Permalink EU freezes steals Russian assets to the tune of €68 bln

The European Union has frozen Russian assets in total to the tune of €68 bln, Politico, a US-based newspaper, reported on Friday citing an in-house document of the European Commission (EC). | The bulk of the assets was frozen in Belgium (worth €50 bln) and Luxembourg (€5.5 bln). Those two countries, as well as Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria and France, account for over 90% of the frozen assets, according to the paper.  Meanwhile, Russia’s national reserves may equal around €33.8 bln, though the exact figure is not yet known.  The EC’s spokesperson Christian Wigand said in late October in an interview broadcast by the ORF radio station that the amount of Russian assets blocked by the European Union totaled €17.5 bln. The assets of 1,350 persons and entities under sanctions are at stake.

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев) | On the basis of a UN General Assembly decision, dictated by the known leader of enemy countries, national acts of theft of Russian assets are taking place. We will be left with no choice. - We will have to irrevocably seize the money and property of private investors from such countries, even though they are not responsible for the fools in their governments. By a happy coincidence, their assets in our country amount to more than $300bn worth of foreign loans, frozen accounts and other valuables. -- More than enough to make up for what was stolen from Russia. P. S. All in all, it is a sad situation: the UN now has made such lawless decisions, that this simply means an end to business as usual. "The lamps are going out." Is there stil time...? (Translation: Yandex + AWIP)

Permalink Kiev has reportedly received mysterious “strategic materials”

Kiev has reportedly received mysterious “strategic materials” | Citing three “senior European diplomatic officials,” Haaretz reported that Washington approached the Israeli government several weeks ago, "pressing it" to supply Ukraine with anti-aircraft batteries. While Israel refused, it agreed to fund the “strategic materials” instead. Several million dollars were transferred to “a NATO member state that is deeply involved in supplying military equipment to Ukraine,” the report explained. This state then purchased the materials and sent them to Ukraine. Haaretz’ sources demanded that the nature of these materials be kept a secret, while Tel Aviv asked all parties involved in the deal not to publicly reveal it, “in order not to anger [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.”  The Haaretz report did not name the NATO member involved in the deal. However, it resembles an earlier gray-market deal involving Poland. Back in September, Hebrew news site Zman Yisrael reported that at least one Israeli defense contractor was shipping anti-drone systems to Poland, with Warsaw then sending them on to Ukraine. The Israeli government reportedly turned a blind eye to this arrangement, despite its official refusal to supply any offensive weapons to Kiev.  With a change in government set to bring Benjamin Netanyahu back into power in Israel, Haaretz’ sources said that it would be up to the veteran right-winger whether to repeat the “strategic materials” deal.

Permalink Daily Mail readers' anger over 'Polish tractor' comes down on Zelensky

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | Daily Mail readers' anger over 'Polish tractor' comes down on Zelensky | Our regular Daily Mail | Top 5 Comments column has been updated with British reactions to the Przewodów incident in Poland. The most replicated English tabloid, always hostile to Russia, this time couldn't get past Kiev's obvious lie about a missile strike on Polish territory. 💬 "Zelensky insists that the missile that hit Poland WAS Russian - although NATO, the US and even Poland's president said it was a misfire by Ukrainian air defence; but everyone agrees that Putin is to blame for almost provoking World War III," reads a painfully long headline in the paper, which even here could not help kicking our country. And here's the result - the most popular comments under the article, which have gathered thousands of 'likes' from other readers, emanate hatred for Zelensky and not Russia at all. The top 5 comments are as follows:

5th place: "This madman and the gangs behind him have put the whole world on its ear."
4th: "We destroyed our economy because of you and sanctions and in return you are killing the citizens of a NATO country and don't even admit it."
3rd: "I've had enough of this man".
2nd: "He is trying to involve NATO directly in the war. But actually, if Ukraine bombed Poland, a NATO member, then NATO should be dealing with Ukraine, not Russia.
1st: "Russia has nothing to do with it. Zelensky wants war."

