Permalink US transferring Russian assets to Ukraine will hollow out US credibility

US sanctions against Russia are illegal and are unilateral moves unauthorized by the United Nations. Now the US is even transferring the personal assets of Russian individuals to others, which highlights the plundering nature of the US as a robber. | According to US media reports, US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Friday the first transfer of forfeited assets from sanctions against a Russian oligarch during an appearance with Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin at the US Justice Department. The assets, confiscated from Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev after his indictment on sanctions evasions in April, will go toward aiding Ukraine.  The transfer of assets is a high-profile political stunt, which the US government is pretty good at. The $5.4 million assets can be just pocket money for the US - it offers to Ukraine as aid, while Ukraine would use it to buy weapons from the US to feed the US military-industrial complex. This reminds people of how the US dealt with the $7 billion in frozen funds from Afghanistan's central bank. In February 2022, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order allowing approximately half of the $7 billion to be reserved for victims of 9/11 attacks, which means the US keeps the money for its own. This is the very US - robbing money while at the same time appearing to be compassionate for others.


Permalink Sweden and Turkey Find Massive Rare Earth Deposits, Threatening China

Sweden and Turkey announced large discoveries of rare earth minerals this month. Sweden’s discovery in particular could be a major step toward breaking Chinese dominance in the rare earth industry. | Rare earth minerals are used in numerous high-tech products, notably including “green energy” systems and electric vehicles (EV). Efforts by Western governments to forcibly transition their economies to wind turbines, solar power, and electric cars have dramatically increased the demand for these minerals and China is the dominant supplier.  Communist China has a history of using economic leverage to achieve its authoritarian political goals and it does not particularly care what environmental or human rights activists think about the ecological impact or labor policies of its mining operations.

Norway Discovers Abundance of Costly Rare Earths on Its Seabed (01/31/23)


Permalink Norway Discovers Abundance of Costly Rare Earths on Its Seabed

While rare earths are in high demand due to the role they play in the transition to a greener economy, none are mined in Europe as of now, leaving the continent dependent on imports in a market dominated by China. | A study by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has identified a "substantial" amount of seabed minerals and metals, ranging from copper to precious rare earths.  ranging from copper to precious rare earths. 💬 "Of the metals found on the seabed in the study area, magnesium, niobium, cobalt and rare earth minerals are found on the European Commission’s list of critical minerals. Costly, rare minerals such as neodymium and dysprosium are extremely important for magnets in wind turbines and the engines in electric vehicles." the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate said in a statement.  These resources are in high demand due to the role they play in the aspired transition to a greener economy.  The resources estimate of remote areas in the Norwegian Sea and Greenland Sea specified some 38 million tons of copper (nearly twice the volume mined worldwide each year), and 45 million tons of zinc accumulated in polymetallic compounds. Furthermore, it also featured about 24 million tons of magnesium, 3.1 million tons of cobalt and 1.7 million tons of cerium, a rare earth element used in alloys. The findings also feature other rare earths, such as neodymium, yttrium and dysprosium, yet in smaller quantities.  The Nordic country, a major oil and gas exporter, is now pondering whether to open its offshore areas to deep-sea mining. Environmental groups have urged the authorities to postpone its seabed exploits until more studies detail the impact of mining on the fragile ecosystems. Among others, the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research emphasized a "great lack of knowledge" of deep oceans, citing the potential of finding new and undiscovered species.


Permalink EU Lawmaker Calls for Switch to War Economy

Manfred Weber, leader of the European People's Party, the largest in the European Parliament, on Thursday said that the European Union needs to switch to war economy against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis. | European countries are currently unable to quickly provide the necessary weapons "neither for their own defense, nor for Ukraine." In this regard the EU countries should increase their capacities for the production of weapons and ammunition, he said. Weber added that he was disappointed by the recent German-French talks, which resulted in "nothing concrete." In his opinion, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron have not yet been able to respond to "historical challenges."

