Permalink ⚡Dr. David Martin: The WHO Is A Criminal Racketeering Organization

Dr. David Martin spoke at European Parliament, Strasbourg France Reveals Evidence of WHO Criminal Racketeering and Global Genocide. Sep 2023. Dr. Martin: "WHO is a Criminal Cartel Involved in Criminal Conspiracy Resulting in Global Terrorism For The Purpose of Profiteering and Global Genocide." Dr. Martin reveals COVID-19 and the COVID Vaccines to be bioweapons created for the sole purpose of profit and mass murder. Vaccines are a Eugenics Global Depopulation Mechanism. The World Health Organization is a front organization for Bill Gates who funds it by 86% and is attempting to take over sovereign nations' health for sinister and dark purposes. If Nations cede their sovereignty to Bill Gates through the WHO then expect another pandemic to be declared immediately most like H5N1 Avian Influenza Bird Flu with a Bill Gates sanctioned new vaccine being pushed possibly by forced mandates.


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