Permalink Revealed: Israeli spy chief ‘threatened’ ICC prosecutor over war crimes inquiry

Mossad director Yossi Cohen personally involved in secret plot to pressure Fatou Bensouda to drop Palestine investigation, sources say | According to accounts shared with ICC officials, he is alleged to have told her: 💬 “You should help us and let us take care of you. You don’t want to be getting into things that could compromise your security or that of your family. One individual briefed on Cohen’s activities said he had used “despicable tactics” against Bensouda as part of an ultimately unsuccessful effort to intimidate and influence her. They likened his behaviour to “stalking”.  The Mossad also took a keen interest in Bensouda’s family members and obtained transcripts of secret recordings of her husband, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the situation. Israeli officials then attempted to use the material to discredit the prosecutor.  The revelations about Cohen’s operation form part of a forthcoming investigation by the Guardian, the Israeli-Palestinian publication +972 Magazine and the Hebrew-language outlet Local Call, revealing how multiple Israel intelligence agencies ran a covert “war” against the ICC for almost a decade.

Ex-Mossad head threatened ICC chief to abandon IOF war crimes probe (Al Mayadeen)


Permalink Norway to further restrict entry to Russian tourists from May 29

Oslo said it would grant exceptions "in certain cases," including for those visiting their close family residing in Norway 💬 "Russian citizens whose purpose is tourism and other non-essential travel will be rejected upon entry across the external border. The restriction applies both to those who have visas issued by Norway before visa practices were restricted in the spring of 2022 and to visas issued by other Schengen countries," the Norwegian government said in a press release on its website, adding that the move will come into effect on May 29. Oslo said it would grant exceptions "in certain cases," including for those visiting their close family residing in Norway or for Russian citizens working or studying in Norway or other Schengen countries.

[Editor's comment: Many Norwegians are tired of this nonsense, and find the Norwegian government's complete submission to its vassal lord, the USA, embarrassing. It is to be hoped that the Russians realize that not everyone in Norway agrees with the shameful policy of the government in Oslo.]


Permalink JP: ‘Israel’ Is on Its Knees, Bibi Dragged it into Existential Threat

Under the title, “Sinwar and Nasrallah can relax: Netanyahu wants a complete victory, but not over them”, the “Jerusalem Post” daily lamented the fact that Ten million “Israelis” wake up disturbed at night as their “country” is on its knees. | According to the daily “For the first time, ‘Israel’s’ enemies succeeded in occupying bases and cities in the south and forced the ‘Israeli’ government to evacuate a large area of land in the north.”  It further mentioned that “The havoc that Netanyahu has wreaked on ‘Israel’ in all areas is incomprehensible and unprecedented.”

💬 “He has dismantled the social fabric, the unity of the ‘country’, the ‘Israeli’ brotherhood. He has ruined the economy. He has not lifted a finger to stop the breakdown of academia. It has led to the weakening of ‘Israel's’ growth engines such as the hi-tech and technology industries,” the daily cautioned.

Slamming the entity’s PM, the famous “Israeli” daily mentioned that “He has turned ‘Israel’ into a leper colony. He destroyed the deterrence. He is listed as the supreme responsible minister [prime minister] in all the greatest disasters that have befallen us, from the fire in the 'Carmel' through the ‘Meron’ tragedy to October 7, but he is not willing to accept responsibility, he is not willing to draw conclusions, he is not willing to implement what he recommended at the time to Ehud Olmert.”

Permalink Israeli army says radical commander eliminated in airstrike on Jenin

Islam Khamayseh was involved in organizing a number of terror attacks in the area, the army’s press service reported | The infrastructure of Palestinian radicals was the target of an Israeli army airstrike on the territory of the West Bank city of Jenin, as a result of which one of the local commanders was eliminated, the army’s press service reported.

💬 "Based on Israel Security Agency (ISA) intelligence, an Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jet and helicopter struck a compound used as an operations center of the terror infrastructure in Jenin. A number of significant terrorists were inside the compound, some were involved in shooting attacks in the area of Jenin and planned to carry out additional terror attacks in the immediate future," the statement said.

According to the military, the strike eliminated Islam Khamayseh, who held an important position in the structure of local armed groups. The Israeli army said that he was involved in organizing several terror attacks in the area, including an attack in the Jewish settlement of Hermesh in May 2023 that killed an Israeli citizen.

