Permalink Day 196 | During the past 24 hours...

War on Gaza: A cruel month of massacres for Palestinians as the US mask is ripped off (Ammiel Alcalay)(MEE)

Permalink Israeli Oppression in Gaza Continues: 34,049 Dead and 76,901 Injured in 197 Days of Aggression

As the humanitarian crisis worsens in the Gaza Strip, the 196th day of Israeli occupation has brought more bloodshed and suffering to the region. With over 34,000 dead and nearly 77,000 injured since October 7, the Israeli occupation forces are showing no signs of slowing down. | In the past 24 hours alone, Israeli occupation forces have committed four massacres in Gaza, leaving 37 dead and 68 injured. Air strikes and artillery shelling have devastated the area, with civilians being the primary targets of these brutal attacks.  The situation has become dire, with more than 90% of the population displaced and struggling to survive amidst the siege. The Ministry of Health has reported that there are still victims trapped in the rubble, unable to receive medical assistance due to ongoing attacks.  Israeli warplanes continue to bomb residential areas, leaving families devastated and cities in ruins. The people of Gaza are living in fear as the violence escalates, with no end in sight. To make matters worse, the Gaza Strip is facing a severe water crisis. With all water wells in the city shut down due to fuel shortages, residents are now facing extreme thirst.

War on Gaza: A cruel month of massacres for Palestinians as the US mask is ripped off (Ammiel Alcalay)(MEE)

Permalink Iraqi Resistance launches drone attack against Eilat port

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has confirmed that the attack came in response to the aggression against the PMF, and in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza. | The Islamic Resistance in Iraq launched a drone attack against a strategic Israeli target in the '48 Israeli-occupied territories in response to the Israeli attack against a military base where a Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) group was deployed.  In a statement on its Telegram channel, the Iraqi Resistance adopted the operation against the Eilat port on Saturday morning, noting that it was in response to the violation of Iraqi sovereignty, the aggression against the PMF, and in support of Gaza against the Israeli massacres and genocide against Palestinians in the Strip.


Permalink Leaked NYT Style Guide Reveals Biased Reporting on Palestine-Israel Conflict

A leaked memo reveals the depth of the controversial newspaper’s anti-Palestinian bias. | A shocking internal style guide from The New York Times was leaked this week, revealing the depth of the controversial newspaper’s bias regarding the Palestine-Israel conflict.

💬 “I’ve closely monitored the paper’s slanted coverage for more than a decade, and I admit to being stunned by this,” wrote Mondoweiss editor James North. “Arguably the worst example of bias is the Times’s directive that its reports should ‘avoid’ using the phrase ‘occupied territory’ when describing Palestinian land.”


Permalink How British ‘charities’ are aiding Israeli genocide in Gaza

David Miller | The genocide in Gaza is being perpetrated by the so-called ‘Israel Defense Forces’. The whole world is appalled. Yet, in the UK, there are organizations raising money to support the genocidal occupation forces. | The Association for Israel’s Soldiers is based in occupied Palestine and claims to be the sole avenue through which donations can be made directly to IDF soldiers and IDF units. These donations come from Zionists in Palestine as well as from the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France, and the UK.  The UK Friends of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel Soldiers (AWIS) is a registered charity that is obliged by law to show public benefit. Its charitable objects include relief of need and suffering, advancement of education, and provision of facilities for recreation of the occupation forces.  It does this by providing Mobile Synagogues, recreational facilities for injured genocidaires, free holidays, free student scholarships, mobile Gym, and rest and recreation facilities. Among the benefits are swimming pools including the one promoted in a video on Facebook in May last year. In the video, AWIS says they “created a swimming pool in the heart of the desert for the training base of the artillery corps.” Meanwhile, drinking water in Gaza has been cut off for more than three months.

13 British Lords Linked to Israel’s Arms Trade (John McEvoy)(04/17/24)

Permalink Over 5,000 Palestinians nabbed in Gaza since October 7

The Gaza Government Media Office has declared that the Israeli regime’s army has arrested and incarcerated more than 5,000 Palestinians in the besieged strip since October 7, 2023. | According to the Palestine Al-Youm news website, the media office stated on the occasion of the Palestinian Prisoner's Day, announcing that the Israeli regime arrested more than 5,000 Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Gaza war.  The media office urged all Palestinian, Arab, and international media outlets to highlight the issue of Palestinian inmates, who are imprisoned in prisons of the occupying regime. It also called on the international community to take on its ethical, humanitarian, and legal responsibilities. The office called for immediate intervention of the international community when it comes to the matter of mistreatment and torture of Palestinian prisoners, in particular sick prisoners.

