Permalink Kiev govt used cluster munitions in populated zones in E. Ukraine – HRW

The forces of the Kiev government used cluster munitions in populated areas in the city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, says Human Rights Watch. It adds that the use of this forbidden weaponry violates the laws of war. Human Rights Watch (HRW) was documenting the “widespread use of cluster munitions” in fighting between government troops and self-defense forces, according to investigation carried by the watchdog. “While it was not possible to conclusively determine responsibility for many of the attacks, the evidence points to Ukrainian government forces’ responsibility for several cluster munition attacks on Donetsk [Donetsk Region, Eastern Ukraine],” says the report.

Stephen Lendman Kiev War Crimes || Mounting evidence shows Kiev committed horrendous war crimes in Southeastern Ukraine. Dirty war continues on non-combatant men, women and children. Residential neighborhoods are bombed and shelled. [...] In early June, Southeastern Ukrainian freedom fighters said Kiev forces attacked Semyonovka near Slaviansk with an unknown chemical weapon. Freedom fighters reported "irrefutable evidence" of a weapon used similar to white phosphorous. It burns flesh to the bone. It keeps burning until entirely consumed or deprived of oxygen. The Hague and Geneva Conventions categorically prohibit use of these type weapons. It doesn't matter. Kiev uses them against civilians. War without mercy is official Kiev policy.

Permalink Jack the Ripper: Scientist who claims to have identified notorious killer has 'made serious DNA error'

'Error of nomenclature' undermines case against Polish immigrant barber accused of carrying out the atrocities in 1888. It was supposed to have been the definitive piece of scientific evidence that finally exposed the true identify of Jack the Ripper after he had brutally murdered at least five women on the streets of Whitechapel in the East End of London, 126 years ago. A 23-year-old Polish immigrant barber called Aaron Kosminski was "definitely, categorically and absolutely" the man who carried out the atrocities in 1888, according to a detailed analysis of DNA extracted from a silk shawl allegedly found at the scene of one of his murders. However, the scientist who carried out the DNA analysis has apparently made a fundamental error that fatally undermines his case against Kosminski – and once again throws open the debate over who the identity of the Ripper.

[Editor's Comment:] A serious error was made, alright, albeit not a scientific one. The error was the political one of correctly identifying the notorious murderer as being a Jew. Let it be said, however, the error was indeed one of 'nomenclature' - "the act or process or an instance of naming". We suspect Mr. Louhelainen got his balls squeezed until he saw the error of his ways. He now seems to have not only recanted, but to even have fallen on bended knee before the Masters of Political Correctness, organized Jewry. -Absolutely disgraceful!

Permalink Hoax 'Banksy Arrested in London' Story Dupes the Internet Again

A hoax story alleging the British graffiti artist Banksy has been arrested and has had his identity revealed has once again duped thousands of people online. According to the highly refutable website National Report, a 'news' website consisting entirely of fake stories, the artist was arrested by Metropolitan Police at his studio and his identity revealed as 35-year-old Paul Horner, originally from Liverpool. The article contains all the elements you would expect to see from a news story covering an arrest, including details from police and quotes from those close to Banksy. However, it only takes the bare minimum of fact-checking and research to spot that this story is a hoax.

Permalink Confirmed: The submarine came from Holland

[Read with caution:] Swedish defense now confirms that it was a foreign submarine. || (2014-10-17) Naval Tactical Command has analyzed the image. This is a Dutch submarine that [participated in an exercise] with Swedish military said Mikael Abrahamsson, information officer at the Armed Forces. Shortly after 14 o'clock on Monday met Adam Repenning and his friends [observed] while they were sailing just outside Sandhamn. After the Navy Tactical Command had analyzed the image, [we] now can conclude that it was a foreign [sumarine] [that] Adam Repenning took pictures of. It [turned out that it] was a Dutch submarine that [participated in an exercise] with Swedish military. We've got more pictures of the same submarine from several witnesses, says Mikael Abrahamsson, Communications Officer at the Armed Forces. At the beginning of the week, Swedish military samövat with the Dutch fleet. The ship in the picture is a submarine of the so-called Walrus-class, says Mikael Abrahamsson. (Google translate)

Bekräftar: Ubåten kom från Holland || Nu bekräftar försvaret att det var en utländsk ubåt. Marintaktiska kommandot har analyserat bilden. Det är en nederländsk ubåt som samövade med svensk militär, säger Mikael Abrahamsson, informatör på Försvarsmakten. Strax efter 14-tiden i måndags mötte Adam Repenning och hans seglarvänner en ubåt strax utanför Sandhamn. Efter att Marintaktiska kommandot analyserat bilden så kan man nu slå fast att det var en utländsk ubått som Adam Repenning tog bilder av. Det var en nederländsk ubåt som samövade med svensk militär. Vi har fått fler bilder på samma ubåt från flera vittnen , säger Mikael Abrahamsson, informatör på Försvarsmakten. I början på veckan har svensk militär samövat med den nederländska flottan. Fartyget på bilden är en ubåt av så kallad Walrus-klass, säger Mikael Abrahamsson.

