Permalink Freedom of speech has disappeared in Europe – ex-Austrian FM to RT panel

The continent has “lost its soul,” Karin Kneissl has argued | Freedom of speech and other key liberties have disappeared in Europe and will not return any time soon, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl has said during a panel organized by RT as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

💬 Europe was previously “a dreamland” for people in other parts of the world due to its “constitutionalism, freedom, equality of women and men, security and welfare state,” Kneissl said during the discussion on Friday. “Well, sorry to say, but all that is gone… what Europe was is gone, and I deplore it,” she stated. According to the former diplomat, who was in charge of Austria’s Foreign Ministry between 2017 and 2019, the continent “has lost its soul… it has sold its soul.”

RT hosted a discussion titled ‘The Empire of Evil: Has the West Successfully Demonized Russia?’ as part of the 2024 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The event featured several high-profile speakers, including former UN Special Commission weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who was prevented by the US authorities from coming to Russia to participate in the forum, as well as Tara Reade – a former aide to Joe Biden – and the great nephew of Otto von Bismarck, Alexander von Bismarck.


Permalink Ukraine Prepares Provocation in Kherson With Staging Death of Civilians - Underground

A group of filmmakers and war correspondents arrived in the city of Kherson from Kiev to promptly stage the deaths of civilians allegedly caused by Russian army strikes to further accuse Russia of civilian causalities, a spokesperson of the pro-Russian underground in Kherson told Sputnik on Monday. 💬 "On May 28, a group of documentary filmmakers and war correspondents totaling 13 people arrived from Kiev to the city of Kherson for an operational staging of the Russian army's strikes on the city's civilian infrastructure. During the missile strikes of the Russian armed forces on the places of temporary deployment of the Ukrainian army units, a staging of civilian casualties in medical, educational and other social institutions of the city was planned with further accusation of Russia in the deaths of civilians," the spokesperson said. Those who arrived in the city were trained in the field of information and psychological influence under the guidance of UK and US specialists, the underground added.


Permalink Director of Clooney Foundation's "Docket Project" to Seek Arrest of Pro-Russian JOURNALISTS

Journalists may be detained by Europol | Anna Neistat, the legal director of the Clooney Foundation's Docket Project, says that the criminal code of some European countries has an article on "spreading war propaganda." The foundation is preparing requests to initiate proceedings in countries where such norms exist.  If an arrest warrant is issued, journalists will be detained throughout Europe by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol). Read that again: Journalists will be detained by Europol.  In addition: the names of journalists to be prosecuted are not disclosed, so a person may travel to said European country, unaware that there is an arrest warrant out for them. The foundation says they are "the most obvious Russian propagandists, the most prominent among them" but will not name who.


Permalink Ukraine asks US to help locate targets in Russia

Ukrainian lawmakers are also pushing for the use of US weapons in cross-border strikes, the New York Times said | Kiev has urged Washington to provide intelligence on targets on Russian soil, as the Ukrainian Armed Forces lose ground on the battlefield, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, saying US administration officials have begun “to review” the request.  In addition, members of Ukraine's parliament have approached lawmakers in Washington, requesting the green light to use US-provided weapons in strikes on Russia, the paper wrote, citing US and Ukrainian officials.  The Russian offensive in Kharkov Region was facilitated by the US restrictions, which are “handcuffing the Ukrainian war effort,” Kiev’s delegation told Congress, according to [the CIA's] news website Politico Despite such requests being turned down in the past, administration officials are now reviewing the latest requests, the NYT wrote.