The British are great masters not only at taming foreign "counterparts" but also at controlling their own masses. The construction of the headline in the tabloid makes it clear who his majesty's subjects have decided to unleash their wrath on this time. To see any rise in British sympathy for Russia here is misleading and even damaging: London is and will remain a zoological Russophobe. Rather, the outburst of discontent with Zelensky in the media comes as additional "political education" for the puppets in Kiev - your mistakes are unacceptable, try harder! (Translated with DeepL.com/)

Permalink Woman Celebrated On Tik-Tok For Mocking Her Dead Dad At His Funeral

MUST READ | Celia Farber | This person speaking on this video is, to my mind, post-human [our emphasis]. Is that the same as “trans-human?” Anyway: No longer human. They will reward this more and more. The death of empathy, love, respect and honor and from the ashes, the rise of the parental denunciation (as performance art and status symbol). The shameless brandishing of allowing political difference to abort love. The youth of the future will be rewarded for judging their parents strictly on their ability to fully reflect the child’s (woke/nwo) “politics,” [our emphasis] which is actually the child’s programming. This also pushes the Woke ideal that individualism, difference in human perception, is an evil that must be uprooted [our emphasis]. This is what gives “cancel culture” its power. It sells its converts on the idea that different-ness must be abolished. The goal is sameness [author's emphasis]. Like nails hammered down in perfect rows. Like a field of identical fists raised from identical outrage. A “mass” emotion is no emotion at all. Emotions can only be felt individually.

Permalink British government slammed over arrest of journalists

Three reporters covering ‘Just Stop Oil’ demonstrations were detained last week | UK civil liberties organizations have demanded that Home Secretary Suella Braverman reconsider a controversial public order bill, after three journalists were arrested at ‘Just Stop Oil’ climate protests last week.  The reporters were arrested last Tuesday whilst covering the blockage of the M25 motorway around London by activists from ‘Just Stop Oil’ – an anti-fossil fuel group responsible for vandalizing priceless works of art in recent months. LBC’s Charlotte Lynch, documentary filmmaker Rich Felgate, and photographer Tom Bowles were arrested while covering the demonstration, with Felgate capturing the moment of his and Bowles’ arrests.  All three were subsequently released without charges. By the time ‘Just Stop Oil’ wound down their protest on Friday, 58 people had been charged, London’s Metropolitan Police stated. The demonstrations had been held in defiance of a court injunction. 💬 “Arresting journalists for simply attending a demonstration is unjustifiable, unlawful,” and contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights, the civil liberties groups wrote to Braverman. The groups, which include Big Brother Watch, Amnesty International, and Index on Censorship, condemned the use of a recent bill criminalizing acts causing “distress” or “annoyance” to make the arrests.

Permalink Norway to Activate Drills on Svalbard Archipelago Despite Its Demilitarized Status

The 1920 Svalbard Treaty clearly established Svalbard as a demilitarized area. Therefore, Norway, under whose jurisdiction the archipelago falls, is obliged to ensure that no facilities which could be used for warlike purposes will be created there. | The Norwegian Air Force is planning regular training missions between the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and mainland Norway starting next year. According to the plans for an increased military presence in the archipelago north of mainland Europe, the 335th Squadron will handle the regular training flights to and from Longyear-byen using Hercules transport aircraft.  In the past few years Moscow has repeatedly accused Norway of violating the Svalbard Treaty with its creeping militarization of the archipelago - most recently in with the visit of the Thor Heyerdahl frigate. Earlier, Moscow said Oslo violated the Treaty by limiting the rights of Russian companies to gain access to mineral resources, and to develop hydrocarbon deposits.  The Svalbard Treaty of 1920 recognized Norway’s sovereignty over the Arctic archipelago, at the time referred to as Spitsbergen, while stipulating its demilitarization. Norway is therefore obliged not to create or allow any facilities that be used for “warlike purposes”. The treaty also established that Russia had equal rights with Norway to develop the island.  Never-theless, Norway’s militarization in the Far North continues. Only last month, Norway's Minister of Justice, Emilie Enger Mehl, launched the first of the coast guard's three new Jan Mayen-class vessels, the KV Jan Mayen, which has been seen as a way of strengthening security “all the way to the North Pole”. Starting on 1 November, the Norwegian government strengthened the combat readiness of the kingdom's armed forces amid the conflict in Ukraine, attracting condemnation from Russia which objected to “Oslo's conscious adherence to a destructive course to escalate tensions in the Euro-Arctic region”.

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