Permalink Hong Kong: China Warns UK Not To 'Interfere'

Protesters carry umbrellas to guard against tear gas as photo-sharing site Instagram appears blocked in a social media crackdown. Thousands of democracy protesters have defied tear gas and police baton charges to remain on the streets of Hong Kong for another night amid rising international tensions. Some demonstrators wore masks and resorted to umbrellas or plastic capes to protect themselves - prompting the phrase "umbrella revolution" to trend on social media. However, in a shift of tactics, uniformed police looked on from behind barricades and have so far not intervened in the peaceful protest. Sky's Asia Corespondent Mark Stone, at the scene, said the activists were "good natured but utterly driven". Sunday night saw riot officers fire 87 rounds of tear gas after being charged by "violent protesters", with police saying 41 people had been injured.

Peter Lee Beijing reaps bitter fruit in Hong Kong
J. Michael Cole Is Xi Losing Control of China's ‘Peripheries’?

PressTV: US war with China in future 'inevitable' || A number of American politicians argue that a military conflict between the United States and China is inevitable in the future, a political commentator in Washington says. “It’s very definitely an element inside the US that is arguing that a war with China at some future point is almost inevitable, because China is a rising power, becoming a formidable military power in the region, and the US is static and some people feel even declining,” said Jeff Steinberg, a senior editor for the Executive Intelligence Review. He also added that despite China’s efforts to “build economic cooperation” in the South China Sea and de-escalate tensions in the region, the US military doctrine is seeking the “encirclement and containment” of China. There are “many people in China who believe that the whole underlying concept behind President Obama’s Asia pivot is an encirclement and containment of China for an eventual conflict,” he said.


Permalink Why Is The USDA Buying Submachine Guns?

Submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot bur[s]t trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsib[l]e or folding, magazine - 30 rd. capacity. In May, the USDA's Office of Inspector General filed a request for these weapons. But why exactly do they need them? According to a USDA press rep, the guns are necessary for self-protection. Not everyone believes the USDA being armed to the teeth is justifiable. On Aug. 2, the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund launched a petition to support a bill that would curb the ability of agencies like the USDA to arm themselves. They see it as overkill and scare tactics, especially for smaller producers. “What we have seen happen, with the FDA especially, is they have come onto small farms, raw milk producers, and raided the heck out of them with armed agents present,” says Liz Reitzig, co-founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition. “Do we really want to have our federal regulatory agencies bring submachine guns onto these family farms with children?” The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund are not the only ones interested in taking guns out of the hands of USDA agents. Utah Congressman Chris Stewart is the sponsor of the bill on the FTCLDF petition. “At its heart it comes down to this: To myself, and for a lot of Americans, there is great concern over regulator agencies with heavy handed capabilities,” Rep. Stewart told Modern Farmer. His bill, H.R. 4934, hopes “to prohibit certain federal agencies from using or purchasing certain firearms, and for other purposes.” When asked about the USDA’s plan for submachine guns, he said, “I can’t envision a scenario where what they are doing would require that.” Another concern is simply accountability. The request for submachine guns from the USDA doesn’t say how many guns — asking them seems like a non-starter. “They have been very unhelpful in trying to find out any information about this,” said Rep. Stewart. “We couldn’t get answers — it doesn’t seem right to me.”

Modern Farmer: Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns?

Permalink Gitmo in Germany? Security guards abuse asylum seekers

Two asylum seekers have been severely beaten and abused by security guards in a German town. The police compared the brutal actions to those committed by US guards in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, against the prisoners. The seekers were abused in shelter home in a small community of Burbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state of Germany, reported the country’s press. The alleged suspects filmed all the guards’ actions on smartphones. A local journalist received a DVD showing the abuse. Police authorities immediately opened investigation into the case. One video shows an asylum seeker lying on the floor and one of the members of security staff pinning his neck down with his boot. The other guard is sitting near-by, seeming posing to the camera.