Now Send Fighter Jets: Ukraine Wants Air Superiority After Securing Battle Tanks (TPV)


Permalink Nigel Farage: Green Ideology Has Replaced Christianity as Driving Force of the Conservative Party

The leader of the Brexit movement, Nigel Farage, has said that the globalist green ideology surrounding the commitment to ‘net zero’ has replaced Christianity as the driving force within the governing Conservative Party. | Following the publication of the Independent Review of Net Zero by Conservative MP Chris Skidmore last week, which called for the government to double down on wind and solar power, as well as banning new gas boilers within a decade, Nigel Farage surmised that — in light of the economic crisis befalling the nation — the green agenda stands as the issue in which the Tories are most “out of touch with their voters”. 💬 “So unwavering is the belief among most politicians these days that Britain can have a direct influence on future global temperatures, it is as though climate change has replaced Christianity in the Palace of Westminster,” Mr Farage wrote in London’s Daily Telegraph. The Brexit champion said that there is an urgent need for honest debate to be had around the green agenda so that the “Westminster class [and their] media friends” can actually hear “some common sense”.


Permalink India now buying 33 times more Russian oil than a year earlier

The world’s third-biggest crude importer purchased an average of 1.2 million barrels a day from Russia in December, according to data from Vortexa. That’s 29 per cent more than in November. | India bought a record amount of Russian oil last month, with the country importing a whopping 33 times more than a year earlier. The world’s third-biggest crude importer purchased an average of 1.2 million barrels a day from Russia in December, according to data from Vortexa. That’s 29 per cent more than in November. The country is now easily India’s biggest source of oil after overtaking Iraq and Saudi Arabia several months ago. Indian refiners have been lapping up cheap Russian crude since the invasion of Ukraine caused many buyers to shun the shipments.  The sharp increase in December is possibly the result of deepening discounts due to additional sanctions from the G-7 and European Union including a $60-a-barrel price cap. 💬“Russia has likely offered its crude at an attractive discount to Indian refiners, which have surpassed China as the largest importer of Russian crude,” said Serena Huang, lead Asia analyst at Vortexa. Besides Urals, India has stepped up imports of other Russian grades like Arco, Sakhalin and Varandey in recent months, she said.  India meets more than 85 per cent of its oil demand via imports, which makes it highly vulnerable to price volatility. The state-owned refiners, who have been prevented by the government from raising pump prices of diesel and gasoline since May, have increasingly favored cheaper Russian imports.  Imports from India’s two other main suppliers also increased last month. Purchases from Iraq climbed 7 per cent to around 886,000 barrels a day, while those from Saudi Arabia increased 12 per cent to about 748,000 barrels a day, according to Vortexa.


Permalink Nord Stream must be repaired – German state official

Fixing the sabotaged pipelines and resuming imports from Russia would be cheaper than buying LNG, Saxony’s governor has said | The governor of the German state of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, has called for the repair of the sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines, arguing that operators are running out of time before the vital gas link becomes unusable. In an interview with Germany’s Funke Media Group on Saturday, Kretschmer said that while 💬 “the issue of Russian gas is not on the table” as long as the conflict in Ukraine is ongoing, Germany must preserve the option to “buy something other than expensive liquefied natural gas after the war.” Therefore the Russian-German consortium responsible for Nord Stream “must ensure that the pipeline can be repaired.” “We’re running out of time. If the damage is not repaired, Nord Stream will become unusable for a long time.”  Germany began importing Russian gas via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in 2011, until deliveries were halted by Russia’s Gazprom in September after it said EU sanctions were impeding vital maintenance. Its sister pipeline, Nord Stream 2, was due to come online this year, but certification was indefinitely suspended by Berlin in February, days before Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine.

Permalink Totalitarian State: Tanzania Considers Introduction of Central Bank Digital Currency

The growing role of digital currencies draws the attention of the world's governments seeking to find a way to stabilize their countries' financial systems by introducing new technologies. | The Bank of Tanzania is considering the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), the institution stated, saying that it "has adopted a phased, cautious and risk based approach" to the issue.  The central bank is taking into account the experience of other states, noting that six countries have canceled the adoption of CBDC due to challenges in the implementation phase.  In October 2021, Nigeria became the first African country to introduce the use of a central bank digital currency, eNaira. According to the country's government, the currency "serves as both a medium of exchange and a store of value, offering better payment prospects in retail transactions when compared to cash payments." South Africa and Ghana have been reported to participate in pilot CBDC projects, with several other African countries being in the research stage.