Abduct, imprison, repeat: Israel systematically imprisons Palestinians on false or no charges (In Gaza)
3,000+ Palestinians from Gaza detained, tortured in Israeli prisons (04/16/24)


Permalink Erdoğan accuses Israel of seeking to spread conflict throughout entire region

The Turkish leader slammed Israel’s actions in Gaza as genocide and said that the only way to ease tension in the region is to stop it 💬 [Erdoğan] stressed that it is necessary to identify the root of the problem in the region "rather than judge only by what happened on the night of April 13," when Iran conducted its operation against Israel. "No one spoke up after the attack on the Iranian embassy, but for several countries. But a race of accusing Iran’s retaliation started immediately. But first of all, it is necessary to blame [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu who killed 34,000 innocent people in Gaza. Netanyahu and his cannibalish administration are the ones who are responsible for what happened on April 13." [...] "Long before the current developments with mass killings, Turkey banned the sale of any materials that can be used for military purposes to Israel."

Permalink 13 British Lords Linked to Israel’s Arms Trade

JOHN McEVOY | Over a dozen members of Britain’s unelected upper chamber work for, or profit from, arms firms linked to Israel. | Seven peers work for arms firms involved with Israel’s weapons trade, while another six hold shares in companies that supply the Israeli military, our research into the House of Lords has found. The value of these individual shareholdings is likely to be over £100,000 each, and is certain to have increased since 7 October. Among the peers are two former defence ministers, an ex-cabinet secretary and two retired heads of the UK armed forces.  Our revelation raises concerns about how British parliamentarians are financially benefiting from the suffering in Gaza, with activists accusing them of “profiting from genocide”. Campaign Against Arms Trade expressed alarm at how these unelected legislators could use their influence in Westminster to promote the interests of weapons manufacturers.


Permalink 3,000+ Palestinians from Gaza detained, tortured in Israeli prisons

"Israel" has been carrying out mass detention and torture campaigns against innocent Palestinian detainees from Gaza, while denying them any form of legal protection. | A recent investigation launched by Al Mezan showed that since October 7 and the genocidal war "Israel" has launched on Gaza, Israeli occupation forces abducted over 3,000 Palestinians in mass arrest campaigns.  Evidence shows that women, children, the elderly, as well as professionals, such as medical personnel, teachers, and journalists, were all targeted and subjected to extreme forms of torture. Al Mezan noted that no legal protection was provided for detainees, a blatant violation of human rights and international humanitarian law.

Horrifying cases of torture and degrading treatment of Palestinian detainees amid spike in arbitrary arrests
Torture, Executions, Babies Left to Die, Sexual Abuse… These Are Israel’s Crimes (03/18/24)
Iron bars, electric shocks, dogs and cigarette burns: How Palestinians are tortured in Israeli detention (03/12/24)

Permalink Iran to respond to any fresh Israeli mistake ‘within seconds’: Deputy FM

Iran's deputy foreign minister has warned that the Islamic Republic would respond to any fresh Israeli "mistake" against the country “within seconds.” | Ali Bagheri Kani, deputy foreign minister for political affairs, made the remarks in a televised interview on Monday. 💬 “In case of repetition of another mistake, they should expect a harsher, faster, and more immediate response,” he said. “This time, the Zionists should know this that they will not have a 12-day-long timespace,” the official noted, adding, “The response that they are going to receive [this time around] cannot be measured by [such time standards as] days or hours, but [will come in a matter of] seconds.” On April 1, the Israeli regime committed a terrorist attack against Iran’s diplomatic premises in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Israel prepares air force to hit Iran ‘clearly and forcefully’ in response to missile barrage: report (New York Post)
Smallest action against Iran to be met with severe response (Mehr News)
Iran ready to use weapon never used before (Mehr News)
Israeli media: Israel ‘totally defeated’ – and terrified of Iran (Skwawk Box)
Another Meeting of Israeli War Cabinet Has Begun - Response to Iran Strike (Hal Turner)
Iran's Strikes on Israeli Bases Establish Deterrence (Scott Ritter)


Permalink Israeli authorities release Palestinian after amputating his leg in custody

Israeli authorities released dozens of Palestinians back to Gaza today, having arbitrarily arrested them at different points throughout the war. One of them, Sofian Abu Saleh, had his leg amputated by Israeli forces during custody. "My leg got infected [in custody], and [the Israelis] refused to take me to a hospital," he said. "After seven days, the infection spread quickly, like gangrene, they then took me to the hospital on did an operation." Abu Saleh says he never suffered of any diseases that could have led to this infection. "I went into [detention] with my two legs, and have returned like this," he said, alluding to this one remaining leg.


