Permalink Wider war will end US hegemony in region, warns Yemen

Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned the latest wave of US and British airstrikes against the country, stressing that such attacks will not ever make the Yemeni nation and government backtrack on their pro-Palestinian stances. | The ministry in the Sana'a-based National Salvation Government deplored the most recent assaults on multiple targets in the strategic western province of Hudaydah as well as Sa’ada in the country’s northwest, stating that continuing US-British aggression clearly points to the UN Security Council’s failure to take on its responsibilities.

Turkish foreign minister warns of potential escalation in region (Anadolu)
US-UK aggression against Yemen ‘alarming threat’ to international peace, security: Tehran (PressTV)
US-British aggression targets Hodeidah, Saada governorates in Yemen (Al Mayadeen)
US, UK Conduct New Strikes on Yemen's Al Hudaydah, Saada Governorates - Local Officials (Sputnik News)
US plans additional strikes on Iranian-linked targets: White House (TRT World)
US Refuses to Rule Out Strikes Inside Iran (antiwar.com)


Permalink Russia calls for UNSC meeting following US aggression on Iraq, Syria

This comes after the US initiated a series of strikes overnight, targeting positions in Iraq and Syria. | Russian Deputy Envoy to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy on Saturday announced that Russia has sought an immediate session of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on February 5 in response to the US' aggression on Iraq and Syria.  "Russia has just called for an urgent UN Security Council meeting to discuss threats to international peace and security from the US strikes against Iraq and Syria. The meeting is expected to be held at 4 pm EST [21:00 GMT] on February 5," Polyanskiy said on X.  This comes after the US initiated a series of strikes overnight, targeting entities that the US Central Command (CENTCOM) alleges to be affiliated with the IRGC and its allies. According to CENTCOM, US forces struck more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria with numerous aircraft, including long-range bombers that were said to have taken off from the US.

Warnings of "exploding the situation" in the region after the US strikes in Syria and Iraq (Al Jazeera)
US strikes in Middle East a ‘strategic mistake’ – Iran (RT.com)
US hits 85 targets in Syria and Iraq (02/03/24)


Permalink US approves plan for strike on Iranian targets

The US blamed an Iranian-backed militia group for recent attacks. | The strikes will take place over a number of days, officials said, and weather conditions will likely dictate when they are launched. Iran, meanwhile, has denied any role in the attack which injured 41 other US troops at the military base, known as Tower 22. It comes after a drone attack killed three US soldiers in Jordan, close to the Syrian border, on Sunday.

Iran vows strong response to aggression, Raisi says (Amu TV)
Iraq’s pro-Iran Al-Nujaba movement vows to keep up attacks on US troops (Malay Mail)
US "believes" Iranian-made drone behind deadly attack – Reuters
US approves strikes on Iranian personnel and facilities in Iraq, Syria (Al Mayadeen) (RT.com)


Permalink ‘No threat will go unanswered’, IRGC chief warns US against escalating regional tensions

The chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has warned that Iran “will not leave any threat unanswered” as the United States seeks to escalate tensions in West Asia already inflamed by Israel’s genocidal war on the Gaza Strip. | Major General Hossein Salami made the remarks on Wednesday, after US President Joe Biden said he had decided how to respond to a deadly attack on a US occupation base, for which he held Tehran responsible. “Sometimes, the enemies make threats. And these days too, we hear some threats in the US officials’ rhetoric,” he said at the final session of the national congress of 24,000 martyrs of Tehran Province.

No to war but finger on the trigger (Shahrokh Saei)


Permalink Iran categorically rejects US baseless claims

Amir Saeed Iravani made the comments in a letter addressed to the UN Security Council's president on Monday. | The letter came three days after his American counterpart, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, wrote a letter to the Council, alleging that "militia groups affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces" were involved in "actions against US personnel and facilities in Iraq and Syria." Iravani asserted unequivocally that 💬 "there is no group affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces, whether in Iraq, Syria, or elsewhere that operates directly or indirectly under the control of the Islamic Republic of Iran or acts on its behalf." "Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not responsible for the actions of any individual or group within the region," Iran's UN ambassador added. Over the past years, Iraq's Resistance groups have been staging numerous strikes against military bases housing American occupation forces in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

