Permalink 2 volcanoes rumble into action in Russia's far east

Towering clouds of ash and glowing lava are spewing from two volcanoes on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and scientists say major eruptions could be on the way. Ground News // Articles

Permalink Attack on Russian Orthodox Churches in Ukraine

Manlio Dinucci | Attack on Russian Orthodox Churches in Ukraine | In Ukraine, the head of the Orthodox Church of Kyiv, who has broken with the Patriarchate of Moscow, declares that those who kill Russians are forgiven, and Vladimir Putin is the Antichrist. On this basis, an attack on the churches of the Russian Orthodox parishes which have remained connected to the Moscow Patriarchate is underway throughout Ukraine, carried out by neo-Nazi armed groups that break down the doors of the churches and beat the faithful. While all this is underway in Ukraine, one of the leading neo-Nazi exponents of the Azov battalion, presented as a hero, is touring US schools and receiving international awards.

Permalink IN PLAIN SIGHT – G20 Heads Of State Agree To Hand Over Their National Health Sovereignties To W.H.O. And Global Citizens Are Clueless

The B20 Summit of business leaders, partially sponsored by the World Economic Forum, preceded the G20 Head of State Summit (G20) on the island of Bali, Indonesia this past week. G20 Heads of State, representing 19 countries and the European Union and two-thirds of the world’s population, agreed to hand over their countries’ health sovereignty to the World Health Organization, based upon the “One Health” model incorporating the health of humans, plants and animals. It was codified in what is called the Bali Declaration, which will lead to a major pandemic fund of billions annually and an international accord to be hashed out for future pandemic readiness.

It’s out in the open: Vaccine passports for the “next pandemic.” (11/19/22)

Permalink Ticking Time Bomb: 500,000 Armed Foreign 'Soldiers' Are Hiding Inside Germany Awaiting Their Attack Orders

Hundred of thousands of foreign fighters, many of who are armed, have invaded Germany and are waiting for the signal to attack. The German government can no longer protect its citizens, that have been left armed and helpless by their policies. | Federal border police no longer speak of asylum seekers but soldiers storming their country. It is estimated that are 500,000 soldiers waiting for an order to attack. Meanwhile, Germany has 260,000 Bundeswehr soldiers (armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany). Police are being pressured not to speak of the invasion taking place. The same applies to vehicles coming over the Balkan route. They are sometimes checked, and if weapons are found, which often trucks are full of them, “they may not be confiscated.”

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