As Russia Advances, NATO Considers Sending Trainers Into Ukraine (New York Times)
West ‘playing with fire’ – Moscow (RT.com)
Russia warns US, EU, Kiev they are playing with fire — MFA about Ukrainian strikes (TASS)


Permalink Gideon Falter, Campaign Against Antisemitism instruments of the Zionist entity

David Miller | The Campaign Against Antisemitism is a covert instrument of the foreign policy objectives of the illegitimate and genocidal Zionist regime. It should be shut down. | Gideon Falter had his face plastered all over the British mainstream media after he tried to provoke a confrontation with thousands of anti-genocide protestors in central London on April 13. A specially edited video produced by his organisation the Campaign for Antisemitism, was released to the media 5 days after the march. It caused a deluge of headlines on the "shocking moment" police threatened to arrest Falter "simply" for being "quite openly Jewish". This narrative dominated all major news outlets for some five days, until Sky News published a much longer video, lasting 13 minutes, which showed the encounter in context. This started to change the story.


Permalink Al Mayadeen obtains a copy of the mediated Palestinian-Israeli deal

The details of the comprehensive 'framework deal' between the Palestinian Resistance and the Israeli occupation have been provided to Al Mayadeen. | Al Mayadeen has acquired the details of the latest proposed deal between the Palestinian Resistance and the Israeli occupation, specifically related to the prisoner exchange deal and related clauses.  The framework of the agreement aims to achieve the release of all Israeli civilian and military captives, be they dead or alive, held in the Gaza Strip. The agreement will not only encompass captives taken on October 7 but all Israeli captives.  Primarily, the deal's objective is to achieve calm in the area and work on reaching a ceasefire, the document acquired by Al Mayadeen explains.


Permalink Twitter is demanding biometric authentication for Mike Yeadon

Twitter and Google Censorship - Mike Yeadon has been scrubbed from the internet
FULL MIKE YEADON INTERVIEW HERE - https://www.bitchute.com/video/TRSj4avw1OfK/

Dr. Michael Yeadon (On Another World Is Possible)


Permalink Leaked NYT Style Guide Reveals Biased Reporting on Palestine-Israel Conflict

A leaked memo reveals the depth of the controversial newspaper’s anti-Palestinian bias. | A shocking internal style guide from The New York Times was leaked this week, revealing the depth of the controversial newspaper’s bias regarding the Palestine-Israel conflict.

💬 “I’ve closely monitored the paper’s slanted coverage for more than a decade, and I admit to being stunned by this,” wrote Mondoweiss editor James North. “Arguably the worst example of bias is the Times’s directive that its reports should ‘avoid’ using the phrase ‘occupied territory’ when describing Palestinian land.”


Permalink Israel ‘badly miscalculated’ Iranian response to Damascus strike – New York Times

Israeli officials say they didn’t see a strike on a high-level Iranian target in Syria as a provocation, and did not give Washington a heads-up about it until right before it happened. | [...] The Israelis had badly miscalculated, thinking that Iran would not react strongly, according to multiple American officials who were involved in high-level discussions after the attack, a view shared by a senior Israeli official. On Saturday, Iran launched a retaliatory barrage of more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel, an unexpectedly large-scale response, if one that did minimal damage.  Even after it became clear that Iran would retaliate, U.S. and Israeli officials initially thought the scale of the response would be fairly limited, before scrambling to revise their assessment again and again. Now the focus is on what Israel will do next — and how Iran might respond.

IRGC warns of 'tit-for-tat' retaliation if Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities (PressTV)
Iran readies 1000 ballistic missiles, declaring, "We're crazier than you think" (albawaba.com)


Permalink Google workers arrested after protesting company’s giant deal with Israel

Police have arrested nine Google employees at the tech giant’s offices in New York City and Sunnyvale, California, after they staged an hours-long sit-in in protest against the company’s recent billion-dollar deal with the Israeli regime. | The protesters entered the offices on Tuesday, demanding that Google drop the $1.2 billion contract that provides Israel with cloud and machine learning services, known as Project Nimbus.  The employees who participated in the sit-ins wore shirts that said “Drop Project Nimbus”, as they held a banner reading “No tech for genocide.”  No Tech for Apartheid group which organized the protest said the protesters sat in the office of Google Cloud Chief Executive Thomas Kurian in Sunnyvale and remained there for about 10 hours.


