Permalink Ukraine won’t accept NATO compromise deal – FM

Ceding territory to Russia in exchange for membership in the US-led bloc is not an option, Dmitry Kuleba has said | The idea that Ukraine could cede territories that it lost to Russia in exchange for NATO membership remains unacceptable, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told journalists on the sidelines of a NATO meeting in Brussels on Wednesday.  The idea has been floated by former senior NATO officials, including ex-Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and ex-Supreme Allied Commander Europe James Stavridis. Kuleba blasted the proposal ahead of a NATO-Ukraine Council of foreign ministers.  The minister also dismissed the notion that there was “fatigue” with the conflict in Western nations, insisting that a shortage of arms deliveries was not related to it.

Permalink World laughing at Germany’s leaders – Putin

Berlin is abandoning its own national interests in order to satisfy the whims of its “allies,” the Russian president has said | Germany is being bossed by its Western partners because it lacks sovereignty, and its policymakers demonstrate poor leadership skills, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at a meeting with young Russian scientists on Wednesday.  Putin weighed on the EU’s push to wean itself off Russian energy following the escalation of the Ukraine conflict, arguing that by implementing the measure, Germany was only hurting itself.

German president ignored on arrival in Middle East (RT.com)+(VIDEO)

Permalink London boasts about 'democracy,' but asks others to 'shut up': Global Times editorial

So, why is it that the UK, which often speaks loudly about "democracy" and "openness" on the international stage, becomes so overbearing in demanding other countries to "shut up" when it comes to its own issues? | So, why is it that the UK, which often speaks loudly about "democracy" and "openness" on the international stage, becomes so overbearing in demanding other countries to "shut up" when it comes to its own issues?


Permalink Ryabkov admits military conflict between Russia and NATO

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov | According to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, the possibility of a military confrontation between Russia and the United States/NATO is not ruled out, but the likelihood of an escalation entirely depends on the actions of the group.  "It depends on the North Atlantic alliance. Entirely and completely, the choice is on the side of NATO. We are ready, as it has already been demonstrated, to defend our national interests with all means at our disposal," he said, responding to a question about whether an armed conflict between Russia and the bloc could be expected in the future.  Ryabkov noted that endless encroachment on Russian interests in the "core" direction for Russia is a "dangerous path." 💬 "The people who continue to test us on our strength apparently believe that there are no limits to their own 'gambling,' the game of raising the stakes. But they may find themselves among the losers," the diplomat emphasized. "I don't think that Russia-NATO relations will be restored."  Read more in Sergey Ryabkov's exclusive interview with Izvestia. (Translation: DeepL.com + Proofreading: grammarly.com)

Ryabkov reiterated Russia's position that a possible escalation depended on the action of the alliance (Reuters)

Permalink Deep State Wants to Dump Zelensky After He Outlives Usefulness: French Politician

The past few weeks haven’t been kind to Volodymyr Zelensky, with the official admission by his top commander that Ukraine’s NATO-sponsored counteroffensive has failed complemented by debates in Washington and Brussels about just how long the West can continue to prop up the Kiev regime with cash and military equipment. | Talk in Western media about the possibility of a peace deal with Russia and increasing political and media criticism of Volodymyr Zelensky at home signals that he’s lost his value as a puppet for Western elites and that they’re preparing to dump him, French politician Florian Philippot believes. 💬 “Now that Zelensky is no longer useful and annoys NATO with his stubbornness as the theater of conflict has moved on to the Middle East, the Deep State wants to get rid of him,” Philippot wrote in a social media post. As evidence, the Gaullist politician pointed to a recent report in Germany’s Bild newspaper on the existence of a “secret peace plan” scenario and plans by Washington and Berlin to pressure Zelensky into negotiations with Russia, as well as “growing political and media criticism against Zelensky” in Ukraine itself, causing the leader, in fear of his safety, to begin firing people left and right.

Permalink ‘Irish lives matter’ graffiti investigated as hate crime – police

Local lawmakers have condemned the slogan as “racist poison” and an effort to “create fear” among immigrants | Police in Northern Ireland have launched a hate crime probe after graffiti reading “Irish lives matter” was left on a wall in Belfast, a phrase thought to reflect anti-immigrant sentiment following several similar incidents in the area.  Local authorities confirmed the vandalism in west Belfast on Wednesday, with police inspector Andrew Matson saying the graffiti and other anti-immigrant signage would be treated as “hate” incidents.