Israel Defense Forces Says Eliminated "Significant" Target During Strike on Jenin (Sputnik News)


Permalink US threatens NATO applicant with sanctions

Georgia might be punished for passing the “foreign agents” law | Members of the Georgian government could face sanctions for “undermining democracy,” [i.e. the U.S.] a senior US diplomat said on Tuesday, after the parliament in Tbilisi approved a foreign agents law that Washington has opposed.  Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs James O’Brien arrived in Tbilisi for meetings with both Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze and members of the opposition, only to find that the Georgian legislature passed the Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence.

Maria Zakharova | Vedant Patel, deputy chief of press service of the US Department of State: “We have made it clear (...) that the adoption of the law on NGOs by the Georgian parliament is not only inconsistent with US values, but also inconsistent with the aspirations of the Georgian people... The Georgian government needs to change course”.

We would like to ask clarifying questions:

  1. Is the problem that the Georgian law is much softer than the American one?
  2. Why should Georgia or any other country conform to someone else's values?
  3. US “values” do not include non-interference in the internal affairs of other states?

India-Iran Chabahar deal: How Jaishankar responded to US sanctions warning (Business Standard)
US warns of sanctions after India-Iran Chabahar Port agreement (Hindustan Times)



Permalink The Victory Day Parade in Moscow is now over

The Victory Day Parade in Moscow is now over. Key takeaways from President Putin’s May 9 speech:

  The truth about WWII is being distorted as history hinders those who build colonial policies on lies
  The justification of Nazism is now a part of the Western elite’s policy
  The Russian Armed Forces are combat ready but we will do everything to prevent a world war
  Russia is going through a difficult period and the fate of the country depends on “each of us”
  We will never forget the common struggle and traditions in the fight against Nazism
  The participants of the special military operation are heroes and “the whole of Russia is on your side”

Russian military parade celebrates victory over Nazi Germany (VIDEO) (RT.com)

Permalink UK targets Russian diplomats over ‘malign activity’

London has announced it will expel Moscow’s defense attaché and strip some Russia-owned properties from diplomatic status | UK Interior Minister James Cleverly has announced a package of sanctions targeting Russia’s diplomatic presence in the country in response to what he called Moscow’s “malign activity.” He outlined the measures while addressing Parliament on Wednesday.  The measures include imposing new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including capping the length of time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK, and removing the status of diplomatic premises from several Russia-linked properties in the country. London believes that Moscow has used the properties, including Seacox Heath in Sussex and the Trade and Defense Section in Highgate, for intelligence purposes. Cleverly also announced the expulsion of the Russian defense attaché, whom London has branded an “undeclared military intelligence officer.”

UK announces expulsion of Russian defense attache, new diplomatic visa restrictions (TASS) | According to Home Secretary James Cleverly, this is a message to Moscow in response to its actions allegedly aimed at undermining British assistance to Ukraine.
Russia Warns British Ambassador - Russia May Strike British Forces Anywhere (05/06/24)


Permalink Day 214 Update: Israel Kills Dozens In Gaza, Intensifies Rafah Bombing

On Tuesday, the Israeli army intensified the bombing of various parts of the Gaza Strip, especially in Rafah, in the Southport area of the coastal enclave, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians, including many children and women. | TXTOn Tuesday evening, the army fired a missile at Palestinians, fleeing their homes southeast of Gaza City, killing one Palestinian and wounding several others.  Eyewitnesses said an Israeli military drone fired a missile at the Palestinians near Doula Junction at the intersection between Street 8 and Zeitoun neighborhood, killing at least one and wounding many others, who were moved to the Baptist Hospital.  In Rafah, in Gaza’s southmost part, the army fired missiles at homes in several parts of the city, killing many Palestinians, including children, and wounding dozens.  Medical sources said an infant, Mohammad Saqallah, only four months, in addition to Mohammad Nader Qishta, 6 years of age, and Hamadan Nader Qishta, 8, were killed when the army fired a missile at their homes. The sources added that a Palestinian man, Ibrahim Yousef Srour, 35, was killed when the army bombarded the Rafah Border Terminal, as he and many families were trying to flee the area after the Israeli tanks invaded it, and dozens were injured.

