Permalink Mr. Mike’s Mondo Imbroglio, or: How Not to Launch a Global Anti-Censorship Movement

CJ Hopkins | Mike’s movement is preparing to publish a declaration. | It’s a good declaration. I contributed to it. I signed it, although my name will not appear on it now, as Mike has threatened to remove it if I published a piece like this. Mike is an extremely smart guy, but he doesn’t seem to get that I don’t respond well to threats … or, rather, that this is how I respond to threats. Or, who knows? Maybe he actually wanted me to publish this piece, and goaded me into it, which, I can see how that could be a shrewd PR move.  In any event, it’s a good declaration (or it was the last time I had access to it). There is nothing wrong with the declaration. What has taken up most of the last three months of the coalition’s time and energy, and has led to my excommunication, is the hunt for Very Important Persons to be included as signatories when the declaration is released.  The irony is, when you’re “building a movement,” when you know you are succeeding is when you lose control of it, when the movement doesn’t need you to “lead” it, when it starts moving in directions you never imagined and starts doing things you never intended. But you can’t get there if you suffocate it in its infancy, if you are so obsessed with maintaining control that you snuff out every idea and impulse that doesn’t conform to your vision of it.


Permalink UK intel spun anti-Syria gov. narrative of alleged chemical attack

The Grayzone reveals that ARK, a UK contractor affiliated with the MI6, conducted extensive psychological warfare and media manipulation operations in Syria to destabilize the government. | A recent report by The Grayzone shows that a British government-affiliated CSO played a central role in spinning and disseminating subversive media narratives during the span of the war on Syria. The writer explains that such narratives were propagated to demonize the government in the eyes of the Syrian people and manufacture international consent for foreign interference.  ARK, a government contractor with deep ties to intelligence agencies, has been exposed for its extensive covert operations in Syria during the turbulent years of the war, leaked documents obtained by The Grayzone revealed. Founded by former MI6 operative Alistair Harris, ARK positioned itself as a shadowy player in the Syrian war, working in conjunction with organizations like USAID, the US State Department, and the British military.


Permalink Surveillance States: Monitoring of Journalists Goes Unchecked in Central, South-East Europe

Milica Stojanovic | Using new spyware technology as well as bugs and wiretaps, authorities in various Central and South-East European countries continue to monitor reporters and their sources, journalists who have been under surveillance told BIRN. | [The big] picture is made clear by BIRN’s survey of 15 countries in Central and South-East Europe, which identified 28 cases of surveillance of individual journalists or larger numbers of journalists over the past decade. It’s not clear how many more remain undiscovered and how much active surveillance is still ongoing.  Investigators and judges are currently dealing with ongoing cases of surveillance against journalists in Greece, Moldova, Slovakia and North Macedonia. In North Macedonia, the country’s former secret police chief is awaiting retrial for the illegal wiretapping of thousands of people, among them journalists.  The UK newspaper The Guardian has described Pegasus as “perhaps the most powerful piece of spyware ever developed – certainly by a private company”. Manufactured by Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO, it can be installed on mobile phones by exploiting their vulnerabilities and can then record or harvest messages, photographs, videos and calls.


Permalink Elon Musk threatens to sue Jewish lobby group

The owner of X (aka Twitter) claims the Anti-Defamation League tried to kill his social media platform with bogus anti-Semitism allegations | Billionaire Elon Musk has upped the ante in his feud with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), suggesting that he may have to sue the Jewish civil rights group for trying to destroy his X (formerly Twitter) social media platform with fraudulent claims of anti-Semitism. “To clear our platform’s name on the matter of anti-Semitism, it looks like we have no choice but to file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League,” Musk said on Monday in an X post. “Oh, the irony,” he added.  The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, who bought Twitter last year for $44 billion and later renamed it X, blamed the ADL for a 60% drop in advertising revenue. He said the ADL had pressured advertisers not to use the platform by falsely associating X and its new owner with anti-Semitism. “They almost succeeded in killing X/Twitter,” he wrote.  Musk’s latest comments come two days after he suggested that he might poll X users on whether to ban the ADL from his platform. He posted the idea in response to a message from conservative Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who declared that people are fed up with “labeling everything we don’t like as hateful/racist/dangerous/far-right.” She added that people are no longer afraid of the ADL’s intimidation tactics, claiming “Your labels have lost their power.”


