On "This Week," PLO Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi on the impact of the Israeli ground offensive and airstrikes on Gaza. || Khalid Amayreh Hamas: A convenient red herring for Jewish Nazism

Permalink List of Palestinians Killed: 7/8 - 8/1

This list is constantly updated due to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza since July 8th. The following 1196 names have been confirmed - the actual number is 1457. We realize the number of slain Palestinians is higher than this. The Ministry of Health has stated that a total of at least 1457 Palestinians have been killed. We are still awaiting confirmation of some names.

Killed Friday, August 1:

1. Abdul-Malek Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 58, Khan Younis.
2. Osama Abdul-Malek al-Farra, 34, Khan Younis.
3. Emad Abdul-Hafeth al-Farra, 28, Khan Younis.
4. Awatef Ezzeddin al-Farra, 29, Khan Younis.
5. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Farra, 12, Khan Younis.
6. Lojein Bassem al-Farra, 4, Khan Younis.
7. Yara Abdul-Salam al-Farra, 8, Khan Younis.
8. Nadine Mahmoud al-Farra, Khan Younis.
9. Abdullah Awad al-Breem, Khan Younis.
10. Mohammad Suleiman al-Breem, Khan Younis.
11. Maisoun Ra’fat al-Breem, Khan Younis.
12. Raed Abdul-Latif al-Qarra, Khan Younis.
13. Sami Suleiman al-Madani, Khan Younis.
14. Husam Suleiman al-Madani, Khan Younis.
15. Ahmad Salim Abdin, Khan Younis.
16. Mohammad Ahmad Hamad, Khan Younis.


Permalink Israeli Sniper Says He Killed 13 Palestinian Kids In One Day

An Israeli sniper has admitted to killing 13 children in the Gaza Strip in one day, as Tel Aviv continues its aerial and ground attacks in the besieged enclave. Posting on an Instagram account, David Ovadia released a photo of himself holding a sniper rifle. The image with his post, however, was deleted entirely by hackers from an anonymous group. The group has launched hundreds of attacks on Israeli websites over the past two years. The move was reportedly followed by the group’s cyber attacks on Israel's Mossad and Ministry of Military Affairs. The development comes as Tel Aviv claims that its military has been targeting Palestinian fighters from resistance group Hamas and described the growing death toll in the enclave as collateral damage.

Gilad Atzmon Poll Confirms -Israelis Love To Kill
Kevin Barrett Child-killing sociopaths of Israel
Jonathan Cook Is Killing Civilians Part Of Israel’s Plan?
Israeli MP: Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed
Rationales Justifying Collective Punishment of Amalek
Israeli lobby urges Americans to unconditionally back war in Gaza

Permalink US Provides More Heavy Explosives to Israel with which to Murder Palestinians

Paul Craig Roberts US Government Simultaneously Condemns Israel for Murdering Children in an UN Safe School and Grants Israel’s Request for More Heavy Explosives to be Used Against Palestinians || No sooner than the White House condemned the shelling of a United Nations-operated school in Gaza on Wednesday did news break that the Pentagon will supply the Israeli military with new ammunition to further their campaign on the war-ravaged city. That afternoon, CNN reported that the United States military will be honoring a request from Israel for assistance in the midst of their weeks-long campaign against militants from Hamas residing in Gaza City. According to the network, Pentagon officials have confirmed that the US will honor a request from Israel for several types of ammunition, including 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers. The exchange will not be an emergency sale, the unnamed officials said, and is coming from a stockpile of weapons maintained by the US in Israel worth more than $1 billion.

Henry Siegman: Israel’s offensive in Gaza ‘a slaughter of innocents
kenny's sideshow They Shoot Donkeys, Don't They?
Mike Head US rearms Israel as its war crimes mount in Gaza
US condemns shelling of UN school in Gaza but restocks Israeli ammunition
US resupplying Israel with ammunition even after condemning shelling of Gaza school
The US Is Stockpiling A Huge Cache Of Weapons In Israel [Apr. 23, 2012]


Permalink Congress Warns Obama Not to Push Israel for Ceasefire

Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip aren’t sitting well with Israeli hawks, and by extension that means they aren’t sitting well with the US Congress.
That’s got Congressional officials up in arms, pushing President Obama to stop trying to negotiate a ceasefire in the conflict, and instead to endorse Israel’s war unconditionally, and irrespective of how bad it gets.
Underscoring just how far they’ll go, Sen. Mark Kirk (R – IL) insisted he was totally comfortable with Israel killing thousands of civilians in the current war if it meant wiping out Hamas, saying it was “worth it.”

