Permalink "Experiments. Organs. Total lawlessness in neutral waters."

Translation with DeepL.com: "The floating camp will accommodate more than 500 migrants, who will have their own general practitioner from 9 to 17, a dentist, and their own buses to and from the mainland. They are free to leave the floating facility but must return to it by 23:00. A floating prison, like in the movie Escape Plan. Towed to neutral waters where there are no laws. And do whatever you want. Experiments. Organs. Total lawlessness in neutral waters."

Permalink Russia is ready for confrontation with NATO – Putin

Moscow does not want a conflict with the Western-led bloc but is ready for any outcome, Russian president says | Russia is “always ready for any scenario,” President Vladimir Putin told journalists on Saturday, commenting on a potential direct confrontation between the Russian and NATO militaries. The president was answering a question about recent near-collisions involving Russian and American aircraft in Syria. “No one wants that,” the president added, pointing to the existing conflict-prevention lines that allow Russian and US officers to talk directly about “any crisis situation.” That fact that these lines still work shows that no side is interested in a conflict, he added. “If someone wants it – and that’s not us – then we’re ready,” Putin added.  Moscow has also repeatedly warned Washington and its allies about the risks of a potential direct conflict between Russia and NATO, particularly amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Continued Western arms supplies to Kiev only extend the hostilities and make its Western backers engage in the conflict even deeper, Russia said.

On Situation in Ukraine and Its Possible Separation (Sputnik)[Scroll down]
No better time for Ukraine peace talks than now – NATO member (RT.com)

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia) | Our Armed Forces, repelling the counter-offensive of the collective enemy, are defending the citizens of Russia and our country. This is obvious to all decent people.  But beyond that, they are preventing a world conflict. After all, if we imagine that the offensive of the Ukrobanderites with the support of NATO succeeded and they took away part of our country, then we would have to use nuclear weapons by virtue of the rules of the decree of the President of Russia dated 02.06.2020. There would simply be no other option. Therefore, our enemies should pray to our warriors. They do not allow the world nuclear fire to ignite P. S. Happy Russian Navy Day! The Poseidon drone joins the congratulations and recommends our country's enemies to pray for the health of all Russian sailors.

Permalink What Putin told reporters about Africa, Ukraine situation, risk of clash with US

TASS has summarized the president's main statements. | The Ukrainian armed forces have been stopped and pushed back in all directions, they have withdrawn their assault units due to heavy losses, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters. On Saturday evening, the head of state answered questions from half a dozen journalists, many of whom asked more than one question. The conversation lasted an hour in total. In particular, Putin talked about Russia's relations with Africa, the country’s reluctance to directly confront the US in Syria and strengthening the defense of the Crimean Bridge.

Putin's Address to Reporters Following the Second Russia-Africa Summit (Sputnik Globe)
Владимир Путин ответил на вопросы журналистов по итогам саммита Россия - Африка + (Bидео)

Permalink Biden creates new ‘permanent’ Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, signaling second round of medical martial law

Will Americans be duped again into complying with high-pressure masking, group-think, forced lockdowns, and repeated mRNA jabs? | Last week on Friday, July 21, the Biden administration quietly announced the creation of a new permanent office within the White House called the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, or OPPR. Joe Biden has named a military man, retired Air Force Maj. General Paul Friedrichs, to head up the new office.  Why now? I thought Covid was over. Biden said months ago Covid was over, totally conquered. The only folks I know who are still getting Covid are the ones who got multiple mRNA Covid jabs, causing their immune-compromised bodies to continue to manufacture the toxic spike proteins, which then make them sick. We also continue to hear weekly of young healthy people who are dying “suddenly” with no warning. By creating this new office and emphasizing that it will be “permanent,” this is a red flag that should have our keen attention. Is the government, still drunk with new powers gained from the last pandemic, telegraphing to us plebeians that another pandemic is right around the corner?


