Permalink 50 bodies found in mass grave in Gaza hospital days after Israeli withdrawal

Palestinian civil defense teams have unearthed a mass grave at the Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis two weeks after the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the southern Gaza city. | In a statement released on Saturday, Gaza's civil defense agency said the bodies of 50 Palestinians, who had been killed by the Israeli occupation forces, were retrieved from the mass grave. “Our teams continue their search and retrieval operations for the remaining martyrs in the coming days as there are still a significant number of them,” it added.  Israeli forces raided the Nasser hospital and killed dozens of people who were sheltering at the medical complex back in February following days of intense bombardment.  They attacked Khan Yunis – the Gaza Strip’s second-largest city - in early December, forcing residents to flee their homes.  On April 7, the Israeli military said that it had withdrawn its ground forces from Khan Yunis. Since then, displaced Palestinians have been returning to their homes after months of Israeli attacks, which left much of the city in ruins.

West Bank village counts losses after settler attack, and fears more (Reuters)
17 Palestinians killed as West Bank rocked by Israeli raids and shootings (The National)
Israeli forces kill 14 Palestinians during refugee camp siege in N West Bank (PressTV)
Hamas calls for general strike in West Bank after Israeli raid on refugee camp (PressTV)

Permalink It was a vote by the joyous bastards of the state...

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) (Дмитрий Медведев) | No one doubted that American lawmakers would approve "aid" to a gang of neo-Nazis. It was a vote by the joyous bastards of the state:

a) in favor of continuing the civil war of the divided people of our formerly united country;
b) for maximizing the number of victims of this war.

We will win, of course, despite the 61 billion bloody dollars that will mostly go down the throats of their insatiable military-industrial complex. Strength and Truth are behind us.  But given the Russophobic decision, I cannot but sincerely wish the USA to plunge into a new civil war as soon as possible. Which, I hope will be fundamentally different from the war between the North and the South in the XIX century and will be conducted with the use of planes, tanks, artillery, MLRS, all kinds of missiles, and other weapons. And which will finally lead to the ignominious collapse of the vile, evil empire of the XXI century - the United States of America. (Translation: DeepL + Grammarly)

Ex-Russian president slams ‘American bastards’ (RT.com)
US House Passes Bill to Give "Frozen" Russian Assets to Ukraine (04/20/24)

Permalink Russian copter filmed the AFU dumping the bodies of their fellow soldiers in a forest belt — VIDEO

A reconnaissance copter of the Russian Armed Forces has captured on video the Ukrainian military’s attempts to hide the AFU’s losses: the evacuation team of Ukrainian troops dumped the bodies of their dead comrades in a forest clearing. According to a source in the Russian security services, this is being done in order not to pay monetary compensation to the relatives of the dead. | The incident took place on the Kherson direction, where the Russian army struck an AFU facility on the contact line. The video shows how the military loaded the bodies of the comrades, who could still be alive, into a pickup truck, drove into a wooded area and dumped them there.  On 20 March, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the Russian Armed Forces were continuing to push Ukrainian troops out of their positions in the special military operation zone. According to his data, the military losses of the Ukrainian army since the beginning of this year have exceeded 71,000 people and 11,000 units of various weapons.

Permalink NATO keeps escalating its crawling strategic siege of Russia

Drago Bosnic | NATO keeps escalating its crawling strategic siege of Russia | For well over 30 years at this point, NATO has been conducting a crawling, yet comprehensive invasion in Europe. After spending nearly a decade waging a war of aggression on Serbia/Yugoslavia, which effectively served as the testing ground for its "Barbarossa-like" strategic siege of Russia, the world's most bellicose military alliance moved to the active phase of this plan. After decades of futile attempts to build a mutually beneficial relationship based on peace and respect, Moscow responded with a special military operation (SMO) to push NATO back. What's more, the first stage of the SMO looked more like an expanded police action supported by some strategic assets. And it nearly ended in mere weeks, as expected by the intelligence services and military commanders. Unfortunately, the political West had other plans, so it sabotaged the already-signed peace deal.

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