Permalink CNN report on Gaza 'Flour Massacre' reveals Israeli disinformation drive

CNN investigation, with accounts from multiple eyewitnesses and expert forensic analysis of video footage of the incident, seeks to challenge Israeli military's claims that more than 110 killings resulted from stampede rather than direct gunfire. | A CNN investigation has unveiled significant discrepancies in the Israeli military's account of a devastating incident on February 29 in Gaza, now widely referred to as the "Flour Massacre."  The CNN report, substantiated by eyewitness testimonies and video evidence, raises serious questions about the transparency of Netanyahu's extremist government, casting doubt on their official narrative.

Al least 19 Palestinians killed as Israeli troops open fire on Gaza aid seekers (03/24/24)
US gave Israel ‘green light’ for Gaza aid carnage: Hamas official (03/03/24)
For What It's Worth, Israel admits army shot dead over 100 Palestinians seeking aid (03/02/24)

Permalink The New York Times fires a journalist who supported turning Gaza into a “slaughterhouse”

After a series of scandals, The New York Times fires a journalist who supported turning Gaza into a “slaughterhouse” | Israeli journalist Anat Schwartz supported a post on social media platforms calling for turning the Gaza Strip into a “slaughterhouse” She was also criticized for her role in publishing a false report about sexual violence in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. Schwartz is not primarily a journalist, and she previously worked for Israeli Air Force intelligence (social networking sites) It was later revealed that Schwartz does not have the experience that qualifies her to work with one of the most important newspapers in the world on a subject of such importance.

Permalink 'Germany disturbing critical Palestine Congress in Berlin' —organisers

Organisers of the event have called for an immediate cessation of all military aid from Germany to Israel and a comprehensive military embargo on Tel Aviv. | The German government is actively and illicitly trying to stop or delay a Palestine Congress in Berlin from happening, an organiser of the event has said. There is “pressure from the federal government” to cancel the Palestine Congress, Nadija Samour told Anadolu on Friday. She also accused Berlin of intentionally delaying the start of the congress, citing technical reasons as a pretext.


Permalink Reporting Under Siege: Israel’s War on Journalists in Gaza

Nader Durgham | Much of the news from the war on Gaza has come from local journalists, and their reporting has come at a historically high cost. | “The most difficult day to cover: bombardment, destruction, massacres, and arrests after long months of siege and starvation,” wrote Al Jazeera correspondent Anas Al-Sharif on X, as he was covering Israel’s latest raid on Al-Shifa Hospital and its surroundings in Gaza City on March 18. His colleague Ismail Al-Ghoul was abducted from the hospital along with other journalists by Israeli forces. He was reportedly stripped off his clothes and severely beaten before being released 12 hours later. The army “interrogated all the journalists present at the scene,” according to Al-Sharif, who had to then report on the abduction of another one of his colleagues, Mahmoud Aliwa.  This was yet another episode of Israel’s devastating war on Gaza which has killed over 31,000 Palestinians and injured over 74,000 since October 7. The death rate along with the massive scale of destruction has led to accusations of genocide against Israel, including one at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


Permalink Watch live from High Court as Julian Assange to discover whether extradition appeal can go ahead (Ended)

Watch live from outside London’s High Court on Tuesday 26 March as the court is expected to hand down its ruling on whether Julian Assange will be able to appeal against extradition from Britain to the United States. | The WikiLeaks founder faces extradition over an alleged conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information following the publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents relating to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. In a January 2021 ruling, then-district judge Vanessa Baraitser said that Mr Assange should not be sent to America, citing a real and “oppressive” risk of suicide, while ruling against him on all other issues. But later that year, US authorities won their High Court bid to overturn this block, paving the way towards his extradition.