Student protests against Israel’s war on Gaza spread across Europe (Al Jazeera)
Rafah invasion: With defeat in sight, how can Netanyahu declare victory? (David Hearst)



Permalink Netanyahu brushes off calls for restraint, saying Israel will decide how to respond to Iran’s attack

Israel has vowed to respond to Iran’s unprecedented attack without saying when or how, leaving the region bracing for further escalation after months of unrest linked to the ongoing war in Gaza. | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday his country would be the one to decide whether and how to respond to Iran’s major air assault earlier this week, brushing off calls for restraint from close allies.  Israel has vowed to respond to Iran’s unprecedented attack without saying when or how, leaving the region bracing for further escalation after months of unrest linked to the ongoing war in Gaza.  Israel’s allies have been urging Israel since the attack to hold back on any response that could spiral. These calls were repeated on Wednesday during visits by the British and German foreign ministers.

Mediators urge Israel for a face-saving response, while Israel outlines 3 scenarios (albawaba.com)
Israel 'will make own decisions' in response to Iran attack, says Netanyahu after meeting with Cameron (LBC News)
Israel: "The Decision has been made" - Timing is now the issue for Iran Attack (Hal Turner)
US and UK Put Air Refueling Tankers up - Middle East . . . For Israel to Attack Iran (Hal Turner)
Jordan opened airspace for Israeli jets to counter Iran (The Cradle)
Iran warns Israel it knows where its nukes are hidden (RT.com)
IRGC warns of 'tit-for-tat' retaliation if Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities (PressTV)
Iran readies 1000 ballistic missiles, declaring, "We're crazier than you think" (albawaba.com)

Permalink NATO should choose Ukraine aid over own defense – Stoltenberg

Western states need to send more anti-air systems to Kyiv, the head of the bloc says | NATO members should prioritize arming Ukraine over bolstering their defense capabilities, the secretary general of the US-led military bloc said on Wednesday.  Stoltenberg pointed to Denmark as “a strong example” as it pledged in February to donate all of its artillery to Kyiv. He praised both Denmark and the Netherlands for their plans to provide F-16 fighter jets, adding that he was “encouraged” by the news that the US Congress is expected soon to vote for additional aid to Ukraine, after months of delay.  The NATO chief’s appeal comes at a time when member states are struggling to deliver sufficient amounts of weapons to Ukraine without depleting their stocks and compromising security. Officials in Kyiv have blamed ammunition shortages for last year’s failed counteroffensive, as well as recent battlefield losses.

Editor's comment: 💬 Mr. Stoltenberg probably suffers from ukrainitis, a relatively unknown disease until 2014. This debilitating disease now seems to be fairly prevalent in the West. It is an affliction characterized by a severe, u-shaped intracranial inflammation, a u-kranial inflammation, as it were. There is no known cure for it, except to resign from his (or her) position. Regular exercise may also be helpful. This can safely be done in a high-security prison with preventive custody.


Permalink West did everything over year to disrupt Russian presidential election — diplomat

Maria Zakharova pointed out that the West has organized misinformation campaigns and influence in the cyber sphere: from spreading the corresponding content to blocking the apps of Russian organizations on digital platforms, which is also "a very serious element of influence" | Moscow’s Western opponents actively tried over the past year to disrupt the Russian presidential election, Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told TASS on Saturday.

💬 "Our opponents stirred up not just a week or a month ago. It seems to me that over the past year they did everything to either disrupt the presidential election or prevent it from being held or distort the conception of the elections in different ways," the diplomat said. The West has organized misinformation campaigns and influence in the cyber sphere: from spreading the corresponding content to blocking the apps of Russian organizations on digital platforms, which is also "a very serious element of influence," she pointed out. The West also used paid opposition that turned out to be "agents of influence and simply hirelings," the diplomat explained. "That is, all methods were used," she pointed out.

LIVE UPDATES: Day Two of Russia's Presidential Election (Sputnik News)
Polls open for Russian Presidential election, projected turnout at 71% (03/15/24)


Permalink Two killed as fresh Israeli strike targets position in southwestern Damascus

At least two people have been killed when Israeli military aircraft carried out an airstrike against a residential building in the southwestern sector of the Syrian capital city of Damascus. | The state-run al-Ikhbariyah Syria television news channel reported that an Israeli attack with a number of missiles targeted an apartment in the Kafr Sousa residential neighborhood. The official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) also published images from the Israeli air raid, showing the outside of multi-story building partially blackened and windows blown out. An unnamed military source was later quoted by SANA as saying that “the Israeli enemy perpetrated an air aggression at around 9:40 a.m. local time (0740 GMT) on Wednesday, and fired missiles from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights at a residential building in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood of Damascus.”

