Permalink Pro-Vaxxer Stunned as Expert Provides Evidence Linking Covid Shots to Sudden Deaths

A vaccination advocate was left stunned after being presented with evidence from a world-renowned expert showing how Covid mRNA shots have caused a global sudden death epidemic. | Renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough proved once again that he cites the science quite like no one else after going into enemy territory — and winning.  Recently, on the Occupy Democrats Network, Dr. McCullough told podcaster Brian Shapiro, “You are wrong” to his face about the COVID-19 injections.  Shapiro claimed, “You are… far less likely to get the effects of having to go into the ICU or possibly dying if you were vaccinated.” “Am I wrong?” he asked.“

💬 “Yeah, you’re wrong,” replied Dr. McCullough. “And here’s the reason why.” (McCullough then dropped bombshell information that left Shapiro speechless:) “The prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials of the vaccines never showed a reduction in severity.” “They never showed a reduction in hospitalization and death.” [...] “With every single injection, one is more and more likely to get COVID-19.”

Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice (Margaret Anna Alice)(VIDEO)


Permalink Top 6 illnesses that CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARED during the “Covid-19” scamdemic

Top 6 illnesses that CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARED during the “Covid-19” scamdemic | There was a major reason the Covid-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test kits created millions of "false-positive" results that said everybody had the Fauci Flu. Whether you had a bacterial infection, a virus of any kind, or just a common head cold, you could count on the China Flu test kits to read "positive" for the plandemic virus most of the time. This was a huge factor in creating and sustaining the all-out panic of a fake pandemic, across the entire globe.  Meanwhile, every sickness, illness or infection that was NOT Covid-19 (if there even really is a such thing) conveniently disappeared from the planet for three years. Nobody got sick at all, unless it was a novel virus that required everyone to shelter in place, social distance, wear face diapers, and get a deadly injection that creates millions of prions that cause horrible health consequences, including death.  For three years, if you coughed or sneezed in public, you were treated like a leper. Allergies to pollen and dust no longer existed, because of the plandemic. Contact tracing became a major ordeal, where cell phones tracked the location of anyone who tested positive for "Covid," letting all other humans know if they were near anyone who was sick and "contagious." Anyone who died in the hospitals died from "Covid" or "with Covid," but it seemed nobody was dying anymore from natural causes, or from MRSA (hospital superbug infections), or bacterial infections from dirty instruments.

Permalink Millions of Japanese Rise Up Against Tyrannical WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’

Massive protests are rocking Japan’s major cities as the people rise against their government’s plans to sign the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty | Millions of Japanese citizens are deeply unhappy with the government’s plans to ratify the treaty, according to opinion polls, yet Tokyo has indicated it will go ahead and sell out the people to the global elite despite their opposition. According to the Japanese people, the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty will undermine Japanese sovereignty, enabling the global elite to use health crises to dictate terms create laws, and dictate terms to democratically elected governments.  Klaus Schwab is on record stating that democracy is an outdated concept and elections will soon be phased out and it appears he was serious. However, the Japanese people are not taking their government’s treasonous betrayal lying down. April 13 will be etched in the annals of modern Japanese history as hundreds of thousands of patriotic citizens across the nation came together to protest their government’s plans to hand over their sovereignty to the global elite. The protests centered on the widespread opposition to the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, with escalating concerns over “infectious disease” and “public health” becoming potent tools for an unprecedented push towards what is perceived by many as a totalitarian surveillance society. Pharma Files reports: From the bustling streets of Ikebukuro to the gatherings at Higashi-Ikebukuro Central Park, the sheer scale of participation speaks volumes about the level of anger in Japan as the government prepares to sell out the people to the global elite.  The protest not just opposed potential mandatory vaccinations but also the perceived overreach of health authorities and their ties with global pharma, echoing a distressing sentiment of disenfranchisement among the populace. Demonstrators criticized the lack of explanations for a sharp increase in excess deaths and demanded accountability and clarity on vaccine-related casualties.


Permalink Japanese Professor's Message to World

John Leake | "Fraudulent use of gene therapy in healthy people an extreme violation of human rights" | Masayasu Inoue is Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School who specializes in molecular pathology. Reviewing his publishing resume, I wasn’t surprised that he has a longstanding interest in oxidative stress. His paper titled Mitochondrial Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and its Role in Aerobic Life presents the following summary:

💬 The present work also describes that a cross-talk of molecular oxygen, nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide radicals regulates the circulation, energy metabolism, apoptosis, and functions as a major defense system against pathogens. Pathophysiological significance of ROS generation by mitochondria in the etiology of aging, cancer and degenerative neuronal diseases is also described.



