Permalink ⚡Dr. David Martin: The WHO Is A Criminal Racketeering Organization ⚡

Dr. David Martin spoke at European Parliament, Strasbourg France Reveals Evidence of WHO Criminal Racketeering and Global Genocide. Sep 2023. Dr. Martin: "WHO is a Criminal Cartel Involved in Criminal Conspiracy Resulting in Global Terrorism For The Purpose of Profiteering and Global Genocide." Dr. Martin reveals COVID-19 and the COVID Vaccines to be bioweapons created for the sole purpose of profit and mass murder. Vaccines are a Eugenics Global Depopulation Mechanism. The World Health Organization is a front organization for Bill Gates who funds it by 86% and is attempting to take over sovereign nations' health for sinister and dark purposes. If Nations cede their sovereignty to Bill Gates through the WHO then expect another pandemic to be declared immediately most like H5N1 Avian Influenza Bird Flu with a Bill Gates sanctioned new vaccine being pushed possibly by forced mandates.

Permalink Give Ukraine long-range missiles to hit Russian targets, German minister says

Amid heavy Russian attacks on Kharkiv, the West must send long-distance missiles, said Annalena Baerbock. | Ukraine’s armed forces need more long-range weapons to be able to hit targets deep behind the frontline, Germany’s foreign minister has said, as Russia makes gains on the battlefield.  Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of European foreign ministers in Strasbourg, Annalena Baerbock described the military situation in north-east Ukraine as “highly dramatic” amid reports that Vladimir Putin’s forces are making significant advances of up to 10 kilometers in one place. [...] Germany is now Ukraine's second-biggest arms supplier, after the Americans, but Scholz has balked at giving Ukraine Taurus missiles, fearing that to do so would draw Germany deeper into the war. The U.S. has also placed restrictions on weapons it supplies, telling Kyiv they must not be used to strike inside Russia.

Let Ukraine use US weapons to strike inside Russia – Nuland (05/21/24)
Kyiv can use British weapons inside Russia - Cameron (BBC - 3 May 2024)
Ukraine using British weapons for terror attacks – Moscow (05/11/24)
---------------------------------- ### ----------------------------------
Dissecting [sic] Russia into smaller nations not a bad thing — Estonian PM (05/21/24)
NATO state’s PM calls for breakup of Russia (05/21/24)

Permalink Davos boss quits – media

Klaus Schwab, the founder of World Economic Forum, will reportedly transition to role of non-executive chairman | World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab has announced he will step back from his role, after more than 50 years at the head of the event, according to the Semafor news platform.  The article cites a letter from Schwab to staff on Tuesday in which he outlines his intention to transition to a non-executive-chairman role before the next meeting of the annual gathering at the Alpine resort town of Davos, Switzerland, in 2025. The change is pending approval by the Swiss government.  Semafor also cited a statement by a forum’s spokesperson, who said that the organization is “transforming from a convening platform to the leading global institution for public-private cooperation.”  Schwab, 86, did not reportedly name his successor, but said that over the last year the group’s executive board “under the leadership of President Borge Brende, has taken full executive responsibility.” A former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Brende, 58, has been WEF president since 2017.

Warning: Don't Celebrate Klaus Stepping Down, Tony Blair Is Front Runner to Take Over WEF (Politico)

Permalink Slovak Media Explores Ukrainian Link to Fico Assassination Attempt

Last week, Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot four times after a gunman fired five shots in his direction. He was rushed to the hospital where he remains in stable but critical condition. He is expected to survive. | Writing in SIA News, columnist Lucas Leiroz called for an investigation into outside involvement. 💬 “It is necessary to investigate whether there was international involvement and whether foreign agents financed the attack or influenced it in any way. Knowing that there are groups interested in removing Fico, it is possible that there is a large conspiracy behind the cause,” Leiroz wrote (translated from Slovak), noting the terrorist attacks suspected of being linked to Ukraine, like the Crocus City Hall massacre and the bombing of Russia’s embassy in Brazil. Leiroz also notes that world leaders who have opposed funding Ukraine have found themselves on the notorious “Mirotvorets” Ukrainian kill list, including Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

CIA/MI6/Mossad/Mirotvorets Kill List: "West Left Its Own People to Mercy of Ukraine's Gestapo" (Sputnik News)

Permalink Norway recognizes Palestinian state

The two-state solution is the only way to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Oslo has said | Norway has officially recognized Palestine as a state, the Nordic country’s government has said. The decision comes into force on May 28, it added.  Oslo is the tenth European capital to recognize Palestinian statehood. Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia did so in 1988, with Sweden joining them in 2014. [...] Oslo is making the move amid the conflict in Gaza, in which “tens of thousands [are] killed and injured,” Store stressed. The aim is to “keep alive the only alternative that offers a political solution for Israelis and Palestinians alike: Two states, living side by side, in peace and security,” he said. Shortly after the announcement by Norway, Ireland also said it is recognizing Palestinian statehood.