Permalink Renowned Climate Scientists Warn Public: Green Agenda Based on ‘Hoax’

Two of the world’s most renowned climate scientists have spoken out to warn the public that the green agenda being peddled by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its globalist allies is based on a “hoax.” | As Slay News has extensively reported, governments around the world are scrambling to meet the “Net Zero” goals of the green agenda. This destructive agenda is being led by the WEF and other similarly-aligned unelected bureaucratic organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The alleged goal of the green agenda is to fight the so-called “global warming/climate change/global boiling crisis.” However, meeting these goals means ramping up taxes, stripping the public of basic freedoms, and drastically lowering the quality of life for the general population.

The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Documentary HD

Permalink New EU regulation forces social media platforms to censor ‘disinformation’ and ‘hate speech’

As of August 25, large online platforms operating in Europe will have to abide by the rules laid out in the Digital Services Act, or face an immense fine of up to 6 percent of their annual global revenue. | The European Union’s (EU) “Digital Services Act” (DSA) has taken effect today, granting the European Commission power to censor “disinformation” and “hate speech” online. As of August 25, large online platforms operating in Europe will have to abide by the rules laid out in the DSA, or face an immense fine of up to 6 percent of their annual global revenue. The EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, even threatened to shut down social media platforms if they do not comply with the rules in the case of civil unrest, like the recent riots in France.

The Digital Services Act Will Give the EU Sweeping New Censorship Powers, Forcing X and Facebook to Remove Content that Challenges Mass Migration, Transgender Ideology or Net Zero (08/28/23)


Permalink "Information Designed To Show ..." (Moon of Alabama)

Yesterday CNN published another Russiagate like nonsense story: "Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners." 💬 Russian intelligence is operating a systematic program to launder pro-Kremlin propaganda through private relationships between Russian operatives and unwitting US and western targets, according to newly declassified US intelligence. The information contained in the CIA release was 'designed' or construed to create a certain propaganda narrative. It wasn't just information that could be found or observed by a reporter but a curated collection of items put together to create a certain effect. Think about that for a minute and you will recognize that most of the 'news' one reads is made like this. Someone asserts that there is a need for to create a certain effect. A narrative is thought up that could lead to it. The some bits of facts or rumors are collected, sorted, filtered and then written up until the constructed narrative is thought to be likely to create the desired effect. This is then the declassified product and fed to the media which are willing to distribute such stuff.

Permalink The Digital Services Act Will Give the EU Sweeping New Censorship Powers, Forcing X and Facebook to Remove Content that Challenges Mass Migration, Transgender Ideology or Net Zero

The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) comes into force today, obliging “very large online platforms” to swiftly take down what unelected European Commission bureaucrats decide to define as ‘disinformation’. | As Laurie Wastell points out in the European Conservative, the DSA obliges online platforms to swiftly take down so-called disinformation. From today, the EC has at its disposal an aggressive enforcement regime, such that if Big Tech companies fail to abide by the EU’s ‘Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation’, which requires swift censorship of mis- and disinformation, then they can be fined up to 6% of their annual global revenue, investigated by the Commission, and potentially even prevented from operating in the EU altogether.  In the words of EC President Ursula von der Leyen, it is vital that companies censor disinformation of this kind to “ensure that the online environment remains a safe space”. Safe for whom, one wonders — politicians or citizens?


