Permalink “Mass sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine

According to LifeSiteNews, a Catholic publication, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is charging UNICEF and WHO with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccination program sponsored by the Kenyan government. The Kenyan government denies there is anything wrong with the vaccine, and says it is perfectly safe. The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, however, saw evidence to the contrary, and had six different samples of the tetanus vaccine from various locations around Kenya sent to an independent laboratory in South Africa for testing. The results confirmed their worst fears: all six samples tested positive for the HCG antigen. The HCG antigen is used in anti-fertility vaccines, but was found present in tetanus vaccines targeted to young girls and women of childbearing age.


Permalink What was Nasa's experimental research plane doing at a US military base in Africa?

One of Nasa's experimental research craft has been spotted on an African runway amid claims it is being used to create high resolution 3D maps "to fight terrorism". Satellite images confirm the WB-57 aircraft was on an American military airstrip in eastern Africa a few weeks ago. However, officials have refused to reveal what it was doing there.


Permalink Tunisia falls out of love with democracy - right on the eve of elections

Tunisians will vote today for their first five-year parliament since they overthrew dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011. But polling from the Pew Research centre in Tunisia shows support for democracy has dropped from 63 per cent in 2012 to 48 per cent, while demand for a strong leader rose from 37 per cent to 59 per cent. In 2013, a coalition dominated by the moderate Islamist Ennahda Party stepped down in favour of a technocratic government. The constitution it wrote is described as one of the most progressive in the region but turmoil and deadlock have kept away foreign aid, tourism and investment. The economy is now the big issue in the election. Disaffection is particularly strong among the young; in Tunis neighbourhoods such as Tadamon it is hard to find any young people registered to vote.


Permalink Why Libya?

Robert Barsocchini Following the standard US playbook, the Obama regime and its accomplices made up crimes to propagandize their populations into accepting illegal aggression and terrorism against Libya in 2011, and now ignore the actual crimes being committed in the Libya shoved, by the West, into “the abyss”. [...] Cockburn...notes that, after lying to fabricate the pretext for aggression, the Western governments and media outlets have fallen mysteriously silent on Libya as the country has spiraled into oblivion. The West thus again all but insists we notice that humanitarian crises play no role in drawing their attention, and that they only trumpet – or invent – human rights violations to cover Western aggression, which is carried out, Cockburn notes, “always in the interests of the country intervening.” The West immediately lost its feigned concern over the “human rights” violations it exaggerated or simply made up regarding Libya because they were never of concern to begin with, and the West made things much worse: the illegal US-led attack instantly killed or led to the deaths of up to hundreds of thousands. [...] When we mute Western government and integrated corporate propaganda (what they say) and look at what they actually do, what is left? The bare reality of a brutal Western terror axis butchering, as it always has, any group of people that could potentially deter Western domination and thus cut into the percentage of global wealth captured by Western predators.


Permalink S. Leone Ebola outbreak 'catastrophic': aid group MSF

Ebola situation in Sierra Leone is "catastrophic" and "vastly under-reported" - "There are several villages and communities that have been basically wiped out. In one of the villages I went to, there were 40 inhabitants and 39 died." Ebola has wiped out whole villages in Sierra Leone and may have caused many more deaths than the nearly 5,000 official global toll, a senior coordinator of the medical aid group MSF said Friday. Rony Zachariah of Doctors Without Borders, known by its French initials MSF, said after visiting Sierra Leone that the Ebola figures were "under-reported", in an interview with AFP on the sidelines of a medical conference in Barcelona. "The situation is catastrophic. There are several villages and communities that have been basically wiped out. In one of the villages I went to, there were 40 inhabitants and 39 died," he said.


Permalink Rwanda's Untold Story Documentary

Twenty years on from the Rwandan genocide, This World reveals evidence that challenges the accepted story of one of the most horrifying events of the late 20th century. The current president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, has long been portrayed as the man who brought an end to the killing and rescued his country from oblivion. Now there are increasing questions about the role of Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front forces in the dark days of 1994 and in the 20 years since.
The film investigates evidence of Kagame's role in the shooting down of the presidential plane that sparked the killings in 1994 and questions his claims to have ended the genocide. It also examines claims of war crimes committed by Kagame's forces and their allies in the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo and allegations of human rights abuses in today's Rwanda.
Former close associates from within Kagame's inner circle and government speak out from hiding abroad. They present a very different portrait of a man who is often hailed as presiding over a model African state. Rwanda's economic miracle and apparent ethnic harmony has led to the country being one of the biggest recipients of aid from the UK. Former prime minister Tony Blair is an unpaid adviser to Kagame, but some now question the closeness of Mr Blair and other western leaders to Rwanda's president. [Hat tip: Steigan Blogger][Video]