Two civilians martyred in Israeli aggression on residential building in Kafr Sousa, Damascus (SANA)
Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, What Israel is really after in Syria (04/29/13)
Stephen J. Sniegoski, The Yinon Thesis Vindicated: Neocons, Israel, and the Fragmentation of Syria (08/15/12)


Permalink Once again about the non-system opposition

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) (Дмитрий Медведев) | As you know, the Western world has long been patronizing and financially supporting our so-called non-systemic opposition in every possible way. For example, the bastard extremist Navalny and his comrades. And the whole colorful coterie of glamorous oppositionists, who have scattered over the past decades like plague rats to Western countries and shit on any occasion. Among them are outright freaks, like the schizoid ex-chess player Kasparov, who belongs in a psychiatric clinic. And Khodorkovsky's gang, which has matured over the years of criminal activity, consisting of born thieves and murderers, organizes meetings of oppositionists of all stripes for the money stolen in Russia. And a new, very young generation of various freaks, who put on the uniforms of Khokhlonazis to organize terrorist attacks and sabotage in Russia. And their intellectual servants from among the scoundrels from literature, for whom the ice axe of the new Ramon Mercader is crying. Why did I bring up our "non-systemists" for all their disgusting squalor? Here's why. There is a non-systemic opposition in the West as well. True, it is not wretched and venal, but much more reasonable and decent. It does not wish for the death of its Fatherland, like the fugitive Russian detractors, but sees a new way of developing. It is different: both left and right. Each with its own national program that opposes American globalism. It exists in every EU country and even across the ocean. There is already such opposition in national parliaments and in the European Parliament, where elections will be held soon. Undoubtedly, the new politicians are much more adequate and motivated than the fat cats from traditional Western parties. This, still irregular, opposition today clearly sees all the vices of the current liberal globalism and the Pindostanocentric world order. And our task is to support such politicians and their parties in the West in every possible way, helping them apertum et secretum to achieve decent results in the elections. Some of them will turn from non-systemic oppositionists into a new part of the political establishment. And their accession to state governance can radically improve the political landscape in the Western world. This is why they are so feared by the cunning intellectual castrati leading the old political forces in Europe and across the ocean, as well as by the sexless, rainbow-haired sleuths who are now at the helm of many Western countries. And not without reason. Lao Tzu said that "the flexible and weak overpower the hard and strong". (DeepL + LanguageTool)


Permalink US hits 85 targets in Syria and Iraq

US Central Command announced on Friday that that it had hit 85 Kata'ib Hezbollah targets in Syria and Iraq in retaliation for a recent drone attack on a U.S. military headquarters in Jordan near the border with Syria that killed three US service members. | The attacks were conducted last night. Officials in Iraq have condemned the attacks. Reportedly, the overnight air strikes on Syria killed at least 18 fighters.  Kataib Hezbollah had said the attacks on the American headquarters in the region, including the recent one in Jordan, were in response to Washington’s full support for Israel’s massacre of the Palestinians in Gaza, which started in October 2023. Kataib Hezbollah, also called the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, have so far fired missiles at Israel's for its genocidal war in the besieged Gaza Strip. US military officials have not provided an estimated death toll but have said the strikes resulted in causalities.

Lloyd Austin: ‘We Don’t Know’ If Iran Was Involved in Jordan Drone Attack (antiwar.com)
Damascus says US occupation of Syrian territory ‘cannot continue’ (Malay Mail)
Military statement: A number of civilian and military martyrs in U.S. new aggression near borders with Iraq (SANA)
Iraq condemns US airstrikes as ‘breach of sovereignty', warns of 'disasterous consequences' (PressTV)
Most targeted sites completely evacuated before aggression (Al Mayadeen)
Yemen's Ansarullah vows to stand by Iraqi, Syrian resistance groups 'in battlefield' after US strikes (PressTV)
Iraq’s Nujaba: We’ll Keep up Ops against US until Occupation Ends, Gaza Genocide Stops (Alahed News)


Permalink Yemeni army hits British vessel amid tensions with US, UK

The Yemeni army has carried out yet another attack in the Red Sea, this time targeting a British vessel amid tensions over the UK-US joint aggression against the Arab country to protect Israeli maritime interests in the region. | A Yemeni military source has been quoted by Al Jazeera that the British vessel was en route to an Israeli port in the occupied Palestinian territories when it was hit by Yemeni missiles on Thursday night.  The spokesman for Yemen’s Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree has confirmed the attack, noting that the strike on the vessel was part of the country’s support for the Palestinian people in Gaza who have been under unprecedented bloody aggression by the Zionist regime nearly the four months.  Yemen says it will keep targeting any Zionist or Zionist-linked vessels in the Red Sea as long as the war in Gaza continues and the besieged territory remains under the blockade.  The Yemeni army has conducted over two dozen attacks on Israeli-linked commercial vessels in the Ted and Arab Seas since mid-November.

