Permalink "Human Rights" Museum or Holocaust Temple?

Henry Makow Breathtaking Jewish hypocrisy seen in Canadian Museum of "Human Rights" Racism for Israel; miscegenation, multiculturalism and "tolerance" for the goyim. Holocaust replaces Crucifixion as symbol of civilization; Jews replace Christ. || The Asper family knew the Canadian government wouldn't fund a "Holocaust Museum" in Winnipeg so they re-branded it a "Human Rights Museum." The Zionist-controlled Harper government agreed to provide $21 million in annual operating costs. After six years and $350 million in capital costs, and $71 in operating costs to date, the "human rights" museum finally opened last month. Now, it can revert to its true purpose. On Oct.7 we learned that, "The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and The Asper Foundation have formed a partnership to bring [thousands of] students from across Canada to Winnipeg to learn about human rights and the Holocaust....The students will visit the museum as part of the foundation's Human Rights and Holocaust Studies Program, which was created in 1997 to promote respect for others and to teach the consequences of racism." It appears that "human rights" are being presented as synonymous with reverence for the Jewish genocide. Isn't this a narrow and reductive focus? What about the "human right" to food and shelter when one percent own 48% of the world's wealth? What about freedom from government surveillance? What about genuine democracy when most politicians are Freemasons? [What about Palestine?]

Permalink CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix

This video reveals how the Zionist Matrix of Power controls Media, Politics and Banking and how each Part of this Tribalist matrix supports and protects each other! The documentary shows how the media is biased for Zionist interests in Palestine and over the world. A great segment exposes the bosses of CNN and thelong-time Zionist agent Wolf Blitzer who I exposed during an interview as not an unbiased newsman but a former agent for AIPAC! This documentary video is the first public expose' that the same Zio who is the biggest stockholder of the mega Zio media corporation Time Warner, was the biggest stockholder also of Goldman Sachs at the time of the mortgage meltdown. It shows how the biggest economic theft in history, that by Goldman Sachs in the Mortgage meltdown, was covered up by Zio Government regulators, a Zio Prosecutor, Zio Federal Judge, and the Zio influence in media and government. A great that video that shows clearly how some of the Jewish elite practices racism and tribalism to advance their supremacist agenda. [Hat tip: The People's Voice]

Permalink In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis

Eric Lichtblau In the decades after World War II, the C.I.A. and other United States agencies employed at least a thousand Nazis as Cold War spies and informants and, as recently as the 1990s, concealed the government’s ties to some still living in America, newly disclosed records and interviews show. At the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, law enforcement and intelligence leaders like J. Edgar Hoover at the F.B.I. and Allen Dulles at the C.I.A. aggressively recruited onetime Nazis of all ranks as secret, anti-Soviet “assets,” declassified records show. They believed the ex-Nazis’ intelligence value against the Russians outweighed what one official called “moral lapses” in their service to the Third Reich.

Permalink Diamond magnate may be lying about Israel settlement pullout, activists warn

The campaign group Adalah-NY has given a skeptical welcome to reports that Africa Israel, the company controlled by diamond magnate Lev Leviev, has pulled out of all its settlement construction activities in the occupied West Bank. According to a statement from Adalah-NY, Israel’s Ynet reported this week “that representatives from Africa Israel (AI) and its construction subsidiary Danya Cebus, targets of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, say they will stop building Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, including in Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.” But, the statement warns, “this announcement – undoubtedly the result of seven years of pressure generated by Adalah-NY and allied groups worldwide and a sign of the growing strength of the BDS movement – should be greeted with vigilance because Africa Israel has in the past made similar statements that proved to be untrue.”