Permalink Censorship of books in US prisons and schools ‘widespread’ – report to UN

Free-speech organisations find US government is ‘failing to protect the rights of its most vulnerable citizens’ as popular books – including Shakespeare – are banned from institutions. There is “widespread censorship” of books in US prisons, according to a report submitted to a UN human rights review, which details the banning of works about artists from Botticelli to Van Gogh from Texan state prisons for containing “sexually explicit images”. The report from two free-speech organisations, the New York-based National Coalition Against Censorship and the Copenhagen-based Freemuse, to the United Nation’s (UN) Universal Periodic Review states that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) lists 11,851 titles banned from its facilities. These range from the “ostensibly reasonable”, to what it describes as “the telling”. The report states that the US is “failing to abide by its international commitments to protect fully the fundamental rights of some of its most vulnerable citizens” – prisoners and children – and that “this failure diminishes vital artistic and creative freedoms that are both integral to the dignity of the person and instrumental to the enjoyment and defense of a culture of human rights”, the two organisations make a number of recommendations.


Permalink The Business of America is War

Stephen Lendman Noted trends analyst Gerald Celente said it, and it's true. In fact, America's business is war, more war, multiple wars, permanent wars, pillaging one nation after another for wealth, power, and dominance, while homeland needs go begging. America never was and isn't now the "land of the free and home of the brave." In fact, it's become a "Let 'em eat cake" society. [...] The empire never sleeps or tolerates anti-war activism, threatening its quest for unchallengeable "full spectrum dominance" over all land, surface and sub-surface sea, air, space, electromagnetic spectrum and information systems with enough overwhelming power to fight and win global wars against any adversary, including with nuclear weapons preemptively.

Permalink Ukraine Government Officially Introduces Slavery, with Vague Terms

Eric Zuesse On 23 September 2014, the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy announced official civilian slavery, via an obscure press release, headlinedThe Government has extended the list of community service under martial law”; and they announced it there, in bureaucratic phrases that seemed crafted so as to be ignored:

In connection with the situation in the east of the country, the Cabinet meeting today amended the procedures for the involvement of able-bodied people in community service under martial law. This was disclosed by Minister for Social Policy Lyudmila Denisova. The Minister said that the existing arrangement was approved in 2011. However, today the document needs to be improved, to meet the current socio-political challenges and necessity of liquidating consequences of possible military aggression.

[...] So, the underlying presumption here seems to be that ‘consent’ is not ‘mandatory’ in order for there to be ‘agreement,’ and that the Government has the right to “enforce” that ‘agreement’. This seems Orwellian, but that’s the way it is. America calls itself a ‘democracy’, and yet now imposes this type of government, and condemns Russia as being not ‘democratic’. So, perhaps the Obama team has been teaching its Ukrainian stooges how to be Orwellian.

Permalink Australia Unleashes Draconian New Anti-Terror Law In Orwellian Orgy Of Baseless Fear-Mongering

Tyler Durden Understanding how the power structure thinks, and how it intentionally manipulates the emotions of the masses, is key to overcoming and rolling back totalitarian ambitions. I have spent the last few posts talking about how instilling fear throughout the general populace is one of their primary tactics. Indeed, to borrow a term from Glenn Greenwald, “fear-manufacturing” has been in overdrive across the Five Eyes nations over the past several weeks. In the UK, we saw it used to convince elderly Scots to overwhelming vote against independence, thus swaying the result decisively to the NO side. In the USA, we have seen it used to drum up support for another pointless war in the Middle East, which will benefit nobody except for the military/intelligence-industrial complex. While these examples are bad enough, nowhere is fear being used in a more clownish and absurd manner to strip the local citizenry of its civil liberties than in Australia. This should come as no surprise, considering that nation’s Prime Minister is a certified raging lunatic. In fact, Tony Abbott is such a little nazi in disguise, I dedicated a post to him back in June titled: Video of the Day – Meet Australia’s Creepy Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Glenn Greenwald Abbott Gives a Master Class in Exploiting Terrorism Fears to Seize New Powers


Permalink Caught On Tape: What Happens When You Try To Exercise Your Constitutional Rights In Illinois

What follows is the most powerful recorded police checkpoint scene I have witnessed since posting: Extremely Powerful Video – Happy 4th of July from a Police State Checkpoint, last summer. While the former incident happened in Tennessee, the following occurred in Illinois. The American pleb who was accosted by Illinois State Police was DeKalb resident Ryan Scott. While it starts off slow, make sure you watch it all the way to the end. While one of the the police officers is reasonable, the other one can’t stop yelling and seems to derive a particular pleasure from repeatedly informing the citizen he supposed to “protect and serve” that “driving is not a right, it’s a privilege.” What’s also interesting, is you have to wonder if the second officer would have acted even more aggressively if Ryan hadn’t informed him he was being recorded at the end of the conversation. He seems to have backed down slightly upon understanding the repercussions of the recording. It just goes to show the importance of filming police encounters. In Liberty, Michael Krieger

