Permalink US & Arab Partner Nations Begin Airstrikes In Syria - Live Feed


NBC News reports the attack includes drones and is expecting to hit up to 20 targets. FOX is reporting Qatar is among the arab nation coalition (along with UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Bahrain), according to Lt. Col. Oliver North, which is rather surprising given their rather well-known support for Al-Nusra.

PressTV: US, allies hit ‘militant’ targets in Syria, kill 11 civilians
Deutsche Welle: Heavy casualties from airstrikes on IS
Al-Akhbar: US general says airstrikes on Syria "only the beginning"
Itar-Tass: Strikes by US and its allies on Syrian territory require Syria's consent — Russian FM
PressTV: 50 US-led strikes carried out in Syria
RT.com: US and ‘partners’ launch airstrikes "on ISIS targets" in Syria
The Guardian: US launches air strikes against Isis in Syria for the first time Live Updates
NYT: Israel Says It Shot Down Syrian Fighter Jet
Chicago Tribune: US expands airstrikes into Syria to hit Islamic State

Stephen Lendman Obama Launches Naked Aggression on Syria
Glenn Greenwald Syria the 7th Muslim Country Bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate
Moon of Alabama Concealed By U.S. Airstrikes Israel Opens Nusra Path To Lebanon
Peter Symonds US launches air strikes inside Syria
Jason Ditz US Launches Airstrikes in Syria "Against ISIS"
R. Fisk Kerry’s rhetoric on Isis insults our intelligence and conceals the reality of the situation in Syria

SANA Syria says Washington informed Syria’s permanent envoy to the U.N. before striking ISIS terrorist organization in raqqa. || Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Tuesday that the American side informed Syria’s permanent envoy to the U.N. Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari that strikes will be launched against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS terrorist organization in the northern province of Raqqa. SANA reporter in Raqqa said that the U.S. launched airstrikes on ISIS terrorist group’s targets in Raqqa late on Monday.

Permalink Politically Left Scientist Dissents – Calls President Obama ‘delusional’ on global warming

As President Obama attends the UN Summit climate summit in New York City, a fellow member of his Democratic Party, who is also a scientist, is publicity renouncing the Presidents climate change claims as “delusional.” Rossiter reversed his view on man-made climate change and now says belief in a climate catastrophe is “simply not logical.” Climate Statistics Professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter of American University, is an outspoken anti-war activist, has a flawless progressive record on a range of political issues – and he is a climate skeptic. Rossiter is a former Democratic congressional candidate and he campaigned against U.S. backed wars in Central America and Southern Africa. In an exclusive interview for the upcoming documentary Climate Hustle, Rossiter, an adjunct professor in American University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics, explained how he converted his views from accepting to challenging the so-called “consensus” on climate change after examining the scientific evidence.

National Review: Robert Kennedy Jr., Aspiring Tyrant || He’d like to charge the Kochs with treason and send climate-change dissenters to jail. Those who contend that global warming “does not exist,” Kennedy claimed, are guilty of “a criminal offense — and they ought to be serving time for it.” Thus did a scion of one of America’s great political dynasties put himself on the same lowly moral, legal, and intellectual plane as the titillation website Gawker.

CNS News: RFK, Jr.: Climate Skeptics 'Should Be at the Hague with All the Other War Criminals'

Permalink Grave with beheaded bodies found on Ukrainian National Guard positions in eastern Ukraine

Militias of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic on Tuesday found burials on the site of Kommunar mine’s wood depot, 60 kilometres from Donetsk. “This may be a mass grave. The bodies are to be exhumed. The whole area will be studied. Other burials also have been found,” a militia fighter told ITAR-TASS. Criminal proceedings will be conducted, the DPR prosecutor’s office said. Four bodies have been found. Some of them are beheaded. Two days ago units of Ukraine’s National Guard took these positions, militias said.

Permalink China exporting tools of torture to developing world

China has become a leading manufacturer of riot control and torture equipment and is exporting it to other authoritarian regimes. China is exporting its expertise in riot control and torture to other authoritarian regimes, selling everything from electric shock batons and leg shackles to armoured cars, according to a report.
The market for equipment to control crowds and interrogate detainees has boomed in the wake of revolutions across Europe and the Arab Spring, and Chinese companies have been quick to respond to demand. The number of Chinese companies manufacturing "policing and security equipment" has quadrupled in the past decade to 134, with 48 offering products for export, according to Amnesty International and the Omega Research Foundation, which tracks the global market.