Försvarsmakten: Samövning med Nederländska flottan – övningen ”Northern Archer”

Permalink First video: Total CEO’s Falcon 50 plane crash site in Vnukovo Airport

Video footage of the Moscow plane crash that killed Total CEO Christophe de Margerie has emerged. The aircraft attempted a takeoff from Vnukovo around midnight, failing and crashing into a snowplow. The video shows emergency workers sawing away at the fuselage, which appears to have split in half, following the collision and resulting crash. Debris is strewn around amid the overnight commotion. Investigators are at the scene examining evidence, taking fuel samples and talking to staffers. Two main theories as to the cause are being considered at this time – an air traffic control error and the actions of the snowplow driver, Vladimir Martynenkov.

RT.com: Total CEO crash: Investigators say snowplow driver ‘drunk’, lawyer rejects claim


Permalink Turkey assassinated Press TV reporter

A political analyst has termed the suspicious death of Press TV’s correspondent in Turkey, Serena Shim, as an act of “assassination” by the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The reality is that our sister Serena was assassinated by Erdogan’s regime,” Shabir Hassan Ali, a political analyst from London, said in an interview with Press TV on Sunday night, adding, “Serena was hounded in a fashion by Turkish intelligence.” The analyst further said that she was “assassinated” because “she gave the truth about what this regime in Turkey, that has been oppressing its people, that has been oppressing the Kurdish population and that is actively working to support…this terrorist organization known as the ISIL” is doing.

PressTV: We do not believe Serena died in car accident: Family

Permalink Ukrainian-Style Democracy

Stephen Lendman It's pure fantasy. None whatever exists. US-installed coup d'etat putschists run things. Neo-Nazis have power. Ordinary Ukrainians have no say. Elections when held are farcical. Expect scheduled October 26 parliamentary ones to reflect business as usual. Excluding democratic choices. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland said Washington spent around $5 billion sabotaging Ukrainian democracy over the past 20 years. She lied calling it "democracy promotion…We stand with the people of Ukraine," she hyperventilated. USAID spent about $1.8 billion assuring ordinary Ukrainians had no say. Calling it "critical development assistance in support of the Ukrainian people." Nuland was caught red-handed urging regime change on tape. Her conversation with US Ukraine ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt was recorded. It circulated on You Tube earlier. It remains damning. More evidence of Washington's dark side.

Permalink No confirmation: Sweden denies ‘Russian sub hunt’ report as military search ongoing

The Swedish military did not confirm allegations that “a damaged Russian submarine” is being hunted for in waters east of Stockholm, while adding that a search for a “foreign vessel” is ongoing. Moscow said none of its military vessels have been damaged. The official statement by the Swedish military said the search around the Stockholm archipelago was due to “alien underwater activity."

RT.com: Sweden deploys troops near Stockholm due to alleged underwater threat
Ruters: Sweden says credible reports of foreign submarine in its waters

Permalink Britons suffer 'unprecedented' fall in real wages

The average worker saw a 8pc decline in real wages between 2008 and 2013, says NIESR. British workers have suffered an “unprecedented” decline in real wages over the past six years, with the average employee £2,000 worse off since the financial crisis hit, according to new research. “The scale of the real wage falls is historically unprecedented, certainly in the past 50 years where broadly comparable records exist,” said Paul Gregg, Stephen Machin and Mariña Fernández Salgado, the authors of the report. Official data this month showed that workers experienced a 7.6pc fall in real wages over the past six years. However, the research published by NIESR revealed that young workers, among the hardest hit by the downturn, also saw the biggest decline over the period, with pay falling by 14pc between 2008 and 2013. [Hat Tip: Steigan Blogger]

Evening Standard: Occupy London protesters start week long demonstration in Parliament Square
Michael Roberts UK: the agony and the ecstasy

Permalink German journo: European media writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure - VIDEO

German journalist and editor Udo Ulfkotte says he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, adding that noncompliance ran the risk of being fired. Ulfkotte made the revelations during interviews with RT and Russia Insider. “I ended up publishing articles under my own name written by agents of the CIA and other intelligence services, especially the German secret service,” Ulfkotte told Russia Insider. He made similar comments to RT in an exclusive interview at the beginning of October.