Permalink Australia’s Prime Minister Gives a Master Class in Exploiting Terrorism Fears to Seize New Powers

Glenn Greenwald If you’re an Australian citizen, you have a greater chance of being killed by the following causes than you do by a terrorist attack: slipping in the bathtub and hitting your head; contracting a lethal intestinal illness from the next dinner you eat at a restaurant; being struck by lightning. In the post-9/11 era, there has been no terrorist attack carried out on Australian soil: not one. The attack that most affected Australians was the 2002 bombing of a nightclub in Bali which killed 88 of its citizens; that was 12 years ago. Despite all that, Australia’s political class is in the midst of an increasingly unhinged fear-mongering orgy over terrorism. The campaign has two prongs: ISIS (needless to say: it’s now an all-purpose, global source of fear-manufacturing), and the weekend arrest of 15 people on charges that they planned to behead an unknown, random individual based on exhortations from an Australian member of ISIS.

James Cogan Got "Security"? -Australian police kill teenager amid anti-Muslim terrorism hysteria


Permalink Politically Left Scientist Dissents – Calls President Obama ‘delusional’ on global warming

As President Obama attends the UN Summit climate summit in New York City, a fellow member of his Democratic Party, who is also a scientist, is publicity renouncing the Presidents climate change claims as “delusional.” Rossiter reversed his view on man-made climate change and now says belief in a climate catastrophe is “simply not logical.” Climate Statistics Professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter of American University, is an outspoken anti-war activist, has a flawless progressive record on a range of political issues – and he is a climate skeptic. Rossiter is a former Democratic congressional candidate and he campaigned against U.S. backed wars in Central America and Southern Africa. In an exclusive interview for the upcoming documentary Climate Hustle, Rossiter, an adjunct professor in American University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics, explained how he converted his views from accepting to challenging the so-called “consensus” on climate change after examining the scientific evidence.

National Review: Robert Kennedy Jr., Aspiring Tyrant || He’d like to charge the Kochs with treason and send climate-change dissenters to jail. Those who contend that global warming “does not exist,” Kennedy claimed, are guilty of “a criminal offense — and they ought to be serving time for it.” Thus did a scion of one of America’s great political dynasties put himself on the same lowly moral, legal, and intellectual plane as the titillation website Gawker.

CNS News: RFK, Jr.: Climate Skeptics 'Should Be at the Hague with All the Other War Criminals'


Permalink Police State Australia...

Tony Abbott: 'The delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift' Australians have been warned that their freedoms might have to be restricted for the sake of national security, as the government prepares to introduce counter-terrorism laws to crack down on Australians fighting for militant or terrorist groups. In a speech to the Parliament on Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the "delicate balance" between freedom and security would have to shift for some time in light of the heightened terror risk. His address comes just days after the largest anti-terrorist raids in Australian history were carried out in Sydney and Brisbane, and a week after Australia's terror threat level was increased from medium to high. Mr Abbott warned that there could be "more restrictions on some so that there can be more protections for others". He said the curtailing of some freedoms was necessary to send an "unambiguous message" that Australians who joined terrorist groups will face the full force of the law.

Mike Head Australian terror raids provide pretext for police-state laws
The Guardian: Abbott: reduction in freedom necessary to save lives from terrorism threat


Permalink Spying and storing: Assange says 'Google works like NSA'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange equated Google with the National Security Agency and GCHQ, saying the tech giant has become “a privatized version of the NSA,” as it collects, stores, and indexes people’s data. He made his remarks to BBC and Sky News.
Google’s business model is the spy. It makes more than 80 percent of its money by collecting information about people, pooling it together, storing it, indexing it, building profiles of people to predict their interests and behavior, and then selling those profiles principally to advertisers, but also others,” Assange told BBC. “So the result is that Google, in terms of how it works, its actual practice, is almost identical to the National Security Agency or GCHQ,” the whistleblower argued. Google has been working with the NSA “in terms of contracts since at least 2002,” Assange told Sky News. “They are formally listed as part of the defense industrial base since 2009. They have been engaged with the Prism system, where nearly all information collected by Google is available to the NSA,” Assange said. “At the institutional level, Google is deeply involved in US foreign policy.” Google has tricked people into believing that it is “a playful, humane organization” and not a “big, bad US corporation,” Assange told BBC. “But in fact it has become just that...it is now arguably the most influential commercial organization.” “Google has now spread to every country, every single person, who has access to the internet.