Yemen strikes British merchant ship in solidarity with Gazans (Tehran Times)


Permalink Al Jazeera documents more mass summary executions by Israeli troops

With each passing day, there is growing evidence that Israeli troops are functioning as mobile mass execution parties in Gaza. On Thursday, Al Jazeera published video interviews of residents of an apartment building in Gaza City, where residents said Israeli troops systematically tortured and executed 15 men. Heba Selem, a witness, stated: 💬 “They stripped them of their clothes except for their boxers and forced them to lay on their stomachs on the floor. They started to execute the men on the floor. They didn’t leave anyone. I swear to God, they turned the entire place into a bloodbath.  “It’s a day you can’t forget, I can’t forget it.” Her husband was killed during the execution. “After they tortured my husband in front of us and they broke his jaw, and beat up his face, they beat him until his arms were bleeding. They stripped all the men, tortured them, and humiliated them, then executed them. That all happened while we watched.”

APPLICATION INSTITUTING PROCEEDINGS (.pdf)(84 pages) Press Release (.pdf)

The Expression of Hatred for Gentiles (Richard Edmondson/Nahida Izzat) (10/04/14)


Permalink Gonzalo Lira: The US government has allowed Ukraine to kill an American journalist who criticised ‘dictator’ Zelensky

In a world of cowardice and lies, telling the truth where – and when – it really matters takes courage. And it can cost you your life. | So, Gonzalo Lira is dead. As he warned in his last video message before being disappeared (this time, as it turned out, forever) by the Ukrainian regime, his political journalism has cost him his life.  A successful social media commentator and American citizen, Lira died while incarcerated by Ukraine’s repression apparatus for his criticism of the Western and Ukrainian position on the war against Russia. His terms were often direct, even harsh and polemical. But he was not a spy or some sort of subversive influence agent. He was transparent and open to a fault, standing with his own name – and life – for everything he said. He was a political prisoner (yes, I agree with Tucker Carlson on this one); the official Ukrainian charges against him are a ludicrous disgrace.  The immediate cause of his death is virtually certain to have been severe, prolonged, and systematic neglect, which led to his indirect killing – fully deliberate or not – by a condition (pneumonia and complications) that is perfectly treatable. In legal terms, this qualifies as, at least, manslaughter or even murder, committed by Ukrainian officers of the “law” and those issuing their orders.

Tragic News Predawn (Linh Dinh)


Permalink Named British Warship to be Intentionally Targeted with "Russian" Anti-Ship Missile(s)

HMS Diamond (D34) | The December 26 attack upon a Russian Landing Vessel in port at Feodosia, Crimea, which completely destroyed that ship, was aided and abetted by the British to such a degree that Russia intends to have a NAMED British Warship fired-upon in retaliation! Russia is intentionally supplying the missiles to do the attack! (Covert Intel)

Russia heading to victory in Ukraine, says former UK senior officer (The National News)


Permalink Yemen says will turn Red Sea into ‘graveyard’ after US announces maritime coalition

Yemen’s defense minister has denounced the formation of a US-led maritime task force in the Red Sea to protect the passage of merchant vessels bound for the Israeli-occupied territories, cautioning the Western alliance that any assault on Yemeni soil will have dire consequences. | The Yemenis have declared their open support for Palestine’s struggle against the Israeli occupation since the regime launched a devastating war on Gaza on October 7. The relentless Israeli strikes against Gaza have killed at least 19,453 people, most of them women and children, in Gaza. Another 52,286 individuals have been wounded as well.  Reports revealed that Israeli shipping companies have already decided to reroute their vessels in fear of attacks by Yemeni forces.

If US attacks Yemen, its battleships will be struck: Sayyed al-Houthi (Al Mayadeen) | The leader of Ansar Allah movement slams the US action in the Red Sea as "illegal" and describes it as "a reckless and foolish aggression that only serves Israel." Ansar Allah leader, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, reassured European companies, saying, “European vessels that do not have Israeli ports as their final destination are not at risk.