Eric van de Beek Interview with Udo Ulfkotte, German Editor Turned CIA Whistleblower


Permalink Lukashenko: Kiev Authorities to Blame for Crimea's Leaving Ukraine for Russia

Kiev authorities pushed Crimea to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told Russian reporters Friday. "Look at yourself for the cause rather than Russia. You [Kiev] yourself pushed Crimea to join Russia," the Belarus president said. One of the reasons why Crimea made the move to secede from Ukraine was the situation in which "the sword of the Ukrainian revolution was pointed at the Russian-speaking population," according to Lukashenko. Belarus does not believe that Russia wants to annex Ukraine's eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, the president added. "Statements are being made about Russia wanting to grab eastern Ukraine as well. Oh, come on! I don't believe it," Lukashenko said. [...] Crimea reunified with Russia in March following a referendum on the region's status, with 96 percent of the voters being in favor of the move. Kiev has refused to recognize the results of the vote, calling it illegal. Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech following the referendum stressed that it was held in full compliance with democratic procedures and international laws.

Permalink Hillary Clinton Really Can't Stand Vladimir Putin. It's Personal...

In a Las Vegas fundraising speech on Monday, she reveals her distaste for his "personality". This is very interesting. Speaking at a fundraiser in Las Vegas on Monday, Hillary Clinton ripped into Putin, and lectured Europeans on being too soft on him. Her remarks suggested a deep personal distaste for the man. More than anyone else, Clinton is the author of the confrontational US approach to Russia, and the current debacle in Ukraine. Under her watch as Secretary of State, from 2009 to 2013, the US steadily increased its anti-Russian line, and pushed for Ukraine to choose between Europe and Russia, plowing $5 billion into anti-Russian civil society groups in the Ukraine. The disastrous previous US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, was her man in Moscow. Victoria Nuland, whom she made State Dept spokesman, was and remains one of her closest advisors on Russia. She promoted the career of US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, who is also very close to her. He also pushed very hard for the tragic split of the Ukraine.

Australian prime minister threatens to “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin

Permalink Watch This Chilling Neo-Nazi Torch-lit March through Kiev on Wednesday

The neo-nazi movement in Ukraine is far more mainstream than the western media realizes. After violent riots in Kiev that involved throwing smoke grenades and violence against riot police, a massive neo-Nazi march was held in honor of Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera and the establishment of his Ukrainian Insurgent Army. During this torch-lit march through the streets of Kiev, extremists from Azov and Right Sector brandished neo-Nazi flags and chanted nationalist slogans. The neo-Nazi Right Sector and Azov battalion have been empowered recently by the Kiev regime; they have been formally incorporated as military units of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior. However, the Ukrainian pro-Western regime has fallen out of favor since a fragile cease fire was signed in Eastern Ukraine between government and Donbas resistance forces.Does this haunting torch-lit march remind you of something that once happened in Nuremberg?

Permalink ‘Difficult, full of disagreements’: No breakthrough in Milan talks on Ukraine crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said a breakthrough was not reached in Friday morning’s talks on Ukraine, Reuters reports. "I cannot see a breakthrough here at all so far," Merkel said after top EU leaders met with Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on the sidelines of an EU-Asia summit. "We will continue to talk. There was progress on some details, but the main issue is continued violations of the territorial integrity of Ukraine," she added. A political solution to the conflict in Ukraine has not yet been found, President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy commented after the meeting, according to RIA Novosti. Rompuy said the participants have all agreed on the need to follow through on the peace agreement reached in Minsk, Belarus at the beginning of September. “What we agreed was the protocol of Minsk on the ceasefire, and the peace plan is of crucial importance,” Rompuy said.


Permalink Russian PM Medvedev questions Obama’s mental state

US President Barack Obama’s mental state was questioned by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during an interview aired on Wednesday. Speaking with CNBC, Medvedev said Obama was suffering from a “mental aberration.” He also blasted the US president for calling Moscow's actions in Ukraine a threat to the international 'community. "It’s sad to hear President Obama say in an address at the UN that the threats and challenges facing humanity are, in this particular order, the Ebola virus, the Russian Federation, and only then the Islamic State (or ISIL)," Medvedev said. "I don’t want to dignify it with a response. It's sad, it's like some kind of mental aberration," he added.