Permalink Danish filmmaker attacked for ‘Russian lives matter’ comment

Lars von Trier had expressed horror at Danish PM Mette Fredriksen cavorting with her Ukrainian counterpart inside an F-16 | The ‘Dancer in the Dark’ and ‘Antichrist’ filmmaker took to Instagram to react to a meeting between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen, both of whom posed for photographs inside an F-16 jet fighter. 💬 “Like someone head over heels in love, [they] posed in the cockpit of one of the scariest killing machines of our time, grinning from ear to ear,” von Trier wrote, responding to the news that Denmark would be donating F-16s to Ukraine after Zelensky had demanded them for months.  Von Trier’s post was quickly slammed by the Ukrainian government. National Security and Defense Council head Aleksey Danilov posted a screenshot of the text to X (formerly Twitter), declaring that “behind every living Russian terrorist, there is a dead Ukrainian,” while insisting that Ukraine exists “in a cruel reality in which Russians are murderers.”


Permalink Norway LOCKED man in psychiatric ward for questioning mRNA shots

PETER IMANUELSEN: The story you are about to read is WORSE than you think. I did not believe this could happen in a democracy. This should not ever happen in a democracy. But then again, I am beginning to ask myself if we are actually still living in a democracy. | The doctor who made the decision based her judgment on Haaland’s Facebook posts. In her opinion Haaland displayed manic behaviour, was psychotic and paranoid, and his actions were deemed not to be rooted in reality. This conclusion was reached based on the frequency and the content of the various Facebook posts. When Haaland’s lawyer asked the doctor if she had read the posts in question, the doctor admitted that she hadn’t, given that she is not on Facebook!  This is about a Norwegian man named Trond Harald Haaland. He has long been outspoken about things like the World Economic Forum, climate change and vaccine passports. He has posted a lot about the excess death rates we have been seeing after the roll out of the mRNA vaccines.

German Courts Are Going FULL Dystopia (08/24/23)


Permalink German Courts Are Going FULL Dystopia

It’s been an astonishing couple of days for German judges. Well, “astonishing” if you’ve been living in a cave for the last four years. | Many of you likely already know that satirist and playwright (and frequent OffG contributor) CJ Hopkins is being prosecuted in Germany for “disseminating propaganda, the contents of which are intended to further the aims of a former National Socialist organization,” All because the cover of his book has a swastika on it. Needless to say, the charges are absurd. Insultingly so. You can read CJ’s first-hand account of this nonsense here and here. Anyone who isn’t a) stupid or b) delusional can plainly see these charges have nothing to do with a stock-image swastika, and everything to do with the content of the book. In short, they are politically motivated charges brought against an author for criticizing the state. The very essence of dystopian tyranny.

Madness! American Satirist C.J.Hopkins Sentenced In German Speech Case (08/22/23)

Permalink Vernon Coleman's New Video

Vernon Coleman's new video entitled ‘The Ten Biggest and Dangerous Lies‘ is available on Bitchute and on this website. Please subscribe to Vernon Coleman's channel on Bitchute so that you know immediately when new videos are released.


Permalink Madness! American Satirist C.J.Hopkins Sentenced In German Speech Case

Just when you may have thought things couldn’t get any crazier: American playwright and humorist C.J. Hopkins, profiled in this space on numerous occasions, has been sent a “punishment order” by a German judge, offering him a Sophie’s Choice of 60 days in jail or 3,600 euros. | Essentially, insulting the German health minister in a tweet, and using a scarcely-visible image of a Swastika on a mask in a book critical of the global pandemic response, The Rise of the New Normal Reich.  He was first accused of this “crime” in June, shortly after Roger Waters was placed under investigation for wearing his clearly satirical “Pink” costume in a stage performance in Berlin.  As I wrote when C.J. was charged weeks later, authorities claim that through the use of the mask image, C.J. was “disseminating propaganda, the contents of which are intended to further the aims of a former National Socialist organization.”  The judge in C.J.’s case has already heard free-speech argumentation from his lawyer, and this technically being a non-jury misdemeanor offense, has already ruled against those arguments. C.J. will apparently have a chance to argue for mitigation, but the decree has already been handed down.

