Permalink Attackers Burn Down Catholic Church as Leftists Continue Targeting Christians

A historic Catholic cathedral was destroyed by arson Monday in Northern Alberta, Canada, the second arson attack against a North American church in two days. | The B.C. Catholic reports St. Bernard Catholic Church, the oldest cathedral in the Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennan, was burned to the ground, and two men have been arrested.  In a statement Tuesday, Archbishop Gerard Pettipas said the fire “irreparably destroyed” the 121-year-old building, including a mural of Christ’s crucifixion painted by the late Bishop Emile Grouard. 💬 “Its destruction by fire marks a sad moment for the many people who have fond memories of this church,” Pettipas said. “Frequent Masses, baptisms, funerals, confirmations and confessions took place between these walls, which are now charred and rendered as rubbish.” The archbishop said he is thankful that the loss was only material and no one died. According to the report, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested Kenneth Ferguson, 56, and Gerald Capot, 50, both of High Prairie, for allegedly setting the fire. They have been charged with arson and breaking and entering.


Permalink Putin Delivers Scathing Speech at the West


Permalink Fight Govt Mis-disinformation!!!

Permalink How Did the COVID Pandemic Response Harm Society? A Global Evaluation and State of Knowledge Review (2020-21)

ABSTRACT | Early in the Covid pandemic concerns were raised that lockdown and other non-pharmaceutical interventions would cause significant multidimensional harm to society. This paper comprehensively evaluates the global state of knowledge on these adverse social impacts, with an emphasis on their type and magnitude during 2020 and 2021. A harm framework was developed spanning 10 categories: health, economy, income, food security, education, lifestyle, intimate relationships, community, environment and governance. The analysis synthesizes 600 publications with a focus on meta-analyses, systematic reviews, global reports and multi-country studies. This cumulative academic research shows that the collateral damage of the pandemic response was substantial, wide-ranging and will leave behind a legacy of harm for hundreds of millions of people in the years ahead. Many original predictions are broadly supported by the research data including: a rise in non-Covid excess mortality, mental health deterioration, child abuse and domestic violence, widening global inequality, food insecurity, lost educational opportunities, unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, social polarization, soaring debt, democratic backsliding and declining human rights. Young people, individuals and countries with lower socioeconomic status, women and those with pre-existing vulnerabilities were hit hardest. Societal harms should challenge the dominant mental model of the pandemic response: it is likely that many Covid policies caused more harm than benefit, although further research is needed to address knowledge gaps and explore policy trade-offs, especially at a country-level. Planning and response for future global health emergencies must integrate a wider range of expertise to account for and mitigate societal harms associated with government intervention. ( Open PDF in browser)

Permalink A Pfizer Document the FDA Tried to Hide Shows LNPs from COVID-19 Vaccine Travel Everywhere in the Body

It’s very bad to have LNP in the liver, ovaries, spleen, and more... | When the Covid-19 vaccines rolled out, public health officials took great pains to downplay how the vaccines spread from the injection site. Articles with language like this were common: “Most of the mRNA vaccine stayed in the injection site muscle—where you get the shot.” We now know the truth. The lipid nanoparticles, or LNPs, travel widely throughout the body. These LNPs carry the Frankenstein mRNA that causes the cells to produce spike proteins.  We initially got tissue biodistribution data from Japan which showed that significant lipid concentrations were found in the adrenal glands, bone marrow, liver, ovaries, spleen (and more) for at least 48 hours after injection. Then we saw the same study data show up in a document from the Australian Department of Health.


Permalink The Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations (FOR KIDS)

Brilliant post by James R! Send this to your Congressional reps, and also use it as discussion material with your children or a conversation starter with your brainwashed friends, family and colleagues. - Sasha Latypova

Before anyone gets triggered…NO, the above information is NOT really for children! It is designed to be sent to Congressional Representatives, Senators or Members of Parliament. Our public servants don’t seem to be able to comprehend anything beyond a 5th grade level, so I decided that it might be helpful if I simplified it for them. Download the document, print it out and mail it to your public servants. Include a personalized letter (written in crayon). Maybe they will be able understand this if we keep it really simple. DOWNLOAD .pdf file


Permalink Is it Murder? Is it Premeditated? + Video

Steve Kirsh: “You are saying that doctors have gone from saving lives and swearing to do no harm to essentially wanting to kill people by recommending the vaccine…?”
Me [Sasha Latypova]: Yes.