U.S. defence secretary makes unannounced visit to USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier defending Israel (CTV News)
Netanyahu tells Biden Israel will act militarily against Yemen's Houthis if US won't: report (Fox News)
Malaysia Blocks Israeli Shipping Firm over Gaza Atrocities (Tasnim News Agency)
Who Are Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Attacking Israeli Ships? (Declassified)
Red Sea’s Gateway of Tears… As Usual, Uncle Sam’s Euro Vassals Pay the Price (Finian Cunningham)


Permalink BRICS member charges Israel with war crimes

South Africa has presented all the necessary documentation to the ICC | South Africa has submitted all necessary paperwork to the International Criminal Court (ICC), bringing war crime charges against Israel over its offensive in Gaza, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday, according to local outlet Eyewitness News.  More than 19,000 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israeli air and ground assaults in Gaza since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to "eliminate" Hamas in response to the Palestinian militant group's October 7 cross-border attack, in which it killed about 1,200 people and took 240 hostages.  Last month, President Ramaphosa condemned the Hamas incursion during an emergency virtual BRICS+ meeting, accusing the militant group of violating international law. He insisted, however, that Israel is committing genocide and blamed the raging conflict on the Jewish state's occupation of Palestinian territory.


Permalink Ukraine issues arrest warrant for Orthodox Christian leader

A spokesman for the Russian church branded the move “lawless” and an “attempt to intimidate parishioners” | Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has been put on a criminal wanted list by Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. The document identified the Patriarch by his secular name and described him as “an individual hiding from the bodies of pre-trial investigation” and deemed him responsible for violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.  The head of Russia's Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, said that a criminal case had been opened following the announcement and that measures will be taken to identify the Ukrainian special service officials who are seeking to prosecute the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Patriarch Kirill has repeatedly called on his parishioners to support the participants of Russia’s military operation against Ukraine, who were “sacrificing their lives to protect our Orthodox people in the Donbas.”


Permalink Record-high number of climbers perished on Everest during 2023 season

Acute mountain sickness, caused by reduced air pressure and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes, accounts for nearly half of all deaths | A total of 18 people died in 2023 on slopes of the world’s highest mountain, Everest, making it the deadliest mountaineering season since the summit was first reached 70 years ago, according to The Himalayan Database that stores information on all expeditions in the Himalayas.  Acute mountain sickness, caused by reduced air pressure and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes, accounts for nearly half of all deaths. Lower oxygen availability may case pulmonary and cerebral edema, hallucinations and tachycardia. Besides, mountaineers have to endure extreme physical stress while climbing, and often suffer from dehydration. In some cases, these factors can be fatal.  A total of 317 climbers have perished on Everest during the entire 70-year-long history of successful ascents to the world’s highest mountain. The previous deadliest climbing season, with 17 deaths, was recorded in 2014.  The Guardian reported in May that this year the Nepalese government had issued the all-time high number of climbing permits - 479. Ascending the mountain is impossible without this document. The newspaper quotes President of Nepal National Mountain Guide Association Ang Norbu Sherpa as saying that more and more inexperienced climbers are trying to reach the summit. People with little or no experience in climbing have been making summit attempts, he explained.  Variable weather was named as another possible reason for this year’s high death rate. Yuba Raj Khatiwada, the director of Nepal's tourism department, told The Guardian that climate change was the main cause for unsettled weather on the mountain.


Permalink "Ironically, The Irish PM Hates The Irish People": Elon Musk Condemns Irish PM's Push for Thought Crime Legislation

X owner Elon Musk condemned Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for demanding new thought crime legislation in response to Thursday's fiery but mostly peaceful protest against mass immigration. 💬 "Irish children were stabbed by a foreign man in Dublin yesterday yet the government twist the story and use the backlash as an opportunity to pass new hate speech laws," X user Sir Doge of the Coin commented on Friday. "The Irish government want all of your freedoms." "Ironically, the Irish PM hates the Irish people," Elon Musk responded.