Permalink The Entry of Ebola into the US Has Hallmarks of a Planned Happening

Paul Craig Roberts More information is available that suggests the the government had advance information that ebola was coming to the US and that the government expects a much larger outbreak of the disease in the US than it admits. Keep in mind that Washington is evil and has been killing people in seven countries for thirteen years based entirely on lies. Keep in mind that Washington has a long list of countries that it has destabilized. Most recently Washington overthrew the elected government in Ukraine and is currently working on the remaining independent governments in the Middle East, Russia, and China as Tony Cartalucci’s article documents. For six case studies of how Washington overthrows governments, read The Brothers. Here is a report from Natural News. The U.S. government knew about the outbreak in advance, but didn’t warn the public - It’s now clear that the U.S. government has long known this outbreak was coming but did nothing to warn the public. In early September, the government sought to purchase 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits from a U.S. supplier. Furthermore, according to this report on SHTFplan.com, “Disaster Assistance Response Teams were told to prepare to be activated in the month of October.” Don’t you find it strange that while the government itself was gearing up for an October disaster, the public wasn’t told a thing about any of this?

Aggeliki Dimopoulou Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?

Zero Hedge: Chicago Hospitals Monitoring 2 Sick Passengers From Liberia, CDC Not Testing For Ebola


Permalink US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized

Paul Craig Roberts US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized || German High Government Official Seeks Washington’s Reassurance that the US did Not Weaponize the Species of Ebola that Germany Made Available to Washington. Washington has not provided the reassurance. By providing the virus to Washington prior to effective reassurances, Germany is complicit in the breakout of a bio-warfare grade of ebola, which has now spread to the US and Europe. At this point, it is not clear that this ebola strain will be contained or whether Washington has any intention or ability to contain it. The arrogance and inhumanity of Washington is beyond comprehension.

US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized || (RT.com) The United States has withheld assurances from Germany that the Ebola virus – among other related diseases – would not be weaponized in the event of Germany exporting it to the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases. German MFA Deputy Head of Division for Export Control Markus Klinger provided a paper to the US consulate’s Economics Office (Econoff), “seeking additional assurances related to a proposed export of extremely dangerous pathogens.” Germany subsequently made two follow-up requests and clarifications to the Army, according to the unclassified Wikileaks cable. ”This matter concerns the complete genome of viruses such as the Zaire Ebola virus, the Lake Victoria Marburg virus, the Machupo virus and the Lassa virus, which are absolutely among the most dangerous pathogens in the world,” the request notes.

Aggeliki Dimopoulou Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?


Permalink 5 things about Ebola you should know

The UN's health watchdog, the WHO, says there are 60 days left to contain the Ebola outbreak, which has already claimed almost 5,000 lives. This is what you need to know about the killer virus.

1. It has been here for decades - The virus lives naturally in animals, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. The first two recorded outbreak were in 1976. The Ebola virus (EBOV) is one of five members of the Ebolavirus genus, four of which cause lethal hemorrhagic fever. It was previously called Zaire virus, after the country that is now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are currently two separate Ebola outbreaks underway. In addition to the one in Western Africa, which has already spread to the US and Europe, there is another one in the Congo. Bats are the natural reservoir of the virus, because they can carry it without getting ill. Apes can suffer from it too. Humans may get infected by eating bushmeat or through feces, after which the virus can spread from human to human via blood, saliva and other fluids.