Steve pushed back on the idea that this is murder, because murder requires premeditation. Let’s refer to Britannica for definitions:

"murder, in criminal law, the killing of one person by another that is not legally justified or excusable, usually distinguished from the crime of manslaughter by the element of malice aforethought (that’s the premeditation part). Common-law codes define murder as a homicide committed intentionally or as a result of the commission of another serious offense. By contrast, the crime of manslaughter includes killings that are the result of recklessness or violent emotional outbursts."

An example of a hospital “covid death” case from attorney Todd Callender. I have spoken with many plaintiffs and attorneys, all of them highly credible, all have copious documentation of similar horrors witnessing a cold-blooded, SLOW torture and killing of their loved ones in a hospital. This continues TO THIS DAY. These CDC murder protocols are the “standard of care” today, with huge payouts to the murdering team and their employer, all over the US, including freedom loving places like Florida (Gov DeSantis? Dr. Ladapo? how is the grand jury going?). [...]
The genocide has continued for 3 years and is only subsiding because individuals are standing up and speaking out against this atrocity. Final thought on this. Dear doctors, nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, hospital administrators and everyone who has taken part in genocide to date: once the cartel makes you commit mass murder in exchange for money and “protection from liability” as long as you accurately document the murders that you yourself committed and report them within 7 days - do you think they own you now?

+ Killing Floor: Firsthand Witness Attests Hospital Deliberately Hastened the Deaths of COVID Patients
+ Death by Ventilator

20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injuries – Analyst Estimates (VIDEO)
Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming.
Flashback: April 2020- Ventilators Kill Covid Patients (PennyForYourThoughts)


Permalink VACCINE ROULETTE: Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find

The safety profile of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines" seems to be widely dependent upon the batch from which a given injection comes. Some batches are exceptionally toxic, a new review has found, while others are slightly less toxic. | London-based researcher Craig Paardekooper figured this all out via data he collected from the government-run Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). He learned that "one in 200 of the [covid vaccine] batches are highly toxic," while the vast majority of them are not as toxic, at least in the shorter term. "In fact, 70 percent of the batches for the vaccine-only produce one adverse reaction report in total," Paardekooper writes, adding that "80 percent of the vaccine batches only produce one or two adverse reaction reports." Upon closer look, Paardekooper discovered that certain anomaly batches "produced thousands of times the number of adverse reactions." These batches stand out from the vast majority of other batches in that one caused 1,012 adverse reactions, another caused 1,394 adverse reactions, and another caused 4,911 adverse reactions. The people unfortunate enough to have gotten jabbed from one of the really toxic batches are now either dead or seriously injured, with little, if any, chance at recovering.

Discussion about Vax Lot Variability Data and What it Means (VIDEO) [Sasha Latypova:] We talked about lot-to-lot analysis of C-19 injections from the Danish government data by Max Schmeling, a statistician/economist. In the video I am referring to this graph and the fact that the blue and green dots are so cleanly separated into very distinct groups. The yellow ones are also extremely different from the blue and statistically different from the green. The empty space in between is also telling. While there is a huge variability lot-to-lot - which would be bad enough as it indicates uncontrolled manufacturing. However, the fact that the 3 groups are so distinct from each other shows that this variation is not random. It shows a clear pattern which indicates intent, and experimental design or a targeted deployment. In this case there are clearly small extremely toxic lots (blue) introduced among medium-low and low toxicity lots which are larger in size. Craig Paardekooper found the same issue - non random patterns in the toxicity of lots early on in the roll out campaign.

COVID Was A Military Operation & The Shots Are Bio-Weapons’ (Sasha Latypova) (VIDEO)


Permalink Never forget what they did in the name of science


Permalink The flu didn't go anywhere. We just called it Covid

Permalink Kentucky Derby: Seventh horse dies at Churchill Downs in lead-up to main event

Kentucky Derby: Seventh horse dies at Churchill Downs in lead-up to main event | Two more horses have died at Churchill Downs in the lead-up to the Kentucky Derby... A total of seven horses have died at Churchill Downs in the days leading up to the 2023 Kentucky Derby. At least two other horses, Wild on Ice and Take Charge Briana, were euthanized while competing or training in the week leading up to the Derby. Two horses trained by Saffie Joseph Jr. died suddenly as the Derby approached. Four other horses were scratched from the Derby, including the favorite to win the event, Forte. Continuar, Practical Move and Skinner were the other three horses scratched before the event. [Looks like horses got the experimental mRNA injection, too.]