US resupplying Israel with ammunition even after condemning shelling of Gaza school

Permalink ‘World stands disgraced’: 20 killed in Israeli UN school shelling

Twenty people have been killed after a shell hit the UNRWA girls' school in Jabalia refugee camp, emergency services say. The UN condemned Israeli actions in the strongest possible terms, calling them a serious violation of international law. A UN official confirmed the shelling, saying that the missile hit a bathroom and two classrooms in the school, AFP reported. The outer wall of the complex was damaged by shellfire, and in a targeted classroom people were picking body parts off the blood-soaked floor, according to the agency’s correspondent in the area. More than one shell hit the school. The first in the courtyard and the second a section primarily used by female pupils, RT contributor Harry Fear reported from the scene. Currently, over five UN schools are caught in the fighting, he added. The shelling happened after 5:30am local time (02:30 GMT). Almost 15,000 Palestinians were forced to seek shelter in 83 UNRWA schools, according to the UN refugee agency.

1,300 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza
US resupplying Israel with ammunition even after condemning shelling of Gaza school
Wednesday alone, more than 90 people died in Gaza because of Israeli strikes
Bill Van Auken Israel carries out heaviest bombardment of Gaza war
Gilad Atzmon Poll Confirms -Israelis Love To Kill
Kevin Barrett Child-killing sociopaths of Israel
Jonathan Cook Is Killing Civilians Part Of Israel’s Plan?


Permalink Israel's rank and rotten fruit is being called fascism

Mike Carlton The onslaught is indiscriminate and unrelenting, with but one possible conclusion: Israel is not fighting the terrorists of Hamas. In defiance of the laws of war and the norms of civilised behaviour, it is waging its own war of terror on the entire Gaza population of about 1.7 million people. Call it genocide, call it ethnic cleansing: the aim is to kill Arabs.

Jerusalem Post: Poll: 86.5% of Israelis oppose cease-fire
Jerusalem Post: 94% supported the Gaza mass murders during Cast Lead [2008-2009]
PressTV: Israeli rabbi says killing civilians in Gaza is allowed

Permalink List of Palestinians Killed Between 7/8 and 7/28

This list is constantly updated due to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza since July 8th. The following 863 names have been confirmed. We realize the number of slain Palestinians is higher than this. The Ministry of Health has stated that a total of 1,049 Palestinians have been killed, and 6,233 injured as of 19:00 pm Sunday July 27th, but we are still awaiting confirmation of some names.

Israel Cancels Ceasefire Early, Resumes Pounding Gaza: 1,139 Killed
Paul Findley US Complicity in Israel’s Crimes


Permalink Results of Israeli “Operation Protective Edge" as of July 22, 2014

Dov Lior, a racist Israeli rabbi from the West Bank settlement Kiryat Arba, recently posted a Halakhic ruling allowing to kill innocent civilians, after being asked about the “war” (it’s a massacre) in Gaza. Here are a few lines from the ruling:

“The Torah of Israel guides us in all walks of life, private and public, on how to behave during war and also how to keep moral standards. The Maharal from Prague (Rabbi Judah Loew), in his book Gur Arye, clearly writes that… in all wars the attacked people are allowed to attack fiercely the people from whom the attackers came from and they do not have to check if he personally belongs to the fighters. Therefore, during war the attacked people are allowed to punish the enemy population in any punishment it finds worthy, such as denying supplies or electricity and also to bomb the whole area according to the discretion of the army minister and not to just simply endanger soldier’s lives but to take crushing deterrence steps to exterminate the enemy. In the case of Gaza, the Minister of Defense will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza so that the south will no longer suffer and to avoid harm to our people who have been suffering for so long from the surrounding enemies.” Any kind of talk about humanism and consideration are moot when speaking of saving our brothers in the south and in the rest of the country and bringing back quiet to our country.” (Source)