Permalink Texas Wants to Execute Man Who Killed Home Intruder Who Turned Out to Be SWAT Member

Attempting to serve a search warrant by entering a house through a window got Killeen, Texas, Police Detective Charles Dinwiddie shot in the face and killed last May. It was yet another SWAT raid organized for a purpose other than the reason they were invented. The police had a search warrant looking for narcotics at the home of Marvin Louis Guy, 49. They decided to serve this warrant at 5:30 in the morning and without knocking on his door. He opened fire on them, killing Dinwiddie and injuring three others. Though they found a glass pipe, a grinder, and a pistol, they did not find any drugs. Former Reason Editor Radley Balko took note of the deadly raid in May at The Washington Post. A police informant apparently told them there were bags of cocaine inside the house, which sounds a lot like another familiar drug raid in Virginia that got an officer killed. The Virginia case ended with Ryan Frederick in prison for 10 years despite his insistence he thought he was defending himself against in home intruders. He may end up lucky compared to Guy. Prosecutors in Texas are going to seek the death penalty against him.

Permalink CIA, NSA And Facebook Create ‘Threat Matrix Score’ On Every American

Julian Assange, once stated that “Facebook in particular is the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented." || Participation on Facebook could prove very dangerous to your future well-being. There is a reason that Facebook is aligned with both the CIA and the NSA. I have several credible sources who tell me that all data posted on Facebook goes into series of cataloged files which culminates with each person being assigned a “Threat Matrix Score”. The mere existence of a Threat Matrix Score should send chills up and down the collective spines of every American. When, not if, martial law comes to America, this Threat Matrix Score, of which Facebook data is used to help compile an “enemies of the state” list, your future longevity could be seriously imperiled.


Permalink Review of 1961 Yale experiments leads researchers to revise motive for evil

Review of famous Yale experiments of 1961 leads to new understanding of what allows seemingly normal people to carry out atrocities. The question of what prompts ordinary people to commit acts of evil has been debated by philosophers, moralists, historians and scientists for centuries. One idea that carries much weight is that almost anyone is capable of carrying out atrocities if ordered to do so. Commanded by an authoritarian figure, and wishing to conform, we could bulldoze homes, burn books, separate parents from children or even slaughter them, and our much-prized conscience would not as much as flicker. Called the "banality of evil", the theory has been proffered as an explanation for why ordinary, educated Germans took part in the Jewish genocide of the second world war. Now psychologists, having reviewed an opinion-shaping experiment carried out more than 50 years ago, are calling for a rethink. "The more we read and the more data we collect, the less evidence we find to support the 'banality of evil' idea, the notion that participants are simply 'thoughtless' or 'mindless' zombies who don't know what they're doing and just go along for the sake of it," said Alex Haslam, a professor at the University of Queensland in Australia. "Our sense is that some form of identification, and hence choice, generally underpins all tyrannical behaviour."


Permalink Glenn Greenwald claims New Zealand planned to spy on its citizens

New Zealand was preparing to conduct mass domestic surveillance last year, a US investigative journalist said yesterday, five days before the country goes to the polls, provoking immediate denials from Prime Minister John Key. Glenn Greenwald's accusations were based on evidence disclosed by former US National Security Authority (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden that Key's centre-right government planned to exploit amended spying laws to sharply widen domestic spying. Greenwald said the NSA documents showed New Zealand's electronic spy agency took the first steps towards the surveillance in a project dubbed "Speargun", by tapping into an undersea telecoms cable into the country, while waiting for the legal authority to do so. "Phase one entailed accessing that cable, tapping into it, and then phase two would entail metadata probes," Greenwald said on Radio New Zealand National.
Key said Greenwald, who was brought to New Zealand by millionaire internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, was being used to try to influence voters ahead of the election. In media interviews, Key has repeatedly dismissed Greenwald as "Dotcom's little henchman". Greenwald told 3 News: "I've done reporting of surveillance all over the world and a lot of governments haven't liked what I've said, but I've never seen a head of government lose their dignity and get down in the mud and start chucking names to discredit the journalist in order to discredit the journalism." Dotcom, who is fighting extradition to the US, on charges of internet piracy, copyright breaches, and money laundering, has paid for Greenwald's trip to New Zealand.