"Lev Leviev" Search on AWIP

Permalink Mein Datenschatten als Grafik: So durchschaubar sind wir

Diese Infografik hat es in sich: Der Politiker Malte Spitz hat bei Firmen und Behörden nach seinen Daten gefragt. Das Ergebnis ist erschreckend. Der Grünen-Politiker Malte Spitz hat sich auf die Suche nach seinen Daten gemacht. Er hat bei Unternehmen und Behörden nachgefragt, was über ihn alles gespeichert ist. Manchmal hat er Auskunft bekommen, so wie es das Gesetz auch vorsieht. Seine Recherche ist gerade als Buch erschienen. "Was macht ihr mit meinen Daten" heißt es. Aus den Antworten ergibt sich ein riesiger Datenschatten, eine Sammlung von Einträgen in elektronischen Verzeichnissen, die zum Teil mehr als ein Jahrzehnt in die Vergangenheit reicht. Wohin Malte Spitz geflogen ist, wann er sich bei der Bahn beschwert hat, wer seine Klicks im Internet speichert, all das findet sich in seinem Datenschatten. Den zeigt diese Abbildung - mit dem Mauszeiger lassen sich über die Buttons oben bestimmte Datenquellen hervorheben. Allerdings ist das Daten-Abbild unvollständig: "Ich hätte vermutlich eine Handvoll Anwälte, ein paar Tausend Euro und drei Jahre Zeit für etliche Klagen haben müssen", schreibt Spitz. Denn nicht alle von ihm angeschriebenen Datenerfasser wollten herausrücken, was sie alles über Spitz speichern. Außerdem fehlt ein wichtiger, dicker Brocken: All das nämlich, was Internet- und Mobilfunkbetreiber anhand von gespeicherten Verbindungsdaten über Spitz wissen könnten. Das hat der Politiker vor einigen Jahren schon einmal gesondert auswerten lassen. Doch auch der unvollständige Datensatz zeigt eindrucksvoll, dass wir längst die Kontrolle verloren haben. [Ein Dankeschön an Steigan Blogger]

Permalink Lawsuit: US charities fund Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program

A new federal lawsuit in the United States seeks immediate release of a government report about how American charities contribute to Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program. The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy has filed a lawsuit in the DC District Court to obtain an unclassified study conducted in 1987 for the Pentagon titled "Current Technology Issues in Israel." The closely-held report named three institutions-- Israel’s Weizmann Institute, Technion University, and Hebrew University-- which raise “substantial tax-exempt charitable funding through affiliates in the United States.” The study discovered that Technion University technicians were involved in developing nuclear missile re-entry vehicles and were working at Israel’s Dimona nuclear weapons plant. Computer scientists at the American Friends of the Hebrew University-- working at the Soreq nuclear facilities in Israel-- were also "developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs," according to the suit.


Permalink Netanyahu is a 'chickenshit,' Obama official says

A senior Obama administration official has described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit,” expressing the US president’s frustration with the Israeli leader. “The thing about Bibi [Netanyahu] is, he’s a chickenshit,” the unnamed official told the Atlantic when asked about the foreign leader who seems to frustrate the White House the most. The official added that the good thing about Netanyahu is that “he’s scared to launch wars,” and the bad thing about him is that “he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians.” “The only thing he’s interested in is protecting himself from political defeat… He’s got no guts,” the official said. According to the Atlantic, the statement by the top Obama official indicates that relations between Washington and Tel Aviv have moved toward a “full-blown crisis.”

Haaretz: Netanyahu's office hits back at U.S. official's 'chickenshit' jibe

Permalink For 23rd time, U.N. nations urge end to U.S. embargo on Cuba

The U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly for the 23rd time to condemn the decades-long U.S. economic embargo against Cuba, with many nations praising the island state for its response in fighting the deadly Ebola virus that is ravaging West Africa. In the 193-nation assembly, 188 countries voted for the nonbinding resolution, titled "Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba." As in previous years, the only countries that voted against the declaration were the United States and an ally, Israel. The Pacific island nations Palau, Marshall Islands and Micronesia abstained. The voting result was identical to last year's.

Permalink Who and What Is Causing the Decline in Oil Prices, and Where Will It Lead?

RIA Novosti With oil hovering around the $80-85 per barrel mark, down nearly 30 percent from a high of over $115 in mid-June, media and expert analysis about the causes and consequences of the price decline has been extensive. We present another, Russia-informed perspective. [...] There are high hopes among Russian experts and by many in Russian society that unstable energy prices, combined with Western sanctions, may drive a revival of the country as a major industrial, agricultural and technological power. Some industries have already seen growth in recent months as a result of the government’s push for import substitution, while the president noted the need for a “true industrial breakthrough” in the coming years, which would reduce the country’s natural resource dependency.

Permalink 100,000+ rally in Hungary over internet tax despite govt concessions - PHOTO, VIDEO

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Hungary despite the government's amendment of a controversial internet tax bill. The demonstrators say the country is turning anti-democratic and drifting away from the EU. The protest against the policies of Prime Minister Viktor Orban reignited on Tuesday night, as an estimated 100,000 people took to the streets, reports Reuters. The demonstration follows similar action on the weekend, at which protesters demanded that legislation imposing a tax on internet traffic be withdrawn within 48 hours. Instead, the government introduced an amendment on Monday that caps the proposed tax at 700 forints ($3) per month for individuals and 5,000 forints ($21) for companies. This wasn’t enough for the protesters, who accuse the government of authoritarian trends. Since taking power in 2010, Orban's center-right government has imposed taxes on the banking, retail, energy and telecommunications sector. The measures are designed to keep the budget deficit in check, but have hurt some foreign investors' profits.