Permalink EU backs member states seizing stealing Russian assets

An EC spokesman has also called for criminalizing circumventing the bloc’s sanctions against Moscow | So stealing Russian assets is OK, but a disagreement about their economic war against Russia is "criminal"? | The EU supports Estonia’s push to create a legal mechanism for confiscating Russian assets which were frozen as part of Ukraine-related sanctions, European Commission spokesman Christian Wigand said on Thursday as cited by RIA Novosti. Wigand has also called for criminalizing violations of the sanctions imposed on Moscow, adding that this would speed up the process of "seizing" frozen Russian assets. The EC outlined a proposal to harmonize criminal offenses and penalties for the violation of the bloc’s restrictive measures in December. The draft is expected to be discussed by the European Parliament and the Council soon.


Permalink Solidarity difficulties: Western unity against Russia is crumbling

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | The harsh reaction of the collective West, which has taken the maximum possible sanctions against Russia, continues to have a negative impact on the economies of the EU countries above all. At the same time, the leverage of the West is weakening considerably in a confrontation that the parties involved perceive not as just another regional conflict, but as an existential confrontation in fact. | Europe, which has entered the sanctions arena as a fearless gladiator with NATO as its shield, is gradually having to admit that, despite all its desire to punish Moscow for its political independence, the West is running out of trump cards. The backlash against the EU economy cannot be concealed, nor can Russia be stopped. "Nine sanctions packages and less than zero impact!" - lamented MEP Guy Verhofstadt, for example.  2022 was a year of lost illusions - both in the West and in Russia. But while Moscow seems to have said goodbye to the possibility of equal political and economic cooperation with the West, European politicians are not yet ready to admit that the period of development of EU countries was largely due to cheap Russian resources and not to the brilliance of Brussels bureaucrats. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator) (free version)

Permalink Norway Awards Dozens of Oil and Gas Drilling Permits as Oslo Eyes Record Output

Norway, one of the world's top exporters of energy, rose to the role of the EU's leading supplier following the bloc's massive sanctions campaign against Russia over the special op in Ukraine. However, the windfall profits fueled accusations of mercantilism from embattled European nations amid an energy crisis. | Norway has awarded dozens of new offshore oil and gas exploration permits to 25 companies in the latest licensing round. Of the 47 drilling permits, 29 involve the North Sea, 16 the Norwegian Sea and two the Barents Sea in the Arctic.  Norwegian state-controlled energy giant Equinor (formerly known as Statoil) was the single biggest recipient with stakes in 26 of the licenses, while Norwegian independent oil company Aker BP won stakes in 17 licenses.  The licensing came amid expectations of record oil output voiced by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate earlier this week. Norway's oil production is expected to rise by 6.9 percent in 2023, while gas volumes are forecast to remain unchanged near record highs.  Investment by oil and gas producers, including in exploration, is expected to rise to NOK 189 billion ($19.1 billion) this year and peak at NOK 202 billion ($20.2 billion) in 2025.

West-bound Russian oil diverted to Asia (RT.com)


Permalink One-in-four Europeans have trouble heating their home – survey

The situation is most dire in Greece, where more than half of respondents are struggling to pay heating bills, a think tank has found | According to the survey, dubbed Europe Project, 26% of EU residents, or roughly 100 million people, are unable to properly heat their homes. Greeks appeared to be the worst affected, with 56% of the population facing difficulties with heating. In Portugal and France, 34% of residents described the same problems. Finland, Hungary, Austria and Denmark were the least affected, with less than 15% of residents admitting to difficulties.  Every fourth respondent in the survey said they were unable to pay their heating bill at least once during the past year. That figure was also the highest in Greece, with 51% of the population affected, followed by Cyprus with 37%, Ireland and Bulgaria, with 35% each.  The respondents blamed inflation for their problems, as rising prices on everything from energy to food impact their ability to pay bills.