NATO chief levels baseless accusations against Iran (Mehr News Agency)
Crime in Gaza and Punishment in Jordan (Tehran Times)
Iran strongly denies baseless US claims of involvement in Jordan op. (Al Mayadeen)
Biden ordered: The army is going to war? (b92.net)


Permalink Iran 'raises air defences to maximum readiness' amid chilling WW3 fears after drone attack

Three US army soldiers were killed and at least two dozen service personnel injured after an overnight drone attack, which struck the living quarters of a small US outpost in Northeast Jordan, say officials | Three US army soldiers were killed and at least two dozen service personnel injured after an overnight drone attack, which struck the living quarters of a small US outpost in Northeast Jordan, say officials. They were the first troops to be killed amid months-long airstrikes against US soldiers across the Middle East by Iranian-backed groups during the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.  "US President Biden" condemned the killings in a statement, saying the attack "was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq." The deaths were confirmed by the US Central Command this weekend, mourning 25 service members who were injured during the "one way" drone attack that was dealt to the base, which is located near the border with Syria. [...] The attack took place in the northeast of Jordan near the Syrian border, US Central Command said. American troops have long used the country as a basing point - with some 3,000 soldiers typically stationed there.

Iran reacts to attack on US troops on Jordan border (Mehr News)
Senators Call for US to Bomb Iran in Response to Drone Attack in Jordan (antiwar.com)
Biden May Order Direct Strike on Iranian Officials After Drone Attack Against US’ Jordan Base (Sputnik News)
Biden given chilling nuclear warning over attacking Iran after kamikaze drone kills troops (The Mirror)
U.S. Sorties Six (6) KC-135 Strato-tankers to UK; for Middle East. BIG Operation coming (Hal Turner)
The Tower-22 Strike in Jordan Triggers US, Israel Into All-Front War – The Arabs and Iran Are Ready, the Russians Too (John Helmer)
World War 3 Has Already Started; USA Moving Nuclear Weapons to UK; The Real Satanic Power is Zionism; Top Russian Leaders Say They’re Fighting the Antichrist (BattleForWorld)


Permalink Israel bombs Damascus killing several Iranian military officers

Israel has killed an Iranian Revolutionary Guards military official in a missile strike on Damascus early on January 20, according to Iranian and Syrian media. | The Israeli strike happened in the Mezzeh neighbourhood of western Damascus, an area known for housing several embassies, including those of Lebanon and Iran, video released on the Aparat page shows. Iran’s hardline Keyhan newspaper Telegram channel reported a “number of Iranian [military advisors] were martyred in the Israeli attack.” Official sources have not yet confirmed the statement. &nbspThe strike on the pro-Iranian Syrian capital is part of a broader escalation in the region between Iran and Israeli aggression targets residential building in DamascusIsrael that has rapidly escalated in just the last week, including a large-scale Israeli offensive in Gaza that has resulted in more than 21,000 deaths in three months in Gaza alone.

Israeli aggression targets residential building in Damascus (Al Mayadeen)


Permalink Pakistan confirms strikes against ‘terrorists’ on Iranian soil

Islamabad has accused Tehran of ignoring “serious concerns” over militants operating from its territory | Pakistan has said it launched a series of airstrikes on “terrorist hideouts” in southern Iran, claiming the “precision” operation neutralized several militants. The attack comes after Tehran acknowledged its own raids on another terrorist group based in Pakistan.  Meanwhile, Iranian officials, cited by local media, said that explosions in the Sistan-o-Balochistan province had killed seven non-Iranian nationals, including three women and four children. Tehran has also demanded an “immediate explanation” from Pakistan about the strikes, Iranian broadcaster Press TV reported, citing an unnamed informed source.