Reuters: At least 15 killed by Israeli shelling of Gaza school; toll exceeds 760
The Telegraph: Revealed: the Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces
PressTV: Hamas kills 8 Israeli soldiers in Gaza
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights: On the 16th Day of the Israeli Offensive (Report)

Permalink Israeli Professor: To deter Palestinian fighters, rape their mothers and sisters

Israeli Professor Suggests Rape as 'Terror Deterrent'. Mordechai Kedar: Sex Assault on Relatives Will Stop Attacks. “The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped.” This assertion was made by Middle East scholar Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University on an Israel Radio program. “It sounds very bad, but that’s the Middle East,” added Kedar, of Bar-Ilan’s Department of Arabic. The program “Hakol Diburim” (“It’s All Talk”) was broadcast on July 1, immediately after the discovery of the bodies of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrah, who were kidnapped and murdered in the West Bank. It dealt, among other things, with the question of how Hamas can be deterred.

Maurice Pinay: The United States' 'out of control military rabbinate'
PressTV: Israeli rabbi says killing civilians in Gaza is allowed

Permalink West colludes with genocidal Tel Aviv: Analyst

Referring to the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza, Cunningham said the Zionist entity is putting once again “on display” its crimes against humanity “in the most despicable and barbaric way.” He said a truce between the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and the Israeli regime could not fix the oppression of Palestinians, adding, “There is a hemorrhage of human life that requires deep intervention.” Nearly 750 Palestinians have been killed in 17 days of Israeli aerial and ground offensives in the besieged Gaza Strip.

PressTV: UK issues 400 arms licenses to Israel


Permalink Israeli rabbi says killing civilians in Gaza is allowed

An Israeli rabbi has issued a "ruling" that allows the killing of innocent civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip. Dov Lior, an Israeli rabbi from the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba in the occupied West Bank, said in the ruling that it is “okay” to kill innocent civilians and destroy Gaza. The "ruling" also says that it is not necessary to check if the people targeted are civilians or non-civilians. The rabbi’s ruling "authorizes" all means of targeting the people, such as “denying supplies or electricity.” He further says military forces are allowed “to bomb the whole area according to the discretion of the army...” “In the case of Gaza,” the rabbi said, the Israeli military officials “will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza.”

Phyllis Bennis says the calls in Israeli for genocide against Gaza are not only coming from fringe elements in the political establishment. "This is the reflction of the actual public opinion, widespread throughout Israel. Recent polls have indicated 91 % support." - VIDEO

Israeli envoy to the United States: The Nobel Peace Prize should be given to Israeli forces for their "unimaginable restraint" in their offensive against the blockaded Gaza Strip, says the Israeli envoy to the United States.

Thane Rosenbaum's Argument that Gazan Civilians Aren’t Innocent Is the Exact Same One Bin Laden [Allegedly] Used To Justify 9/11

xinhuanet: Gaza body count up to 609 as Israeli offensive rages on: medics
PressTV: Israeli war machinery continues relentless massacre of Gazans

Permalink We must be honest: Israel is a Nazi state par excellence

Khalid Amayreh I am not going to discuss Israeli "rationales" behind slaughtering Palestinians. Israel has been slaughtering innocent civilians since time immemorial. Israel and her supporters are also quite skillful in fornicating with words and with the truth. The naked reality is that Israel is murdering civilians knowingly and deliberately, taking advantage of disgracefully shameless reactions by the bulk of the international community to the genocidal atrocities. I am not accusing Jews of shipping Palestinian civilians to Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Mauthausen and Dachau. However, it is a clarion fact that Israel is bringing Auschwitz and other concentration camps to Palestinian homes, neighborhoods, hospitals and mosques. Nonetheless, I do know that no matter how many Palestinian children and civilians the Nazis of our time murder in full view of the world, [this] will [not] be sufficient to move the whoring international community to take a meaningful action against Israel. Indeed, the governments and leaders of most influential states in this world, including the leaders of the U.S., UK. France, Germany, Russia and China are too morally bankrupt to be counted on to restrain Israeli monstrosity, let alone take a proactive action against it. In the final analysis, Israel wouldn't have reached this level of nefariousness and ghoulishness had it not been for the active support and backing of the Nazi-like entity by these immoral entities.