Permalink Israeli ship prevented from unloading at American port in Florida

Dozens of social justice activists managed to prevent a ship that is owned by the Israeli company ZIM from unloading its cargo last weekend at the port of Tampa Bay in Florida as part of a wider solidarity campaign to prevent Israeli ships from loading and unloading their cargo at American ports. According to Al-Quds newspaper, the Department of Expatriate Affairs at the Palestine Liberation Organisation said in a press statement issued on Sunday that protesters showing solidarity with Palestine were present, in spite of the bad weather and heavy rain, since the early morning hours after the ship approached the port and docked ahead of schedule during the night hours, preventing the port crews from unloading the Israeli ship.

Stephen Lendman Occupied Palestine: Good News and Bad [06/25/10]

Permalink Majority of Catalans want independence from Spain - poll

Almost 60 percent of Catalans support independence from Spain according to the latest poll, which also revealed that Catalans have no fear about their future as a sovereign European state. The results of the new survey by the Omnibus Opinion Studies Centre have shown that out of 1,600 samples taken from the Catalan population, 87.6 percent would accept the outcome of the November 9 referendum, while 9.1 percent would not. In addition, 58.8 percent of Catalans strongly agree or somewhat agree that Catalonia should have its own state, while 31.9 percent answered that they are fairly opposed or totally opposed to living in an independent country.

The Guardian: Scottish referendum vote-rigging claims spark calls for recount
Pål Steigan Flertall av katalanerne ønsker uavhengighet fra Spania


Permalink The "Russia Insider" project is officially launched today!

I am delighted to announce that I have been contacted by the editors of the new website Russia Insider and that I have accepted their offer to collaborate with them. I did agree to this not only because I knew several of the excellent contributors to this project, but also because I truly believe that it is a much needed, timely and very important project (please see Russia Insider's "About" page for more details and background) Check out today's CrossTalk where the Editor in Chief of Russia Insider, Charles Bausman, is one of the guests.

A very good project, with very good people doing something very important - how could I refuse?! I gratefully accepted. I strongly believe that bringing the true story about modern Russia is crucial, especially for the English speaking world. At a time when everything Russian is demonized and some crazy, but powerful, maniacs are dreaming about yet another war (Cold or Hot) against Russia, it is absolutely crucial to deconstruct the warmongering anti-Russian propaganda and to replace it with a much more complex and nuanced understanding of the true Russia, not the fictional Land of Mordor the Neocons are trying to portray.

There have been many conflicts between the West and Russia in the past, but for the first time, in the age of the Internet, we - in the West and in Russia - have the means to stop the current one and to prevent it from turning into yet another a full-scale continental war. We need to fight that "information war" and we need to win it.

Please help us fight this war and contribute in any way you can: first and foremost, spread the word about Russia Insider on the social media, post links to the Russia Insider homepage on your blogs and websites, subscribe to the Russia Insider YouTube channel, subscribe to the newsletter (on the homepage), help us organize a crowdfunding for the site or join our community of contributors. Last, but not least, sign up for the RSS feed and make sure to check the Russia Insider website at least once a day. I am absolutely delighted and honored to be associated with this project which I believe will become a key player on the international scene. Kind regards, The Saker

Permalink More Than 310 Thousand People with Skewed Priorities Flood New York

The numbers are rolling in…and they’re impressive in a odd way. Based on numerous news reports, somewhere in the neighborhood of 310 to 400 thousand people participated in the People’s Climate March on Sunday, September 21, 2014 in New York City. The parade was, of course, a precursor for the U.N. Climate Summit 2014, which begins tomorrow. Yet the results of the U.N.’s Global Survey for a Better World, also known as MyWorld2015, show “Action taken on Climate Change” at the very bottom…the abyss…of things that matter most to families around the globe. Looks like the 310 to 400 thousand people who marched in Manhattan yesterday have priorities that are out of touch with the rest of the occupants of this lovely planet. Considering the object of the U.N. meeting, maybe the marchers should have been calling for “honest and responsive government“, which ranked much higher than climate.

Steven Koonin Climate Science Is Not Settled
WH fence jumper was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president

Permalink Police State Australia...

Tony Abbott: 'The delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift' Australians have been warned that their freedoms might have to be restricted for the sake of national security, as the government prepares to introduce counter-terrorism laws to crack down on Australians fighting for militant or terrorist groups. In a speech to the Parliament on Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the "delicate balance" between freedom and security would have to shift for some time in light of the heightened terror risk. His address comes just days after the largest anti-terrorist raids in Australian history were carried out in Sydney and Brisbane, and a week after Australia's terror threat level was increased from medium to high. Mr Abbott warned that there could be "more restrictions on some so that there can be more protections for others". He said the curtailing of some freedoms was necessary to send an "unambiguous message" that Australians who joined terrorist groups will face the full force of the law.