Permalink US Was Behind Both Crimean Bridge Attacks: Seymour Hersh

"The Biden administration’s role in both attacks was vital." | Legendary national security journalist Seymour Hersh has published a report this week alleging US intelligence helped the Ukrainians blow up the Kerch Bridge (or also, Crimean Bridge), which happened earlier this month and corresponded to President Putin refusing to renew the Black Sea Grain Initiative deal.  What’s more is that Hersh’s sources described that the US assisted in the initial, larger Kerch Bridge explosion which had initially temporarily disabled it in October 2022. “The Biden administration’s role in both attacks was vital,” he wrote in a Thursday Substack investigative article.  💬 “Of course it was our technology,” an unnamed US official told Hersh, referring to the sea drone which detonated under the vital bridge on July 17. “The drone was remotely guided and half submerged–like a torpedo.”  The source cited is said to be a US intelligence official who is speaking out anonymously “from the point of view of those in the American intelligence community who don’t feel they have the ear of President Joe Biden but should.”

Permalink Shocking ONS Report: COVID Vaccinated 18-39 Age Group at 91% Higher Death Risk than Unvaccinated Peers in UK

Official figures published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics show that deaths per 100,000 among double vaccinated 18-39-year-olds were on average 91% higher than deaths per 100,000 among unvaccinated 18-39-year-olds between January 2021 and January 2022. This means it can no longer be denied that the Covid-19 vaccines are deadly because even the official Government published figures prove it. | The Office for National Statistics is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and the recognised national statistical institute of the UK. It is responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels. Its dataset on deaths in England by vaccination status between January 2021 and January 2022 can be found here. It contains a large amount of data on age-standardised mortality rates for deaths by vaccination status between 1 January 2021 and 31 January 2022.  What immediately catches the eye when looking at this data is the mortality rate per 100,00 person-years among 18-39-year-olds in the month of January 2021. The figures show the death rate among the unvaccinated in this month was 67.7 deaths per 100,000 person-years. Whilst the death rate among the partly vaccinated (at least 21 days ago) was 119.9 deaths per 100,000 years. This shows that vaccinated 18-39-year-olds were more likely to die in January 2021, suggesting the Covid-19 injections increased the risk of death or played a part in causing death. So we dug further and extracted all the figures on 18-39-year-olds for each month between January 2021 and January 2022

Permalink A Colder Cold War: Why is Arctic Circle Becoming New Arena for US-Russia Standoff?

Faced with the loss of its status as a unipolar superpower, the US is seeking to open a new Cold War front in the arctic circle. Jeremy Kuzmarov, managing editor of CovertAction Magazine, said that was part of a scramble for resources buried beneath the ice. | The US is ramping up tensions in the arctic in a bid to seize the wealth of natural resources uncovered as the ice sheets retreat, a pundit has said.  US Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently announced that Washington would open a consulate in the Norwegian city of Tromso, its first diplomatic mission above the Arctic Circle.  Journalist Jeremy Kuzmarov told Sputnik that much had changed since the era of cooperation that began with the founding of the Arctic Council of the eight states surrounding the North Pole in 1996. 💬 "That's been abandoned with this new Cold War and with this new diplomatic outpost. There are other signs that the US is moving in more to the Arctic, and the Russians see that as very provocative," he said.  The attraction of the Arctic as a geopolitical battleground is hidden beneath the ice, the commentator said.

Permalink Putin, African leaders adopt final declaration of Russia-Africa summit

The summit also yielded a plan of action of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum for 2023-2026 and a number of other documents | Russian President Vladimir Putin and African leaders on Friday adopted the final declaration of the Russia-Africa summit.  The summit also yielded a plan of action of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum for 2023-2026 and a number of other documents. Apart from that, a range of agreements, contracts and other documents on cooperation between Russia and African countries were inked on the sidelines of the summit.  According to presidential aide Yury Ushakov, the final declaration commits to paper coordinated approaches to the development of Russian-African cooperation and efforts in the international arena.  The second Russia-Africa summit is running at the Expoforum convention center in St. Petersburg on July 27-28. Concurrently, the summit’s economic and humanitarian forum has been organized. Similar to the first Russia-Africa summit held in 2019, the current event is being held under the motto: "For Peace, Security and Development."