Permalink US Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Supporting Israeli Assault on Gaza

Phyllis Bennis says the calls in Israeli for genocide against Gaza
are not only coming from fringe elements in the political establish-
ment. "This is the reflction of the actual public opinion, wide-
spread throughout Israel. Recent polls have indicated 91 %
" (From the 4:40 minute mark and onwards)

The War Criminals Who Rule America Prepare To Genocide The Palestinians For The Jews. No dissenting vote was cast, and no mention was made of the hundreds of Palestinian civilians, most of whom are women and children, that have been killed by Israel in the past ten days. Senate Resolution 498 was authored by Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), with additional support by Ben Cardin (D-MD) and son of former Republican party politician Ron Paul, Rand Paul (R-KY). Paul is urging the Senate to pass his own bill, S. 2265, which would end all U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority until Hamas is barred from the new Palestinian unity government, among other stipulations. The resolution was passed on the very same night Israel launched its current ground offensive into the Gaza Strip. (Source)

Al Jazeera: Israel confirms soldier missing as bombardment of Gaza continues || Since Israel’s air salvo against the Gaza Strip escalated into a growing ground invasion, the death toll is soaring. Sunday was the deadliest day yet of the war, and Monday is on track to pass it considerably. The death toll among Palestinians is up over 100 more today already, with the overall death toll now standing at 607 civilians, overwhelmingly civilians and including well over 100 children. Another seven Israeli soldiers were killed today as well, bringing the overall toll on the Israeli side to 25 soldiers, and two civilians.

The Saker From Gaza to Donetsk || What is being murdered day after day after day in Gaza and Novorussia is not just children or civilians. It's decency, honor, freedom, dignity, truth, memory, kindness, compassion and beauty. They could not murder the Creator, so they take out their revenge on His creatures. What is being murdered today in Gaza and Novorussia is, I sincerely believe, simply humanity.

Gilad Atzmon The End of Israel || IDF’s defeat in Gaza leaves the Jewish State with no hope. The moral is simple. If you insist on living on someone else’s land, military might is an essential ingredient to discourage the dispossessed from acting to reclaim their rights. The level of IDF casualties and the number of bodies of Israeli elite soldiers returning home in coffins send a clear message to both Israelis and Palestinians. Israeli military superiority belongs to the past. There is no future for the Jews-only-State in Palestine; they may have to try somewhere else.

Patrick Martin: Israeli bombs kill nearly 600 Palestinians
RT.com: Israeli Gaza op: Military hits mosques, stadium, homes, hospital
The Guardian: Gaza crisis: Palestinian death toll climbs past 500 as hospital is hit
Times of Israel: Israeli ambassador to the US: IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for ‘unimaginable restraint’
SCGNews: CNN Confirms - Israelis Cheer as Civilians are Murdered in Gaza - VIDEO


Permalink Palestinian Declaration

Nahida Izzat An invitation to All Palestinians and their supporters to unite under the banner of LIBERATION, affirming our Inalienable Rights and clarifying our aims and aspirations to ourselves and to the world. For the sake of historical truth, and for defending, preserving and protecting the rights of future Palestinian children, we present this document. LET US UNITE TO STOP THE MACHINE. LET US UNITE TO STOP THE SELL OUT.

Permalink Israel bombs more hospitals across Gaza Strip

Injured patients in the Gaza Strip are in dire need of medical supplies after Israeli warplanes and tanks bombed hospitals across the besieged region. This comes as a hospital in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip was struck by Israeli artillery shells on Friday. Israel has "fired several shells" at the hospital, "causing heavy damage," media outlets quoted hospital director, Ayman Hemdan, as saying. Hundreds of patients were also evacuated after Israel bombed al-Wafa hospital several times on Thursday evening. Senior Palestinian officials have described the attacks as a "brazen violation of international norms." At least 274 Gazans have lost their lives so far and over 2,000 have been injured, most of them infants, children, women and the elderly. According to Palestinian medical sources around a quarter of the victims are children. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) says some 30,000 Gazans have headed to its shelters across the impoverished territory.