The Criminalization of Dissent (Revisited) (C.J.Hopkins)


Permalink YouTube to Censor Content Contradicting WHO Guidelines

YouTube has introduced a new “medical misinformation policy” that will censor any medical or health-related content that doesn't align with claims made by the World Health Organization (WHO). | YouTube earlier had a “COVID-19 Misinformation Policy” webpage that stated that the platform doesn’t allow any content that “poses a serious risk of egregious harm” and spreads “medical misinformation” contradicting what the WHO or local health authorities (LHA) say about the COVID-19 pandemic. The webpage now redirects to a “medical misinformation policy” page that expands the censorship rule to “specific health conditions and substances” rather than COVID-19 alone.


Permalink Paul Weston - The West Is Heading Toward Dictatorship

After an extended sabbatical — during which he decamped from Blighty and set up camp at an undisclosed location abroad — Paul Weston returns with this video about the Rainbow Curtain of Science that is now descending over the entire West and ushering in our totalitarian future.



Permalink YouTube Deletes Scott Ritter’s Channel

The veteran US Marine Corps intelligence officer, UN weapons inspector and Sputnik contributor has spent over a year providing incisive commentaries about the NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, challenging the Western mainstream narrative and offering his own perspective on the origins of the crisis. | Google-owned video hosting giant YouTube has deleted Scott Ritter's YouTube channel. A banner reading "This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech" greets anyone trying to navigate to Ritter's channel. The company did not provide any information about the nature of these alleged "multiple or severe violations," or how Ritter's mostly Ukrainian crisis-related commentaries and interviews constitute "hate speech." YouTube allows for user-based reporting of any alleged "hate speech," prompting concerns from content creators over the years that the video hosting giant may allow organized online activists to silence voices and views that they might not like, or which challenge important state and corporate narratives.  Ritter is no stranger to censorship by major online platforms. Last year, he was suspended from Twitter after calling Joe Biden a "war criminal" and accusing him of "seeking to shift blame for the Bucha murders" on Russia. He was later reinstated, but suspended again after a "test, test, test" tweet stating that "Bucha was a war crime," and that "Ukraine did it."


Permalink CIA "moderating" Wikipedia – former editor

Intelligence agencies have been manipulating the online encyclopedia for more than a decade, Larry Sanger has claimed | Wikipedia is one of many tools used by the US liberal establishment and its allies in the intelligence community to wage “information warfare,” the site’s co-founder, Larry Sanger, has told journalist Glenn Greenwald. Speaking on Greenwald’s ‘System Update’ podcast, Sanger lamented how the site he helped found in 2001 has become an instrument of “control” in the hands of the left-liberal establishment, among which he counts the CIA, FBI, and other US intelligence agencies. “We do have evidence that, as early as 2008, that CIA and FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia,” he said. “Do you think that they stopped doing that back then?

‘Special services’ control Western media – Kremlin (RT.com)


Permalink “We own the Science and We think the World should know it”

UN & WEF admit they CENSOR Search Results & pay Big Tech & Influencers to shape Public Opinion on Climate Change & COVID-19 | The World Economic Forum held the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings towards the end of September 2022, convening at the same time as the United Nations General Assembly. In those meetings, UN officials declared that they apparently “own the science”. They also admitted to; among other things

Partnering with Google to censor search results that don’t fit the official narrative and ensure their propaganda is top of the list in relation to things such as ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Climate Change’ in order to shape public opinion.
Partnering with Big Tech Social Media companies to boost propaganda messaging on things such as Covid-19 and Climate Change in order to shape public opinion.
Giving millions to social media influencers to spout their propaganda for them in order to shape public opinion.

Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations, highlighted that the UN had partnered with several big tech companies, including TikTok and Google, to control COVID and climate narratives while claiming, “We own the science.” On the topic of controlling the climate change narrative, Fleming remarked that the UN had partnered with Google so that the unelected globalists’ authoritative narratives would appear at the top of search results.

💬 “We partnered with Google,” said Fleming, adding, “for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.