Paul Craig Roberts Ebola Safety Protocol Appears To Be Defective


Permalink Ville bombe for å trene

I møte med svensk partikollega begrunnet Jens Stoltenberg Libya-bombingen med at krigen var «utmerket trening for det norske luftvåpenet». Sentrale svenske sosialdemokrater skal ha blitt dypt provosert. Det er tidligere kjent at daværende statsminister Jens Stoltenberg var den viktigste pådriveren da Norge gikk til krig mot Libya i 2011. I en ny bok av den svenske forfatteren Daniel Suhonen kommer det fram at Stoltenbergs holdninger til krigen sjokkerte de svenske sosialdemokratene. Boka kaster nytt lys over det politiske spillet som foregikk i kulissene da Norge besluttet å bruke tung militærmakt mot diktatoren Muammar al-Gaddafi. Seint på kvelden torsdag 17. mars 2011 åpnet Sikkerhetsrådet i FN for militær inngripen i den libyske borgerkrigen. Tidligere samme dag hadde daværende utenriksminister Jonas Gahr Støre argumentert hardt mot vestlig inngripen i det nordafrikanske landet.To dager seinere, lørdag 19 mars, meldte daværende statsminister Jens Stoltenberg at seks norske F16-fly skulle delta i krigen. Partilederne i SV og Senterpartiet ble orientert på telefon, lederne i opposisjonspartiene ble varslet på sms.Den eksepsjonelt kjappe beslutningsprosessen ble begrunnet med at opprørsbyen Benghazi var omringet av Gaddafis styrker. Vestlige ledere ville avverge et blodbad. På et møte i Paris 19. mars argumenterte Stoltenberg sterkt for militær inngripen.Daniel Suhonen peker i sin ferske bok på et annet motiv for krigsdeltakelsen: Stoltenberg skal ha begrunnet den norske innsatsen med at bombingen var «utmerket trening for det norske luftforsvaret».

Pål Steigan Still Stoltenberg for en krigsforbryterdomstol!


Permalink Doctor Who Discovered Ebola In 1976 Fears "Unimaginable Tragedy"

Peter Piot was a researcher at a lab in Antwerp when a pilot brought him a blood sample from a Belgian nun who had fallen mysteriously ill in Zaire. Professor Piot, as a young scientist in Antwerp, you were part of the team that discovered the Ebola virus in 1976. How did it happen?

I still remember exactly. One day in September, a pilot from Sabena Airlines brought us a shiny blue Thermos and a letter from a doctor in Kinshasa in what was then Zaire. In the Thermos, he wrote, there was a blood sample from a Belgian nun who had recently fallen ill from a mysterious sickness in Yambuku, a remote village in the northern part of the country. He asked us to test the sample for yellow fever.

VG: Norwegian woman infected with Ebola
RT.com: Ebola in Spain: 4 people including nurse hospitalized in Madrid
Washington Post: In the medical response to Ebola, Cuba is punching far above its weight


Permalink US exploiting West Africa Ebola outbreak to establish military foothold

Niles Williamson Under the guise of a humanitarian mission aimed at containing the spread of the Ebola virus, the Obama administration is exploiting the outbreak to establish a solid military footing on the African continent. West Africa continues to be ravaged by the worst outbreak of Ebola since the first case was identified in northern Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976. [...] The US plan for containing the epidemic, codenamed Operation United Assistance, is being overseen by the US Armed Forces Africa Command (AFRICOM) and is expected to cost $1 billion over the next six months. So far the US government has contributed $111 million to the effort, a paltry sum compared with the $1 billion the US has already spent in two months of airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, recently extended to Syria.


Permalink Obama uses Ebola crisis to “surge” 3,000 troops into West Africa

Bill Van Auken ["Never letting a good crisis go to waste:"] The Obama administration and the Pentagon have announced the “surge” of 3,000 US troops into West Africa, ostensibly in response to the escalating spread of the Ebola virus in the region. The militarized response to the deadly epidemic has underscored Washington’s increasingly heavy reliance on its residual military superiority in what has become a second “scramble for Africa,” pitting the US against China in a struggle for control of the continent’s markets and resources.


Permalink Robert Mugabe says no whites may own land in Zimbabwe

Kicking out the last white farmers may be a ploy to divert attention from an economic catastrophe. Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has ordered the nation’s remaining white farmers to be booted off their farms in order that the land be given to black Zimbabweans. In the harshest official policy on race and land reform in a country that has been close to bankruptcy, the 90-year old autocrat said Wednesday that whites may no longer own any land in Zimbabwe. Whites would still be allowed to own businesses and urban apartments. Speaking to farmers in Mhangura, a small mining town about 120 miles north of the capital Harare, Mr. Mugabe said all remaining white farmers should leave – and closed the door even on white families renting farms from black owners, as some several hundred have been doing since most were violently chased away a decade ago.


