Permalink Erdoğan accuses Israel of seeking to spread conflict throughout entire region

The Turkish leader slammed Israel’s actions in Gaza as genocide and said that the only way to ease tension in the region is to stop it 💬 [Erdoğan] stressed that it is necessary to identify the root of the problem in the region "rather than judge only by what happened on the night of April 13," when Iran conducted its operation against Israel. "No one spoke up after the attack on the Iranian embassy, but for several countries. But a race of accusing Iran’s retaliation started immediately. But first of all, it is necessary to blame [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu who killed 34,000 innocent people in Gaza. Netanyahu and his cannibalish administration are the ones who are responsible for what happened on April 13." [...] "Long before the current developments with mass killings, Turkey banned the sale of any materials that can be used for military purposes to Israel."

Permalink 13 British Lords Linked to Israel’s Arms Trade

JOHN McEVOY | Over a dozen members of Britain’s unelected upper chamber work for, or profit from, arms firms linked to Israel. | Seven peers work for arms firms involved with Israel’s weapons trade, while another six hold shares in companies that supply the Israeli military, our research into the House of Lords has found. The value of these individual shareholdings is likely to be over £100,000 each, and is certain to have increased since 7 October. Among the peers are two former defence ministers, an ex-cabinet secretary and two retired heads of the UK armed forces.  Our revelation raises concerns about how British parliamentarians are financially benefiting from the suffering in Gaza, with activists accusing them of “profiting from genocide”. Campaign Against Arms Trade expressed alarm at how these unelected legislators could use their influence in Westminster to promote the interests of weapons manufacturers.

Permalink Top 6 illnesses that CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARED during the “Covid-19” scamdemic

Top 6 illnesses that CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARED during the “Covid-19” scamdemic | There was a major reason the Covid-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test kits created millions of "false-positive" results that said everybody had the Fauci Flu. Whether you had a bacterial infection, a virus of any kind, or just a common head cold, you could count on the China Flu test kits to read "positive" for the plandemic virus most of the time. This was a huge factor in creating and sustaining the all-out panic of a fake pandemic, across the entire globe.  Meanwhile, every sickness, illness or infection that was NOT Covid-19 (if there even really is a such thing) conveniently disappeared from the planet for three years. Nobody got sick at all, unless it was a novel virus that required everyone to shelter in place, social distance, wear face diapers, and get a deadly injection that creates millions of prions that cause horrible health consequences, including death.  For three years, if you coughed or sneezed in public, you were treated like a leper. Allergies to pollen and dust no longer existed, because of the plandemic. Contact tracing became a major ordeal, where cell phones tracked the location of anyone who tested positive for "Covid," letting all other humans know if they were near anyone who was sick and "contagious." Anyone who died in the hospitals died from "Covid" or "with Covid," but it seemed nobody was dying anymore from natural causes, or from MRSA (hospital superbug infections), or bacterial infections from dirty instruments.

Permalink Millions of Japanese Rise Up Against Tyrannical WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’

Massive protests are rocking Japan’s major cities as the people rise against their government’s plans to sign the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty | Millions of Japanese citizens are deeply unhappy with the government’s plans to ratify the treaty, according to opinion polls, yet Tokyo has indicated it will go ahead and sell out the people to the global elite despite their opposition. According to the Japanese people, the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty will undermine Japanese sovereignty, enabling the global elite to use health crises to dictate terms create laws, and dictate terms to democratically elected governments.  Klaus Schwab is on record stating that democracy is an outdated concept and elections will soon be phased out and it appears he was serious. However, the Japanese people are not taking their government’s treasonous betrayal lying down. April 13 will be etched in the annals of modern Japanese history as hundreds of thousands of patriotic citizens across the nation came together to protest their government’s plans to hand over their sovereignty to the global elite. The protests centered on the widespread opposition to the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, with escalating concerns over “infectious disease” and “public health” becoming potent tools for an unprecedented push towards what is perceived by many as a totalitarian surveillance society. Pharma Files reports: From the bustling streets of Ikebukuro to the gatherings at Higashi-Ikebukuro Central Park, the sheer scale of participation speaks volumes about the level of anger in Japan as the government prepares to sell out the people to the global elite.  The protest not just opposed potential mandatory vaccinations but also the perceived overreach of health authorities and their ties with global pharma, echoing a distressing sentiment of disenfranchisement among the populace. Demonstrators criticized the lack of explanations for a sharp increase in excess deaths and demanded accountability and clarity on vaccine-related casualties.

Permalink Google workers arrested after protesting company’s giant deal with Israel

Police have arrested nine Google employees at the tech giant’s offices in New York City and Sunnyvale, California, after they staged an hours-long sit-in in protest against the company’s recent billion-dollar deal with the Israeli regime. | The protesters entered the offices on Tuesday, demanding that Google drop the $1.2 billion contract that provides Israel with cloud and machine learning services, known as Project Nimbus.  The employees who participated in the sit-ins wore shirts that said “Drop Project Nimbus”, as they held a banner reading “No tech for genocide.”  No Tech for Apartheid group which organized the protest said the protesters sat in the office of Google Cloud Chief Executive Thomas Kurian in Sunnyvale and remained there for about 10 hours.

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