Ireland, Norway, Spain recognize Palestinian state, Irish PM says (Al Mayadeen)
Ireland confirms imminent recognition of Palestine (RT.com)
Norway moves to recognize Palestinian state (TASS)
Что известно о признании независимости Палестины (TACC.ru)

Permalink Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei led funeral prayers for President Ebrahim Raisi and his esteemed companions

They have moved to the last stage | Tsargrad: The assassination was “organized at the highest level.” An “excruciating death” is a signal to Russia and China. “They are killing everyone who supports Russia and China.” [...] The US and UK have opened a new chapter of terror in their history. All pro-Russian and pro-China politicians in the West should double their caution and security, - writes Kolyasnikov.  Chinese scholar Nikolai Vavilov holds a similar opinion: They have moved to the last stage - they are killing everyone who supports Russia and China, apparently, things are not good at all and the failure of the West’s strategy after Putin’s visit to China has become as obvious as possible.

Kremlin in disbelief at US ‘insult’ of late Iranian president (RT.com) + HERE
Tehran bid farewell to Raisi, companions; Sayyed Khamenei led prayer (Al Mayadeen)
US civil defense: Iranian intelligence chief in Lorestan was killed (AVA Today)
Member Of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Shot Dead Outside His Home (CIA/VOA)

Permalink 'Israel' reduced 604 mosques to rubble, stole 1,000 bodies from Gaza

The Palestinian Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Gaza revealed in a statement that 604 mosques had been fully demolished during the current war, with another 200 partially destroyed. | The Gaza Strip's Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs has revealed that Israeli occupation forces (IOF) completely demolished or damaged hundreds of mosques in the Strip since the deadly onslaught on Gaza began on October 7.  The ministry detailed in a statement that 604 mosques have been reduced to rubble during the current war, with another 200 partially destroyed, in addition to three churches that were completely destroyed.  Moreover, according to the statement, Israeli troops desecrated at least 60 cemeteries during their ground assault on Gaza, using bulldozers to dig up graves, and stole the bodies of over 1,000 Palestinian martyrs. [...] The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced in its daily report today that the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza due to the Israeli genocidal war ongoing since October 7 has now reached 35,386, in addition to 79,366 injured.


Permalink “At the Edge of the Abyss”

Permalink Let Ukraine use US weapons to strike inside Russia – Nuland

Kiev needs permission to use American weapons without restrictions, the veteran diplomat believes | The US must allow Kiev to use its weapons to strike “Russian bases” deep inside the country, former senior Department of State official Victoria Nuland believes.  American military aid has been provided to Ukraine on the condition that it would not use the weapons to attack targets on what the US considers Russian soil, as opposed to territories contested by Kiev. Nuland, who for decades directed Washington's foreign policy in Europe, has called for the limitation to be lifted.

💬 ”They need to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia,” she told ABC News on Sunday. “The United States and our allies ought to give them more help in hitting Russian bases, which heretofore we have not been willing to do.”  “Those bases ought to be fair game, whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where they are where troops are being supplied from,” Nuland added.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron similarly suggested this month that Ukraine “has the right” to strike targets inside Russia with UK-provided weapons. Moscow in response warned that if such an attack was to happen, it would consider any British military assets, be they on Ukrainian soil or elsewhere, fair game for retaliation.

Permalink Vladimir Zelensky: No mandate, no election. So what now?

Dmitry Drize | With his term in office having reached its expiry date and the conflict going badly for Kiev, the Ukrainian leader is in a very difficult situation | On May 20, Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky’s political powers officially expired. He retains his position, however, because no elections can be held in the country, reportedly due to the current state of martial law.  Responding to a question last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin's most recent comment on the situation was to the effect that peace agreements can only be signed with legitimate leaders. Putin added that the Ukrainian legal system should draw the necessary conclusions.