Riots and arson grip Dublin after stabbing spree (VIDEOS) (11/24/23)


Permalink South African ruling party backs cutting ties with Israel

The African National Congress said it could not support the “genocidal actions of the Israeli regime” | South Africa’s ruling party has said it will support a motion to sever diplomatic relations with Israel and shut down its embassy in Pretoria. South African officials have condemned Israel’s assault on Gaza, even calling for a formal war crimes probe.  In comments on Thursday, African National Congress (ANC) spokeswoman Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri said the party would approve legislation to cut ties with Israel until it agreed to a ceasefire, originally introduced by leftist opposition faction the Economic Freedom Fighters.

South Africa refers Israel to ICC (11/16/23)


Permalink Gaza Mosque Massacre: ‘Israel’ Kills at Least 50 Worshippers, Injures Dozens

At least 50 people were martyred and dozens of others injured as the ‘Israeli’ occupation warplanes targeted a mosque in Sabra Neighborhood in the center of the Gaza Strip amid the regime's genocidal war. | The attack was carried out during prayers, when the mosque was full of worshippers. Another ‘Israeli’ strike on telecommunications towers in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip left at least one child martyred.  The Zionist occupation regime has encouraged Palestinians to move from northern Gaza to the south for their safety, but ‘Israel’ in fact bombs everywhere and nowhere is safe now. So far, at least 11,500 Palestinians, including 4,710 children and 3,160 women, have been martyred, and around 32,000 others wounded since October 7, when the regime started bombing the blockaded coastal territory.  Also on Wednesday, head of the Orthopedic Department at al-Shifa, Gaza's biggest hospital, which was raided by the ‘Israeli’ forces on Wednesday, said ‘Israeli’ bulldozers and tanks invaded the facility, and demolished parts of the premises.


Permalink Lebanese, Palestinian, Yemeni Resistance bomb Israeli military sites

The Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance, as well as the Yemeni Armed Forces, attack the Israeli occupation forces as part of their effort to support the people and Resistance in Gaza. | The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon - Hezbollah announced Tuesday that they targeted Israeli artillery positions in northern occupied Palestine. The Lebanese resistance fighters targeted Israeli occupation artillery positions in occupied Palestine in response to the targeting of one of the resistance points in Iqlim Al-Tuffah. Simultaneously, intense artillery shelling by the occupation reached the outskirts of the towns of Al-Labouneh, Al-Naqoura, and Alma al-Shaab, as reported by an Al Mayadeen correspondent in southern Lebanon.

347 Israeli Soldiers Killed Since Start of Hostilities With Hamas, Says IDF (Sputnik News)
sraeli Soldier Killed, 3 Seriously Injured in Gaza Clashes (Al Manar TV)


Permalink What Message Does US Tomahawk-Carrying Submarine Send Amid Gaza War?

An Ohio-class guided missile submarine arrived in the Middle East on Sunday, as per a social media post by the US Central Command. | According to the US press, the heavily armed submarine sends "a message of deterrence" to Israel's "regional adversaries, as the Biden administration "tries to avoid a broader conflict amid the Israel-Hamas war."
The deployment of the submarine is triggering concerns, as per the DC-based think tank Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. The crux of the matter is that the US has already amassed a huge military force in the Middle East over the unfolding Gaza war.

US nuclear submarine sent to confront Iran – Bloomberg (RT.com)
After Nasrallah's speech, US and Israel escalate Gaza war (The Cradle)


Permalink Israeli Airstrike Claims Lives of 3 Girls, Grandma in South Lebanon, Hezbollah Retaliates

A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in southern Lebanon, where a Zionist military aggression took the lives of three Lebanese children, alongside their grandmother on Sunday evening. | The victims of this tragic incident include Samira Abdel Hassan Ayoub, along with her granddaughters Remas, Talin, and Enas. Their mother, Hoda Abdel Nabi Hijazi, sustained injuries when a civilian car (CRV), situated between the towns of Blida and Ainata along the southern border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, was targeted by Israeli enemy aircraft, directly striking it and igniting a fire. In response to this heinous crime, Hezbollah released a statement announcing that Islamic resistance fighters targeted Kiryat Shmona settlement with a series of Grad missiles. [...] The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Najib Mikati, has made a statement, asserting that the Israeli crime will not go unpunished. He has declared that the incident will be pursued through international diplomatic channels, with a formal complaint to be lodged with the United Nations Security Council. Mikati pointed out that this crime stands as a stark contrast to the calls for calm and the acquiescence to the occupation’s actions against Lebanon. He viewed this act as yet another blemish on the global conscience that has, regrettably, overlooked the Israeli occupation’s actions in southern Lebanon and Gaza.

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