Irish government asked social media to censor posts during Dublin riots (RT.com)
Ireland needs all her sons and daughters to stand up 🇮🇪 (11/29/23)
Irish Lives Matter som hatbrott (Joakim Andersen)


Permalink "To the Last Ukranian" – NATO Chief Urges Members to ‘Stay the Course’

Stoltenberg acknowledged the battle lines have not moved but said Ukraine was inflicting 'heavy losses' on the Russians | NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday urged alliance members to continue funding the proxy war in Ukraine amid growing signs that Western support for the conflict is waning.  “We just have to stay the course. This is about also about our security interests,” [???] Stoltenberg told reporters ahead of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels.  The NATO chief acknowledged that the battle lines have barely moved in the past year as Ukraine’s counteroffensive has failed and justified continuing support based on the damage being done to Russian forces.  “We have also to take into account that even though the frontline has not moved so much, the Ukrainians have been able to inflict heavy losses on the Russian forces with deep strike capabilities, with cruise missiles delivered by NATO Allies,” Stoltenberg said.  However, the Ukrainian side is facing a manpower shortage as it has taken heavy casualties. The average age of a Ukrainian soldier is now 43, as many young Ukrainians have been killed or maimed in the war.

NATO allies vow to stay firm on arming Ukraine (Naharnet/AFP)
Ukraine’s military collapse is near (Citizen Watch Report) – VIDEO
The Russia-Ukraine War Is Just About Over (Peter van Buren)
Ex NATO Chief’s Latest Hair Brain Plan for Ukraine? Can’t Make This S*** Up (Martin Jay)
Ukraine as 'Big Israel' and the Heavenly Jerusalem Project (08/12/22)

Permalink Ireland needs all her sons and daughters to stand up 🇮🇪


Permalink Algerian Migrant Who Stabbed Children in Dublin Should Have Been Deported 20 Years Ago


Permalink Inspector-General Is Coming

Oriental Review Editorial | The United States no longer wishes to pay dishonest Ukrainian officials. To investigate where their money is disappearing, they are sending “financial special forces” to Kyiv. | Despite President Zelensky’s continuous request for more US military funding, the 49th installment was a paltry USD 150 million and involved NASAMS/HIMARS missiles, AIM-9M, Stinger, Javelin & TOW, as well as ammunition for small arms. Recently, funding from America has been reduced due to both electoral struggles among political parties and practical concerns. Corruption in Ukraine has reached catastrophic levels.  There is a huge embezzlement of state subsidies for energy or military objectives. The incident involving ex-Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov and ex-head of the Defense Ministry’s Procurement Department, Bohdan Khmelnitsky, who took USD 7 million meant for body armor procurement, supports this claim.  Even former EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and United States Ambassador Brigitte Brink have acknowledged the massive and rapidly escalating levels of corruption in Ukraine. “Everyone who has ever encountered Ukraine is aware that it is an extremely corrupt country and not qualified for EU membership,” stated Mr. Juncker with a firm demeanor.

Guerre ukrainienne : "F*ck the EU!" (Euro-Synergies)

Permalink Discrimination of People In Latvia

On the 30th of November, Latvian officials will commence the deportation of residents who do not pass the Latvian language exam. | A year ago, the Latvian Parliament passed amendments to migration law, compelling non-citizen passport holders residing in the country to acquire a Latvian language proficiency certificate at A2 level before September 1, 2023. Otherwise, their permanent residence will be canceled. How did such a legal term as “non-citizen” come to be used in a European country?


Permalink Spain to Recognize Palestine Unilaterally as Barcelona City Suspends Relations with “Israel”

Spain is willing to move ahead by itself on the matter of recognizing Palestinian statehood, though it would prefer to act alongside other EU members, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Friday. | Spain currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, which Belgium will take over in January. Sanchez and his Belgian counterpart, Alexander De Croo, spoke to reporters at the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, just before the Qatar-brokered “humanitarian pause” and release of 13 “Israeli” settlers held as captives.  Asked if he would support unilateral recognition of the Palestinian state, Sanchez declared that “the moment has come” for the EU and the rest of the “international community” to do so. 💬 “It would be important if many member states of the EU, we do it all together,” the Spanish PM said. “If this is not the case, of course, Spain will take their own decisions.” [...] Relatedly, Barcelona City Council has suspended the city's relations with the “Israeli” regime as long as the latter continues its ongoing deadly war against the Gaza Strip. [...] According to Barcelona’s approved statement, the main obstacles to long-lasting peace are "the occupation and colonization of Palestinian territories," and the "denial of rights" to the people.