Permalink NATO state’s PM calls for breakup of Russia

It is not a bad thing when a big power becomes much smaller, Estonia’s Kaja Kallas has said | The conflict between Moscow and Kiev should end with the defeat and breakup of the Russian Federation, Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has proposed.  Kallas made the suggestion on Saturday during a debate in the country’s capital, Tallinn, at an event dedicated to supporting Ukraine.

💬 "Russia’s defeat is not a bad thing because then you know there could really be a change in society,” the prime minister told the 17th Lennart Meri Conference.  "I think if you would have more like small nations... it is not a bad thing if the big power is actually [made] much smaller,” Kallas said.  "Fear keeps us from supporting Ukraine. Countries have different fears, be it nuclear fear, fear of escalation, fear of migration. We must not fall into the trap of fear because that is what [Russia’s President Vladimir] Putin wants,” she said.

The Russian Federation is comprised of “many different nations” and suggested that they should become separate states after the end of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, she argued.  The Constitution of the Russian Federation describes the polity as a multinational state. According to the 2020-2021 census, the country’s population speaks 155 different languages, with Russian being the most common.


Permalink ICC seeks arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Hamas leaders for crimes against humanity

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Monday applied for arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top Hamas leaders on suspicion of war crimes and crimes against humanity. | Karim Khan said he was seeking warrants against Netanyahu and Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant for crimes including "starvation", "wilful killing", and "extermination and/or murder".  "We submit that the crimes against humanity charged were committed as part of a widespread and systematic attack against the Palestinian civilian population pursuant to State policy. These crimes, in our assessment, continue to this day," said Khan in reference to Netanyahu and Gallant.  The charges laid against the Hamas leaders including Yahya Sinwar, the head of the movement in Gaza, and Ismail Haniyeh, the movement's political chief, include "extermination", "rape and other acts of sexual violence", and "taking hostages as a war crime".  "We submit that the crimes against humanity charged were part of a widespread and systematic attack against the civilian population of Israel by Hamas and other armed groups pursuant to organisational policies," said the statement.

ICC applies for arrest warrants against Netanyahu, Sinwar (The Cradle)
ICC seeks arrest of Israel’s Netanyahu over war crimes in Gaza (MEE)
ICC Prosecutor Asks For Arrest Warrants For Netanyahoo, Gallant And Others (Moon of Alabama)

Permalink UN: Gaza Facing ‘Apocalyptic’ Famine

Earlier this month, Cindy McCain, the World Food Program (WFP) Executive Director said that parts of Gaza are experiencing "full-blown famine." | The UN under-secretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, Martin Griffiths, told the AFP that “apocalyptic” famine is coming to Gaza.

💬 “If fuel runs out, aid doesn’t get to the people where they need it. That famine, which we have talked about for so long, and which is looming, will not be looming anymore. It will be present,” Griffiths said.  “And I think our worry, as citizens of the international community, is that the consequence is going to be really, really hard. Hard, difficult and apocalyptic.”

Permalink Joe Biden has done more than arm Israel. Leaked documents reveal his own officials see him as complicit in Gaza’s devastating famine

Richard Hall, Bel Trew & Andrew Feinberg | An investigation by The Independent uncovers the missteps, missed opportunities and political choices made by the Biden administration that allowed a famine to take hold in northern Gaza. With access to leaked documents, testimony from current and former officials and voices from Gaza, it paints a damning picture of an entirely preventable catastrophe. | resident Joe Biden and his administration have been accused of being complicit in enabling a famine in Gaza by failing to sufficiently act on repeated warnings from their own experts and aid agencies.  Interviews with current and former US Agency for International Development (USAID) and state department officials, aid agencies working in Gaza and internal USAID documents reveal that the administration rejected or ignored pleas to use its leverage to persuade its ally Israel – the recipient of billions of dollars of US military support – to allow sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza to stop the famine taking hold.  The former officials say the US also provided diplomatic cover for Israel to create the conditions for famine by blocking international efforts to bring about a ceasefire or alleviate the crisis, making the delivery of aid almost impossible. “This is not just turning a blind eye to the man-made starvation of an entire population, it is direct complicity,” former state department official Josh Paul, who resigned over US support for the war, told The Independent Israel has vehemently denied that there is a hunger crisis in Gaza, or that it has restricted aid. It says fighting with Hamas, the militant group that triggered the current war when it killed 1,200 people and took over 250 hostages in Israel on 7 October, has hampered aid efforts.