London Court Rules Assange Can Continue to Challenge Extradition to US (Sputnik News)
Knight Institute Reacts to British Court Ruling Allowing Julian Assange to Appeal Extradition to the U.S.
Assange Extradition Ruling: UK Judges Delay Decision, Ask US For Fresh Assurances (News18)
UK court orders delay to extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to US on espionage charges
A London court will rule on whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can challenge extradition to the US


Permalink Here’s why Western media ‘coverage’ of Russia is incredibly dangerous

Glenn Diesen | The self-deception practiced by journalists writing about the country is leading to dire consequences | Western media coverage of every Russian election is bad. But this time it was even worse than usual. Instead of lashing out at the incompetence on display, it's more constructive to explore why rational discussions about the country continue to appear impossible. Not to mention the dire consequences of the ongoing self-delusion. [...] We expect journalists to be objective in their reporting of reality, which is especially important during war. But this seems to be almost impossible, especially during conflicts. When human beings experience external threats, their herd instincts are triggered as society demands group loyalty and we punish those who deviate. The political obedience demanded during war time usually results in the weakening of freedom of speech, the role of journalism, and democracy.


Permalink The EU adopts a ‘Media Freedom’ law, where ‘freedom’ doesn’t mean what you think it does

Rachel Marsden | The act, like most of the bloc’s virtue signaling, is the opposite of what its name ought to herald | The EU’s new Media Freedom Act has now been voted into law, with 464 votes for, 92 against, and 65 abstentions.  There are some news outlets whose coverage of the vote I’d like to see. Like RT’s, where you’re reading this right now. But anyone who’s viewing this from inside the European Union’s bastion of democracy and freedom is likely doing so via a VPN connection routed through somewhere outside the bloc, to circumvent its press censorship.  Nothing in this new law suggests that this will change, or that there will be increased access to information and analysis for the average person. Such improved freedoms might lead to people making up their own minds rather than having various flavors of a similar narrative served up for mass consumption. As has become par for the course in so-called Western democracies, inconvenient facts and analysis will still be dismissed as “disinformation” and criticism of the establishment still qualified as an effort to sow division – as though dissent itself wasn’t supposed to be proof of a healthy and vibrant democracy.  So, now that we’ve gotten out of the way any hope of lifting the EU’s top-down censorship in the absence of due process, exactly what kind of lip service does this new law pay to the lofty notion of media freedom?

Permalink Germany trying to stop its citizens seeing Russia for themselves – Moscow

The travel advice was due to the “continuing deterioration of the situation in the country,” according to Berlin | The German Foreign Ministry has updated its travel advice for Russia, “and now strongly” discourages German citizens and persons with dual citizenship from visiting the country. Previously, Berlin had only advised against traveling to Russia. According to a ministry press release, issued on Thursday, the change was due to the continuing deterioration of the situation in Russia, including “arbitrary arrests being observed more and more frequently.” The new notice also warns against travel to Russia’s regions bordering Ukraine, which along with Moscow, have been the target of repeated drone attacks in recent months. “Further attacks cannot be ruled out,” including on the public transport network, the press release warned.

Ukraine to spend millions of dollars blocking Russian TV (RT.com)


Permalink WEF Demands Governments Make ‘Concerted Effort’ to Silence Critics

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has issued a demand for governments and Big Tech companies to make a “concerted effort” to silence critics of the unelected globalist organization’s agenda. | The WEF claims that it is seeking to stamp out wrongthink as part of its alleged fight against so-called “disinformation.” Klaus Schwab’s organization is now insisting that global governments, media, tech companies, and civil society must ramp up efforts for the “anti-disinformation” campaign. In a statement, the WEF argues that “disinformation” is a threat to “our ecosystem.” The Switzerland-based group wants “experts” to explain to world leaders and bureaucrats how to “curb” opposition to the globalist agenda. [...] The WEF blames digital technology and what it calls a “fragmented media ecosystem” for the supposedly unprecedented amounts of “disinformation.”

