Permalink Stop the presses! CARY GRANT "died suddenly," of a STROKE (in 1986)!

More bio-fascist propaganda meant to NORMALIZE the current global plague of "sudden deaths" post-"vaccination".

As this unprecedented global spike in “sudden deaths” grows ever harder to conceal—with Ray Liotta, and TWO famous British drummers, Andy “Fletch” Fletcher of Depeche Mode, and Alan White of Yes, all having their untimely “unexpected deaths” reported just today—“our free press” struggles, ever more transparently, to make it seem as if this (real) pandemic isn’t happening.

They’ve been doing it for months, primarily by running scores of articles highlighting pseudo-scientific “findings” that all sorts of things can kill you and/or your children: SIDS, “SADS,” “generic heart problems,” hot weather, cold weather, fish oil, environmental noise, birth control, skipping breakfast, sadness (“Broken Heart Syndrome,” fatal to women!), referees’ whistles (which only now are killing soccer players worldwide!), pizza margherita (which only now is fatal to Italians!), etc., etc.—anything and everything except the “vaccines” that have obviously caused this freaky uptick in all-cause mortality on every continent.


Permalink "Western media turns blind eye to US occupation of oil-rich Syrian regions"

Prague, SANA- Former Slovak Minister of Education, Science, Research, Juraj Draxler said the continued presence of US occupation of part of the Syrian territory constitutes a blatant violation of international law, adding that this occupation has caused thousands of casualties among the Syrians. “The United States rudely occupies part of Syria’s lands, especially the most fertile and oil-rich regions,” Draxler said in an article published on “Novinky – regionálny” news website, slamming the Western media for turning a blind eye to these facts. He added that the Syrian people have achieved great victories in their war on terrorism and its backers, and this has been achieved only through massive sacrifices made over the past years.

Gonzalo Lira II: Few people know that the US every day STEALS oil and grain from Syria, under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. Just another reason why everyone in the civilized world hates America.

Washington moves to annex north-east Syria by proxy Vanessa Beeley | Needless to say that the de-facto unilateral sanctions being applied as a collective punishment for the entire Syrian population living in areas protected by the Syrian government are illegal. To extend those sanctions to sovereign nations providing assistance to rebuild Syrian infrastructure is barbaric and a deliberate attempt by the US to ensure that Syria cannot recover from the eleven year war waged against it. The correlation between economic and military coercion in Syria was made clear by previous Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s point-man on Syria, Ambassador James Jeffrey, who not only described Al Qaeda as a “US asset” in Syria but also bragged openly about the misery that sanctions had brought to the Syrian people.



Permalink In memory of those who "died suddenly" in Africa, Russia, India, China and throughout Asia, May 3-May 9

A movie star and a broadcaster in Nigeria, a soccer star in Gabon, an athlete and a nurse in Russia, two young men "die suddenly" dancing at weddings in India, a South Korean actress, and many more.


Permalink Letter to the Menticided: A 12-Step Recovery Program

💬 “Menticide is an old crime against the human mind and spirit but systematized anew. It is an organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion through which a powerful dictator can imprint his own opportunistic thoughts upon the minds of those he plans to use and destroy.”

💬 “Ready made opinions can be distributed day by day through press, radio, and so on, again and again, till they reach the nerve cell and implant a fixed pattern of thought in the brain. Consequently, guided public opinion is the result, according to Pavlovian theoreticians, of good propaganda technique, and the polls a verification of the temporary successful action of the Pavlovian machinations on the mind.”


Permalink Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

You can’t always anticipate them. You simply can’t. From the Market Ticker comments:

💬 Wife went to Walgreens for a short shopping run. As she walked by the Pharmacy an older guy guy was arguing with the Eugenici…err ..Pharmacist about wanting another booster as he didn’t feel well. The Pharmacist was teliing him he already had the 2 initial shots as well as 2 boosters and more weren’t approved yet so try some OTC cold remedies in the mean time.

You can’t expect to reliably prevent stupid people from doing stupid things that will break the system because you are totally incapable of imagining – much less anticipating – the full extent of their stupidity.