The Arsenal of Genocide: The U.S. Weapons That Are Destroying Gaza (Yves Smith)

Permalink Ebrahim Raisi Dies In Helicopter Crash; Vice President Mohammad Mokhber To Succeed Him

Iran President Helicopter Crash News LIVE Updates: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian have died in a helicopter crash in mountainous terrain and icy weather, Iranian officials confirmed on Monday after search teams located the wreckage. “President Raisi’s helicopter was completely burned in the crash … unfortunately, all passengers are feared dead,” the official told news agency Reuters. Several world leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressed grief over his sudden death. “Deeply saddened and shocked by the tragic demise of Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. His contribution to strengthening India-Iran bilateral relationship will always be remembered. My heartfelt condolences to his family and the people of Iran. India stands with Iran in this time of sorrow,” he said.

They have moved to the last stage | Tsargrad: The assassination was “organized at the highest level.” An “excruciating death” is a signal to Russia and China. “They are killing everyone who supports Russia and China.” [...] The US and UK have opened a new chapter of terror in their history. All pro-Russian and pro-China politicians in the West should double their caution and security, - writes Kolyasnikov.  Chinese scholar Nikolai Vavilov holds a similar opinion: They have moved to the last stage - they are killing everyone who supports Russia and China, apparently, things are not good at all and the failure of the West’s strategy after Putin’s visit to China has become as obvious as possible.

Iran President’s death: I won’t rule anything out – Fani-Kayode (Daily Post, Nigeria)
Iran president, FM killed in tragic helicopter crash (Tehran Times)
All passengers of crashed helicopter martyred (Mehr News)
‘No Sign of Life’ Found at Helicopter Crash Site Carrying Iran’s President and Officials (Jakarta Globe)
'No sign of life' as helicopter carrying Iran's president burned completely (The Star, Kenya)
Türkiye’s Akinci UAV identifies source of heat suspected to be crash site of Iranian president’s helicopter (Anadolu)
Who is departed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's potential successor? (Al Mayadeen)
Iran constitution says Vice President will take over in case of President’s death (Tehran Times)
Many world leaders died, few survived in aviation accidents since 1936 (Anadolu)
Helicopter carrying pres. Raisi involved in accident (05/19/24)


Permalink Helicopter carrying pres. Raisi involved in accident

A helicopter transporting President Ebrahim Raisi encountered an accident earlier on Sunday in the East Azerbaijan province. | According to initial reports, some of the President’s companions aboard the helicopter have managed to make contact with central authorities, raising hopes that the incident may end without any fatalities.  The President’s convoy consisted of three helicopters. While two of these, carrying various ministers and officials, successfully reached their destination, the helicopter carrying President Raisi faced difficulties.  Among those reported to be with President Raisi was Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian. Rescue operations are currently underway, and further details on the condition of the passengers are awaited.

‘Humanity is with Raeisi’: People worldwide pray for Iranian president’s safety (PressTV)
Official: Exact location of Iranian President’s helicopter crash identified (Iran Front Page)
BREAKING: Iranian president missing in helicopter crash on Azerbaijan border, presumed dead (BNE IntelliNews)
BREAKING: Iranian president feared dead after helicopter crash (Politics Nigeria)
DEVELOPING: Search underway after helicopter carrying Iran's leader crashes (TRT World)
Helicopter carrying pres. Raeisi crashes in East Azarbaijan (Mehr News)
What we know so far on Iranian President Raisi's helicopter that made a "hard landing" (The Star, Kenya)

Permalink So calculate well the range of what you allocate to the Nazis, gentlemen

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) (Дмитрий Медведев) |If it goes on like this, the guaranteed sanitary zone will be somewhere on the border with Poland...Or in Poland itself | After all, the retarded NATO strategists sincerely want Russia to control almost all of Ukraine. That is why they are giving the Banderite authorities more and more long-range weapons.  And it is not the first time that President Putin has said that to live peacefully our country will have to create a sanitary zone, within which the neo-Nazi regime will not be able to attack objects on the territory of Russia (including, of course, all the lands returned to our state). It is not difficult to calculate that if the Kyiv regime uses Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG missiles with a range of at least 550 kilometers and with a distance of 429 kilometers between Belgorod and Kyiv, practically the entire central and a significant part of the western territories of former Ukraine will fall within such a sanitary zone. Ukraine falls within such a sanitary zone. In other words, there should be Russia everywhere (550 km plus another 70-100 km to be sure).  Otherwise, the safety of our towns and villages cannot be ensured. Even if we imagine that some document has been signed with Kyiv (or rather - with Washington), any new Bandera half-wit with missiles is quite capable of violating it. The consequences are obvious.  If it goes on like this, the guaranteed sanitary zone will be somewhere on the border with Poland. Or in Poland itself. And this is quite dangerous. All the more so because non-strategic nuclear weapons, which our country has announced exercises with, are a very broad term. Such weapons (tactical or non-strategic), as everyone knows, include nuclear charges significantly exceeding the power of Little Boy and Fat Man.  So calculate well the range of what you allocate to the Nazis, gentlemen.(Translation: DeepL + Grammarcheck: Grammarly)