Permalink CrossTalk: Ukraine's Free Fall

What was supposed to happen in Ukraine? Why has the Western media stopped talking about the blunders of the Ukrainian regime? Is Ukraine a failed state beyond repair? How long will Petro Poroshenko last as president of Ukraine? CrossTalking with Eric Kraus, Charles Bausman, and Alexander Mercouris.

Aljazeera America: Poroshenko claims victory in Ukraine presidential election

Permalink Revival of Fascism in Ukraine Must Be Discussed in UN: Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow believes that the issue of the revival of fascism in Ukraine should be discussed in the United Nations, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told reporters Wednesday. “Of course, what is going on in Ukraine in regard to the revival of fascism seriously bothers us. In this context, we believe that these issues should be reviewed in the UN. As far as we are concerned, we constantly center our attention on this during our speeches, trying to show the international community the danger in these trends that have now appeared in Ukraine,” Gatilov said.

Thomas Gaist New book sheds further light on US government protection of ex-Nazis || A new book published Tuesday, The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler's Men, by New York Times journalist Eric Lichtblau, details the close relations developed by the US government with Nazi war criminals during and after the Second World War. Lichtblau's work extends and deepens previous research demonstrating that the US government gave extensive support to top Nazi intelligence personnel as part of its efforts to create a new intelligence apparatus in West Germany, known as the BND. Former Nazis were especially valued by the US government for their experience conducting espionage and waging war against the Soviet Union.

Permalink UK forced to admit GCHQ can access foreign-gathered data without warrant

The UK government has admitted for the first time that its spy agency, GCHQ, can access raw data mined by America’s NSA and others without a warrant. It was made to comply following post-Snowden legal action from rights organizations. The secrets leaked by the iconic former NSA contractor led Amnesty International, Liberty and Privacy International to compel the UK government to submit documents to government surveillance watchdogs revealing secret “arrangements” between GCHQ and foreign spy agencies, The Guardian reported. The documents reveal that such access to foreign partners’ bulk data is acceptable when it’s not “technically feasible” to acquire a warrant, and if the good that comes out of it is “necessary and proportionate” to the cause. British citizens are safeguarded from warrantless spying by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), but the document itself states there are exceptions.

Permalink The Deep State and the Bias of Official History

Peter Dale Scott How do Wall Street, oil companies and the shadow government agencies like the CIA and NSA really shape the global political order? - That’s the question author Peter Dale Scott examines in his forthcoming bookThe American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy,” due out on Nov. 12. Scott, a professor emeritus of English at Berkeley and former Canadian diplomat, is considered the father of “deep politics”—the study of hidden permanent institutions and interests whose influence on the political realm transcends the elected. In the “American Deep State,” Scott takes a compelling look at the facts lurking behind the official histories of events to uncover the real dynamics in play. In this exclusive excerpt—the first of several we will feature on WhoWhatWhy—he looks at the revolving door between Wall Street and the CIA, and what that demonstrates about where power truly resides.

Permalink Nobel Peace Prize Winners Push Obama for Release of Torture Report

Say American leaders have “eroded the very freedoms and rights that generations of their young gave their lives to defend”. Twelve winners of the Nobel Peace Prize asked President Barack Obama late Sunday to make sure that a Senate report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of harsh interrogation tactics is released so the U.S. can put an end to a practice condemned by many as torture. The release of the report, which is the most detailed account of the CIA’s interrogation practices in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, would be an opportunity for the U.S. and the world to come to terms with interrogation techniques that went too far, the laureates said in an open letter and petition. The release of the report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has stalled as the Obama Administration the CIA, and lawmakers clashed over how much of it should be redacted.

Permalink Malice behind Putin misquotations? Russia to respond with full disclosure

It’s open season for Western media to bend the rules in their depiction of Russia. And with a little help from Western officials, they can quote President Putin speaking pretty aggressively – even when he actually said nothing of the kind.
In recent months, there have been two notable occasions when Vladimir Putin was misquoted. The first came when he apparently put on his conqueror’s hat while speaking about Ukraine. In September, La Repubblica newspaper reported the Putin had told then-European Commission president, Jose Manual Barroso, that he “could take Kiev in weeks.” The alleged bragging was revealed by the European official to a council meeting, but after Moscow said it would publish the transcript of the entire conversation, the EU admitted that the words were taken out of context. An arguably more scandalous incident was sparked by former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who told Politico magazine that he overheard Putin suggesting to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in 2008 that Ukraine be divided between the two nations. The official backpedalled on the accusations after a backlash both from Russia and at home, admitting that he never heard Putin actually voicing the Hitleresque plan. He also admitted that Putin and Tusk didn’t actually meet at the time the conversation was supposed to have taken place.