Iran condemns Pakistan’s border attack, summons Pakistani chargé d'affaires (PressTV)
Pakistan Launches Strikes on Iran's Saravan Region, Sistan, Balochistan Provinces - Reports (Sputnik News)
Pakistan attacks ‘terrorist hideouts’ in Iran (Al Jazeera)(Video)
India reacts to escalation between Iran and Pakistan (RT.com)


Permalink Iran Responds: IRG Hits Terrorists, Mossad Espionage Bases in Region

In a response to the Zionist aggression on Iranian figures and interests, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards [IRG] announced that first missile strikes targeted gathering places of commanders and main elements of recent terrorist attacks in the Iranian cities of Kerman and Rask. | It added that the strike came after gathering points of the Daesh [Arabic Acronym for the terrorist ISIS/ISIS] terrorist group were identified in the occupied territories of Syria and destroyed with a number of ballistic missiles.  The Takfiri group claimed responsibility for two explosions that killed nearly 100 people and wounded scores of others at a memorial for Iran's top anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman on January 3.  Later the same month, another terrorist attack hit a police station in the southeastern Iranian city of Rask, killing 11 police officers and injuring at least six others.  The IRG said in a later statement that another missile strike had been launched at a main espionage center of the “Israeli” entity’s Mossad spy agency in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Iraq Recalls Ambassador to Tehran After Strikes on Kurdistan Region (Sputnik News)
Israeli media: Iranian ballistic missile crosses 1,200 km in first (Al Mayadeen)
IRGC Strikes at Militants in Syria in Response to Recent Terrorist Attacks (Sputnik News)
Overnight blasts in Erbil, businessman’s death: What we know about Iranian missile strikes (TASS)


Permalink Iranian Top Commander: Crushing, Decisive Response Awaits ‘Israel’ in Case of Attacking Iran

The commander of Iran’s Khatam al-Anbiya Central Headquarters, Major General Gholam-Ali Rashid, stressed that Tehran will not hesitate to give a “crushing and decisive response to ‘Israel’ if it attacks the country.” | “Iranian commanders will have a free hand to respond to any possible ‘Israeli’ attack,” he said in an interview with khamenei.ir published on Sunday.  Elsewhere in the interview, Rashid said former top Iranian anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani succeeded in making an important achievement in support for the resistance forces in Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen and Syria. 💬 “General Soleimani raised hope among the Iraqi and Syrian governments that they were capable of defeating the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group which was a very important step in the fight against terrorism.” General Rashid said former US President Donald Trump accepted responsibility for General Soleimani's assassination to make himself a “national hero”. [...] The top Iranian commander said the CIA, Mossad and the British and Saudi spy agencies created Daesh which occupied parts of the Syrian and Iraqi territories by abusing internal chaos and lack of security in the two countries.

103 Israeli soldiers injured in one day, including 19 in Gaza (SABA)
Al-Qassam Brigades bombard Tel Aviv with intense missile barrage (SABA)
Israel says Hezbollah struck sensitive air traffic base in the north and warns of 'another war' (9News)
Israel admits huge damage to airbase in Hezbollah attack (Mehr News Agency)
Hezbollah Meron Operation Commands Israeli Attention: Assessing Impact and Implications (Al Manar TV)
Israel would not win war with Hezbollah – US officials (RT.com)
US al-Omar Oilfield Base targeted from Syrian territories (Al Mayadeen)


Permalink Iran Vows a ‘Harsh Response’ for Bombing That Killed Over 100 Iranians

Tehran has not officially attributed blame for the attack, which targeted a commemoration for Gen. Soleimani in the city of Kerman | Iran has vowed a “harsh response” to the bombing in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman that killed at least 103 people, including women and children, but has not formally attributed blame for the attack. &nbspThe bombing targeted a memorial commemorating the fourth anniversary of the US killing of Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani, who was targeted by a US drone strike in Baghdad on January 3, 2020. Iranian officials have said two separate bombs were placed in bags on the side of a road leading to a cemetery where a large crowd of people was heading. [...] Israel is a suspect in the bombing since it has a history of conducting sabotage attacks, assassinations, and drone attacks inside Iran and recently killed a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander in Syria, as well as a senior Hamas official in Beirut. Israel also appears to be attempting to provoke a regional war that would draw in the US.