Ukraine SitRep: Kharkiv Incursion Forensics - Attacks On Russia And Russian Revenge (Moon of Alabama)

Permalink No to military rule in Gaza as risks compile: Haaretz

Israeli Minister of Security Yoav Gallant urges Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reject the establishment of military rule in Gaza due to its severe consequences, including strategic, security, and economic costs. | Israeli Minister of Security Yoav Gallant held a press conference yesterday, urging Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce that he would not establish military rule in the Gaza Strip and to deeply discuss the issue of the "day after."  According to Haaretz, his words did not come from nowhere, as the establishment of military rule in Gaza is an alternative under consideration by Netanyahu, and it enjoys the support of the far-right. [...] This marks the second time Gallant has taken such a step: warning Netanyahu, with the public as a witness. During the last upheaval in the government, Gallant called for an immediate halt to legislation due to a "clear and immediate" threat to state security, stating that "the threats around us are significant, both near and far."  This time, according to Haaretz, the minister warned of the dangerous and frightening plan that is currently under serious consideration, emphasizing that it is...

💬 "...a bad and dangerous alternative for Israel, strategically, security-wise, and militarily," and that "as a state, we face a multi-faceted security threat with specific resources and Israeli military rule in Gaza will become Israel's primary security effort in the coming years at the expense of other arenas, as well as costing lives, victims, and a high economic price."

Israeli leadership split over plans for governing Gaza after war with Hamas: reports (New York Post)
Israeli Political Crisis Deepens as IDF Failures Prompt Cabinet Resignation Threat (Sputnik News)

Permalink The Jewish War Against Christendom: Poland's capital bans crucifixes from public offices

Warsaw’s new policy is aimed at ensuring the “neutrality” of public offices | Poland’s capital has instructed civil servants not to display crucifixes and other religious symbols at Warsaw City Hall, sparking backlash from conservative groups.  According to the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper, officials will not be permitted to hang crosses or crucifixes on the walls or keep them on their desks. Government employees will still be allowed to wear crosses while at work, however.  The new rules are part of a broader set of regulations aimed at combating various forms of discrimination. Officials have been instructed to use gender-neutral language, address people by their preferred pronouns, and not discriminate against same-sex couples. “Warsaw is the first city in Poland to adopt such a document,” City Hall spokeswoman Monika Beuth said.  Some politicians and religious groups have argued that such regulations are inappropriate in a predominantly Catholic country.

Permalink Georgian president vetoes the foreign agent bill passed by parliament

Georgian parliament passes ‘foreign agent’ bill, prompting US anger, new protests | After passage on third reading, the bill now goes to President Salome Zourabichvili, who has said she will veto it, but her decision can be overridden by another vote in parliament, controlled by the ruling party and its allies. The law would require organisations receiving more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as agents of foreign influence, imposing onerous disclosure requirements and punitive fines for violations.

Permalink Slovak PM’s condition ‘remains very serious’ UPDATE: 19 May, 2024 02:06

Robert Fico was hospitalized with gunshot wounds on Wednesday | Fico was attacked on Wednesday in the central Slovak city of Handlova. When he approached a group of spectators, one person pulled out a handgun and shot the politician several times at close range. Fico was rushed to the hospital, and the assailant was detained on the spot.  Kalinak, who also serves as defense minister, spoke to the news channel TA3 outside the Roosevelt Hospital in Banska Bystrica, where Fico is being treated. He remained cautiously optimistic about the prime minister’s recovery.

💬 “He is in stable condition, but the four gunshot wounds have caused extensive injuries,” Kalinak said. He added that Fico had undergone additional surgery, and that there still could be complications. “In any case, his condition is very serious.”

UPDATE: 19 May, 2024 10:00: Fico’s condition ‘no longer life-threatening’

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