Permalink Emissary of Beelzebub: Blair to advise Egypt president Sisi on economic reform

Former PM criticised over link to United Arab Emirates-funded programme that promises lucrative 'business opportunities' Tony Blair has agreed to advise the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who came to power in a military coup last year, as part of a programme funded by the United Arab Emirates that has promised to deliver huge "business opportunities" to those involved, the Guardian has learned. The former prime minister, now Middle East peace envoy, who supported the coup against Egypt's elected president Mohamed Morsi, is to give Sisi advice on "economic reform" in collaboration with a UAE-financed taskforce in Cairo – a decision criticised by one former ally. The UAE taskforce is being run by the management consultancy Strategy&, formerly Booz and Co, now part of PricewaterhouseCoopers, to attract investment into Egypt's crisis-ridden economy at a forthcoming Egypt donors' conference sponsored by the oil-rich UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Seumas Milne Blair embodies corruption and war. He must be sacked
Sam Kriss Tony Blair, dread creature of the forbidden swamp


Permalink Meriam Ibrahim: Sudanese woman freed from apostasy death sentence is re-arrested at airport... and then released again

Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, the Christian woman sentenced to death and later freed after an international outcry, was briefly re-arrested while trying to leave the country for the US before being released again. Eman Abdul-Rahim, her lawyer, said Ms Ibrahim was held with her two children and husband at Khartoum airport. The BBC said Ms Ibrahim, whose death sentence in May for renouncing Islam sparked outrage, was detained by about 40 security agents. Last night, it was reported that she had been freed. Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the US State Department, said the Sudanese government had informed American officials that Ms Ibrahim and her family were “temporarily detained” over issues relating to their travel documents. The family was held 24 hours after Ms Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, who has US citizenship, said they would go to America following his wife’s release.

The Independent: Nigerian man detained in mental institute in Kano 'because he renounced Islam'


Permalink Kenya al-Shabaab attack 'was led by white man speaking fluent British English'

White man speaking 'fluent British English' led al-Shabaab attack in Kenya that left 60 dead, witnesses claim. Several people in Mpeketoni, which was attacked by as many as 40 Islamist gunmen on Sunday, told The Telegraph that the gang's leader was pale-skinned and spoke English and Arabic. One of the witnesses is a primary schoolteacher who speaks good English, unlike many people in the remote corner of Kenya near the Lamu archipelago that earlier this week became the country's latest terror target. The accounts strengthened suggestions that the attackers were part of a well-trained team sent by al-Shabaab under the co-ordination of an experienced foreign jihadi now working with the Somali Islamists. "I saw a white man who was speaking in fluent British English commanding the rest of the attackers," said Mary Gachoki, who lives in Mpeketoni.


Permalink US/CIA to finance anti-militant TV channel "to counter Boko Haram" in Nigeria

The United States is financing a new 24-hour satellite TV channel in northern Nigeria [allegedly] meant to counter insurgencies by the militant Islamist Boko Haram and other groups in the region, the New York Times reported on Friday. A US official confirmed the project was under way but did not give full details. The official said the United States would "support Nigerian efforts to provide an attractive alternative to the messaging of violent extremists." The project is a result of discussions with Nigeria dating back to late 2012 on ways to cooperate against Boko Haram and the content of the channel will be produced by Nigerians in Nigeria, the official said.


Permalink CIA-linked general launches Libya coup bid

Heavily armed militiamen reportedly loyal to a retired general with deep ties to the US Central Intelligence Agency stormed Libya’s parliament building Sunday with armored vehicles and heavy weapons, seizing its speaker and armed forces chief Nouri Abusahmain together with some 20 other officials and setting the building on fire. The assault, which the General National Congress described as a “coup,” came just days after the Pentagon ordered some 200 US Marines deployed to a forward operating base in Sicily for use as a “crisis response” force in Libya. [...] Given Haftar’s historic ties to the CIA, there is every reason to suspect that Washington stands behind the coup. At the same time, however, US policy in the region has been characterized by sharp internal differences over the utilization of the Islamist elements that Haftar is attacking as instruments for pursuing US imperialist interests.

Business Insider: Is General Khalifa Hifter The CIA’s Man In Libya?
Jason Ditz: Is US Behind ‘Rogue’ General’s Libya Coup?

Permalink Libya’s ongoing violence is ‘NATO-exported democracy’

Newly intensified violence in Libya is an example of NATO-exported democracy, activist and journalist Sukant Chandan told RT. On Sunday, gunmen loyal to rogue General Khalifa Haftar attacked the Libyan parliament and announced its suspension.

Russia Today: Why do you think he is targeting radical Islamist groups, as he calls them? Does he believe he has the power to eradicate the so-called militia groups?
Sukant Chandan: There are many complex factors and contradictory factors at play here. First of all, Haftar is an old army man. And what has been happening in Benghazi, which hasn’t been reported in the mainstream at all, since 2011, since this pro-NATO death squad rebellion started, nearly 1,000 members of Libya’s former army, police and judiciary have been systematically assassinated in Benghazi and in the eastern region. Also, Haftar is an old CIA man, so it could be that the West, particularly the US, is using him as a trojan to just sound out what he is capable of because, perhaps your viewers will know, that the politics of Libya have become just ridiculous. But, actually the junta in Tripoli has imposed a no fly zone on Benghazi because Haftar has access to some helicopters and fighter jets, which he has been using in Benghazi. So, the situation could be the West testing out what Haftar is capable of in alliance with other death squads in Libya. And don’t forget when one leading death squad or militia that has popularity in the east stopped oil production, but then tried to sell a tanker, the Navy Seals turned up from the US and got back that ship to ensure that the oil was going in the right direction, i.e. into the coffers of London, Paris, and Washington and their primary allies in the Gulf.