Robert Parry Treating Putin Like a Lunatic
Paul Craig Roberts Washington Is Defaming Putin

Permalink Half of Russians Want McDonalds Banned From Country: Poll

Almost half of the population in Russia have approved an idea to close all the McDonald's fast food restaurants in Russia, according to a poll conducted by VTSIOM, the leading and highly reliable Russian polling group. which released the results of the poll on Monday. The idea to close all the McDonald’s catering establishments has been more welcomed by the respondents who have never been to these restaurants, rather than regular visitors (53% against 44%, respectively). The main reason behind the suggested closure is that the food served at McDonald's is not tasty and is of poor nutrition value, said 41% of the respondents interviewed. 20% of the respondents said that the state should, above all, support Russia's own catering establishments. Nonetheless, almost every third out of ten respondents said that they are against shutting down the McDonald's restaurants.

Permalink State Orders Man to Pay $30k in Child Support or Face Jail, Despite Proof He Is Not Father

The State of Michigan is ordering that Detroit man Carnell Alexander pay approximately $30,000 in back child support or go to jail, despite the fact that a DNA test proved that he is not the father of the child in question. In child support cases, courts sometimes force people to pay back the government’s welfare contributions to a child, even in scenarios when the person being ordered to pay support is not actually the child’s parent. According to WXYZ-TV ABC 7 Detroit, Detroit man Carnell Alexander is facing that exact situation after an ex-girlfriend of his listed him as the father of her child on an application for welfare benefits. Despite the facts that a DNA test proved that he is not the father and his ex-girlfriend agrees that he should not have to pay support, the State of Michigan is ordering him to either pay back the nearly $30,000 worth of welfare contributions it paid to the child’s mother or go to jail.


Permalink US Postal Service allowed "agencies" to monitor mail 50,000 times: Report

The United States Postal Service allowed "law enforcement agencies" to secretly monitor the mail of Americans about 50,000 times last year, a new report has revealed. According to the report published by The New York Times on Monday, “in many cases the Postal Service approved requests to monitor an individual’s mail without adequately describing the reason or having proper written authorization.” The newspaper says the number of requests indicates that the surveillance on Americans communications is more widespread than previously revealed. The documents for the report were obtained by the Times under the Freedom of Information Act.

New York Times: Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S.
ABA Journal: Snail-mail monitoring expands; lawyers complain of privilege violations, lack of oversight

Permalink ​‘Russian distress call’ prompting Swedish sub hunt never existed – sigint source

There was no Russian distress call. That’s the opinion of a Swedish signal intelligence (SIGINT) source after a massive $2.8mn military and media sub-hunt consumed the country for a week. Reports of a Russian distress signal and a grainy-picture were enough to deploy the navy while the media widely concluded the vessel had to be a Russian submarine spooking Stockholm. The proof of this was an alleged comms intercept, at distress call frequency, between the supposed sub and Kaliningrad base. But the Dagens Nyheter daily cited a Swedish Intel source who confessed there was no distress call.

Dagens Nyheter: Försvaret: Inget ryskt nödsamtal bakom ubåtsjakt || Försvarsmaktens operation i Stockholms skärgård utlöstes inte av ett nödsamtal på ryska. Det uppger Marinens underrättelsetjänst (MTS-M2) för DN. Försvarsmaktens operation i Stockholms skärgård utlöstes inte av ett nödsamtal på ryska. Det uppger Marinens underrättelsetjänst (MTS-M2) för DN. Lördagen den 18 oktober avslöjade Svenska Dagbladet att ett nödsamtal på ryska föregått ubåtslarmet i Stockholms skärgård. Tidningen berättade också att det förekommit krypterad radiotrafik mellan en sändare i skärgården och en sändare i Kaliningrad där stora delar av den ryska Östersjöflottan finns. Uppgifterna återgavs av i stort sett alla svenska medier, däribland Dagens Nyheter. Avslöjandet fick även stor uppmärksamhet internationellt. Redan i fredagens papperstidning erfor DN att ingen radiokommunikation mellan området och Kaliningrad avlyssnats under den sex dagar långa operationen. DN har nu med stöd av offentlighetsprincipen begärt ut en kopia av ljudupptagningen från Försvarsmakten, samt en översatt utskrift av densamma. [...] Försvarsmakten har tidigare uppgett sig sakna kännedom om att en nödsignal skulle ha skickats från Stockholms skärgård. Men när det gäller ett nödsamtal har myndigheten fram tills nu varken velat bekräfta eller dementera uppgiften om ett sådant uppfattats av den svenska signalspaningen.