Outcome of Russia-Africa Summit (TASS)
South African President Thanks Russia for Offering Free Grain Supplies (Sputnik News)
Uganda Wants to Discuss Defense Equipment Maintenance Hub With Russia (Sputnik Globe)


Permalink Do They WANT Him Assassinated? Biden-Harris Regime DENY Secret Service Protection for RFK Jr

Don't put it past the regime to have their political opponent taken out any way possible. | The assassination of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 prompted the Secret Service to start protecting future candidates. But the Biden-Harris regime through DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has denied such protection for RFK Jr. Do they want him to follow in his father's footsteps?  Considering this is the Biden-Harris regime that we're talking about, it's safe to assume that the answer is "yes." They want RFK Jr gone, and if that means allowing his assassination, so be it. Some may balk at the notion and think that such concepts are below any presidency, even this one, but I wouldn't be so sure.

RFK Jr. Maintains Highest Favorability Rating Among Presidential Candidates in New Poll (The Epoch Times)

Permalink Central Bank Digital Currency Carry Enormous Risks

De-Banking Should Sound the Alarm | Cancellation of bank accounts belonging to customers who do not hold corporate-sanctioned views is a sign we’re on the road to Orwell’s dystopian nightmare. Coutts cancelling Nigel Farage’s bank account for holding unfashionable views should be a wake-up call for us all – it is just the tip of the iceberg. This politically motivated cancellation born out of “woke capitalism” is alarmingly widespread. You don’t have to agree with Farage’s politics to agree with him that something has gone terribly wrong in the institutions. Banks de-banking customers for their views is also a forewarning of the totalitarian regime that will be ushered in if central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”) become the sole form of “currency” to buy and sell.

Permalink They're among us!

"The U.S. is once again paranoid about the search for aliens. Claims of hidden "remains with non-human biology." Ha, look at those faces! These bio-substances are alive! They're among us! And these reptiloids are clearly not human!" ~ Dmitry Medvedev

Permalink Seymour Hersh: OPERA BUFFA IN UKRAINE

As the war drags on, delusions mount, with no end, or victory, in sight | Let’s take a look at recent events in the Ukraine war from the point of view of those in the American intelligence community who don’t feel they have the ear of President Joe Biden but should.  On July 17 Ukraine attacked for a second time one of Russian President Vladimir’s proudest achievements: the 11.25-mile Kerch Bridge linking Crimea to Russia. The 3.7 billion dollar bridge, with separate spans for auto and train traffic, was opened for auto traffic in May of 2018 and for trucks five months later, with Putin himself driving the first one to make the crossing.  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made it clear before the Russian invasion early last year that he considered the bridge a legitimate military target. Ukraine initially attacked the bridge last October, using a truck bomb, but it was fully repaired within seven months. The most recent attack, by a pair of submersible drones, killed a couple who were driving across when the explosion occurred and injured their child. Damage to one of the auto spans was severe.  The Biden administration’s role in both attacks was vital. “Of course it was our technology,” one American official told me. “The drone was remotely guided and half submerged—like a torpedo.” I asked if there was any thought before the bridge attack about the possibility of retaliation. “What will Putin do? We don’t think that far,” the official said. “Our national strategy is that Zelensky can do whatever he wants to do. There’s no adult supervision.” [Paywall]

Permalink “We own the Science and We think the World should know it”

UN & WEF admit they CENSOR Search Results & pay Big Tech & Influencers to shape Public Opinion on Climate Change & COVID-19 | The World Economic Forum held the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings towards the end of September 2022, convening at the same time as the United Nations General Assembly. In those meetings, UN officials declared that they apparently “own the science”. They also admitted to; among other things

Partnering with Google to censor search results that don’t fit the official narrative and ensure their propaganda is top of the list in relation to things such as ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Climate Change’ in order to shape public opinion.
Partnering with Big Tech Social Media companies to boost propaganda messaging on things such as Covid-19 and Climate Change in order to shape public opinion.
Giving millions to social media influencers to spout their propaganda for them in order to shape public opinion.

Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations, highlighted that the UN had partnered with several big tech companies, including TikTok and Google, to control COVID and climate narratives while claiming, “We own the science.” On the topic of controlling the climate change narrative, Fleming remarked that the UN had partnered with Google so that the unelected globalists’ authoritative narratives would appear at the top of search results.

💬 “We partnered with Google,” said Fleming, adding, “for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.

💬 “We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled ‘climate change,’ we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top.

💬 “We’re becoming much more proactive. We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do,” she added.

Permalink Burundi's president says Africa's poverty is universal delusion

Evariste Ndayishimiye noted that African states should also "contribute to the development of all humanity" 💬 I would never call Africa poor, this is a common delusion. On the contrary, it is a very rich continent, he said.  Ndayishimiye pointed out that since 2020, Burundi has entered the international and regional arena. The country's role in Africa has increased, and "the African Union has strengthened regional mechanisms to find development solutions." "Recently, the African Continental Free Trade Area was established. We also appreciate the role of sub-regional organizations in the region," he added.  The president noted that African states should also "contribute to the development of all humanity." He also stressed that regional organizations will continue to develop "as long as African countries are present in them." "For example, the East African Community (EAC) is in the process of becoming a political federation," Ndayishimiye pointed out.

Putin: Africa Becoming Center of Power, This Reality Will Have to Be Considered (Sputnik News)


Permalink U.S. News Videos: Republicans Brutally Lay Into DHS Head Over Wide Open Border

“You are the walking, talking, epitome of the very tyrant that our Founding Fathers recognized would gravitate toward government service” | During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas once again claimed that the southern border is “not open,” prompting Republicans to label him a “tyrant” and a liar and to call for his impeachment.  Despite some 7 million encounters with illegal immigrants since Joe Biden took office, Mayorkas claimed that he is “proud” of the his Department’s work at the border, claiming “our approach to managing the border securely and humanely, even within our fundamentally broken immigration system is working.”

Permalink The second Russia-Africa Summit will be held in St. Petersburg on July 27-28

Maria Zakharova / Russian MFA | The upcoming summit will be devoted to developing the entire range of relations with the countries of the African continent and promoting a model of equal, mutually respectful cooperation with our partners in the context of the formation of a new, just world order.  The core idea of the forthcoming event is Russia's readiness to fully contribute to strengthening the sovereignty of African countries and protecting the principle of their sovereign equality.  "On the margins of the summit, the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum will be held, the program of which includes more than 40 thematic sessions in key areas of our relations with the countries of the continent. 🤝 The spirit of mutual understanding and trust formed over the years of Soviet-African cooperation still serves as a good basis for maintaining Russia's high authority in Africa and an important platform for building up partnerships in the new conditions.  It was at the insistence of the USSR that the UN General Assembly adopted the "Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples" on December 14, 1960.  The fight against neo-colonialism in its modern manifestations is always the focus of our attention, being one of the priorities in building cooperation with the African continent.  At the same time, the Russian Federation supports the efforts of African States to finally complete the decolonization process and advocates the importance of studying the phenomenon of the slave trade and its consequences, including within the framework of leading international organizations.  We have no doubt that Africa can become one of the centers of a polycentric world. It has every opportunity to do so. African States are increasingly confident in their sovereign policies. They are demonstrating their ability to solve their problems independently, including through the use of pan-African mechanisms and regional integration associations.

FACTBOX: Russia's main trade partners in Africa (TASS)
Second Summit Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum (summitafrica.ru)
Outcomes of the first Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum (summitafrica.ru)

Permalink Russia's FSB Says Found Another Ship With Explosives Going to Russia for Grain

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Thursday that it had detected another foreign ship that was going from Turkiye to Russia's Rostov-on-Don to ship grain and could have also been used to deliver explosive materials to Ukraine. 💬 "During the operation to prevent terrorist and sabotage acts and ensure maritime safety, the FSB has detected another foreign civilian ship that could have been earlier used to deliver explosive materials to the Ukrainian territory," the statement read.  Explosives were found on cargo ship BMO RIVER on July 26, while it was going from Turkiye to the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don to ship grain, the FSB said, adding that the ship had been in a Ukrainian port earlier.  It was decided to prohibit the ship from passage under the Crimean bridge and force it to leave the Russian territorial waters, the statement also read.

