Permalink Israel has carried out deadly strikes in areas of Gaza that it marked as ‘safe zones’ - NBC News

NBC News investigation reveals Israel strikes on Gaza areas it said were safe (NBC News)
8 Palestinians killed in Israel strikes on Nuseirat refugee camp (Anadolu)
LONDON: 'Hundreds of thousands' of protestors at pro-Palestine march as police issue warning (The Mirror)

Live blog: Fresh Israeli strikes kill 8 Palestinian children in Gaza | Israel's war on besieged Gaza, now in its 204th day, has killed at least 34,388 Palestinians — 70 percent of them babies, children and women — and wounded over 77,437 while some 8,400 people are feared buried under the rubble of bombed buildings. | More than a dozen Palestinians were killed, including eight children, in Israeli bombings Saturday in Gaza, Palestinian media reported. A house was targeted in the Saudi neighborhood of the southern city of Rafah. At least six Palestinians, including four children, were killed in the attack, Wafa reported. Eight others were injured. Israel warplanes pounded the Jaradat area east of the Rafah crossing, wounding several people, eyewitnesses told Anadolu news agency. In central Gaza, an airstrike on the Nuseirat camp killed nine Palestinians, including four children, and injured 30 others, according to Palestinian medical sources.

Permalink Russia warns US, NATO against harming its security — diplomat

Maria Zakharova stressed that "the level of nuclear risks have risen dramatically as a result of the West’s destructive policy, which is fraught with a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers" | Russia warns the United States and NATO against taking any actions that undermine its security, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

💬 "We are sending clear and unequivocal signals to the United States and NATO warning them about potentially catastrophic consequences of their policy toward jeopardizing Russia’s security."  "Regrettably, the level of nuclear risks have risen dramatically as a result of the West’s destructive policy, which is fraught with a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers," she said, adding that Russia never stops efforts to ensure nuclear deterrence.  "Apart from that, Russia regularly reviews its doctrines to assess their relevance to the current threats," Zakharova noted. "Thus, the reliability and effectiveness of nuclear deterrence in Russia are ensured at a proper level and should not be doubted."

Russia must fear NATO – bloc member (RT.com)
New US $6Bln Aid for Ukraine Includes Munitions for NASAMS, Patriot, HIMARS (Sputnik News)
Russia has never threatened NATO – Shoigu (RT.com)
Russia Defense Minister: We Will Target Western Weapons Shipments into Ukraine (Hal Turner)

Permalink Yemeni armed forces strike British oil tanker, shoot down US MQ-9 drone

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces says it has carried out new operations against American and British targets in retaliation for their aggression on the country. | Brigadier General Yahya Saree said on Friday that Yemen’s naval forces struck a British oil tanker in the Red Sea with missiles. Saree also said the military also shot down an American MQ-9 drone in Sa’ada province. He added that the new operations were also a show of solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, amid the Israeli genocide there.

'Incident' reported off coast of Yemen in Red Sea (Al Mayadeen)
USS Dwight D Eisenhower leaves Red Sea after failing to stop Yemenis (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink UK accuses alleged arsonist of working for Russia...

Charges in London warehouse fire are the first under the new National Security Act | British authorities have pressed charges for the first time under the National Security Act introduced last year, accusing a Leicestershire man of organizing two arson attacks on behalf of Russian intelligence, UK media revealed on Friday.  Judge Daniel Sternberg of the Westminster Magistrates Court has also lifted reporting restrictions imposed on April 20, allowing news outlets to identify the suspects and the charges against them.  The government claims 20-year-old Dylan Earl of Elmesthorpe acted as a “conduit” for Russian intelligence and recruited men to set fire to two warehouses in east London last month.  In addition to Dylan Earl, the NSA was invoked against Jake Reeves, 22, of Croydon, for allegedly “agreeing to accept a material benefit from a foreign intelligence service.”

Permalink The Global Pharma Giant Pfizer Made a Conscious Decision NOT to Advise Regulators That Its mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Contained a DNA Sequence from the Simian Virus 40 (SV40)

This information appears among multiple emails between staff from key drug regulators, including Health Canada (HC), the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The information was obtained through an access-to-information request. | On Aug. 23, 2023, Dr. Dean Smith, a senior scientific evaluator in Health Canada’s Vaccine Quality Division, wrote an email to a colleague at the FDA about SV40. Health Canada had obtained confirmation two weeks earlier from Pfizer that SV40 DNA sequences were present in its COVID-19 vaccine.

💬 “I understand that there have been internal discussions at CBER [Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research] regarding the presents [sic] of an SV40 enhancer/promoter sequence, noting that its presence is unrelated to the purpose of the Pfizer’s plasmid as a transcription template for their mRNA COVID-19 vaccine,” wrote Dr. Smith.  “Pfizer has communicated to us recently, that they apparently chose not to mention this information to EMA, FDA or HC at the time of their initial or subsequent submissions.”

Dr. Smith added the information had been independently made public in April 2023, via a pre-print study from U.S. scientist Kevin McKernan. Mr. McKernan, a genomics expert, had found quantities of DNA in the mRNA shots above the regulatory threshold set out by the health agencies. Dr. Smith wrote that the study had resulted in “questions coming to agencies.”

Permalink A Canadian woman, once mocked by her father as a conspiracy theorist, now finds herself taking care of him after he became a victim of Pfizer

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