Permalink U.S. Spreads Misery Across the Globe Imposing Sanctions on a Third of Humanity

Yet There is Almost No Opposition or Outcry—Even When Sanctions are Increasingly Having a Boomerang Effect | The U.S. may try piously to defend sanctions as a ‘response to foreign tyranny,’ but they are really a pretext to steal foreign bank accounts and cripple commercial rivals of U.S. corporations.  n November 14, the Biden administration announced yet another round of sanctions on Russia, targeting this time Russia’s military supply chains by imposing sanctions on 14 individuals and 28 entities that it said were part of a transnational network that procured technology to support Moscow in its invasion of Ukraine.  One of the companies blacklisted was Milandr, a Russian microelectronics company that Washington says is part of Moscow’s military research and development structure. The sanctions additionally targeted several aviation-related companies and two individuals—Abbas Djuma and Tigran Khristoforovich Srabionov—who facilitated the Russian mercenary Wagner Group’s acquisition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) from Iran, which have been used in the Ukraine War.


Permalink Germany ‘open’ to seizing stealing frozen Russian assets – Bloomberg

Berlin would reportedly support the "confiscation" if its allies follow suit | Germany is open to using the assets of the Russian central bank, frozen since last year as a result of sanctions, to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. The German government is reportedly in favor of using the funds in Ukraine, however no official position on the matter has yet been taken, as members of cabinet are divided on the issue, Bloomberg noted, citing people familiar with the discussions.  The EU and G7 froze some €300 billion ($311 billion) in reserves belonging to the Russian central bank, along with billions in assets owned by sanctioned Russian businessmen.  German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock insists that at least some of the frozen assets must be seized, while Finance Minister Christian Lindner is concerned that the move could create a dangerous precedent and lead European nations and their allies into a legal quagmire, sources told Bloomberg.

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | Scholz ready to confiscate Russian assets - but only in the gang with allies | "Chancellor Olaf Scholz's government supports Ukraine's demand for war reparations, but has not yet taken an official position on seizing assets from the Russian state," Bloomberg writes There is no unified position on this issue in the German government, the agency noted. For example, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock is for the seizure of at least part of the frozen Russian assets. Christian Lindner, the German finance minister, is worried that "confiscating the CBR's assets could set a dangerous precedent and lead European countries and their allies into a legal quagmire". All in all, the Scholz government is willing to go ahead and confiscate our assets, but only in conjunction with our allies - so as not to take full responsibility.  In total, Bloomberg estimates that the EU and G7 countries have frozen about €300bn ($311bn) of the Central Bank's reserves. The EU has also blocked €19bn worth of assets of sanctioned Russian businessmen. Bloomberg does not rule out that an "Afghan scheme" will be applied to Russian gold reserves. The US has placed the $3.5bn Afghanistan Central Bank in the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, overseen by a four-member international supervisory board, which ensures that the current Afghan authorities will not gain access to the money. But whatever legal procedures the "Western partners" may come up with, Russia considers this an international act of theft. Obviously, the only way to get these funds back is by force.  At the same time, we believe there is a more elegant and technical way out of the situation. The CBR's frozen reserves are the funds that our country really earned from selling energy resources. Therefore, nothing prevents the CBR from issuing Russian rubles at the market rate for this amount. And then transfer those rubles to the Russian government, which uses them to develop our economy and for military and social needs. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)

Permalink Lithuania's Trade With Russia in Non-Sanctioned Goods Growing, Business Association Says

💬 "If we look only at trade statistics, non-sanctioned goods are actually being sent from Lithuania to Russia. And we can see that the trade with Russia continues to grow," Besagirskas said in a televised statement.  Besagirskas added that Lithuanian companies trading with Russia make the wrong decision and called on the Lithuanian authorities to publish the names of enterprises that continue to trade with Russia and Belarus so that "responsible citizens" could form their own opinion about these companies. According to contemporary Lithuanian law, this data cannot be made public.


Permalink UK to Face 'Worst, Longest' Recession Among G7 Countries in 2023, Reports Say

The United Kingdom will face one of the longest recession and weakest recovery among G7 countries throughout 2023 due to long-term inflationary effects of the pandemic and conflict in Ukraine, the US media reported, citing leading UK economists. | According to economists interviewed by the media, the UK would face a longer period of "inflationary shock" than most of G7 states, which would force the government to conduct a strict fiscal policy throughout 2023. 💬 "The combination of falling real wages, tight financial conditions and a housing market correction are as bad as it gets," claims Kallum Pickering, senior economist at Berenberg bank.  The UK economy is "unusually exposed" to a worldwide surge in energy prices and interest rates as the country's demand for gas hardly matches storage capacity and a large number of mortgage deals will have to renew fixed-rate contracts, the report noted. The UK has been experiencing an economic crisis over the past months. According to the Bank of England, the UK economy has entered a recession expected to last until the second half of 2024.