Putin pledges grain aid to Africa (RT.com)
Russia ramping up energy exports to Africa – Putin (RT.com)
Russia to Replace Ukrainian Grain at No Expense for African Countries – Putin (Sputnik Globe)

Permalink Au Niger, l’armée se rallie aux putschistes qui ont renversé Mohamed Bazoum

L’état-major des forces armées nigériennes a annoncé, jeudi 27 juillet au matin, qu’il se rangeait derrière les putschistes du Conseil national de sauvegarde de la patrie (CNSP) qui ont affirmé avoir destitué le président nigérien quelques heures plus tôt. | Cette fois, le coup d’État contre Mohamed Bazoum semble bel et bien consommé au Niger. Après plusieurs heures de tension et de confusion, durant lesquelles l’issue du bras de fer entre putschistes et forces loyalistes semblait incertaine, l’état-major de l’armée a annoncé jeudi 27 juillet en milieu de matinée qu’il se rangeait derrière le Conseil national de sauvegarde de la patrie (CNSP) qui a affirmé avoir destitué le président nigérien dans la nuit.

Au Niger, l’armée affirme avoir renversé Mohamed Bazoum (JeuneAfrique)

Permalink Japan's Population Suffers Record Drop as All 47 Prefectures Report Steep Decline

New population figures in Japan mark two new unwelcome records for a nation sailing into uncharted territory in terms of demographics, but one that many other countries are also expected to face in the future. | Japan's population plummeted in all 47 of its prefectures for the very first time as the number of nationals fell below 800,000 people, figures released by the Japanese government revealed on Wednesday.  The latest data shows that deaths in Japan reached a record high of over 1.56 million in 2022, while there were just 771,000 births during the same period.  Even a substantial increase in foreign residents of over 10%, bringing the total to 2.99 million, could not halt the overall slide in Japan's population. The population has been declining for 14 consecutive years, reaching 122.42 million in 2022  It is important to note that Japan is not alone in experiencing a decline in birth rates. The average fertility rate for wealthy nations that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development group is 1.66, well below the replacement rate of 2.1 required to maintain population numbers.


Permalink Sasha Latypova: Population Control Policy

In conclusion, it is important to realize that there is no scientific or humanitarian basis in “public health policies” as they exists today in the United States and globally. That machinery exists to drive the population control policy. There is no scientific or humanitarian basis mandating vaccinations with now close to 100 different poisons. Vaccines do not create health. Yet, this is squarely among the UN’s “sustainable goals”.

The public health system must be dismantled, because it is a camouflaged warfare program actively engaged in controlling and killing civilians under emergency pretexts and lies.

There are no genuine, self-sustaining, global pandemic and epidemic threats. There are only localized, self-limiting CBRN attacks conducted (in the US) by the DoD-HHS-DHS-NSC-DOJ-et al, and conducted by DoD and other national militaries in other countries, under the direction of the World Health Organization and the BIS to reinforce the illusion of pandemics, to drive the camouflaged warfare programs forward, to control and kill more civilians.

The true national security of the US should be construed as the security of American people against CBRN and informational attacks by an illegitimate treasonous government/military, and requires 1) the dismantling of the public health-martial law state and 2) establishment of a legitimate government that’s not covertly controlling and killing its own people.

[CBRN = Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear; BIS = Bank for International Settlements; DoD = Department of Defense; HHS = Department of Health and Human Services; DHS = Department of Homeland Security ; NSC = National Security Council; DoJ = Department Of Justice -Ed.]