Permalink Israeli settlers brutally attack Palestinian West Bank villages

Hordes of Israeli settlers attack villages in the West Bank hurling stones, firing their guns, and setting ablaze homes and cars. | Israeli settlers, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, attacked the homes of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank town of al-Mughayyir to the northeast of Ramallah, on Friday. Then, Al Mayadeen's correspondent reported that after withdrawing, the occupation forces re-stormed the West Bank village.  Multiple illegal settlers ransacked Palestinian property in al-Mughayyir, destroying and setting ablaze several cars, while opening fire from their rifles and guns on the homes of Palestinians in the village. At least one Palestinian man has been killed in the ongoing attack after he was shot by settlers in al-Mughayyir.


Permalink Iran starts offensive against Israel, dozens of missiles launched

Iran has launched Dozens of drones toward Israel, The Jerusalem Post said citing Israeli and US intelligence. Moreover, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari confirmed that Israel is ready to defend itself against the expected Iranian strike. | The Israeli army said that it is ready to shoot down Iranian drones which are expected to reach Tel Aviv's airspace in a few hours. Israeli airspace is closed until 7 a.m. on Sunday, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority said on Saturday night. Both Jordan and Iraq have also announced the temporary closure of their airspace amid fears of growing tension in the region. Iran has warned to respond to the Iranian consulate attack in Syria's Damascus during which seven Revolutionary Guards, two of them generals, were killed. Tehran blamed Israel for the attack and threatened to respond to the attack.

Massive power outage reported in Tel Aviv | News sources have told the Zionist regime's local media, a large part of Tel Aviv, the capital of occupied Palestine, went dark due to a power outage, Lebanese Al Mayadeen TV Network reported. A cyber hacking group by the name of "Cyber Avengers." has announced in an statement that it took responsibility for cutting off electricity in various parts of the occupied territories. The group emphasized that it carried out this cyber attack from the south to the north in response to the Zionist regime's crimes in Gaza.

Iran launches swarm of kamikaze drones at Israel – Axios (RT.com)
Iran attacks Israel: Live updates (RT.com)

Permalink Israel/OPT: Horrifying cases of torture and degrading treatment of Palestinian detainees amid spike in arbitrary arrests

Amnesty International has for decades documented widespread torture by Israeli authorities in places of detention across the West Bank. | [O]ver the past four weeks, videos and images have been shared widely online showing gruesome scenes of Israeli soldiers beating and humiliating Palestinians while detaining them blindfolded, stripped, with their hands tied, in a particularly chilling public display of torture and humiliation of Palestinian detainees.  In one image analysed by Amnesty International’s Crisis Evidence Lab, three Palestinian men, blindfolded and stripped of their clothes can be seen beside a soldier, wearing a green olive uniform like those worn by the Israeli ground forces. A Haaretz investigation published on 19 October found that the image was taken in Wadi al-Seeq, a village East of Ramallah, on 12 October. One of the three victims depicted in the photograph told Amnesty International that he had initially been held and beaten by settlers but two hours later an Israeli military jeep arrived: 💬 “One of the Israeli officers who came, approached me and kicked me on my left side, then jumped on my head with his two legs pushing my face further into the dirt and then continued kicking me as I was head down, into the dirt, with my hands tied behind my back. He then got a knife and tore all of my clothes off except for my underwear, and used part of my torn clothes to blindfold me. The beating to the rest of my body did not stop, at one point he started jumping on my back – three or four times – while yelling ‘Die, die you trash’ … in the end before this finally stopped, another officer urinated on my face and body while also yelling at us ‘to die’.”