Permalink Towards a Church of the British Empire: World Government as British Empire Revivalism

Matthew Ehret | On May 6, 2023 Charles will be coronated as the new King of Britain and the broader British Commonwealth under the title King Charles III. At the ceremony, the Archbishop of Canterbury will expand Charles’ role from ‘defender of the faith’ — a title established by Henry VIII nearly five centuries ago, to the new moniker of ‘defender of the faiths’. On top of this, the archbishop will take the unprecedented step of leading a new oath of allegiance which millions of people around the world shall be expected to repeat on command. The oath shall read in part: “I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law. So help me God.

  How such an archaic institution of medievalism has managed to keep its tentacles wrapped around the collective psyche 260 years after the American revolution successfully brought a new type of government into being premised around the idea that “all men are created equal endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” is as ridiculous as it dangerous.
  However, even if some might watch this pompous bonanza as if it were entertainment, it is worth keeping in mind that Charles is not some symbolic figurehead with no influence on our lives, but is rather the official founder of The Great Reset which the King’s official website announced on June 3 2020.
  Charles has been a devoted participant of the World Economic Forum since the organization’s earliest days and has taken up the helm of the Presidency of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature which had been earlier founded and led by his father Prince “I want to be re-incarnated as a deadly virus” Philip. What’s more is that Charles has worked closely alongside the Jesuit Pope Francis at greening Christianity into a re-branded tribalist Christianity more conducive to a system of global government.
  The fact that both Charles and Pope Francis have worked with Lynn Forrester de Rothschild’s Council for Inclusive Capitalism (a World Economic Forum project) and see themselves as “guardians” of a new set of organizing mythologies centered around a post-human centric, post-national de-growth movement is also not a coincidence.
  Resetting humanity around a Jesuit-British imperial New World Order is as grotesquely absurd as it is evil, but it is not the first time that such an attempt at a depopulated world government under oligarchical control has been attempted. Unless we become aware of how the previous attempts to achieve a eugenics-driven Great Reset were thwarted over the course of the past century, there will be very little that could inform today’s citizens how to diagnose and do battle with this latest incarnation of the same banal, virulent evil that has plagued humanity for thousands of years. (MORE) (Hat tip: Katherine Watt)


Permalink Construction of the kill box: legal history

Katherine Watt | In December 2022, I drafted an executive summary version of the legal history of the biomedical police state kill box system for Senator Ron Johnson, at his request. At that time, Sen. Johnson’s stated goal was to send a letter enquiring about military control and lethal intent of the Covid-19 program, to President Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. A small team assembled a package including a list of questions and document requests to shed more light on the program through which genetic cell poisons are falsely presented to and injected into the world’s people as medicinal products.  We put together supporting exhibits, summarizing facts already found by Brook Jackson and Sasha Latypova (cGMP and DoD/BARDA reports). My contribution to the project was a legal history memo with footnotes, which I also posted here at Bailiwick: Dec. 22, 2022 - Biomedical security state and state-run bioterrorism programs: six American statutory frameworks. After several weeks reviewing the material with his staff, Johnson decided not to engage further in the process of exposing and stopping the killing program; removing the killers from the government offices they occupy; building criminal prosecution cases against the killers; and bringing them to justice.  The legal memo remains the most concise version of the legal story that I’ve written to date. I updated it a few days ago after receiving a request from a military litigant seeking supporting affidavits.

May 2023 - Legal History - American Domestic Bioterrorism Program (PDF). In December 2022 and January 2023 versions, I used softening language to try to make the horrifying information somewhat easier for new readers to emotionally process. Softening words and phrases have been removed from the May 2023 version. The brutal global mass murder program is fully intentional.

DISCUSSION The interlocking corruption of federal emergency management, public health and drug safety laws, for the purpose of mounting a covert biochemical weapons attack by the US Government on the American people under the fraudulent characterization of weapons as "Covid-19 vaccines," was deployed fully starting Jan. 27, 2020 and continues to be fully operational at the present time, more than three years later.

