of slaughtering surrendering Russian Troops. The Russians were dis-armed, laying face-down on the ground, when Ukrainian Nazis opened fire upon them, killing them all. Video of the slaughter appears below. According to sources on the scene, soldiers from the Ukrainian 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade, committed the murders. According to eye witnesses, the names and surnames of the killers are known and the information has been passed to the Russian Army. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement: "The Russian Federation demands, from International Organizations, to condemn the crime of Ukraine, with the Execution of Russian prisoners of war, and conduct an investigation." Bear in mind that the Ukraine Army is the one being backed by the United States and by the European Union. That Ukrainian Army is carrying out cold-blooded murder, in the name of, and with the direct help of, the people backing them. (Warning: gruesome video.)

Commentary by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova on shooting of Russian POWs by Ukrainian servicemen (Extract) | This shocking video footage is yet another proof of the crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, Ukraine's flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, including the 1949 Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, and international human rights standards, including the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the 1984 Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. (DeepL.com)

Ukraine has policy of executing POWs – Russia | A “barbarous killing of Russian prisoners of war” is just the latest in a series of war crimes committed by Ukrainian troops, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday. The statement came after videos that surfaced online purportedly showed executed Russian servicemen after they surrendered. 💬 “This is a widespread practice of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that is actively supported by the Kiev regime and outright ignored by its Western backers,” the ministry stressed. It also blasted the actions of the Ukrainian soldiers as a “deliberate and methodical murder. No one will be able to portray it as a ‘tragic exception’ amid the Kiev regime’s alleged total compliance with the norms regulating the rights of POWs,” the statement reads.

Permalink Europe’s new ‘Iron Curtain’: Miles of barbed wire fences built at Russian borders

A new ‘Iron Curtain’ has descended across Europe as Baltic countries strengthen their borders amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. | Countries like Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have reinforced their borders with barbed wire. Poland built a 115-mile steel wall and has since strengthened its border further with barbed wire, reports MailOnline. Other Baltic countries have now followed suit – with Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin saying the country’s 830-mile border with Russia will be ‘fortified’. It is expected the border across the Baltic states will be 2,106 miles in length by 2025, but this provides little protection against missiles and tanks.

Permalink Obama Caught Boasting ‘Democrats Control The Voting Machines’

"Why I'll tell you what, it helped in Ohio that we got Democrats in charge of the machines"
According to Democrats and the mainstream media, voter fraud does not exist, regardless of the emergence of statistically impossible voting patterns in key seats that always end up going the way of the Democrats. While Democrats continue claiming there is no issue with voter fraud in the US and election results continue getting stranger and stranger, it’s worth taking a look at what Obama said in 2008, before he was elected president. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, and even if you understand that Democrats and Republicans represent two heads of the same snake, the current situation should concern you. In the resurfaced video, Obama was seeking to ease concerns about a potential Republican landslide victory in 2009 by telling a crowd of Democrat voters in Ohio that they needn’t worry because Democrats control the election voting machines. But the stunning footage doesn’t stop there. The then-Illinois U.S. senator continued by claiming that Republicans “have monkeyed around with elections in the past” before admitting that “sometimes Democrats have too” — Which is very strange, because Democrats in 2022 claim there is no such thing as voter fraud...

Permalink Possible Ebola case ‘investigated at UK hospital’

Medics are investigating a possible case of Ebola in a UK hospital, according to a report. | Emergency precautions to deal with an ‘infection control issue’ were put in place at an Essex hospital last night. NHS bosses confirmed to The Sun that an area of Colchester Hospital had to be shut down over fears a patient had contracted the deadly virus. An anonymous source said the emergency care centre had been on ‘lockdown’ but it has now fully reopened. The UK Health Security Agency has not confirmed a domestic Ebola infection but did say unwell people who have recently travelled are tested for a range of illnesses.

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