Prime Ministers of Spain, Belgium Reject Israel’s Criticism Over Stance on Gaza (Sputnik News)

Permalink Greta storms wind turbines in Norway

Greta Thunberg is apparently no longer fighting for renewable energy. The planned wind farms in Norway is the latest quixotic battle in which the "Fridays for Future" initiator is engaged. | The Swede, together with other climate protectors, blocked access to the Norwegian Ministry of Energy in Oslo. They are protesting against the construction of wind turbines in the west of the country, reported the AFP news agency.  The reason for their resistance is the indigenous peoples who live in the area. “We cannot use the so-called climate change as a cover for colonialism,” said Thunberg, according to TV2, outside the ministry’s doors. “A climate transition that violates human rights is not a climate transition worthy of the name.”

Permalink UBS Bank Branch in Basel Switzerland DENYING Withdrawals

A branch of UBS Bank, located at Tellplatz 12, Basel, Switzerland, gave a written notice to a Depositor today explaining why they CANNOT GIVE HIM HIS WITHDRAWAL: "Liquidity Challenge." | Yes, you read that right: The largest Bank in Switzerland told a Depositor IN WRITING, they cannot give him his withdrawal due to "Unforeseen liquidity challenges." As most readers already know from prior stories this week, UBS is the largest bank in Switzerland, and the largest PRIVATE BANK in the world.

Permalink The Guardian Removes Bin Laden’s ‘Letter To America’

"Our quality, investigative journalism is a scrutinising force at a time when the rich and powerful are getting away with more and more." For over twenty years, Media Lens has shown how false is this claim. | A new, significant example occurred just last week. On 15 November, the paper removed Osama bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’ which it had hosted on its website for almost 21 years. What was suddenly so problematic about the letter that it had to be abruptly removed by the Guardian after being on its website for so long (an archived version can be seen HERE)?


Permalink Riots and arson grip Dublin after stabbing spree (VIDEOS)

Police cars and buses were torched after local media identified a man who stabbed multiple children as Algerian | Crowds of rioters have set police and public transport vehicles on fire in the Irish capital, Dublin, amid rumors that a man who stabbed three children and a woman at a city school was a foreign national.  Protesters began to assemble in the center of the city on Thursday afternoon following the knife attack. One of the victims, a five-year-old girl, was hospitalized with serious injuries.  Police arrested a man in his 50s at the scene, and although no description of the man has been released, Irish news site Gript identified him as an Algerian national, citing police sources.

Suspect in Dublin stabbing Algerian national, Gardai believe (Gript.ie)


Permalink NATO bracing for ‘high-intensity conflict’ with Russia – Czech president

Moscow’s future combat capabilities will depend on the outcome in Ukraine, Petr Pavel has predicted | NATO regards Russia as the biggest threat in Europe and is preparing for a major conflict, Czech President Petr Pavel said on Wednesday, reiterating that Central European nations would continue to stand by Kiev in its fight with Moscow.  Speaking at a summit of the Visegrad Group, an informal political club which includes the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, Pavel noted that he did not have the impression that his counterparts had a diametrically opposing view on the Ukraine conflict.

Yars ICBM Loaded Into Silo in Russia's Kaluga Region (Sputnik News)

Permalink Right-wing party set for Dutch election victory – exit poll

Geert Wilders’ Party For Freedom has more than doubled its presence in the Netherlands' parliament, pollsters say | The right-wing Party For Freedom (PVV) has taken a commanding lead in the Dutch general election, winning 35 parliamentary seats, compared to the Green-Labour alliance’s 26, according to an early exit poll.  Released half an hour after voting closed on Wednesday night, the poll showed retiring Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) taking only 23 seats. The newly-formed New Social Contract, a centrist party, is projected to finish in fourth place with 20 seats.


Permalink Covid Vaccination in Iceland: A Failed Experiment

Only 20 lives potentially saved in Iceland by Covid-19 vaccination, while 60-70 may have been lost from it. Catastrophe for the fully vaccinated, covered up by lumping them up with the unvaccinated. | Now when the numbers are in, the Icelandic Chief Medical Officer (CMO) claims vaccination against Covid-19 reduced the probability of death from the disease by half, compared with no vaccination. But the actual figures tell a very different story, and sadly the method used to arrive at this conclusion is questionable to say the least. The actual reduction in deaths is negligible at best, and the most worrying result is how those fully vaccinated (2 doses) were three times more likely to die from the disease than the unvaccinated. When we take into account the number of deaths reported following vaccination, the overall result of the experiment is likely to be negative.


