Permalink TASS analyzes world media reaction to leaked Taurus missile talk among Bundeswehr officers

In Germany itself, many news outlets described the incident as a major scandal that could impair Berlin’s reputation | The leak of a conversation among senior Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) officers, who were discussing a potential Ukrainian strike on Russia’s Crimean Bridge using German-supplied Taurus missiles, has evoked a major response worldwide. TASS has analyzed coverage of the developing story by over 150 media outlets from countries across the globe.

German Defense Ministry uses ‘1234’ as password (RT.com)
Germany yet to be ‘denazified’ – Zakharova (RT.com)
Russia May ‘Track & Target’ SCALP Transfers to Ukraine After Audio Leak - Report (03/04/24)
Germany preparing for war with Russia – Medvedev (03/03/24)
German healthcare system should prepare for war – minister (03/03/24)
German army discussed strike on Crimean Bridge, leaked audio purportedly indicates (03/02/24)


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