RT.com: Snowden: If you live in New Zealand, you’re being watched


Permalink FBI's facial recognition program hits 'full operational capability'

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Next Generation Identification System, a biometric database reliant on tens of millions of facial-recognition records, is now fully operational, the agency announced Monday. The NGI system, after three years of development, is billed by the FBI as a new breakthrough for criminal identification and data-sharing between law enforcement agencies. "This effort is a significant step forward for the criminal justice community in utilizing biometrics as an investigative enabler," the FBI said in a statement. Additionally, the Interstate Photo System (IPS) facial recognition service “will provide the nation’s law enforcement community with an investigative tool that provides an image-searching capability of photographs associated with criminal identities.” But Americans not suspected of any criminal activity could easily be swept up into the NGI, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), in any number of ways. An individual who goes through a fingerprint background check for an employment opportunity, for instance, could soon be required to submit a picture of herself as well.

Permalink Django Unchained actress detained by Los Angeles police after being mistaken for a prostitute

Daniele Watts, an African-American actress who has starred in Hollywood films such as Django Unchained, has claimed she was "handcuffed and detained" by Los Angeles police officers after being mistaken for a prostitute. Two police officers approached Watts and her white husband Brian James Lucas when they were seen showing affection in public, the actress said in a Facebook post. She claims she refused to produce her photo ID when asked by police, and was then handcuffed and held in a police car as the officers tried to figure out who she was. She reportedly cut her wrist as she was handled roughly by the LAPD officers. Watts also posted pictures to Facebook, in which she is handcuffed and crying. She was released shortly afterwards.

John W. Whitehead The Cost of Challenging the American Police State


Permalink Oregon Man Arrested for Recording Militarized Police Raid in Neighborhood

In a chilling show of militaristic thuggery, police in Oregon arrested a man for attempting to video record them blasting their way into a neighbor’s home as they served a search warrant.

The Gresham Police Department, which serves a city of just over 100,000, rumbled down a residential street at 4 a.m. Tuesday with several armored vehicles, blasting flash grenades into a home, jolting the entire neighborhood awake. One man, who goes by Skylow Production on Youtube, said he was sleeping in his girlfriend’s apartment when he was awaken by all the ruckus. He grabbed his iPad and ran outside, standing across the street as the cops surrounded the home dressed like soldiers, issuing orders through a megaphone. When they spotted him, they accused him of “interfering” and ordered him back inside. When he asserted his right to be there, he was arrested. He said he was jailed for interfering and resisting arrest, two bogus contempt-of-cop charges.

Update: The man’s name is Fred Marlow and he is a 27-year-old Gresham resident who needs to find an attorney to prepare for his upcoming hearing, which is scheduled for September 30. In a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime, Marlow said the officer body slammed him before handcuffing him. The officer, who he identifies as Sgt. McGowan, also insinuated in his report of being drunk. “He wrote in his report that I was probably drunk because I was walking funny,” Marlow said. “But I was walking funny because I have a titanium rod in my leg.” Marlow said the titanium rod stems for a traffic accident at the age of 18. He also said he told the cop to give him a breathalyzer, but the cop refused. After he was thrown in the back of the car, his girlfriend stepped out of the apartment looking for him, but was ordered back inside under threat of arrest. Marlow is not sure what prompted the raid on his neighbors but said he read reports in the local media that the police department had been conducting drug raids during that time. He has launched a fundraiser to raise money for his legal defense fund.