Permalink Maidan turn[ed] Ukraine into 'impoverished' land, says Russian MFA spokeswoman

According to Maria Zakharova, Ukraine has lost its state independence and is being maintained by Western colonizers | [...] Ten years ago "skillful instigators, trained by American and European instructors, brought crowds to street protests with promises of a 'better European' life, visa-free travel to EU countries, democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and the fight against corruption," she pointed out. "In reality, those were well-orchestrated and staged mass riots aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government," Zakharova said. [...] The events were triggered by the government's decision to postpone the planned signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union in order to analyze how it might affect the Ukrainian economy, Zakharova reiterated. "This important aspect is deliberately hushed by Western and Ukrainian propagandists," she pointed out. "Meanwhile, it is the key to understanding the tragic situation we are currently witnessing. Ten years ago, the postponement of the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU wrecked the West's plans to detach Ukraine from Russia and destroy the historically established economic, humanitarian, cultural, spiritual, family and kinship ties that have united our countries and peoples for centuries," the diplomat explained.

B связи с 10-летием начала украинского «евромайдана» (М.В.Захаровой)(Telegram)
Zelensky Is Desperate To Preemptively Discredit Potentially Forthcoming Protests Against Him (Andrew Korybko)

Permalink LIVE UPDATES: Russia to Deliver a Further 27 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Hostilities have been raging in the Middle East since early October after Hamas launched a large-scale surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip. Israel responded with retaliatory strikes and a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip. | On 27 October, Israel launched a large-scale ground incursion into the Gaza Strip with the stated goal of eliminating Hamas. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has warned that it will advance wherever Hamas is found, including the southern part of the Palestinian territory.  The civilian death toll in Gaza has exceeded 13,000 since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Israeli attacks are believed to have left an estimated 6,000 people trapped under the rubble, including more than 4,000 children and women who remain unaccounted for, Gaza officials said.  The IDF, for its part, said at least 378 Israeli soldiers had been killed since this latest wave of hostilities between Palestine and Israel started.


Permalink Norway Parl’t Adopts Resolution to recognize Palestinian State

Norway’s parliament has adopted a resolution calling on the government to be ready to recognize an “independent” Palestinian state. | The proposal was made on Thursday by the ruling coalition to counter a resolution by smaller parties calling for an immediate recognition of a Palestinian state. The motion passed with an overwhelming majority in parliament.


Permalink Israeli Defense Force Leaflets to SOUTH Gaza - Telling People "Evacuate"

When Israel told people to evacuate the northern Gaza Strip and head south because Air Force Bombs would be dropped, Israel claimed "This is not a forced relocation to drive-out Palestinians." Today, new leaflets dropped in Khan Yunis are telling people to evacuate from the south as well. [In the leaflet] they tell people "For your safety, you must evacuate your place of residence immediately and evacuate to one of the known shelters." The IDF stated in a proclamation: "Hamas' actions force the IDF to act against it in the area where you live." This is a dramatic move that indicates the expected expansion of the IDF's operation now in SOUTHERN Gaza!

Israel Tells Palestinians To Evacuate City in Southern Gaza (antiwar.com)

Permalink France's Move to Issue Arrest Warrant for Assad Manifests Judicial Bias - Lavrov

France's decision to issue an international arrest warrant for Syrian President Bashar Assad is a manifestation of judicial bias. | On Wednesday, media reported, citing a judicial source, that France had issued arrest warrants for Assad, his brother Maher Assad, and two other senior officials in connection with the alleged use of banned chemical weapons against civilians in Syria. A decade ago, a grave false flag operation by anti-government forces in Syria nearly precipitated a US military intervention. On August 21, 2013, militants opposed to Bashar Assad's government launched an assault on Eastern Ghouta, a heavily populated region on the eastern fringes of Damascus, the Syrian capital. This assault involved the use of sarin-filled shells.


Permalink Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) | Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch. (a phrase attributed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
    U.S. lawmakers are derailing funding for Israel's and Ukraine's military spending for this year. The reasons are technical and... not quite technical. It is clear that everything will resume in the new year. However, it is an important symptom of the development of the disease.
    If the story with Israel is obviously technical, because this country is more important to the U.S. Congress than its own, the Ukrainian regime is more complicated. As has been repeatedly noted in this channel, America easily betrays "its sons of bitches" when they become useless. It seems that this period is definitely coming for Kiev. And it's not just the Republicans and Democrats squabbling on the eve of the U.S. presidential election. They're just fed up. They are fed up - they eat too much money, steal wildly and do not achieve military success. Plus, the Israeli-Palestinian mess happened. In short, support for the "son of a bitch" is nearing its inevitable end. Not overnight, of course.
    There will be a lot of money, and schizoid incantations about democracy, and bravura assurances of the coming victory on earth, and false beliefs in alliance for all times, and so on and so forth. But the situation is clear: the time to go to oblivion for the next American " son of a bitch" is coming.
    The problem is that this Bandera spawn never realized who he [really] is...(DeepL + LanguageTool)

US support for Ukraine is 'nearing inevitable end,' Medvedev says (TASS)

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