These and related HHS Secretary declarations, Presidential Executive Orders and Congressional appropriations, suspend ordinary federal product procurement contracting laws and ordinary federal drug safety regulation and informed consent laws; and authorize pharmaceutical corporations, the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services, in conjunction with several other federal agencies, to develop, produce, fraudulently market, and distribute biological weapon prototypes to American doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical students and other medical personnel.

These nurses and other "vaccinators" are authorized to injure and murder patients with legal impunity using procedures and products (including withholding of effective non-EUA products as treatments; restraints, starvation, dehydration, isolation, sedatives, Remdesivir/Veklury, ventilators), to drive public panic and acceptance of the lethal injections colloquially known as "Covid-19 vaccines."

The same conclusions may be reached from observations of acts taken and not taken by American drug safety regulators since the Covid-19 biochemical weapons were first used on human targets between March and November 2020 during fraudulent "clinical trials," and then entered mass distribution in mid-December 2020.

If the products were intended for medicinal, healing or protective purposes, and were subject to regulation governing research and development, production and use of medical drugs, biologics and devices, the HHS Secretary, FDA regulators and their counterparts in other countries would have stopped the programs as soon as the evidence of injuries and deaths became available, which occurred within the first few weeks of the alleged "clinical trials" launched under Operation Warp Speed but only came to public attention much later, through the efforts of independent data analysts reviewing leaked documents and documents disclosed under FOIA and SEC laws. Instead, regulators have abandoned all attempts to regulate these products, and have refused to even answer the question: “What is the stopping condition?”


Further, if the products were intended for medicinal, healing or protective purposes and moving across state and international borders under regulatory frameworks intended to protect consumer safety, they would be eligible for independent third-party purchase from manufacturers and drug suppliers, and eligible for independent testing to verify that contents match labels and corroborate or disprove claims about safety and efficacy.

Instead, third party access to and testing of vial contents is prohibited under the terms of the DOD-mediated supply and distribution contracts between purchasing governments, manufacturing corporations and "vaccination" sites, on penalty of federal "criminal or civil prosecution."


Permalink What are politicians thinking? (The interview is in English)

They are desperate to keep up the narrative, though they know, it’s a lie” | Judging by the House of Commons in England, there is at most one decent politician for every 650. Interviewed here in Croatia (he is married to a Serb, but it is in English), he answers what his colleagues are thinking because he knows what they are thinking. They think that the longer they go without being held responsible for mass murder, the less the risk.

Bridgen doesn't think so; it only gets worse for them, and he sees right through their miserable, cowardly motives. The interview lasts only 30 minutes; the rest is shown in Stavanger and then from the parliament. It is also worth listening to in this thick fog of lies in which we are immersed. Every day, it is tearing down more and more of our society's trust, not least that between patients and doctors. Unfortunately, the honorable Bridgen is unlikely to get anything out of his honor. A Member of Parliament confirms the UK will sign up to the WHO's Pandemic Treaty. (Translation from Danish: DeepL.com)

Permalink German politicians vote NOT to investigate their C19 response crimes – surprise, surprise – plus information on a resource in Germany

"Yesterday the German parliament rejected the establishment of a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the Corona measures with an overwhelming majority of votes. Those responsible for the crisis obviously want to continue to prevent an investigation of the measures crisis with all their might."

Tyskland før og efter vaccinerne (Snaphanen):
        First year – 2020 – no C19 injections – 1.7 million “cases” and 32,000 deaths with C19 present amongst Germany’s 83       million people – 20,500 “cases”per million (2.05%) and 386 deaths per million (0.0386%).
        Now for 2021 – the first year of roll-out of C19 injections – 7.1 million “cases” and 112,000 deaths with C19       “present. “Cases” up from 20,500 per million to 85,500 per million (from 2.05% to 8.55%) and deaths with C19 present up       to 1,350 per million from 386 per million (0.0386% to 0.135%.
        In Europe 50,663 DEAD and 5,315,063 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions       – Vaccine Impact
        Multiply those numbers by the under-reporting factor of 70 and then divide by Germany’s 18.7% share of the EU 444       million population and you get 663,000 dead Germans with 69.5 million adverse events (multiple per German) over the 15       months of injections.


Permalink Pears grown in Argentina and then packed in plastic in Thailand and shipped all over the world...