Permalink Yahoo Threatened With Huge Fine for Resisting NSA

Company releases 1,500 documents from failed suit against NSA over user data requests and cooperation with Prism compliance. The US government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it refused to hand over user data to the National Security Agency, according to court documents unsealed Thursday. In a blogpost, the company said the 1,500 pages of once-secret documents shine further light on Yahoo’s previously disclosed clash with the NSA over access to its users’ data. The papers outline Yahoo’s secret and ultimately unsuccessful legal battle to resist the government’s demands for the tech firm to cooperate with the NSA’s controversial Prism surveillance program, revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden last year. “The released documents underscore how we had to fight every step of the way to challenge the US government’s surveillance efforts,” said company general counsel Ron Bell in a Tumblr post. The US government amended a key law to demand user information from online services in 2007. When Yahoo was asked to hand over user data the company objected arguing the request was “unconstitutional and overbroad”. Yahoo took its case to the foreign intelligence surveillance court, also known as the Fisa court, which oversees requests for surveillance orders in national security investigations. The secretive Fisa court provides the legal authorities that underpin the US government’s controversial surveillance programs. Yahoo lost its case, and an appeal.

Permalink Israeli Officer Charged With Beating US Teen

The US State Department demanded an investigation after the American schoolboy's alleged assault was caught on mobile phone. An Israeli policeman has been charged with assaulting a 15-year-old American boy who was filmed apparently being beaten by officers in East Jerusalem. Tariq Abu Khadair was attacked as Palestinians protested against the brutal killing of his 16-year-old cousin Mohammed Abu Khadair. The murder, apparently in revenge for the killings of three Israeli teens in June, led to the eight-week war in Gaza. Tariq, who goes to school in Florida, was pictured with severe facial injuries after the assault, which was captured on a mobile phone and released by a human rights group.

Permalink Julian Assange lodges appeal against Swedish arrest warrant

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has filed an appeal against the Swedish warrant for his arrest, Swedish media reports. His lawyers are arguing that the prosecutors are acting “in gross breach of Swedish law.” Assange's Swedish lawyer, Thomas Olssen, has claimed that the Swedish court is not handling the case correctly. “We argue against the district court's decision and believe they do not properly take account of the situation,” Olssen stated, according to Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet. Assange's lawyers, who argue that Assange should be questioned by Swedish police in London, argue that Sweden's prosecutor “is in gross breach of Swedish law” for not making the journey to London to interview Assange, the Guardian reported.


Permalink The Era Of Widespread Biometric Indentification And Microchip Implants Is Here

Michael Snyder Are you ready to have your veins scanned every time you use your bank account? Are you ready to use a "digital tattoo" or a microchip implant to unlock your telephone? Once upon a time we read about such technologies in science fiction novels, but now they are here. The era of widespread biometric identification and microchip implants is upon us, and it is going to change the way that we live. Proponents of these new technologies say that they will make our private information and our bank accounts much more secure. But there are others that warn that these kinds of "Big Brother technologies" will set the stage for even more government intrusion into our lives. In the wrong hands, such technologies could prove to be an absolute nightmare.

Permalink Top 10 US-Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes

Since its inception in 1776 and before, the “nascent empire” (George Washington) of the USA has been torturing and killing virtually continuously, around the clock, often taking ears, noses, teeth, skulls, skins, scalps, and people’s virginity as its trophies, in addition to taking, of course, land, forced labor, repressed labor, slave labor, cash, resources, freedom, democracy, and hope. This extremely well-researched 30 minute documentary represents the microscopic tip of the USA’s iceberg of extremism and depravity. The people in charge of the USA could not possibly care less about what ISIS does to people. ISIS is simply the latest in a never-ending series of covers for what US controllers have been doing in the Middle East since about 1948 and worldwide since the inception of the US: getting rich by building, expanding, and maintaining a brutal global empire.


Permalink Obama claims ‘enough authority’ to act against Islamic State

President Dictator Obama told Congressional leaders that he has enough authority and doesn’t need their authorization to take action against the Islamic State, ahead of a speech on 9/11 eve that may pave way for further US military action in Iraq and even Syria. In an hour long meeting with the leaders of Congress on Tuesday, the President said he “would welcome action by the Congress that would aid the overall effort and demonstrate to the world that the United States is united in defeating the threat from ISIL,” according to the White House statement. However, for the plan he is due to announce on Wednesday, Obama already “has the authority he needs to take action.” In a rare prime time address, scheduled for 9pm on Wednesday, hours before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks [Israel/inside job], President Obama will address the American people, and lay out his mission against the Islamic State [a Mossad/Mabaheth/CIA creation].

Washington Post: Obama ready to strike at Islamic State militants in Syria

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