Permalink WEF: Depopulation Will ‘Save Elites’ & ‘Drown the Rest’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has issued a chilling warning about how a global depopulation event would impact humanity. | The unelected globalist organization has revealed details of a so-called “Noah’s Ark” that will supposedly “save the elite” during an event that would wipe out most humans on Earth. The WEF has accused global “elites” that they will be saved from depopulation while “the rest” are left “to drown.” Details of the stomach-churning plan were revealed by senior WEF official Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is a senior advisor to the WEF and its founder Klaus Schwab.


Permalink Julian Assange speaking in 2011

Julian Assange Gave America the Ugly Truth (The Free Press)





Permalink Estonia has rejected all attempts at a power grab by the WHO!

Permalink Top UK Lawmaker Calls for Bill Gates to Be Executed for ‘Crimes against Humanity’

A top British lawmaker has delivered a powerful statement before his colleagues in the historic UK Parliament, calling for Bill Gates and other members of the “Covid Cabal” to be tried and executed for “crimes against humanity.” | Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen asserted that Gates and others should face the death penalty for their roles in pushing Covid mRNA vaccines, lockdowns, masking, and other restrictions during the pandemic. Bridgen cited the “Covid Cabal” which appeared to include Gates and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), pharmaceutical company executives, globalist government officials, and corporate elites. Bridgen argues that Gates and the “Covid Cabal” have committed “crimes against humanity” that are “tantamount to treason against the public.” He urged his colleagues to support treating those guilty of these crimes with the death penalty.  During his statement, Bridgen faced pushback from Penny Mordaunt, the Leader of the House of Commons and a long-time WEF member. In response to a rebuttal from Mordaunt, Bridgen declared: “Heads of governments around the world and others below them have engaged in what is tantamount to treason against the public.” During a round of Business Questions in the UK House of Commons, Bridgen made his case for executing Gates and his globalist allies.

Permalink SERCO: The Corporate Octopus Wrapped Around the U.S. National Security State

“The Biggest Corporation You’ve Never Heard Of” | How does one corporation — a mammoth British transnational corporation at that — provide so many critical services throughout the USA’s Military-Industrial Complex and yet very few have ever heard of them?  In view of its sheer size, scope of operations, and far-reaching penetration of both the American and British national security states, it’s inconceivable that SERCO has remained so conveniently under the radar for so many years.  Just how much “Bringing service to life” does SERCO do here in the United States? The following is a truncated list of their affiliations in and around the U.S. Federal Government and Armed Services. Their website is quoted as follows: “Skilled resources and a global presence to execute any CONUS or OCONUS* task”. (*OCONUS = Outside [the] contiguous United States)


Permalink WEF Demands Governments Make ‘Concerted Effort’ to Silence Critics

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has issued a demand for governments and Big Tech companies to make a “concerted effort” to silence critics of the unelected globalist organization’s agenda. | The WEF claims that it is seeking to stamp out wrongthink as part of its alleged fight against so-called “disinformation.” Klaus Schwab’s organization is now insisting that global governments, media, tech companies, and civil society must ramp up efforts for the “anti-disinformation” campaign. In a statement, the WEF argues that “disinformation” is a threat to “our ecosystem.” The Switzerland-based group wants “experts” to explain to world leaders and bureaucrats how to “curb” opposition to the globalist agenda. [...] The WEF blames digital technology and what it calls a “fragmented media ecosystem” for the supposedly unprecedented amounts of “disinformation.”

Permalink GAME OVER for the mRNA-based “vaccine” technology

1. This is what they tell you: “It’s a vaccine”, but that’s not true

It’s not a “vaccine”, because it meets all the criteria of a genetically engineered product. It contains synthetically produced modified mRNA packaged within lipid nanoparticles that have the ability to transfect our cells.

It’s not a “vaccine”, because it circulates in our body and in our cells without being noticed as foreign – unlike the particles of conventional vaccines

It’s not a “vaccine”, because in 2021, the purpose of vaccination was revised and its definition changed. According to the new “standard”, “vaccines” do not need to create immunity specifically against a disease, but are only required to elicit an immune response, even if this response is non-specific or adverse.

It’s not a “vaccine”, because upon entry into our cells, the modified mRNA hijacks our cells to force them to produce foreign proteins, the nature of which is partially unpredictable

It’s not a “vaccine”, because after receiving a mRNA-based injection, we are initially still considered “unvaccinated”. It will take another two weeks before any medical authorities will consider you as “vaccinated”. As a result, reports on adverse events (including hospitalization and death) that may occur within those first two weeks post-vaccination will simply not be counted, if reported at all. Likewise, it is difficult to argue for any claims for compensation.