Permalink MH17 might have been shot down from air – chief Dutch investigator

The chief Dutch prosecutor investigating the MH17 downing in eastern Ukraine does not exclude the possibility that the aircraft might have been shot down from air, Der Spiegel reported. Intelligence to support this was presented by Moscow in July. The chief investigator with the Dutch National Prosecutors' Office Fred Westerbeke said in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel published on Monday that his team is open to the theory that another plane shot down the Malaysian airliner. Following the downing of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight in July that killed almost 300 people, Russia’s Defense Ministry released military monitoring data, which showed a Kiev military jet tracking the MH17 plane shortly before the crash. No explanation was given by Kiev as to why the military plane was flying so close to a passenger aircraft. Neither Ukraine, nor Western states have officially accepted such a possibility. MH17 Search on AWIP

Permalink Is the oil crash a secret US war on Russia?

Lower oil prices, reflected in falling petrol prices at the pump, have been a boon for Western consumers. Are they also a potent US weapon against Russia and Iran? That's the conclusion drawn by New York Times columnist Thomas L Friedman, who says the US and Saudi Arabia, whether by accident or design, could be pumping Russia and Iran to brink of economic collapse. Despite turmoil in many of the world's oil-producing countries - Libya, Iraq, Nigeria and Syria - prices are hitting lows not seen in years, Friedman writes. Analysts identify a number of possible reasons for the steep drop - increased US production, slowing economies in Europe and China and steady production from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec). Rather than look at the causes, however, Friedman says to look at the result - budget shortfalls in Russia and Iran - and what it means. Who benefits? He asks. The US wants its Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia to have more bite. Both the Saudis and the US are fighting a proxy war against Iran in Syria. "This is business, but it also has the feel of war by other means: oil," he writes. Paul Richter of the Los Angeles Times agrees that both Russia and Iran are starting to feel the squeeze of lower prices, although he doesn't go as far as Friedman in speculating about a secret war.

Permalink Treating Putin Like a Lunatic

Robert Parry When reading the New York Times on many foreign policy issues, it doesn’t take a savant to figure out what the newspaper’s bias is. Anything, for instance, relating to Russian President Vladimir Putin drips of contempt and hostility. Rather than offer the Times’ readers an objective or even slightly fair-minded account of Putin’s remarks, we are fed a steady diet of highly prejudicial language, such as we find in Saturday’s article about Putin’s comments at a conference in which he noted U.S. contributions to chaos in countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine. That Putin is correct appears almost irrelevant to the Times, which simply writes that Putin “unleashed perhaps his strongest diatribe against the United States yet” with his goal “to sell Moscow’s view that American meddling has sparked most of the world’s recent crises.”

Paul Craig Roberts Washington Is Defaming Putin

Permalink Edward Snowden: A ‘Nation’ Interview

In a wide-ranging conversation, he discusses the surveillance state, the American political system and the price he’s paid for his understanding of patriotism. On October 6, Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel and contributing editor Stephen F. Cohen (professor emeritus of Russian studies at New York University and Princeton) sat down in Moscow for a wide-ranging discussion with Edward Snowden. Throughout their nearly four-hour conversation, which lasted considerably longer than planned (see below for audio excerpts), the youthful-appearing Snowden was affable, forthcoming, thoughtful and occasionally humorous. Among other issues, he discussed the price he has paid for speaking truth to power, his definition of patriotism and accountability, and his frustration with America’s media and political system. The interview has been edited and abridged for publication, compressing lengthy conversations about technological issues that Snowden has discussed elsewhere.

RT.com: FBI reportedly raids home of 'Second Snowden'

Permalink Swedish Neo-Nazi Sniper Dreams of Killing Russians

Italy's #1 newspaper interviews infamous Swedish sniper Mike Skillt. Recently Corriere della Sera (the most widely read daily in Italy) published an interview with the infamous Swedish sniper "Mike," who is fighting for the neo-Nazi Azov battalion in East Ukraine. As Mike's comments clearly illustrate, Azov fighters are fueled by a sense of racial superiority and a visceral hatred for Russia and all Russians.

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