Permalink Iran blasts live: Deadly explosions target Soleimani death anniversary

Explosions have been reported at an event near the tomb of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps General Qassem Soleimani. At least 103 people have been reported killed at the event marking the fourth anniversary of Soleimani’s death. | Quds Force leader says Iran attacked by ‘bloodthirsty people’. In remarks on Wednesday, Esmail Qaani, the leader of Iran’s Quds Force, offered condolences and said Iran had been attacked with the support of Israel and the US. “Today, we offer our condolences to the people of Kerman, who were attacked by bloodthirsty people who were sponsored by America and the Zionist regime,” he said. “The one who leaves the Gaza battlefield more humiliatingly is the Zionist regime and the winner of this Palestinian resistance field.”

Over 100 Killed in Blasts at Commemorative Parade in Southern Iran (+Photos) (Tasnim News Agency)
Two terrorist blasts in Iran’s Kerman leave at least 103 dead, 188 injured (PressTV)


Permalink “Israel” Martyrs IRG’s Veteran Military Advisor in Syria: Savage Entity will Pay Price

The veteran member of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards [IRG], Sayyed Reza Mousavi, who was serving as a military advisor in Syria, has been martyred in an “Israeli” airstrike in the Sayyeda Zeinab neighborhood of Damascus. | Mousavi was one of the companions of Iran's top anti-terror commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, who was assassinated by the US in Iraq four years ago. The “Israeli” entity has been for years targeting what it calls Iran-linked positions in Syria. In a statement, the IRG said Mousavi was martyred in a criminal missile attack by the “fake and child-killing Zionist regime” adding that the usurping and savage “Israeli” entity would undoubtedly pay the price for this crime. The IRG statement emphasized that more details would be provided to the Iranian nation soon.

Harsh Countdown Awaits, Iran Warns Israel (Tasnim)
Raeisi: Israel will definitely pay price for assassinating senior IRGC advisor (PressTV)
Israel to Get Comeuppance, President Warns after IRGC Adviser’s Martyrdom (Tasnim)
Iran’s Army Chief: IRG Advisor’s Assassination Exposes ‘Israel’s’ Frustration against Resistance (Alahed News)


Permalink Iran calls on ICC to hold 'Israel' accountable for genocide in Gaza

During her speech at the session for the Rome Statue, the very treaty that established the ICC, Iran's envoy listed the atrocities committed by "Israel" since October 7 which entail constituting elements of the most serious crimes, namely genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. | Iran's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Zahra Ershadi, spoke at the 22nd Session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute to call on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to hold "Israel" accountable for its atrocities and genocide in Gaza. 💬 "A whole nation that has been subject to oppressive occupation for more than 75 years is on the verge of genocide and extermination," she said, adding, "Every day that passes without accountability, innocent civilians, including children and women, are being killed and slaughtered, with their lands being confiscated and their homes getting destroyed". "Half of the enclave is leveled, with no place being spared. Hospitals, mosques, churches, schools, and other purely civilian infrastructures have not been immune, with many hundreds of people being brutally slaughtered inside these places. In fact, no quarter is given." Ershadi continued to present the inexplicable data showing the number of martyrs in Gaza that is now over 17,000.

Raisi Calls For ‘Immediate’ Stop To ‘Israeli’ Genocide in Gaza (Alahed News)
Putin and Iran’s Raisi talk for five hours – Kremlin (RT.com)


Permalink Israel poses ‘greater than ever’ threat to global security: Iran

Iran has warned that the threat posed by Israel to global peace and security is now “greater than ever” amid the regime’s bloody aggression against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. | Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks in an X post on Thursday after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres invoked Article 99 of the UN Charter, urging the Security Council to act on the Gaza war. Infuriated by Guterres’ move, Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen claimed that the UN chief was supporting the Palestinian Hamas resistance group and called for his resignation, charging that his tenure was “a danger to world peace.” [sic!!!] Kan’ani said the fact is that 💬 “the Zionist regime has been a real threat to global peace and security since its illegal establishment and that its true nature has become more obvious to the world after Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.” “Now more than ever, it (Israel) is a threat to global peace and security as well as the entire humanity. The world has a responsibility to deal with this global threat.”