It’s not a “vaccine”, because you are intended to receive boosters on a regular basis. These repeated injections lead to the non-stop production of the antigen, possibly several antigens. This differs from a natural infection, in which the antigen invades our body occasionally and transiently. This ongoing presentation of the same antigen inevitably weakens our immune system.




Permalink The Great Setup with Dr. David Martin Part Two

In this riveting and eye-opening documentary, "The Great Setup" delves into the unsettling world of global genocide. Where one man, Dr. David Martin, courageously exposes a hidden web of sinister plans through an unexpected lens – patents. This two - part docuseries serves as a wake-up call, urging audiences to reevaluate the consequences of blindly accepting what theyve been told without questioning the implications. Sit back as Dr. David Martin unravels the tightly woven fabric of a clandestine agenda that transcends borders. Part One HERE


Permalink WHO's Vigiaccess database holds over 5 million reports of harms including at least 58,091 deaths of men, women and children and WHO hasn't said a word...

Dr Tess Lawrie | We have submitted a research paper exploring these WHO data on the COVID-19 'Vaccines' and will keep you posted! | On February, 6, 2024, I presented research data on the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ in the Irish Parliament to parliamentarians attending a special meeting on the World Health Organization (WHO) power grab. These research data were derived from the WHO’s Vigiaccess.org based on our newly submitted research paper exploring the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ adverse reactions collected on this important international database.  Co-authored by Andrew Bryant and myself, the title of the research paper is ‘Exploring COVID-19 Vaccines ‘Safety Signal’ Data on Vigiaccess.org: A World Council for Health Report’. Below are snapshots of the main findings of the paper, which has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Meanwhile, you can download a copy of the article preprint here.


Permalink Japan Records Largest Population Decline in 2023 as Births Plummet to Record Low

Japan Records Largest Population Decline in 2023 as Births Plummet to Record Low | In a concerning trend for Japan's demographic landscape, the year 2023 saw a significant decline in the number of newborns, marking a record low in the country's history. According to government data reported by Kyodo News, Japan's population shrank by its largest ever margin, with births plummeting by 5.1 percent compared to the previous year, totaling just 758,631 infants.  The continuous decrease in the birth rate has been a worrying trend for Japan, with the figure remaining below the 800,000 mark since 2022. The latest data underscores a critical demographic challenge as Japan grapples with an aging population and declining birth rates.  The decline in births has been attributed to various factors [not to the "vaccine", good heavens, no!], including late marriages and a growing trend of people choosing to remain single. The Japanese government's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research forecasts a further decline in births, estimating that births could fall below 760,000 by 2035. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's administration has labeled the period leading up to 2030 as "the last chance" to reverse this concerning trend.


Permalink Passing On The Liability Of The Fake Pandemic And Vaccine Genocide To Three Groups

They have passed on the liability of the worlds most complex genocidal campaigns of all time, onto 3 categories of people. The ones actually performing the actions against our liberties and rights, and the ones who actually performed the genocide.
| Those chosen to fall for the fake pandemic and subsequent vaccine genocide are legally responsible as far as the government is concerned. These are the 3 that will fall legally in some countries. Or at least how they have planned.

  1. The Retail Store Owner, Manager and Employee
  2. The Police Officer And The One Who Gave The Order, and
  3. The One Who Pushed In The Needle

Not the government. [...] But regardless of the lability of the above three mentioned groups; it matters not their scheming legalized attempt at dodging the consequences of their genocidal actions. They have performed genocide. They will be held accountable.


Permalink The Threat of Financial Transaction Control

Catherine Austin Fitts | The U.S. Federal Reserve and its central banking allies are engineering unprecedented changes in the financial system. How do we know this? Because they speak openly about what they intend to do. | I want to show you three 1-minute videos today that describe the vision of total central control currently being implemented by the central banks.  The first is a clip from an IMF panel in October 2020. The speaker is Agustín Carstens, the general manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS is the central bank of central banks, which enjoys the powers of sovereign immunity. The Federal Reserve is one of 63 central banks which are BIS members, including the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of China. In this clip, Mr. Carstens is describing the nature of central bank digital currency or CBDC. The BIS is leading a global effort to implement CBDC, including a partnership with the Federal Reserve. Let’s see what Mr. Carstens says about where he hopes our money is going.