MoA: Libya: CIA's Haftar Giving It Another Try


Permalink Death toll from Libya fighting rises to 43

The death toll from clashes in Benghazi has risen to 43 with more than 100 people wounded, a Health Ministry official said on Saturday, as a renegade retired general vowed to continue to fight Islamist militants in the eastern Libyan port. Friday's violence prompted Libya's prime minister to order the regular military to control any armed groups in the city where militants often clash with the army, and assassinations and bombings are common. The latest fighting broke out between irregular Islamist militants and the military forces of the self-declared Libyan National Army, led by retired General Khalifa Haftar. Residents said Haftar's forces had attacked Ansar al-Sharia and another Islamist militant group which roam unchallenged in Benghazi. They said the city was quiet on Saturday.


Permalink 'Bring back your drones': Michelle Obama's viral photo used to slam drone war

"Bring back your girls" message was quickly turned into "Bring back your drones", as soon as Michelle Obama’s picture in support of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls went viral. Michelle Obama appeared in the internet picture last week, carrying a sign unambiguously captioned "#Bring Back Our Girls." The hashtag was fast enough to travel all through the network, sparking debate among internet users of most pressing issues in today’s America and beyond. Michelle Obama’s firm stand with regard to the Boko Haram atrocities, though, was duly praised.

Kevin Barrett: Is Boko Haram a psy-op?
Ajamu Baraka: From Benghazi to Boko Haram
Glen Ford: Kidnapped Girls Become Tools of U.S. Imperial Policy in Africa
Pulse.ng: Villagers Kill 200 Boko Haram Insurgents With Dane Guns, Arrows; Catch 10 Alive


Permalink US surveillance aircraft deployed to search for Nigerian girls taken by Boko Haram [CIA]

White House officials confirm US is sharing satellite imagery with Nigerian government as well as using manned surveillance aircraft in hunt for more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by Islamist insurgents. The United States has deployed surveillance aircraft over Nigeria and is working closely with the Nigerian government to find more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by Islamist insurgents, a senior Obama administration official said on Monday. "We have shared commercial satellite imagery with the Nigerians and are flying manned ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) assets over Nigeria with the government's permission," the official said. The United States has sent military, law-enforcement and development experts to Nigeria to help search for the missing girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants from a secondary school in Chibok in remote northeastern Nigeria on April 14.


Permalink The Truth About Boko Haram & #BringBackOurGirls

The Obama administration was responsible for the spread of Al-Qaeda throughout Africa which led to the rise of Boko Harem, the terrorist group responsible for the kidnap of over 200 schoolgirls.

Syria News: Picture Analysis
Margaret Kimberley: How Not to “Bring Back our Girls”


Permalink Washington sends military personnel to Nigeria

The Pentagon announced Wednesday that it is dispatching a team of US military advisers to Nigeria to aid the government of President Goodluck Jonathan in rescuing over 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamist insurgent group Boko Haram, which has threatened to sell them into slavery. The deployment of military advisers—who are to be accompanied by FBI and CIA agents and other US officials—was worked out Tuesday in a discussion between President Barack Obama and President Jonathan. It marks a major advance in the steadily escalating military intervention of Washington and its allies throughout the region. There have been calls from members of Congress for a more aggressive US intervention, including from Senator Susan Collins (Republican of Maine), who demanded that US Special Forces troops be sent to rescue the girls. [...] If the US can gain military control over the flow of strategic resources from Africa, it can exert greater pressure on other powers, particularly China, which is poised to supplant Europe as the continent’s number one trading partner and is engaged in massive investment in infrastructure. Fully one third of China’s oil imports now flow from Africa.

John Kerry says Africa has “Natural Resources”, Therefore the US is a “Natural Partner”
Obama Death Squad "Boko Haram" Confesses to African Murders
Boko Haram Kills Over 300 in Attack on Nigeria Border Town
Boko Haram Is A CIA Covert Operation - Wikileaks
Boko Haram: A CIA Covert Operation

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