Borrell urges EU support for UN chief's Article 99 invocation (Al Mayadeen)
What is UN Article 99 and why has Guterres called for it to be used? (msn.com)
ARTICLE 99 (legal.un.org)(.pdf text)
Raisi: Palestine, Swift End To ‘Israel’s’ Gaza War Top of Agenda of Russia Visit (Alahed News)

Permalink Alliance With Russia as ‘Ambassador of New World Order’ Can Help Iran 'Prosper'

After brief visits to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia on December 6, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin's agenda for Thursday was set aside time for extensive talks with visiting Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. [...] Earlier, the Kremlin announced that after visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin would receive the Iranian president in Moscow on Thursday. The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, will arrive in Russia on a working visit accompanied by a high-ranking delegation. The sides plan to consider the current agenda of bilateral cooperation "with an emphasis on the implementation of promising joint projects in the trade and economic sphere, including transport and energy," it was stated. The two leaders will also exchange views on major international and regional topics.


Permalink Gaza War Has Spread to Lebanon, Might Expand: IRGC General

The Israeli regime’s war on the Gaza Strip has spilled over into neighboring Lebanon and may even widen in scope, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force said. | Addressing a commemorative ceremony on Monday morning, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said the Zionist regime’s brutal onslaught against Gaza proved the rightful stances of Iran and made the world realize that Israel is a child-killing criminal regime. The Israeli regime is not going to last so long, he added. Asked about Iran’s reaction to the possibility of spread of the Gaza war and the Lebanese Hezbollah’s involvement in the conflict, the general said the war has already extended and Lebanon has become entangled. “It is probable that the extent of clashes will grow even bigger. The future is vague, though Iran is prepared for all conditions,” General Hajizadeh noted.

Israeli jets strike south Lebanon after Hezbollah attack wounds 10 'civilians' (Naharnet/AFP)
Israeli drone bombs vehicle 45 kms deep inside Lebanon (11/12/23)


Permalink The Warnings Grow More Stark

Iran WARNS ISRAEL | Iran WARNS ISRAEL: "If the war expands any further, we cannot say that Israel would lose, because nothing will remain of Israel to be described as loser or winner” IRAN - “IF AN IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE DOESN'T TAKE PLACE BY U.S. AND ZIONIST REGIME THEN CONSEQUENCES WOULD BE HARSH." Jordan: Ejects Israeli Ambassador, RECALLS Jordanian Ambassador from Israel; Neither to return until War on Gaza stops.


Permalink Israel: "Iranian women deserve freedom now..."...yes, they do, but what about "israel?"

Israel detains 20 Palestinian women in West Bank escalation (MEE)

Permalink More than 8,000 people died in Israeli attacks in Gaza since start of escalation

Since the beginning of the armed conflict between Israeli troops and Palestinian radical groups in Gaza on October 7, the number of wounded people has reached 19,000 | The death toll in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli shelling and bombing has exceeded 8,000, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported. "Over the past 24 hours, the number of victims has increased by more than 300," the ministry said in a statement quoted by Al Hadath TV channel. Previously, there were reports about 7,700 dead. Since the beginning of the armed conflict between Israeli troops and Palestinian radical groups in Gaza on October 7, the number of wounded people has reached 19,000.

Cowardly Israel too weak to win Gaza ground offensive: Top Hezbollah official (PressTV)
Deadly Israeli Raids Continue in Occupied West Bank (Tasnim News Agency)
Iran’s Raisi says Israel crossed ‘red lines’ (TASS)


Permalink Israel ‘expanding’ operations in Gaza – IDF

A massive wave of airstrikes was carried out ahead of a ground incursion | Israeli ground forces will “expand” their activity in Gaza on Friday night, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has told reporters. Warplanes are currently subjecting the enclave to some of the heaviest bombardment to date ahead of the ground operation. [...] Israeli soldiers have conducted several limited raids into the strip over the last two days but no major offensive has been announced. Hagari’s statement is the clearest sign since the beginning of the conflict on October 7 that an invasion – which the IDF has been preparing to launch for almost three weeks – is imminent.  In a statement on Friday morning, the IDF said that its tanks and infantry had moved into central Gaza the previous day and destroyed “dozens of terrorist targets, including positions for launching anti-tank missiles and operational headquarters,” as well as Hamas fighters. Israeli forces withdrew after the raid with no casualties, the IDF added.