Permalink England Suffers 1 Million Covid Vaccine Deaths in Just 2 Years

Alarming new official data from the UK government shows that England has suffered a staggering one million deaths from Covid mRNA vaccines in just two years. | The vaccinated population in England has suffered an excessive number of deaths compared to the unvaccinated population.  According to the UK Government department known as the UK Health Agency (UKHSA), by 3rd July 2022, 18.9 million people had refused the first dose of the COVID-19 injection, 21.5 million people had refused the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 injection, alongside 2.6 million people who had received the first dose but refused the second, and 30.4 million people had refused the third dose of the Covid-19 injection alongside 8.9 million people who had received the second dose but refused the third.  According to the UKHSA’s figures, 63.4 million people were eligible for vaccination at this point. Therefore, 18.9 million people refused the COVID-19 vaccine in England and remained completely unvaccinated.  But on top of this, a further 2.6 million refused a second dose, meaning 21.5 million people were not double vaccinated, and 8.9 million people refused a third dose, meaning 30.4 million people were not triple vaccinated. In July 2022, thirty per cent of the population of England remained completely unvaccinated. 34% of the population of England were not double vaccinated, and 50% of the population were not triple vaccinated.

U.K. data reveal PANDEMIC of the VACCINATED from 2021 to 2023 (02/20/24)

Permalink Why This One Simple Chart Will End Wokeism

Michael Shellenberger and Peter Boghossian | By describing the psychopathological characteristics of extremist movements, we will reduce their power | Over the last few years, Woke progressives have behaved in increasingly odd ways. Black Lives Matter activists in Washington, D.C., screamed at and hovered over a woman sitting peacefully in a restaurant, demanding that she raise her fist in a salute. Climate activists threw soup at a Van Gogh painting, dumped milk on the floor of a grocery store, and cemented their hands to an airport runway. And transgender activists claimed, falsely, that there was a “genocide” against trans people, even though there’s no evidence that trans-identified people are being killed at higher rates than non-trans people.  Some of these behaviors can be explained by the fact that Wokeism is a religion. Two years ago, the two of us published a chart, “Woke Religion: A Taxonomy,” and an accompanying essay, which described how race, climate, trans, and other Woke activists had created their own versions of original sin, taboos, and myths. We turned the taxonomy into a poster and sold hundreds of copies. Both of us still get emails from people saying that the chart helped them to understand why so many previously secular people appear to be in the grip of a deeply superstitious religion.


Permalink Julian Assange’s Final Appeal

Chris Hedges | Julian Assange will make his final appeal this week to the British courts to avoid extradition. If he is extradited it is the death of investigations into the inner workings of power by the press. | If Julian Assange is denied permission to appeal his extradition to the United States before a panel of two judges at the High Court in London this week, he will have no recourse left within the British legal system. His lawyers can ask the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) for a stay of execution under Rule 39, which is given in “exceptional circumstances” and “only where there is an imminent risk of irreparable harm.” But it is far from certain that the British court will agree. It may order Julian’s immediate extradition prior to a Rule 39 instruction or may decide to ignore a request from the ECtHR to allow Julian to have his case heard by the court. [...] Julian’s “crime” is that he published classified documents, internal messages, reports and videos from the U.S. government and U.S. military in 2010, which were provided by U.S. army whistleblower Chelsea Manning. This vast trove of material revealed massacres of civilians, torture, assassinations, the list of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay and the conditions they were subjected to, as well as the Rules of Engagement in Iraq. Those who perpetrated these crimes — including the U.S. helicopter pilots who gunned down two Reuters journalists and 10 other civilians and severely injured two children, all captured in the Collateral Murder video — have never been prosecuted.

Permalink U.K. data reveal PANDEMIC of the VACCINATED from 2021 to 2023

Analyzing the excess mortality of vaccinated people | It wasn’t long ago when governments and public health authorities around the world demanded that every person show their vaccine status to exercise basic freedoms. That totalitarian scheme ultimately backfired. Many of the people who once flaunted their vaccine status and called for “vaccine passports” are dying suddenly anyway, and now they have become a pariah, as their cause of death and vaccine status is concealed from the public. But the irony is: Vaccine records are archived and population mortality data are being analyzed, and this data tells a horrifying story.  According to data from the U.K. Health Security Agency, (UKHSA) there have been approximately 61,000 unvaccinated deaths and approximately one million vaccinated deaths from 2021 to 2023. During this time, populations have been deceived. While everyone has been harmed in some way, we have collectively suffered through a pandemic of the vaccinated. The mortality data out of the UK screams of crimes against humanity.

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