Mike Head Australian terror raids provide pretext for police-state laws
The Guardian: Abbott: reduction in freedom necessary to save lives from terrorism threat

Permalink Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That CIA and the Islamic State Are United

David D. Kirkpatrick The United States has conducted an escalating campaign of deadly airstrikes against the extremists of the Islamic State for more than a month. But that appears to have done little to tamp down the conspiracy theories still circulating from the streets of Baghdad to the highest levels of Iraqi government that the CIA is secretly behind the same extremists that it is now attacking. "We know about who made Daesh," said Bahaa al-Araji, a deputy prime minister, using an Arabic shorthand for the Islamic State, on Saturday at a demonstration called by the Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to warn against the possible deployment of U.S. ground troops. Sadr publicly blamed the CIA for creating the Islamic State in a speech last week, and interviews suggested that most of the few thousand people at the demonstration, including dozens of members of parliament, subscribed to the same theory.

Permalink Mistral-Class Ship Built for Russia Sets Sail

The Mistral-class helicopter carrier Vladivostok, carrying the first crew of some 200 Russian sailors, has finished a series of tests early Monday morning. The Vladivistok set off from the French port of Saint-Nazaire for sea trials on September 13, and is scheduled to go to sea again on Tuesday with its second crew on board, according to a RIA Novosti source. The $1.2 billion contract for the manufacture of the Mistral-class ships between French ship builder DCNS and Russia's state-run arms trade intermediary Rosoboronexport was signed in June 2011. The first carrier, the Vladivostok is to be deployed by the Russian Navy in 2014, while the second ship, the Sevastopol, will arrive in 2015.

Permalink Monster floods kill over 400 in India, Pakistan

The heaviest rainfall in 50 years has resulted in more than 400 deaths in the Kashmir region – with thousands still trapped on rooftops – as residents in both India and Pakistan are criticizing their governments for not doing enough to help them. In India, at least 217 people were reported to have died by Tuesday, with another 47,000 evacuated from their homes. The city of Siringar was still submerged, as were more than 2,000 other villages. The Indian Air Force has been pressed into action and has air-dropped over 550 tons of relief. Eighty medical teams have established emergency health services in state-run health centers and schools. “The damage is shocking. People have been stranded on the rooftops of their homes for the last three days in some parts of Kashmir,” said a senior official from India’s National Disaster Response Force. He added that they would have sent in disaster response teams earlier, but “we were all caught off guard because there was not a single warning issued by the weather office. The flash floods took us by surprise.” Although India’s meteorological department did forecast heavy rain in Kashmir for last week, the nation’s media reported the Central Water Commission, which issues flood warnings, did not warn the northern state of Kashmir, where the downpours were heaviest.

Permalink Retired admiral urges US to keep nukes in Europe for Russia

A retired US Navy admiral says the United States should keep its nuclear weapons in European countries in the wake of Russian activities in Ukraine. "Withdrawing our relatively few weapons would be the absolute wrong signal at this moment," former NATO chief James Stavridis said. The United States and Russia last year agreed to reduce their tactical nuclear weapons, but the deal is unlikely to complete after the recent tensions between the two countries over the crisis in Ukraine. The US military has roughly 200 B61 nuclear bombs and it has deployed them in five NATO countries stretching from the Netherlands to Turkey.

Permalink Lavrov tells US to respect Syria’s sovereignty while tackling ISIS

Washington should respect the sovereignty of Syria in its attempts to deal with the Islamic state, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a phone call with his US counterpart, John Kerry. Lavrov and Kerry talked on Sunday at the initiative of the US Secretary of State, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. During the conversation, the Russian FM stressed “the importance of coordinated action... by the international community aimed at countering the threat” coming from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). However, he warned against “double standards” and “distortion of facts” during the battle against the terrorist group, which has declared a caliphate in the occupied territories of Syria and Iraq. Lavrov underlined “the necessity for strict adherence to the UN Charter and international law as well as unconditional respect for Syrian sovereignty during the implementation of plans by the US-led coalition, which includes the use of force," the statement by the ministry said.

SANA: Moscow calls for respecting Syria sovereignty in the war against ISIS

Permalink MAVEN Spacecraft Enters Mars’ Orbit: NASA

MAVEN spacecraft has entered Mars' upper atmosphere, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reported. "This was a very big day for MAVEN," David Mitchell, MAVEN project manager from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland was quoted as saying in a press release published by NASA Sunday. MAVEN was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida November 18, 2013. Its journey took 10 months, during which the spacecraft covered a distance of 711 million kilometers (442 million miles). According to NASA, MAVEN's mission is to take measurements of the composition, structure and escape of gases in Mars' upper atmosphere and its interaction with the sun and solar wind. The measurements will provide information down to where the upper and lower atmospheres meet, giving scientists a full profile of its upper tier.