💬 “We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled ‘climate change,’ we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top.

💬 “We’re becoming much more proactive. We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do,” she added.


Permalink The UK is the Home of Censorship

Dr. Vernon Coleman | The only reason you can read this is that individual websites are controlled by the United States and not by the UK. (Though, naturally, I was and am completely banned by YouTube, all social media sites and a number of online publishers. Several of my books on covid-19 were banned.) Unlike American authors I was forced to write [my] book without mentioning covid or vaccines and, bizarrely, I had to use ‘alternative’ words.  Britain has led the way in censorship in recent years and right from the start of this fraud I was banned far more comprehensively than doctors operating in America were banned. (Naturally, I also got attacked and lied about by nasty little oiks on Wikipedia but I hope no sensible souls still believe that site anymore.)  I firmly believe that BBC staff have led the way in suppressing the truth and it is in large part their remorseless determination to ban and censor anything which questions the Government’s official line which has led to the UK now being the home of censorship.  It would be nice to think that BBC journalists might one day be ashamed of their bigotry and prejudice and their determination to stamp on the truth. But I doubt if they have the moral strength or the professional integrity to give a damn about something as financially unrewarding as the sharing of the truth.  BBC journalists are responsible for thousands of deaths (including some of their colleagues) and they will be responsible for millions more.


Permalink MoD reveals details of deadly Ukrainian strike on Russian reporters

One journalist was killed and three others wounded in the attack in Zaporizhzhia Region, the Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed | Ukraine used cluster munitions in the shelling of a group of Russian journalists in Zaporizhzhia Region, killing RIA Novosti news agency correspondent Rostislav Zhuravlev, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.  The attack, which targeted crews from RIA Novosti and Izvestia media outlets, took place at around noon, the ministry reported in a statement on Saturday.  The US announced the delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine earlier this month, saying the move was necessary due to a shortage of regular artillery rounds among Kyiv’s Western backers.  The controversial shells, which contain multiple bomblets that are dispersed over a large area and put civilians at risk, have been banned in more than 100 countries. However, Ukraine, the US and Russia aren’t among the signatories of the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM).

Russian Foreign Ministry: Those Responsible for Death of Sputnik War Correspondent Will Be Punished (07/22/23)


Permalink Russian Foreign Ministry: Those Responsible for Death of Sputnik War Correspondent Will Be Punished

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Saturday that those responsible for the death of Sputnik military correspondent Rostislav Zhuravlev, including the suppliers of cluster munitions to Kyiv, will be punished. | Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Zhuravlev died during the evacuation from injuries caused by a cluster submunition explosion and four journalists received wounds of varying degrees of severity. 💬 "Those responsible for the brutal murder of the Russian journalist will be inevitably punished. The entire measure of responsibility will be imposed on those who supplied their Kyiv proteges with cluster munitions," Zakharova said in a statement published on the Russian Foreign Ministry's website. The spokeswoman added that "everything indicated that the attack on the journalist group was not a coincidence."

The Nazi government of Ukraine fired Cluster Munitions against a group of journalists (Hal Turner)
Perpetrators of brutal attack on Russian journalist to be held accountable – diplomat (TASS)

Maria Zakharova (Мария Захарова/Russian MFA) | The Kyiv regime continues its practice of criminal terror. | The life of journalist Rostislav Zhuravlevlev was cut short today as a result of an artillery strike by cluster munitions from the Ukrainian National Security Forces against a group of journalists from the Izvestiya news agency and the RIA Novosti news agency. Three more of his colleagues, who received shrapnel wounds, were taken to field medical facilities of the Russian Defense Ministry in a state of moderate severity. They are receiving the necessary medical care.  Everything points to the fact that the attack on the journalist group was not carried out by chance: the correspondents were collecting materials for a report on the shelling of settlements in the Zaporizhzhya region by the Kyiv regime's militants with cluster munitions banned in many countries of the world. Those were supplied to Kyiv by the United States of America. Washington, along with London and Paris, which supply the Zelensky regime with long-range missiles, only pay lip service to concern for the safety of journalists, while in reality, they are sponsors of terrorists.  We have no illusions that the relevant international structures will prefer, as they have done in similar cases before, to turn a blind eye to this heinous crime, which, in fact, makes them complicit in Kyiv's terrorist outrage.  This cynical backwardness once again confirms their political engagement and dysfunctionality. The silence of such institutions does not mean that evil has been given an indulgence for murder and the desire to silence the inconvenient truth. The perpetrators of the brutal massacre of the Russian journalist will inevitably receive the punishment they deserve. Those who supplied their protégés in Kyiv with cluster munitions will also share the full measure of responsibility. (Translation: DeepL.com)