Permalink NEVER FORGET what these evil, evil men did to our children, and to our citizens

Permalink FDA "un-authorized" the *emergency use* of the military prototype countermeasure monovalent shots

On April 18, 2023, the FDA in their infinite wisdom “Authorized Changes to Simplify Use of Bivalent mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines”. In their own words, the FDA ...amended the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 bivalent mRNA vaccines to simplify the vaccination schedule for most individuals. This action includes authorizing the current bivalent vaccines (original and omicron BA.4/BA.5 strains) to be used for all doses administered to individuals 6 months of age and older, including for an additional dose or doses for certain populations. The monovalent Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are no longer authorized for use in the United States.

 Children 6 months through 5 years of age who are unvaccinated may receive a two-dose series of the Moderna bivalent vaccine (6 months through 5 years of age) OR a three-dose series of the Pfizer-BioNTech bivalent vaccine (6 months through 4 years of age). Children who are 5 years of age may receive two doses of the Moderna bivalent vaccine or a single dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech bivalent vaccine.
 Children 6 months through 5 years of age who have received one, two or three doses of a monovalent COVID-19 vaccine may receive a bivalent vaccine, but the number of doses that they receive will depend on the vaccine and their vaccination history.

Moderna contracts - Part 1 (Sasha Latypova)


Permalink The government created a lie to rob our farmers of their land

The Netherlands provides 100 million euros IN SUPPORT TO UKRANIAN FARMERS and winter preparations
Netherlands Allocates $44Mln TO SUPPORT UKRANIAN FARMERS (Sputnik News)

Netherlands reportedly set to forcibly close 3,000 farms to comply with "EU mandate" (Fox News)
Dutch Farmer’s Are in Full Revolt Over WEF Control (Independent Sentinel)
Netherlands CRUMBLES into WEF run dictatorship, Dutch uprising spreads (Redacted)(VIDEO)



Permalink Ex-Pfizer Lawyer Anna de Buisseret - This is Unrestricted Warfare

It’s Not Over (Vox Popoli) This isn’t over. It’s not even close to over. This will continue until the Sino-Russian alliance destroys Clown World.  So stay strong, stay openly contemptuous of the literal retardery of anyone who is stupid enough to even consider accepting any vaccine, and do not imagine for one second that the war on the human immune system is over. We’re long past arguing with retards who still, despite all of the available evidence, insist that vaccines are safe or effective. If people prefer to reduce their life expectancies and render their children infertile rather than doubt the Narrative, so be it. The future belongs to those who show up for it. Never, ever, accept the mainstream narrative. It is a false narrative constructed by liars and deceived ignoramuses who labor on behalf of literal demons. And remember, the reason they consider us to be dangerous because we stand in the way of their satanic objectives.

Permalink Your Home Will Become a ‘Stranded Asset’

Dr Vernon Coleman | The United Nations and the World Economic Forum want to control every aspect of the way you live. If they get their way then nothing will stay the same. You will have to adapt your house so that it is acceptable to those officious truth deniers who are promoting the climate change myth. If you don’t do as they command, your taxes will rocket and you will be fined. If you persist in ignoring their orders your home will be confiscated or your water and electricity supplies will be cut off. This is not science fiction – this is real. Everything has been planned. Remember: ‘You will own nothing’ is their mantra. (MORE)


Permalink Psychologist Suspended For 2 Years For Warning About Great Reset and World Economic Forum

The targeting of healthcare professionals who express dissenting views by left-wing activist medical boards and associations is a concerning trend | Belgian Psychologist Steve Van Herreweghe has received a two-year suspension for his statements on social media about The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum. Van Herreweghe intends to appeal the decision made by the disciplinary board of the Psychologists’ Commission, which is an independent body responsible for protecting the title of psychologist and has the authority to take disciplinary action.  Van Herreweghe took to Twitter to express his opposition to the suspension, stating that the issue is not about his title but rather the perceived injustice of the decision and the rejection of his right to free speech. He believes that everyone should have the right to express their opinions on matters related to public health and well-being without fear of political or commercial interference.  The Great Reset, a global initiative proposed by the WEF, is a sinister plot to establish a new world order of global governance. Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the WEF, has openly stated that crises, such as the Covid pandemic, present “special opportunities” for the establishment of a new global order. This has led many to realize that the Great Reset aims to undermine national sovereignty and individual freedoms in the pursuit of a technocratic vision of the future.

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