Permalink Gas supplies to China reach new level, Gazprom CEO says

According to Alexey Miller, Gazprom keeps increasing gas exports to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline | Russia’s Gazprom gas giant exceeded its obligations in terms of annual gas supplies to China in 2022, the company’s CEO Alexey Miller said. 💬 "Gazprom keeps increasing gas exports to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. In 2022, gas supplies regularly exceeded daily contracted amounts based on China’s request. As a result, we exceeded our yearly obligations. Moreover, following a request from our Chinese colleagues, we raised daily supplies to the level set in next year’s contract on December 31, that is, several days before the due date. That said, on January 1, 2023, Gazprom reached a completely new level in terms of gas supplies to China," the company’s statement quoted Miller as saying.

Russia reveals ‘new level’ of gas supplies to China (RT.com)

Permalink Russia's Car Production Expected to Increase by 30% in 2023

The car production in Russia is expected to increase by over 30% in 2023, reaching 800,000 cars compared to 600,000 produced over the past year, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said on Tuesday. 💬 "We should reach the level of car production of at least 800,000. Last year, it was a bit over 600,000 cars," Manturov told Russian media.  The minister also noted that the number of car sales in Russia would also likely to increase by around 25% from 800,000 in 2022 to 1 million this year. 💬 "We believe that there will be 800,000 cars produced [in Russia] and considering the market growth and its recovery due to mechanisms of parallel imports, it [the number of car sales] will amount to some 1 million," Manturov stated. The minister added that the situation in the Russian car market would be more clear than in 2022, with most of foreign carmakers expected to finally decide whether they leave or stay in Russia.


Permalink Third of UK citizens would struggle to find extra £20 amid economic crisis: Poll

More than a third of UK adults would find it difficult or impossible to cover a £20 increase to their monthly outgoings, a new research shows, indicating that the cost of living crisis shows no sign of abating. | Polling for Citizens Advice indicated that 37 percent of those surveyed would struggle or be unable to cope with a £20 increase in their monthly outgoings, as the cost of living crisis hits household finances, the Guardian reported. The charity said people were increasingly resorting to desperate measures to get by, such as eating only cold meals. 💬 “Millions of households are at financial breaking point: running down savings, going without bare essentials and turning to food banks to get by,” said the charity’s Chief executive Dame Clare Moriarty. “We’re already seeing record numbers of people coming to us for crisis support and this research shows people simply cannot cut back any further.

Permalink UK stops Russian gas imports

London had previously committed to ending inflows of oil and coal from Russia as well | The UK has implemented a ban on imports of Russian liquified natural gas (LNG) that came into effect on January 1, 2023, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office confirmed on Sunday in a post on Twitter.  The British Foreign Office had announced plans to halt supplies of Russian LNG in late October. The measure is aimed at helping London to reduce its reliance on Russian energy.  On Saturday, the office said Britain was 💬 “supporting countries around the world to reduce their own dependency” on Russian fossil fuels. It explained that the move had followed Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, and was aimed at cutting the nation’s energy revenues.


Permalink IEA: 2023 does not bode well for EU and Ukraine

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | The head of the International Energy Agency Fatih Birol predicted a sharp intensification of the energy crisis at the presentation of the report "How can the European Union avoid natural gas shortages in 2023? Europe and Ukraine will be among the hardest hit, according to the Turkish Milliyet. The main negative factor for the EU is a complete rejection of Russian gas in 2023. The gap in supply and demand will be at least 30 billion cubic meters. Nor will LNG suppliers help, due to low capacity growth and increasing demand in China. The IEA head's prescription for Europe looks mocking - increase energy efficiency and change the consumer's behaviour. In other words, to reduce consumption even more and to develop renewable energy with more zeal. Plus we can try to get wasted gas from Algeria and Egypt. Note that this entire European crisis is entirely man-made. After all, the rejection of Russian gas was directed - at the behest of Washington. The EU decided to punish Russia, but it punished itself. That is why there is absolutely no pity. As for Ukraine, things will be much worse there. The country has lost its political sovereignty and allowed itself to be turned into a battering ram against Russia. Now it will lose everything, including statehood. (DeepL.com/)