Permalink Pardon Us For Our Country’s Existence in the Middle of Your Military Bases

Carla Stea Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Speech at the UN || In a courageous and brilliant speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2014, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pierced the veil of obfuscation that characterizes too many speeches at the United Nations, and delivered a scathing denunciation of Western imperialism, imperialism that can only be accurately described as global theft. Lavrov, on behalf of the Russian Federation implicitly warned that US/NATO is risking global war in embarking on its campaign to seize and dominate huge territories, while inexorably and ruthlessly determined to conquer and subjugate Russia, having learned nothing from the historic reality that Napolean’s effort to dominate Russia led to the collapse of Napoleonic France, and Hitler’s attempt to subjugate Russia led to the obliteration of his Third Reich. Lavrov stated: “The U.S.-led Western alliance that portrays itself as a champion of democracy, rule of law and human rights within individual countries, acts from directly opposite positions in the international arena, rejecting the democratic principle of sovereign equality of states enshrined in the UN Charter and trying to decide for everyone what is good or evil.

James Cogan Australian prime minister threatens to “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin

Permalink Ville bombe for å trene

I møte med svensk partikollega begrunnet Jens Stoltenberg Libya-bombingen med at krigen var «utmerket trening for det norske luftvåpenet». Sentrale svenske sosialdemokrater skal ha blitt dypt provosert. Det er tidligere kjent at daværende statsminister Jens Stoltenberg var den viktigste pådriveren da Norge gikk til krig mot Libya i 2011. I en ny bok av den svenske forfatteren Daniel Suhonen kommer det fram at Stoltenbergs holdninger til krigen sjokkerte de svenske sosialdemokratene. Boka kaster nytt lys over det politiske spillet som foregikk i kulissene da Norge besluttet å bruke tung militærmakt mot diktatoren Muammar al-Gaddafi. Seint på kvelden torsdag 17. mars 2011 åpnet Sikkerhetsrådet i FN for militær inngripen i den libyske borgerkrigen. Tidligere samme dag hadde daværende utenriksminister Jonas Gahr Støre argumentert hardt mot vestlig inngripen i det nordafrikanske landet.To dager seinere, lørdag 19 mars, meldte daværende statsminister Jens Stoltenberg at seks norske F16-fly skulle delta i krigen. Partilederne i SV og Senterpartiet ble orientert på telefon, lederne i opposisjonspartiene ble varslet på sms.Den eksepsjonelt kjappe beslutningsprosessen ble begrunnet med at opprørsbyen Benghazi var omringet av Gaddafis styrker. Vestlige ledere ville avverge et blodbad. På et møte i Paris 19. mars argumenterte Stoltenberg sterkt for militær inngripen.Daniel Suhonen peker i sin ferske bok på et annet motiv for krigsdeltakelsen: Stoltenberg skal ha begrunnet den norske innsatsen med at bombingen var «utmerket trening for det norske luftforsvaret».

Pål Steigan Still Stoltenberg for en krigsforbryterdomstol!


Permalink Kazakhstan’s president ratifies Eurasian Economic Union treaty

The treaty has now been ratified by presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a law on Tuesday on ratifying the treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union, a Russia-led three-member bloc seen as an alternative to the EU. “The head of state has signed the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On ratification of the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty,” the presidential press service said in a statement. The text of the law is to be published in local newspapers, the statement reads. Russia ratified the treaty on October 3. Nearly a week later, on October 9, the law on ratifying the treaty was adopted by the Belarusian parliament. On the same day, the document was signed by the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko. The Eurasian Economic Union Treaty was signed by the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus on May 29, 2014. The treaty provides for free movement of commodity, services, capital and labor force within the union. It also envisages that the three countries coordinate or pursue common policy in certain economic sectors.


Permalink Turkey allows US access to its airbases "to fight IS" [to kill President al-Assad]

Turkey has granted the United States access to its airbases near the Syrian border "to conduct bombings on Islamic State militants". This follows international pressure on Ankara to do more to help the Kurds in Kobani. US troops have long operated out of Incirlik Air Base, with roughly 1,500 air force personnel stationed there. The US airstrikes against "IS" are currently reportedly flying out of air bases in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar. NATO member Turkey had so far refused to get involved in the fighting, calling instead for a joint strategy against the militants. At a donors' conference for the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, US Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the seriousness of the situation in the border town of Kobani.

PressTV: Iran: US efforts against ISIL not real
McClatchy: Kurds hanging on in Kobani as Islamic State presses offensive

Rûdaw: German deputy speaker: NATO must stop Turkey support for ISIS || Claudia Roth said in an interview with Rudaw that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government is pursuing a “murky” policy in Syria because it wants the Kurds weakened and their fighters “annihilated.” Erdogan’s “dealings with the ISIS are unacceptable. I could not believe that Turkey harbors an ISIS militant camp in Istanbul,” Roth said. “Turkey has also allowed weapons to be transported into Syria through its borders. Also that the ISIS has been able to sell its oil via Turkey is extraordinary,” she [said].