Permalink Iran, resistance groups denounce cold-blooded killing of Palestinian journalist by Israeli forces

Condemnations have been pouring in from different quarters on the cold-blooded murder of a Palestinian journalist by Israeli regime forces in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday.

Iran, together with the resistance groups from Palestine and Lebanon, strongly condemned the murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, calling it a “crime” and “an attack targeting truth.” Abu Akleh, 51, was shot in the head when she was covering an Israeli military raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry said. She was immediately rushed to a hospital in critical condition but was declared dead.

Israeli Forces Kill Al Jazeera Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh (Fars News Agency)(PHOTOS)
Al Jazeera’s iconic “Voice of Palestine” killed during Israeli raid (Electronic Intifada)
‘This is an Israeli War on the Truth’: Palestine Chronicle Statement on the Assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh
IRIB World Service chief pays tribute to slain Palestinian journalist for exposing Israeli crimes (PressTV)
Veteran journalist killed in West Bank (RT.com)

Permalink UK to Ban Boycott Campaigns Against Israeli Occupation and for the Rights of Palestinians

The UK government announced plans on Tuesday to ban local councils and other public bodies from participating in boycott and divestment campaigns, dealing a heavy blow to supporters of Palestinian rights in Britain.

The announcement was made during the Queen’s Speech opening of Parliament, where Prince Charles said the government will introduce “legislation [that] will prevent public bodies engaging in boycotts that undermine community cohesion”. UK civil society groups called on the UK government last month to halt the legislation that would limit the right to support causes such as Palestinian rights and climate and social justice through boycott campaigns.

The 46 UK-based groups said in a statement they oppose plans by the government to table an “anti-boycott” bill, saying it presents a “threat to freedom of expression, and the ability of public bodies and democratic institutions to spend, invest and trade ethically in line with international law and human rights”. The law would prohibit public bodies from imposing boycotts or divestment campaigns against foreign countries, including those who boycott, divest or sanction Israel.


Permalink Russian diplomat says British TV silenced him over Zelensky’s Nazi pic

The interview on Sky News was ended after [the Russian diplomat] showed an image of a Nazi symbol posted by Ukraine’s leader.

Dmitry Polyansky, the deputy head of Russia’s mission to the UN, said the UK’s Sky News abruptly ended an interview with him as soon as he showed a photo with a Nazi symbol that was posted by the Ukrainian president on WWII Victory Day.

In [the] interview with Sky News, Polyansky was asked whether he agreed that Russian troops in Ukraine were “dishonoring their grandfathers who fought the Nazis,” and that their actions were “mirroring fascism.” Polyansky called the assertion “blasphemous.” He added that it was “absolutely disastrous and shameless what the UK is doing right now, forgetting everything that we were fighting [for].” The diplomat then pulled out a tablet and showed a screenshot of a since-deleted social media post by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. On Victory Day, Zelensky published a photo of a Ukrainian fighter with a skull head patch that was worn by an elite German SS unit during the war. [...] The host then said they had run out of time and ended the interview. He added that the network could not independently verify Polyansky’s claims.

Ukraine's Zelensky shares image of soldier with Nazi insignia (RT.com)
VIDEO on Xoaquin Flores' Telegram Channel


Permalink You have to ask why? Why are they still pushing vaccines when we know they don’t work? What is the reason?

Bill Gates is planning on hiring a 3,000-person social media team to push vaccines and to quash any differing opinions. Gates made the comments at The Wall Street Journal Summit earlier this week. Gates said vaccine misinformation spread like wildfire on the internet during the COVID pandemic. Maybe it was all of the dead people?


Permalink 20 Republican-led states threaten legal action against DHS, urge disbanding of 'un-American' disinfo board

The attorneys general of 20 states say the DHS disinformation board is having a 'chilling effect' on free speech.

Republican-led states are threatening legal action against Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) new "Disinformation Governance Board," which they deem "un-American" and chilling to the free speech of Americans. Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is leading GOP attorneys general in sending a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Thursday demanding that the department "cease taking action" contributing to a "chilling effect" on free speech.