Dec. 10, 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 (THE KISSINGER REPORT)

Permalink The UK is the Home of Censorship

Dr. Vernon Coleman | The only reason you can read this is that individual websites are controlled by the United States and not by the UK. (Though, naturally, I was and am completely banned by YouTube, all social media sites and a number of online publishers. Several of my books on covid-19 were banned.) Unlike American authors I was forced to write [my] book without mentioning covid or vaccines and, bizarrely, I had to use ‘alternative’ words.  Britain has led the way in censorship in recent years and right from the start of this fraud I was banned far more comprehensively than doctors operating in America were banned. (Naturally, I also got attacked and lied about by nasty little oiks on Wikipedia but I hope no sensible souls still believe that site anymore.)  I firmly believe that BBC staff have led the way in suppressing the truth and it is in large part their remorseless determination to ban and censor anything which questions the Government’s official line which has led to the UK now being the home of censorship.  It would be nice to think that BBC journalists might one day be ashamed of their bigotry and prejudice and their determination to stamp on the truth. But I doubt if they have the moral strength or the professional integrity to give a damn about something as financially unrewarding as the sharing of the truth.  BBC journalists are responsible for thousands of deaths (including some of their colleagues) and they will be responsible for millions more.


Permalink Moscow comes under attempted drone attack

There were no victims after two UAVs hit non-residential buildings, according to the authorities | Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin says there was “no major damage” in the city following an attempted Ukrainian drone strike around 4am Monday morning. The drones crashed into non-residential buildings after the military suppressed them using electronic warfare systems.  The Russian Defense Ministry said in a brief statement that it had prevented an “attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack using two unmanned aerial vehicles” on Monday morning.  Several drone fragments were found on Komsomolsky Prospekt in the center of Moscow, not far from the Defense Ministry’s main headquarters, a source in the emergency services told TASS news agency. The Department of transportation said that traffic in the area was partially restricted, advising residents to plan detour routes.

Ex-Russian president suggests surprise response to Ukrainian drone attacks (RT.com)


Permalink Poland Moves Troops to Belarus Border – Russia’s Putin Vows To Protect Belarusian Allies, Says Polish Want to Annex Ukrainian Territory

With every passing day, the disturbing possibility of a widening of the Ukraine war with the participation of other nations in direct military hostilities is becoming more and more palpable. | The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director, Sergei Naryshkin, repeated today his warning that Poland is considering deploying troops in western Ukraine to establish control there. The SVR head believes that Warsaw is finally coming to realize that the defeat of Ukraine is just a matter of time. President Vladimir Putin instructed Naryshkin to monitor Poland’s plans for Ukraine, and said that Poland plans to form ‘a coalition under the guise of NATO’ to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin tells Poland any aggression against Belarus is attack on Russia | President Vladimir Putin on Friday accused NATO member Poland of having territorial ambitions in the former Soviet Union, and said any aggression against Russia's neighbor and close ally Belarus would be considered an attack on Russia. Moscow would react to any aggression against Belarus, which forms a loose "Union State" with Russia, "with all the means at our disposal", Putin told a meeting of his Security Council in televised remarks. (Reuters)

Permalink Putin to hold meeting with Belarusian president

The Kremlin press service said earlier that the two leaders would discuss "pressing issues related to the further development of Russian-Belarusian relations of strategic partnership and alliance, as well as integration within the Union State" | The Kremlin press service said earlier that the two leaders would discuss 💬 "pressing issues related to the further development of Russian-Belarusian relations of strategic partnership and alliance, as well as integration within the Union State."  Putin has repeatedly highlighted special relations between Russia and Belarus. He pointed out that Minsk was Moscow’s "strategic partner and closest ally."  The two countries are working on 28 Union State programs, particularly aimed at harmonizing their macroeconomic policies and integrating payment systems. The parties also agreed to create single gas, oil and energy markets.  The leaders have recently discussed the development of economic relations, the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus and the international situation.

Putin warns of Poland’s intentions in Ukraine and Belarus (07/21/23)

Permalink US Military Confirms Myocarditis Spike After COVID Vaccine Introduction

Cases of myocarditis soared among U.S. service members in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, a top Pentagon official has confirmed. | There were 275 cases of myocarditis in 2021—a 151 percent spike from the annual average from 2016 to 2020, according to Gilbert Cisneros Jr., undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, who confirmed data revealed by a whistleblower earlier this year.  The COVID-19 vaccines can cause myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation that can lead to mortality, including sudden death. COVID-19 also can cause myocarditis.  The diagnosis data comes from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database.

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