Gaza communications blackout as Israel intensifies attack (The Eletronic Intifada)
Gaza in complete blackout as IOF launch most brutal attack so far (Al Mayadeen)
Unprecedented Israeli strikes on Gaza amid internet blackout (Palestine Info)
Israel-Palestine live: Communications blackout as heaviest strikes hit Gaza (MEE)
“Please, if you can hear us, tell the world that we are isolated now in Gaza” (If Americans Knew)
Israel’s Onslaught On Gaza Escalates, Dozens Of Civilians Killed (IMEMC News)



Permalink Israeli minister threatens to wipe Iran’s leaders ‘off the face of the Earth’

Nir Barkat has said drastic action will be taken against Tehran if its ally Hezbollah joins the war | Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat warned on Sunday that the military is ready to “eliminate” the Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah and strike Iran if they open up a “northern front” in the current conflict. 💬 “The plan of Iran is to attack Israel on all fronts. If we find they intend to target Israel, we will not just retaliate to those fronts, but we will go to the head of the snake, which is Iran,” Barkat told The Mail on Sunday. He added “the ayatollahs in Iran are not going to sleep good at night” if they move against Israel. Barkat warned that Lebanon and Hezbollah, which is backed by Tehran, “are going to pay a heavy price, similar to what Hamas is going to pay.” Israel would go “after the heads of Iran” if necessary, the minister said. “Israel has a very clear message to our enemies. We are saying to them, look what's happening in Gaza – you are going to get the same treatment if you attack us. We are going to wipe you off the face of the Earth.” The statement came after Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Monday that the security situation for Israel may worsen very quickly. “If the war crimes against the Palestinians are not immediately stopped, other multiple fronts will open and this is inevitable,” he said. The Iranian diplomat later doubled down, warning the US and Israel that, if they do not stop mistreating the Palestinians, “anything is possible at any moment and the region will go out of control.” Amir-Abdollahian added that further escalation would have “far-reaching repercussions.”

Russia Smacks Israel: Gives Iran Access to Landing at Khmeimim Air Base, Latakia, Syria (Hal Turner)
Gaza conflict may spin out of control – Tehran (RT.com)


Permalink Israel Deployed Its Submarine Fleet For Possible War With Iran, Hezbollah

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has deployed its submarine fleet across the Middle East, Doron Kadosh, a military correspondent for the IDF’s Radio Galatas, revealed on October 19. | Kadosh said on the X online social network, previously known as Twitter, that the deployment of the submarines was ordered to prepare for a possible confrontation with Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah, both of which are key allies of the Hamas Movement who led the October 7 surprise attack from the Gaza Strip against Israel.  The Israeli military correspondent also said that the IDF also destroyed mini unmanned submarines of Hamas and intercepted several rockets which were fired from Gaza at Israeli gas and oil rigs using the Iron Dome air defense system. The IDF is yet to confirm or deny these claims.  The Israeli Navy currently operates five Dolphin-class submarines, which were specially built in Germany. The newest two of the submarines are equipped with air-independent propulsion systems, which allow them to operate without access to atmospheric oxygen.


Permalink Nobel Peace Prize awarded to women’s rights activist

Iran’s authorities have detained the activist 13 times, convicted her five times, and sentenced her to a total of 31 years in prison where she remains to this day | The Nobel Peace Prize 2023 has been awarded to Iranian women’s rights advocate Narges Mohammadi, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced.  According to the committee, Mohammadi receives the award "for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all."  Berit Reiss-Andersen, head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said that the award also recognized the hundreds of thousands of people who have demonstrated against Iranian discrimination and oppression of women. According to her, the "Woman-Life-Freedom" slogan adopted by the protesters, reflects Mohammadi’s defiance and work.

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