Permalink No, it's NOT "fake news." It's Nazi propaganda.

Someone who's over there demolishes three whopping lies about "Ukraine," with visual evidence beyond dispute.

The practice of publishing false stories for financial or political motives has probably been around much longer than that, but today it has been elevated to a science and an art form, a black art form, that is truly one of the greatest threats to the future of Humanity in the world today. It is mass brainwashing on a global scale, abetted by science and technology, a war on human consciousness, a concentrated and deliberate attack on people's ability to see reality, to discern fact from lies, it is a war against the truth.


Permalink PANDAMNED [Official trailer]

PANDAMNED shines on the COVID era from a human perspective, stirs at the foundation and pulls it through at the meta-level. The patterns become visible of what is really going on and it exposes the options of what our choices are! Honest but tough. Subtitles: German, English, Dutch

Permalink Media Are Now Whitewashing Nazis They Had Previously Condemned

Moon of Alabama | Recently the New York Times, like many other 'western' outlets, has changed its language when reporting about the fascist Ukrainian Asov Battalion. What was once "a Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary organization" which even the FBI said is notorious for its “association with neo-Nazi ideology” was first relabeled as merely "far right" before it became a normal "unit in the Ukrainian military". [...] It is not that Azov has de-radicalized over time. It has in fact grown more extreme. Azov has infiltrated other organizations, especially some units of the Ukrainian regular military, the national guard, the police and the internal secret security organization SBU. Azov is by far not the only fascist (para-)military organization in Ukraine. There is the Aidar battalion, the Right Sector, the C-14 'youth' organization of the fascist Svoboda party as well as a dozen other such organization. These groups are not only not prohibited as they should be but get encouraged and partially financed by the Ukrainian government. The infiltration of the security services and government has dangerous consequences for the Ukrainian public.


Permalink London to deploy White Helmets in Ukraine

[RE: white helmets] This alleged “non-governmental association” (sic) was created by a former British officer, James Le Measurer, Knight of the Order of the British Empire. It was publicized by the Foreign Office subcontracting communication company, ARK (Analysis, Research and Knowledge) and funded by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada and Japan. The majority of its “volunteers” (sic) were members of Al-Qaeda and, later, Daesh. The White Helmets have been banned from entering US territory under that country’s anti-terrorist laws. However, former President Barack Obama persuaded Netflix, where he is a producer, to devote a praiseful “documentary” to them.


Permalink Stella Moris Assange: ‘Julian Assange’s case has set a new global standard in freedom of the press’

Voxeurop: We’re in the final phase of Julian Assange’s extradition procedure. What are the next steps?

Stella Moris Assange: There are still some appeals in the UK process available to us, once the Home Secretary Priti Patel approves the extradition – if she does so. Then we can appeal to the High Court, and potentially to the Supreme Court. But ultimately, the most likely scenario is that it ends up before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which can issue a binding decision that will block the extradition. This is why it is so important for the European Continent to understand what is at stake: Once it reaches the ECHR, the case will create jurisprudence that will affect the scope of press freedom for journalists within the European space. The importance of this case could not be greater: It’s wrong to think that it only affects Julian Assange, or Wikileaks, or the US. The US prosecution has effectively criminalised journalistic activity. There is a political persecution against Julian, and in this process, a new standard has been set by which journalists everywhere are at risk, not just because they might risk being extradited to the United States, but also because it has created a new global standard.

The US has long been a defender of free speech, but it is now furthering the most dangerous attack on free speech, both legal and political, through this case that reaches beyond its borders and into foreign jurisdictions. Foreign countries will take advantage of this and apply the same principles. So if you can go after journalists anywhere, you just need a cooperative government, and there are plenty of countries who persecute dissidents and want to persecute journalists, and have cooperative allies within the European space. It’s a terrible case for press freedom and for what it means in Europe. It also sends the signal that not only will there never be justice for the victims of crimes committed by states, and anyone who acts with a conscience in exposing those war crimes will be hounded and punished by the perpetrator of those war crimes. It is a complete inversion of everything that democratic countries say they stand for.