Permalink Ex-CIA Agents Now Occupy Highest-Ranking Positions in Big Tech. Plus: Racist Diversity Officers

Glenn Greenwald | Project Mockingbird was the name of a secret CIA project that caused the Agency significant embarrassment when it was exposed in the mid-1970s as part of the Senate's Church Committee investigation. Its basic purpose was to covertly infiltrate and then influence the nation's largest media corporations by implanting agents and other methods for ensuring that corporate news in the United States served the agenda rather than undermining the agenda of U.S. foreign policy.  Today, there's absolutely no need at all for Operation Mockingbird. That is because, as we previously reported, U.S. security state agents openly send their top operatives to get hired by television networks, which proudly tout the number of former CIA, FBI, NSA and Homeland Security operatives on their payroll to report the news to Americans. But it's not only corporate media outlets that are drowning in former operatives of the U.S. security state. These agencies have also utterly infiltrated Big Tech corporations, especially Google and Facebook, and especially among those positions that are responsible for censoring political content from these monopolistic platforms. In other words, at exactly the same time that a small army of security state operatives openly get hired by and help shape the propaganda that emanates from the country's largest media corporations, they are also dictating the boundaries of what citizens can say online, of what ideas and people can be heard and which ideas and people are prohibited. We'll show you the extent of this infiltration and what it means.



This report details misconduct by the FBI that is unconstitutional. | The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is the bedrock of our political system and guarantees every American the right to speak his or her mind freely and without interference from the government. It is predicated on the under-standing that no government official has a monopoly on the truth and that every American is capable of evaluating competing claims and deciding what to believe.  On February 15, 2023, as part of its investigation into the federal government’s role in censoring lawful speech on social media platforms, the Committee on the Judiciary issued a subpoena to Meta,2 the parent com-pany of Facebook and Instagram, and Alphabet,3 the parent company of Google and YouTube. Documents obtained in response to those subpoenas revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), on behalf of a compromised Ukrainian intelligence entity, requested—and, in some cases, directed—the world’s largest social media platforms to censor Americans engaging in constitutionally protected speech online.

REPORT: FBI Colluded With Ukrainian Intelligence to Silence American Voices On Social Media (Trending Media)


Permalink Reality Check: No, we didn’t just have “the hottest week in 100,000 years”

Kit Knightly | Or, “how people are blinded by meaningless statistics”. | Now, first off let’s be clear – we haven’t had the “7 the hottest days” in the last 100,000 years since July 4…or, more accurately, there is absolutely no way for anyone to reliably know if we have or not. Actually, think about what they’re saying when they make this claim. They are claiming that they know, for a fact, the global average temperature to two decimal points over the last 36 million days. A couple of things to bear in mind here before we go any further.

1 – Humans have only had the ability to accurately measure the temperature of anything for maybe four-hundred years.
2 – Official “global temperature” records only began in 1880.
3 – Beyond that point, we only have partial, local and pretty inaccurate readings back to the mid-17th century.

That’s 400 years, give or take. So, how do climatologists get the data for the other 99,600 years? Well – they guess.

Nobel Prize winner denounces alarmist climate predictions: ‘I don’t believe there is a climate crisis’ (LifeSiteNews)

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