Permalink Russia can and must brief world community on crimes in Ukraine

The international community must press for a thorough probe into crimes against civilians in south-eastern Ukraine, Russian politicians believe. On Friday the State Duma (lower house of parliament) unanimously adopted a corresponding appeal to the parliaments of the world and international parliamentary organizations. “Such crimes as the Odessa fire, the use of prohibited means of warfare, the shellings of residential areas with multiple rocket launchers and scores of civilians in south-eastern Ukraine shot or tortured to death cannot but remain unpunished,” State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin said. “The political leadership of Western countries refuses to see an impartial picture of events underway in Ukraine and leaves Russia’s calls for investigating crimes against civilians without due attention,” the deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s international affairs committee, Andrei Klimov, told TASS.

RIAN: Russian-Ukrainian Probe of Donetsk Mass Graves Needed: Russian Human Rights Council Head

Permalink Abschuss MH17: Neuer Verdacht gegen die Regierung der Ukraine

Die Bundesregierung hat in der Antwort auf eine Anfrage der Links-Partei zugegeben, dass sie nichts Genaueres über den Abschuss von Flug MH17 weiß. Allerdings räumt sie ein, dass AWACS-Flugzeuge eine Rakete geortet haben, wie sie sich im Besitz der ukrainischen Armee befindet. Emirates-Chef Tim Clarke schließt nicht mehr aus, dass die MH-17 von einem ukrainischen Raketenabwehrsystem abgeschossen wurde.

Permalink USA wollen Putin mit niedrigem Öl-Preis in die Knie zwingen

Auf Drängen der USA hat Saudi-Arabien seine Öl-Produktion massiv ausgeweitet. Dies hat entscheidend dazu beigetragen, dass der Ölpreis seit Juni um rund 20 Prozent eingebrochen ist. Der Preisverfall schadet vor allem Russland, das den Großteil seiner Staatseinnahmen aus dem Export von Öl und Gas bezieht. Sollte Saudi-Arabien den Öl-Krieg fortsetzen, droht Putin erstmals ein deutliches Staatsdefizit. Saudi-Arabien hat seine Ölproduktion zuletzt massiv erhöht und dadurch zu dem Verfall des Ölpreises um rund 20 Prozent beigetragen. Grund dafür ist offenbar eine strategische Zusammenarbeit mit den USA, die Russland durch einen Ölkrieg in die Knie zwingen wollen. [...] Saudi-Arabien wird den Ölpreis drücken, um politischen Druck auf den Iran und Russland auszuüben, zitiert die türkische Nachrichtenagentur Anadolu den Präsidenten des Zentrums für Saudi-arabische Ölpolitik und Strategische Aussichten, Rashid Abanmy.

Anadolu Agency: Saudi Arabia to pressure Russia, Iran with price of oil

Permalink Water charges protest draws massive crowd to the streets

STANDING in front of Dublin's iconic GPO building, tens of thousands of anti-water charges protesters roared as one: "You say cut back - we say fight back!" With a Garda helicopter flying over head, tens of thousands of people from all corners of the country marched from Parnell Square to Leinster House and back to O'Connell Street where Independent TD Clare Daly and People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett led a series of speeches. "This day will go down in history as the day that the people decided to roar," said Clare Daly. "We are here in our tens of thousands to say water is a human right, based on need, not an ability to pay."


Permalink A very moving video

The following video has deeply moved me. In a way, it is emblematic of the entire conflict in the (now ex-) Ukraine. It shows the profound simplicity and humanity of one of those combatants whom the AngloZionists and the Nazis in Kiev call “terrorists” and the equally profound in-humanity of those Junta Repression Forces whom we can hear in the background using heavy artillery to indiscriminately murder Novorussian civilians (Novorussian Armed Forces are not harmed in any way by such random city shelling). See for yourself. - The Saker

Permalink UK police, spy agencies have automatic access to call records

Britain’s mobile phone companies have made customers’ call records available to the country’s police and spy agencies through automated systems, media reports say. A Guardian investigation revealed on Friday that phone companies EE, Vodafone, and Three delivered customer’s data to intelligence agencies and security forces at the click of a mouse and without the involvement of any phone company staff. The British law requires mobile operators to store a year of call records of all customers. Security forces and intelligence agencies can then access this data without any warrant, using the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). RIPA is the same interception law that provides the authority for much of mass spying activities by Britain’s eavesdropping agency, the GCHQ. Britain’s Home Office has repeatedly claimed that its use of RIPA was “necessary and proportionate.”

The Guardian: EE, Vodafone and Three give police mobile call records at click of a mouse

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