Palestinians have died in detention facilities under the custody of the Israel Prison Services (PHRI))(.pdf)
Physician at Israeli Field Hospital for Detained Gazans: 'We Are All Complicit in Breaking Law' (Haaretz)

Permalink Israel reportedly bars items like crutches, croissants from entering Gaza

Humanitarian aid items blocked by Tel Aviv include anesthetics, chocolate croissants, generators for hospitals, maternity kits, power supply equipment and solar panels, reports Washington Post. | Israel has rejected or restricted access to aid items ranging from life-saving medical supplies to toys to chocolate croissants from entering the besieged Gaza, the Washington Post reported. The US news outlet contacted 25 aid groups, UN agencies and donor countries to ask about aid delivery to Gaza. Food, water and blankets do not require approvals, but agencies submit requests for items they think have a chance of being rejected, such as communications equipment and sanitation or shelter items.

Permalink CNN report on Gaza 'Flour Massacre' reveals Israeli disinformation drive

CNN investigation, with accounts from multiple eyewitnesses and expert forensic analysis of video footage of the incident, seeks to challenge Israeli military's claims that more than 110 killings resulted from stampede rather than direct gunfire. | A CNN investigation has unveiled significant discrepancies in the Israeli military's account of a devastating incident on February 29 in Gaza, now widely referred to as the "Flour Massacre."  The CNN report, substantiated by eyewitness testimonies and video evidence, raises serious questions about the transparency of Netanyahu's extremist government, casting doubt on their official narrative.

Al least 19 Palestinians killed as Israeli troops open fire on Gaza aid seekers (03/24/24)
US gave Israel ‘green light’ for Gaza aid carnage: Hamas official (03/03/24)
For What It's Worth, Israel admits army shot dead over 100 Palestinians seeking aid (03/02/24)

Permalink The New York Times fires a journalist who supported turning Gaza into a “slaughterhouse”

After a series of scandals, The New York Times fires a journalist who supported turning Gaza into a “slaughterhouse” | Israeli journalist Anat Schwartz supported a post on social media platforms calling for turning the Gaza Strip into a “slaughterhouse” She was also criticized for her role in publishing a false report about sexual violence in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. Schwartz is not primarily a journalist, and she previously worked for Israeli Air Force intelligence (social networking sites) It was later revealed that Schwartz does not have the experience that qualifies her to work with one of the most important newspapers in the world on a subject of such importance.


Permalink Dozens killed in Israeli bombing of Palestinian home in Gaza City

Israeli warplanes have conducted fresh air raids on the besieged Gaza Strip, killing a total of 30 Palestinians and wounding dozens. | The Palestinian WAFA news agency reported on Friday that 29 people lost their lives in the aerial assaults that targeted the Tabatibi family home in Gaza City's Daraj neighborhood.  Also on Friday, the report added, Israeli warplanes bombed areas in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, including a primary school. One civilian was killed and dozens more were injured in the Israeli strikes on the school housing displaced people. The injured were transferred to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah.  Earlier, Palestinian media reports said Israeli forces had bombed several parts of northern Gaza. The reports said some of the bombings occurred in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City, while a mosque in central Gaza City was also targeted.  Israeli forces also bombed a vacated residence in the Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza. Earlier, Al Jazeera reported that six people were killed after Israeli forces bombed the Firas market in Gaza City.  The Israeli strikes come amid growing calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, where more than six months of a brutal Israeli aggression has killed at least 33,634 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured 76,214 others.

Over 60 members of Gaza family killed in separate Israeli strikes (Digital Journal)

Permalink Resistant Factions Joined by Global Outcry Over Assassination of Haniyeh’s Sons

Various resistance groups erupt in a chorus of condemnation and condolence after an “Israeli” airstrike claimed the lives of Hamas’ leader, Ismail Hanieyh’s sons and his grandchildren. | On Wednesday, three sons and three grandchildren of Haniyeh, Hamas’ Political Bureau chief, were martyred in the strike that targeted a vehicle at the al-Shati refugee camp in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, which is enduring a genocidal “Israeli” war. The Islamic Jihad, Hamas’ fellow Gaza-based resistance movement, condemned the atrocity “in the strongest terms,” calling it...

💬 "...a “war crime” and a “barbaric massacre committed by the criminal Nazi entity.” “This cowardly operation confirms that the enemy is in a state of confusion as a result of the failure to achieve its goals on the ground, and seeks to compensate for it by directing the arrows of its blind hatred in revenge against the sons of the fighters and their families,” it added.