NASA: NASA’s Newest Mars Mission Spacecraft Enters Orbit around Red Planet


Scientific American: Touchdown Site Selected for Comet Lander


Permalink Israeli spy drone crashes in southern Lebanon

An Israeli drone has crashed in the southern Lebanese region of Marjayoun near the border with Israel, media reports say. The aircraft fell in the Saradah Valley, about 15 kilometers from the Blue Line, on Saturday. The Lebanese armed forces and peacekeepers with the UN Interim Force in Lebanon cordoned off the site of the crash. According to the preliminary investigation, a technical malfunction led to the plane’s fall, a security source said. Israel violates Lebanon’s airspace on an almost daily basis, claiming the flights serve surveillance purposes.

Permalink Decades of Deception

Vimeo back up: HERE -The historical fact of conspiracy as policy. Wars, Coups, False Flags, illegal drugs, guns, and even Nuclear technology spread through deception led by governments.

Permalink 3rd Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrives in Donetsk

The third convoy of Russian humanitarian aid for eastern Ukraine has arrived in the war-torn city of Donetsk. Earlier, Kiev and self-defense forces signed a memorandum aimed at effectively halting all fighting in eastern Ukraine after talks in Minsk. The convoy of around 200 vehicles is carrying some 2,000 tons of cereals, canned food, generators, medicine, warm clothes, and bottled water. Russian authorities said they had offered to allow the Ukrainian border guards to check the vehicles on the border on several occasions, but the guards declined without citing any particular reason. The trucks have started unloading the aid in two of the city’s storehouses. About 35 volunteers are currently unloading bags of rice, reports RIA Novosti.

RIA Novosti: Unloading of Russian Humanitarian Convoy Trucks Begins in Donetsk
Itar-Tass: Third convoy carrying Russian humanitarian aid crosses Ukrainian border

Permalink Russian Election Observers: Westminster Rigged Scottish Independence Vote

The head of Russia's election observation body has sensationally accused the British government in Westminster of rigging the Scottish Independence vote, asserting that there were more 'yes' votes than 'no' votes despite the no campaign claiming victory. Following a political battle that captured global attention, the 'Better Together' campaign beat off their pro-independence adversaries in securing a 55%-45% success after yesterday's voting, meaning Scotland stays a part of the United Kingdom. However, in a move undoubtedly tied to Moscow's increasing hostilities with the British government, which vehemently backed the 'no' campaign, the head of one of the country's top election observer groups controversially claimed today that the vote was fixed. Speaking to RIA Novosti, Georgy Fyodorov, the head of the Kremlin-aligned Association for the Protection of Electoral Rights, stated that, "According to what our observers at the polling offices tell us, there were more Yes votes during the vote count."

Rixon Stewart Video Proof ‘Scotland Independent’ Vote Was Rigged

Permalink 45% of Russians Believe Shadowy Group Controls Humanity

"The world is run by some sort of overarching entity that pulls the strings in governments around the globe" is a statement nearly half of Russians would agree with, a state-run pollster revealed Wednesday. The Russian Public Opinion Research Center found that 45 percent of Russians believe in the existence of an omnipotent force that lords over state governments, controlling the affairs of humanity. Only one-third of the population expressly rejects this hypothesis, while another 23 percent of Russians remain undecided, according to the survey. The research center also revealed that individuals with higher levels of education and enviable salaries were more likely to embrace such theories than their less-educated, lower-earning counterparts. Among those who believe in the existence of such an impalpable entity, 22 percent think it is composed of oligarchs and prominent business leaders from around the globe. Another 6 percent believe it is run by the United States. Yet more than half of those who believe in the entity's existence are unable to identify who — or what — it is comprised of. Respondents to the survey listed "Jews," "masons" and "Great Britain," as among the groups that may be secretly running the show.

Permalink Ode to Joy - Flash Mob Started by One Little Girl

To pay homage to the town they love and to celebrate their 130 anniversary Sabadell Bank in Spain delighted the townspeople with an incredible symphony flash mob. Watch as they play Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and sang Ode to Joy, filling up the town with joy and beautiful music!


Permalink Obama, military generals clash over ISIL war strategy

The uneasy relationship between the White House and US military is on full display as President Barack Obama and his top generals continue to clash over the new strategy to combat the ISIL terrorist organization. Obama has authorized airstrikes against ISIL targets in Iraq and Syria, but has ruled out American boots on the ground in a combat role. US military officials have complained privately for weeks that airstrikes alone would not be sufficient to achieve the announced goal of deafening ISIL.

Antiwar.com: Hagel: Military, Not Obama, Will Make Decisions on Syria Strikes
Washington Post: Rift widens between Obama, U.S. military over strategy to fight Islamic State

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