Israeli MP: Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed
Rationales Justifying Collective Punishment of Amalek
Where is all this criminal arrogance coming from? ("Sharing our Home with 'Settlers' ")
In Palestine Something Miraculous Happens
Hard Talk: Zionists occupiers...Heed my call

US Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Supporting Israeli Assault on Gaza
PressTV: Israel uses strange toxic gas to kill Gazans: Medics
IMEMC: Ten More Palestinians Killed In The Gaza Strip
Andalou Agency: 70 Gazans killed in Israeli ground assault
Andalou Agency: Gaza death toll rises to 309: Ministry
PressTV: Israel ground invasion of Gaza kills more Palestinians

Permalink CNN Pulls Reporter From Israel-Hamas Coverage Over 'Scum' Tweet

CNN correspondent Diana Magnay hasn't tweeted since Thursday, when she referred to a group of Israelis who cheered the bombing of Gaza as "scum." And on Friday, the cable news channel said she's no longer covering the conflict. Magnay wrote the tweet shortly after she filmed a live shot from a hill near the Israel-Gaza border. During Magnay's report, cheers could be heard off-camera as a missile descended upon the Gaza Strip. "And it is an astonishing, macabre and awful thing really to watch this display of fire in the air," she said. Not long after that on-air report, Magnay sent the tweet before deleting it a short time later. A screenshot of the tweet can be viewed at Mediaite. "Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to 'destroy our car if I say a word wrong'. Scum," she wrote.

NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children
NYT story edited at least five times and finally almost completely rewritten in order to blame the victims

Permalink On the ground in Gaza: Batsh family decimated in Israeli air strike

As the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip continues and the bodies continue to pile up, Palestinians try to maintain a semblance of normal life while old and young mourn the losses of friends and families. Noor Harazeen reports for Middle East Eye in Gaza.

SANA: Undeterred, Israeli enemy invades Gaza and commits more crimes
IMEMC: Eighteen killed Friday before dawn in Israeli ground invasion of Gaza


Permalink Israel ground invasion of Gaza kills more Palestinians

Israeli troops backed by tanks and warplanes have pushed deeper into the besieged Gaza Strip, killing more Palestinians.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers launched a ground invasion of Gaza on Thursday after days of air and sea-based strikes against Gaza. Israeli tanks have pounded different parts of the blockaded sliver on the 11th day of Tel Aviv’s aggression.
Four family members were killed in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, with another two murdered in the northern town Beit Hanoun, said emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra on Friday.
Three men lost their lives in tank shelling east of Khan Yunis while another was killed in Shejaiyeh, east of Gaza City.
Al-Qudra added that five people were killed by Israeli fire in separate assaults on the southern city of Rafah, including a five-month-old baby.
In northern Gaza, two men were killed in tank shelling in Beit Hanun. The spokesman added that, with the deaths of two men from another family in Khan Yunis, the Palestinian death toll in Gaza has reached 260.
Palestinian health officials say 14 children under the age of 12 have been killed over the past two days in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Massacres on Palestinians
Israeli MP: Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed
Israel’s real purpose in Gaza operation? To kill Arabs
Rationales Justifying Collective Punishment of Amalek

IMEMC: List of the 264 Palestinians, Including Whole Families, Killed Between 7/8 and 7/18
PressTV: Israeli tank shelling kills five more Palestinians in Gaza
The Guardian: Fierce fighting as Israeli ground invasion continues
The Intercept: NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children


Permalink 227 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza

IMAGE: Top: Wounded Palestinian girl following strike in northern Gaza strip. Below: Israeli strike on buildings in Khan Younis / Palestinian boy with wounded sibling upon learning family was killed in a strike. (DriveByPlanet)

The death toll from ten days of Israeli attacks against the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip has reached 227, with more than 1,600 others having been injured. In the latest deaths, four members of the same family, including two children, were killed after Israeli warplanes fired missiles in Khan Yunis. Several others were also killed in Rafah. The new deaths follow the killings of four children between the ages of 9 and 11 after an Israeli naval ship fired multiple artillery shells, as they were playing on a beach in Gaza City. The attacks were witnessed by foreign journalists staying in Gaza. Since July 8, the Israeli regime has struck more than 1,800 targets across Gaza, which is home to around 1.8 million Palestinians. According to the UN humanitarian agencies, about a third of the dead are women and children. Some 18,000 people have taken shelter in Gaza schools. The Israeli military is going on with its airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip while Palestinians are responding by firing a barrage of rockets into Israel. Meanwhile, the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem has slammed as illegal and unfounded an interpretation presented by an Israeli army spokesman who has said that the neighboring houses of Palestinians suspected of carrying out military activities were considered to be legitimate targets of attacks. Israel has blockaded Gaza since 2007, denying the Palestinian people there of their basic rights, such as freedom of movement, jobs that pay proper wages, and adequate healthcare and education.