Permalink US Senate Authorizes "Confiscation" (Theft) of Russian Assets

Lawmakers agreed to the measure as part of a $1.7 trillion spending package that doles out an additional $44 billion to Kiev | The US Senate has greenlit legislation authorizing the administration of President Joe Biden to seize the American assets of Russian officials, businessmen and entities and send the proceeds to Ukraine. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the change in the law would raise “billions of dollars” for Kiev.  The amendment was proposed by Graham and Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat. It passed unanimously and was added to a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package, which the Senate then passed by 68 votes to 29, comfortably clearing the 60-vote threshold necessary to advance the legislation.  Graham and Whitehouse have been among the loudest anti-Russian voices on Capitol Hill, even since before Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine in February. Graham traveled to Ukraine in 2016 in a show of support for Kiev as its forces shelled civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk, and in recent months has called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Putin Must Be 'Taken Out'

Permalink Russia sets its own gas-price cap for EU

Gazprom has been banned from buying gas from its projects with Western partners at above a price to be set by Kremlin | Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Thursday that partially relieves state energy major Gazprom from fulfilling its obligations to its foreign partners who hail from countries that have imposed sanctions on Moscow. According to the decree, published on the official government portal, Gazprom and its subsidiaries are prohibited from paying for gas, or for its production and transport, from joint projects with its EU partners in Russia if the amount of payment is higher than the cost established by the Russian government.  The decree targets Gazprom's joint ventures with Germany’s Wintershall and Austria's OMV. In partnership with the two companies, Gazprom is developing two large natural gas deposits in Russia, the Yuzhno-Russkoye and the Urengoyskoye fields.  The regulation has been introduced retroactively, and so is enforeceable from March 1, 2022, and will be effective until October 1, 2023. The government has been charged with setting a price limit within ten days.

Permalink FT: Are British women out on the streets? It's the crisis's fault!

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | There's another fraud on the record of the global crisis. | The Financial Times tells us about it in a heartbreaking article entitled "Women Go into the Sex Industry to Survive. There, a Tiffany is very proud of herself - in hard times she figured out to change her line of work and can now support her family. Her husband is happy, too.

FT conducted a survey and found out: British women, including married ones, have started to trade under the table. The worsening economic situation in the kingdom, they say, is to blame. Inflation at 11% promises a prolonged recession in Britain, and food and utilities are rising in price. And many people are burdened by credit - the scourge of modern society. But the English Prostitutes Association is always happy to help fellow citizens with advice on how to start a business. This includes advice for mothers, office workers and ex-saleswomen.

According to statistics, one in ten Britons resort to sex services. However, ladies, taking the first steps in this field, complain that British men are not behaving as a gentleman and sometimes steal money at the end of the work. Sometimes it even came to a fight. Moreover, stiff competition means that women have to dump their wages. The average fee is £ 20 per client. Another £200 a month are paid by the authorities. The fact is that prostitution in the kingdom is not considered legal work, that is, the ladies of the semi-luxury are listed as unemployed. High relations!

Meanwhile, at 10 Downing Street, there is a heated debate about the legality of the business and the tasks of the police. Suggestions range from full legalization of sex services to a crackdown on the shameful trade. But most importantly, everyone unanimously blames the economic crisis in the spirit of "life is not what we are. Decline in morals? No, we haven't. (T)


Permalink Millions of Brits face falling living standards – study

Soaring prices, inflation, and unemployment are pushing up deprivation levels, the New Economics Foundation says | The UK is on the cusp of the greatest cost-of-living crisis in modern times, with the number of those below the poverty line rising, according to a report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF).  In a study released on Monday, the think tank said that 30 million people in Britain will be unable to afford what the public considers to be a decent standard of living by the time the current Parliament ends in 2024.  Rising prices, below-inflation increases in earnings, and projected increases in unemployment will result in 43% of households lacking the resources to put enough food on the table or buy new clothes, the report said.  According to the NEF’s calculations, by 2024, almost 90% of single parents and 50% of workers with children will fall below the minimum income standard. On average, those falling below the threshold for a decent standard of living will be short by £10,000 ($12,422) a year, the research shows.

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