Permalink RE: Nuclear DisInfo

Russian MFA Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: Mechanisms for information attacks with a new thesis that target the public space have been launched in the West at the highest level in a transboundary and trans-format manner. The thesis is primitive and completely horrifying: the Russians are threatening a nuclear war, and the Russians are waving the nuclear stick. Do I even need to say that this thesis is absolutely incorrect and false? Apparently, I do.

They are pushing this exact thesis because it plays on basic human fears, the experience of the older generation, which throughout the second half of the 20th century was bracing for the Third World War against global communism, and Western youth, for which their respective governments have come up with a new mechanism called “cancel culture” (cancelling everything Russian this time). Moreover, the West absolutely does not care what Moscow says, and the meaning of words is distorted and outwardly perverted. Let’s consider the specifics. [Also on MFA Telegram]

US Ambassador Sullivan slams Lavrov’s recent statement as ‘nuclear blackmail’ (TASS)

Permalink White House NSA Organizes Security Summit With 50 Nation Peers to Discuss Future of the Internet

What could possibly go wrong when the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, organizes a “minister level launch of the Declaration for the Future of the Internet.” Put more succinctly, that would be 50 nation intelligence ministers getting together to decide what they will permit on the internet. Apparently, a collective partner rule book is forthcoming. Big Tech will be given specific instructions on how to comply. The global rulebook on how to handle, define and eliminate ‘disinformation’, ‘misinformation’ and ‘malinformation’ on the world-wide internet.

Comment by American Buddhist Net: I don’t trust them for a second and expect them to use some illusion of consensus to impose an international standard on USA, thus subverting the First Amendment. Pretty sure the launch will be 100% PR mind-control and that Deep State-driven standards will be “agreed upon” behind the scenes. I hope Musk and Trump can find ways to avoid complying with these standards as a matter of principle and also as protection against inevitable overreach sure to come in the future.


Permalink Medical emergencies’ in Berlin’s road traffic accident stats are piling up

Since the 1970s, the number of road deaths in Germany and Austria has dropped by almost 90 percent. But now there are apparently signs of a trend reversal – and a nasty suspicion is doing the rounds.

After the person involved in the accident has been admitted to hospital, a hitherto very rare explanation then emerges, which, as is well known, has also been accumulating on sports fields for a good year: the patient suffered a “medical emergency”. Mostly heart attacks are diagnosed, more rarely strokes and pulmonary embolisms. The number of unreported cases is still unclear. [...] The bottom line is that in the second year of the vaccination campaign, vaccinated people could become a greater risk factor than drunk drivers. It is therefore necessary to systematically examine accident statistics for accumulating vaccination consequences.

Permalink UK Govt Threatens to Ban Twitter And Potentially Jail Elon Musk If He Allows Free Speech

The UK on Tuesday threatened to ban Twitter altogether and potentially jail Elon Musk if he violates their incoming "Online Safety Bill" by allowing free speech on his platform. The move came just hours after the EU threatened to ban Twitter entirely if Musk allows free speech on the platform and the US threatened to "reform" Section 230 to hold social media companies "accountable" for the "harms they cause."


Permalink A World Economic Forum Young Global Leader bought Twitter

A World Economic Forum Young Global Leader bought Twitter...MORE


Permalink Google Launches “Inclusive Language” Function To Censor Politically Incorrect Words

Big (Brother) Person is watching your language and you could get your (mouth washed out with soap) language corrected if you’re not careful. For many, being (forced) nudged to used “politically correct” language will lead to politically correct thinking and politically correct actions.

Google has launched an ‘inclusive language’ function designed to avoid the use of politically incorrect words. Users typing ‘landlord’ will see a warning that it ‘may not be inclusive to all readers’ with the suggestion they should try ‘property owner’ or ‘proprietor’ instead. The word ‘humankind’ is a suggested alternative to what the online giant apparently sees as the controversial term ‘mankind’. Gender specific terms such as ‘policemen’ or ‘housewife’ should also be replaced by ‘police officers’ and ‘stay-at-home spouse’, according to the new Google Document style programme. It is now being rolled out to what the firm calls enterprise-level users.

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