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين: Israeli Massacres on Palestinians
Occupied Palestine | فلسطين: Israeli MP: Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed
Kawther Salam: See How Israeli War Criminals Massacre Children On Gaza Beach
Jonathan Cook: How US and Blair Plotted ‘Ceasefire’ Scam
Reuters: Israel shelled four Palestinian boys on a Gaza beach, killing them
SCG News: The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told - VIDEO
RT.com: ‘Shells were chasing them’: Four Palestinian children killed on beach by Israeli rockets - Video
RT.com: CrossTalk: Gaza Under Siege - Video
Daily Mail: 150 Jewish men go on rampage in Paris streets and clash with pro-Palestinian demonstrators
Washington'S Blog: Israel Is Winning the Propaganda War: Only 14% of Americans Sympathize with Palestinians. 73% of Republicans – and 44% of Democrats – Sympathize With Israel


Permalink Norwegian Physician Treating Wounded Civilians: Stop the Bombing, End Israeli Impunity in Gaza

Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor, joins us from Gaza where he has been treating hundreds of victims wounded in Israel’s ongoing assault, including young children.

Dr. Gilbert says hospitals are operating without electricity, water and proper medical supplies, but adds: "As a medical doctor, my appeal is don’t send bandages, don’t send syringes, don’t send medical teams. The most important medical thing you can do now is to force Israel to stop the bombing and lift the siege of Gaza." Gilbert recently recently submitted a report to the United Nations on the state of the Gaza health sector in 2014.

"Where is the humanity? Where is the decency of the U.S. government allowing Israel this impunity to punish the whole civilian population in Gaza? It’s just outrageous. And the main problem in the Middle East today, it is the Israeli impunity. They go on with these so-called military campaigns every third year. They kill. They maim. They try to sort of oppress the population to surrender. The Palestinians will never surrender. And our duty is to support them and to raise the awareness and to raise the solidarity work in our countries to pressure our politicians to change the attitude towards the real oppressor and the real criminal here. It is the state of Israel."

Digital Journal: Israeli lawmaker calls for genocide of Palestinians
The New York Times: Israelis bomb a clinic for disabled Palestinians, killing two and burning three
Intifada-Palestine: Israel accused of war crimes in the UK Parliament - VIDEO
Intifada-Palestine: Israel hits Gaza with banned weapons: Norwegian doctor
ABC News: Israelis Gather to Watch Gaza Air Strikes
Stuff.co.nz: 'Sderot cinema': Israelis take snacks to watch bombings
The New York Times: Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats


Permalink Israel hits Gaza with banned weapons: Norwegian doctor

Renowned Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert on Sunday accused the Israeli army of using internationally banned weapons in its ongoing offensive against the Gaza Strip. Gilbert told a press conference in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City that examinations of the bodies of the Palestinian victims showed that they had been subjected to internationally banned weapons. He added that these weapons cause major damage to the bodies, especially the limbs. Gilbert did not, however, elaborate on the banned weapons allegedly used by Israel. Israeli authorities were not immediately available to comment on the accusation. (Source) Horrific images of the Palestinian victims of recent Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip have revealed that the self-proclaimed Jewish state is using internationally-proscribed weapons, according to Palestinian doctors and rights activists. Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qodra said the bodies of most victims had been incinerated, while others had been completely torn apart. He said Israel was deploying weapons that destroy the bodies of their victims, noting that a preliminary survey of victims’ bodies revealed the horrific nature of the weapons being used in Israel’s ongoing onslaught on Gaza. “Israel used internationally-banned weapons in its two previous wars on Gaza,” al-Qodra told Anadolu Agency.“ The same weapons are being used now.” He called on international rights organizations to bring Israel to account for what he called “its continual violations” against the Palestinian people. (Source)

Gideon Levy Israel’s real purpose in Gaza operation? To kill Arabs
Richard Falk No exit from Gaza: A new war crime?
Moon of Alabama Gaza: Hamas Rejects Tony Blair's "Cease-fire" Scam
Worldwide protests slam Israeli attacks on Gaza
'Israel drops cancer-inducing bombs on Gazans'
Iran’s lone Jewish MP compares Israel to Nazis over Gaza strikes
Israelis with popcorn and chairs 'cheering as missiles strike Palestinian targets' - The Independent
Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats - The New York Times


Permalink Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza hits 107

The death toll from a relentless Israeli offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip has increased to at least 107.