Permalink Canada to Sentence Citizens to ‘Life Imprisonment’ for ‘Hate’

The Canadian government is rapidly advancing plans to usher in full-blown tyranny and will soon begin sentencing citizens to life in prison if they are found guilty of committing the “crime” of so-called “hate” | Many are likening the new laws to George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” as Canada will soon start handing out severe penalties for wrongthink. The push for life sentences is part of “liberal” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “anti-hate” legislation. The shocking new law, buried in bill C-6, states:

💬 Everyone who commits an offense under this act or any other act of Parliament, if the commission of the offense is motivated by hatred based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, is guilty of an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for life.

However, the bill only gets worse the further you read. The new law will also offer cash bribes to members of the public “anonymously” snitch on their fellow citizens for committing “hate.” The bill states:

💬 It [C-6 bill] allows someone to make a complaint of a discrimination anonymously … if that hateful complaint is found legit, a maximum of 20,000 [Canadian] dollars goes to that person.


Permalink TASS analyzes world media reaction to leaked Taurus missile talk among Bundeswehr officers

In Germany itself, many news outlets described the incident as a major scandal that could impair Berlin’s reputation | The leak of a conversation among senior Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) officers, who were discussing a potential Ukrainian strike on Russia’s Crimean Bridge using German-supplied Taurus missiles, has evoked a major response worldwide. TASS has analyzed coverage of the developing story by over 150 media outlets from countries across the globe.

German Defense Ministry uses ‘1234’ as password (RT.com)
Germany yet to be ‘denazified’ – Zakharova (RT.com)
Russia May ‘Track & Target’ SCALP Transfers to Ukraine After Audio Leak - Report (03/04/24)
Germany preparing for war with Russia – Medvedev (03/03/24)
German healthcare system should prepare for war – minister (03/03/24)
German army discussed strike on Crimean Bridge, leaked audio purportedly indicates (03/02/24)


Permalink Video: Israel used Moldova footage in Gaza aid tweet, Compare & Contrast

Permalink Israeli narration of attack on Gaza aid seekers unconvincing: Report

The Israeli regime's account of the attack on Palestinians who were awaiting aid on the Nabulsi roundabout near al-Rashid Street in Gaza is unconvincing, media outlets have reported. | Following the brutal attack on Gaza on Thursday on al-Rashid Street, 112 civilians were martyred and over 700 others were wounded.  In the wake of the al-Rashid massacre, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported late on Friday that the Zionist regime's response to what happened was accompanied by an unacceptable 10-hour delay.  Whether the fatal incident in the northern Gaza Strip was intentional or unintentional, it has the potential to alter the dynamics of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, according to the source.  More international reactions against the Israeli moves are expected in which the communities are going to call for armistice in the Gaza war, the newspaper added.

'It's not true': 'Be'eri' kibbutz spox on sexual abuse claims on Oct.7 (Al Mayadeen)
UN: Large Number of Gunshot Wounds among Gaza Food Aid Injured (03/04/24)
For What It's Worth, Israel admits army shot dead over 100 Palestinians seeking aid (03/02/24)

Permalink Meta: An extension of Western governments

Evidence obtained by the Tehran Times shows politicians manage Meta’s content | Western-based social media platforms like Facebook have been positioning themselves as innocuous and neutral platforms that at times get misused and taken advantage of by malicious users.  When Facebook was accused of giving rise to violence against Muslims in Myanmar, which eventually led to the massacre of over 25,000 people, it attributed the situation to its ignorance of human rights risks. Sometime after that in 2019, the platform announced it was establishing a “Strategic Response Team (SRT)” to help prevent the spread of hate speech and avoid fueling another genocide.  In the most recent genocide taking place, however, Facebook is once again being accused of stifling truth and enabling deadly violence. Figures show that since the beginning of Israel’s latest war on Gaza, Meta has subjected pro-Palestinian accounts and posts to systematic censorship while turning a blind eye to Israeli accounts promoting racism and Islamophobia.  Over 90% of pro-Palestinian content has been deleted in the past 150 days. The company also removed the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei last month, in response to his vocal position on Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza.


