Permalink No Sense of Life: “Israel” Withdraws from Al-Shifa Hospital after Committing Horrible Massacres

Eyewitnesses describe scenes of destruction as they return to the area surrounding Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital after the “Israeli” army announced withdrawing troops at the conclusion of a two-week siege and massacres on the medical complex. | Mohammed Mahdi, who was among those who returned, describes a scene of “total destruction.” He says several buildings have been burned down and that he saw a number of bodies.  Another resident, Yahia Abu Auf, says army bulldozers plowed over a makeshift cemetery inside the hospital compound. “The situation is indescribable,” he says. “The occupation destroyed all sense of life here.”  Palestinian medical sources spoke of hundreds of bodies of martyrs at Al-Shifa Hospital as well as in the streets and roads surrounding it.  Meanwhile, footages taken from the scene revealed that “Israel” has executed Palestinians at Al-Shifa Hospital after shackling their limbs or running over their bodies by military vehicles.

French Jew Bernard Levy raises controversy by justifying the genocide in Gaza (Teller/Al Jazeera)
Live blog: Israel kills nine waiting for aid at Gaza aid distribution point (TRT World)
Israel threatens to destroy Al-Shifa Medical Complex with people inside: Gaza media office (Anadolu)
IOF blows up Al-Shifa Hospital specialized building in Gaza (Al Mayadeen)
Physicians Describe ‘Most Appalling Atrocities’ in Gaza (Libertarian Institute)


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