Medical sources reported several casualties from an Israeli missile attack on a house in southern Gaza on Friday while Israeli warplanes pounded Deir al-Balah, leaving a number of people dead in the central city.
Earlier, three Palestinians, including a child, were killed in the northern towns of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya in the coastal enclave. Israeli warplanes and drones have reportedly pounded more than 600 targets across the blockaded sliver since Tuesday, with Palestinian sources saying one third of the casualties are women and children.
Israel has also mobilized 20,000 soldiers for a possible ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. [Image: Angry Arab]

Ma'an News Agency: List of victims of Israel's assault on Gaza
PIC: World passively watching as Israel perpetrates open-ended massacre in Gaza
PIC: Five including child dead in Israeli airstrike on Gaza at dawn Friday
RT.com: Gaza healthcare services on brink of collapse as death toll climbs
Haaretz: An Israeli Jew's apology to Palestinians
Robert Fisk The true Gaza back-story that the Israelis aren’t telling this week


Permalink Two Palestinian mothers and their children murdered in Israeli raids on Gaza

Two Palestinian mothers and their little children, along with a number of Palestinian civilians, were killed in a barrage of Israeli air raids that rocked civilians’ homes in al-Qarara town, northeast of Khan Younis, and al-Breij refugee camp in central Gaza. Palestinian medics told the PIC correspondent that Palestinian lady Amal Youssef Abd al-Ghafour, 33, and her one-year-old baby Ranin Jawdat Abd al-Ghafour were killed in the strike while the father, along with another women, were left severely wounded in the process. Meanwhile 5 Palestinian homes, at least, have been reduced to rubble in the area. In a related event Wednesday afternoon, 3 Palestinian citizens, all members of the Nawasra family, were killed in an Israeli airstrike that hit civilians’ homes in al-Breij refugee camp. Ashraf al-Qudra, the health ministry spokesman, said the casualties were a Palestinian mother and her two children, whose body remains were taken to al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Gaza. He added that the father Khalaf al-Nawasra, 29, and Meriam al-Nawasra, 83, sustained severe wounds while two more citizens have been missing so far.

Antiwar.com: 86 Gazans Killed; No Reports of Israeli Casualties
PIC: Israeli missiles take the life of 78 citizens
R. Lewis & M. Omer Gaza bombardment further traumatizes children suffering from PTSD
Jonathan Cook Cultures of Hate: Israelis, not Palestinians, Excel at Vengeance


Permalink Powerful raw video shows Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Anthony Lawson: It´s About Mind Over Matter

Palestinian Youth was Force-Fed Petrol by Jewish terrorists, Then Roasted Alive
24 Palestinians killed, dozens wounded in the vicious Israeli raids on Gaza
Horrifying massacre: 6 members of a family killed in Israeli raid on their home
16 Palestinians killed, dozens wounded in ongoing Israeli air raids on Gaza

Anthony Lawson: Israel and the Palestinians – It´s About Mind Over Matter Ever since the three Israeli teenagers went missing, police and army units have besieged Palestinian towns and villages in the area; their houses and shops have been ransacked and atrocities have been committed; Gaza has been bombed, and the death toll is still rising, yet international leaders have remained largely silent, when they all know that such reprisals amount to collective-punishment which is a War Crime. - A young Palestinian boy, 16-year-old Mohamed Abu Khdeir, was abducted and killed in a suspected revenge attack by Israelis, on July 2nd. See how Britain's prime minister reacted to his death.

Syria condemns Israeli aggression on Palestinians, expresses support to Palestinian leadership
Air strikes kill civilians as Israel prepares new Gaza bloodbath
Three Israeli Settlers And The The Searing Hypocrisy of the West
Talmudic contempt for Palestinians results in collective punishment

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