The group vowed that such acts of barbarity would only increase the resistance’s determination and steadfastness in committing to the rights of the Palestinian people. Such resistance, the Islamic Jihad asserted, would continue “until the occupation is defeated and the enemy is forced to stop the genocidal war.” The “Israeli” entity launched the war on Gaza on October 7 following Operation Al-Aqsa Flood by the territory’s resistance groups against the occupied territories. Nearly 33,500 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been martyred in the brutal military onslaught so far.

Hamas’ Haniyeh: Interests of Palestinians Our Only Priority (Alahed News)
Haniyeh says Hamas won’t back down on its goals after Israeli murder of his sons (04/11/24)

Permalink 'Israel Was Defeated': The Collapse of its AI Algorithm-led Wonder-Weapon

Israeli journalist, Yuval Abraham, has written a detailed, multiple-sourced detailing how the Israeli forces have marked tens of thousands of Gazans as suspects for assassination using an AI targeting system.

💬 “Formally, the Lavender system is designed to mark all suspected operatives in the military wings of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), including low-ranking ones, as potential bombing targets. The sources told +972 and Local Call that during the first weeks of the war, the army almost completely relied on Lavender, which clocked as many as 37,000 Palestinians as suspected militants — and their homes — for possible air strikes”.

💬 “During the early stages of the war, the army gave sweeping approval for officers to adopt Lavender’s kill lists, with no requirement to thoroughly check why the machine made those choices or to examine the raw intelligence data on which they were based. One source stated that human personnel often served only as a “rubber stamp” for the machine’s decisions, adding that, normally, they would personally devote only about “20 seconds” to each target before authorizing a bombing”.

‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza (04/04/24)

Permalink Leaked Documents Expose how Israeli war Ministers Created IDF Policy of Mass Killing With US Support

Nafeez Ahmed | US State Department documents show just how involved America is – and how they coached Israeli officials on how to undermine findings and defend themselves | Secret US State Department documents reveal how senior Israeli figures involved in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) campaign in Gaza, Operation Swords of Iron, played key roles in IDF military doctrines justifying the use of “disproportionate force” against civilians, with the knowledge and support of senior US Government officials.  The documents show that US officials have known for over a decade that a deliberate IDF policy of using disproportionate violence against civilians could result in targeting of civilian aid convoys, but worked to conceal this, creating a climate of impunity that has led to what many UN experts consider genocide in Gaza.  As early as 2010, in the wake of Operation Cast Lead’s destruction of significant swathes of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, US officials were privately told by independent Israeli legal and human rights experts that the IDF was incapable of conducting meaningful reforms to avoid breaches of international humanitarian law and that only “international pressure” on the Israeli Government could hold the IDF’s “senior leadership accountable”.

Permalink Sachs: If We Start Seizing Russian Assets, Kiss Goodbye To America's Role In The International Monetary System

💬 "...this war has destroyed Ukraine. And the longer it continues, the less there will be of Ukraine. It is very simple, if this goes on longer, Russia will capture more territory. If it goes on long enough, Russia will capture Odessa. Kiev, if we continue the way we're doing. This is a Biden project that goes back 10 years now, we'll completely destroy Ukraine. The idea that this is "siding with" Ukraine is absurd. Anyone who really follows events knows that we're not siding with Ukraine, we have paid for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to go to the front lines and die, for more and more territory to be lost. — Jeffrey Sachs


Permalink Haniyeh says Hamas won’t back down on its goals after Israeli murder of his sons

The head of the political bureau of Hamas says Israel’s assassination of his children will not make the Palestinian resistance group back down on its goals and demands in the latest round of talks aimed at reaching a truce in the Gaza war. | Ismail Haniyeh made the remarks in a phone interview with Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV network on Wednesday night, after an Israeli airstrike killed three of his sons — Hazem, Amir and Mohammad — and four grandchildren in the al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

💬 “Our demands are clear and specific and we will not make concessions on them. The enemy will be delusional if it thinks that targeting my sons, at the climax of the negotiations and before the movement sends its response, will push Hamas to change its position.”

“Israel” Murders 3 Sons of Hamas Chief Haniyeh in Gaza (Alahed News)
Death toll in Israeli airstrike on Hamas leader’s family rises to 7 (Anadolu)
Hamas Rejects US Truce Plan in Gaza, Will Present Its Own Plan (Sputnik News)
Israel killing Hamas leader’s sons proof of its brutality: Iran president (Iran Front Page)
Iran Top Gen.: Unable to Change Palestinians Calculations, “Israel” Resorts to Terror Crimes (Alahed News)

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