Permalink Armor and other NATO Military Gear in Poland, Moving Toward Kaliningrad

Video has emerged of trainloads of NATO armor and other military gear moving through Poland, toward the Russia enclave of Kaliningrad. | The video, below, shows one of the trains moving through Gdynia, Poland. Each day, NATO moves more and more military gear either toward Russia or Ukraine, and toward the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. It doesn't stop.  Today, the Russian Ministry of Defense ORDERED manufacturers to DOUBLE the production of hypersonic missiles. It won't stop unless or until citizens in NATO countries, get their governments back under control -- and fast -- or else World War 3 is on the menu.

Permalink Western Europeans will try to isolate Russia at G20 – Telegraph

London and Brussels will reportedly encourage others to walk out during the Russian delegation’s speeches | The UK and the EU intend to coordinate their efforts and do “everything possible” to make the Russian delegation feel unwelcome at the upcoming G20 summit in Indonesia’s Bali, The Telegraph has claimed. The outlet conceded, however, that China – and possibly several other key players – would be highly unlikely to follow suit. 💬 “We try to work with partners in order to show very, very, very firmly what the international community thinks about all these crimes, atrocities, and illegal actions by Russia,” a spokesperson for the EU’s foreign affairs service told the paper. The spokesperson explained that the bloc, together with the UK, will not only shun Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and stage walkouts during addresses by Moscow’s delegation, but also try to convince other nations to do the same. According to the anonymous official, while the 💬 “UK is not keen on coordinating with the EU on foreign policy in general,” the concerted efforts to isolate Russia have proven to be an exception, as London and Brussels “have the same objective.”

Permalink The West renounces freedom of expression

This is a debate that we thought was closed: Westerners had affirmed that freedom of expression is an essential prerequisite for democracy and that they would never violate it again. However, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Germany have already embarked on the path of censorship. Now there are things not to say. | Freedom of expression had been a feature of the West since the 18th century. This was the basis on which the political regime supported by the middle classes was built: democracy. The principle according to which the general will would emerge from the confrontation of various opinions was no longer contested. Any attack on this freedom was seen as a blow to the peaceful resolution of conflicts.  However, at the beginning of the 20th century, when the World War tore the West apart, the British, then the Americans, did not hesitate to use modern means of propaganda, not only against their enemies, but also against their own population [1]. For the first time, democratic governments were setting up programs to deceive their fellow citizens. At the end of this war, the British prided themselves on their successes, suggesting a possible use of war propaganda in times of peace. Also, when the capitalist economic system was threatened and even before the Second World War had started, democracies and freedom of expression were put on hold, and propaganda resumed, first in Italy and Germany, then throughout the West.  Today, as in the thirties, the present capitalist system is threatened by the development of inequalities between voters, but in a way that we have never known. If the industrialist Henry Ford said, during the crisis of 1929, that the salary of a boss should not exceed 40 times that of one of his workers, today that of Elon Musk is 38.5 million times that of some of its employees in the United States. The democratic principle “One man, one vote” no longer has any relation to reality.

Permalink Maternal mortality in Russia tripled in 2021

Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) recently released maternal mortality figures for 2021. The numbers raise some questions. | 482 expectant mothers died in Russia last year—up from 161 in 2020, an increase from 11.2 to 34.5 per 100 thousand live births. 90% of the recorded deaths in 2021 were due to causes not directly related to pregnancy. Officials 💬 “attributed the sharp increase in maternal mortality to coronavirus, but the cause could also be genetic COVID vaccines, which in Britain were recently recognized as unsafe for pregnant women. Mass vaccination in the Russian Federation took place in 2021, but not in 2020,” Russian outlet Nakanune reported on November 8. The same outlet revealed in September that Russia’s birth rate had plummeted nine months after compulsory vaccination decrees were adopted nationwide in autumn 2021. 💬 “Despite all the assurances that new gene vaccines cannot affect reproductive performance in any way, the numbers indicate that this issue may be much more serious than anyone would like to imagine,” Nakanune wrote. How many of these poor women were injected? The Health Ministry won’t say, because: 💬 "Publishing information on the number of deaths among vaccinated individuals...does not objectively reflect any relationship between deaths and vaccination and may cause a negative attitude towards vaccination.”

Permalink John Kerry spills the beans at U.N.’s COP27 meeting: They want to replace capitalism with a "new" economic system

Pope Francis also recently called for a ‘new economic system’ | The World Economic Forum’s climate change agenda was “modeled” off the effort to roll out vaccines during the Covid pandemic, John Kerry said during a COP27 panel discussion in Egypt on Tuesday. That means we can all look forward to high-pressure, coercive government tactics, and not only from the government but from corporate elites. [...] So by purposely drying up the food supply, paying farmers not to produce, forcing them to drastically reduce the use of fertilizers, making them cull their herds of livestock and replace that protein in the human diet with crickets and other insects, this is somehow going to be more “sustainable” and feed more people? This is the World Economic Forum/United Nations agenda that Pope Francis promotes, so don’t believe him when he says he’s for a more equitable, sustainable, peaceful world. This pope is a deceiver. John Kerry is a deceiver. They talk about climate change in a context that makes people think they’re trying to benefit humanity. But when you lift the veneer of rhetorical altruism, what you find is an extremely anti-human line of policies that support the greater U.N. depopulation agenda. According to the Independent Sentinel, Francis “wants the UN – the dictator’s club – to lead the world with this new system that sounds a lot like the World Economic Forum’s system.”

Permalink Des plastiques présents dans le sol menacent la sécurité alimentaire, selon la FAO

Plus de microplastiques dans les sols agricoles que dans la mer | La pollution plastique ne se termine pas seulement dans les cours d’eau et les océans, mais aussi dans les sols. Selon un nouveau rapport publié mardi par l'agence agricole des Nations Unies, les plastiques sont désormais omniprésents dans les sols agricoles, ce qui représente, selon l'agence, une menace pour la sécurité alimentaire, la santé des personnes et l'environnement d’une manière générale.  Alors que les effets des gros objets en plastique sur la faune marine ont été bien documentés, la présence de ces particules dans les terres à destination agricole sont moins connues et pourtant plus importantes. En effet, nos terres agricoles contiendraient encore plus de microplastiques que les océans, comme le détaille la directrice générale adjointe de la FAO, Maria Helena Semedo, dans l'avant-propos du rapport. Leur effet néfaste est principalement dû aux conséquences de leur désintégration dans les sols.  Sur les quelque 6,3 milliards de tonnes de plastique produites avant 2015, près de 80 % n'ont jamais été correctement éliminées. En outre, d'énormes quantités de produits plastiques, qui finissent par s'échapper dans l’environnement, sont utilisées dans l’agriculture (du plastique pour recouvrir le sol pour réduire les mauvaises herbes ; des filets pour protéger et stimuler la croissance des plantes, prolonger les saisons de culture et augmenter les rendements ; et des protège-arbres, qui protègent les semis et les jeunes arbres des animaux et contribuent à fournir un microclimat propice à la croissance).

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