Permalink Worthy vs. Unworthy Victims: Study Reveals Media’s Selective Coverage of Navalny and Lira

Alan Macleod | Round-the-Clock Coverage vs Radio Silence | A new MintPress News study of media coverage of the deaths of American journalist and commentator Gonzalo Lira and Russian political leader Alexey Navalny has found that the establishment U.S. press overwhelmingly ignored the former and focussed on the latter. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News and CNN collectively ran 731 segments on Navalny between February 16 and February 22, compared to just one on Lira since his death on January 12, perhaps because one was a Western-backed figure who died at the hands of an official enemy state, while the other was a pro-Russian voice who met their end at the hands of the Ukrainian government.  The study compared the coverage of Navalny and Lira’s death in five leading outlets: the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News, and CNN. These outlets were chosen for their reach and influence and, together, could be said to reasonably represent the corporate media spectrum as a whole. The data was compiled using the Dow Jones Factiva news database and searches on the websites of the news organizations. This study takes no position on the matter of Navalny, Lira, or the Russia-Ukraine war.

Ukraine Military Intelligence Chief Says Navalny Died of a Blood Clot (antiwar.com)


Permalink US ‘Always Planned’ For Assange to Die in Prison

On Tuesday, the final appeal for WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange to avoid extradition to the United States began. Days earlier, his wife and lawyer, Stella Assange, warned that if the journalist is not released soon, the stress of the case and his confinement could kill him, adding that he “will die” if extradited to the US.

💬 “His health is in decline, mentally and physically. His life is at risk every single day he stays in prison, and if he’s extradited, he will die,” Stella Assange said at a media briefing in London.

Julian Assange, an Australian national, could face up to 175 years in prison if extradited to the United States on espionage charges.  But the US has no plans for Assange to stand trial in the United States, Dan Kovalik, a professor, human rights lawyer and peace activist told Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Tuesday.

💬 “If [Julian Assange] is sent to the US, they’re just going to delay the trial as long as they can so that they can guarantee that he’ll die in jail,” Kovalik explained. “That’s always been the plan.”


Permalink Israeli minister says ‘necessary procedures' prepared to close Al Jazeera

Knesset discusses bill allowing closure of foreign media seen harming "Israel's national security" | Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi said Wednesday that the government has prepared the “necessary procedures” to close the Qatar-funded Al Jazeera television.  This came during a session held by the National Security Committee in the Knesset (Israel's parliament) to discuss a bill allowing Karhi “to order the closure of a media outlet if it is found as harming national security.” [...] Under the bill, the communications minister will be empowered to shut down foreign networks operating in Israel and confiscate their equipment if the defense minister identifies that their broadcast poses “an actual harm to the state's security.”


Permalink Ex-UN Expert: If Assange is Extradited to US No Journalist in World Will Be Safe

Ekaterina Blinova | WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may be extradited to the US in the wake of the two-day hearing at London's High Court. What would that mean for freedom of speech? | A legal team of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is fighting to prevent his extradition to the US where he will face 17 counts of espionage and one charge of computer misuse.  Assange, who made classified data provided to him by Chelsea (born Bradley) Manning in 2010 public, shedding light on the US' alleged war crimes during its invasions and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, could receive a prison term of up to 175 years.

💬 "If Assange were to be extradited to the United States, no journalist in the world would be safe," Alfred de Zayas, professor of international law in Geneva, former UN independent expert on international order (2012-18), and a retired senior lawyer with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, told Sputnik.  "Essentially it would mean that any journalist who publishes information that the US government does not like would be subject to persecution and prosecution. His extradition would set a very toxic precedent that the core principle of refugee law and asylum law no longer protects persons who have a well-documented fear of persecution, as codified in article 1 of the Geneva Refugee Convention."

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