Permalink Biden & His Four Shots...("Safe & Effective")

Biden tests positive for Covid again, has "Paxlovid rebound" and no symptoms, doctor says (NBC News)

Permalink The WEF wants to sew digital IDs into your clothing

The WEF is pushing for digital IDs to be sewn into people’s clothes to ‘save the planet’ by transitioning from buying to renting clothes "to reduce waste."

“Textiles generate 10% of the world’s CO2 emissions — more than shipping and aviation combined,” the WEF [maintains]. They add that in the future, such technology will enable companies to transition from selling an ownable product to a rentable product, simultaneously reducing consumers from owners to renters. As the saying goes, “You will own nothing. And you will be happy.”

Permalink Billionaire-funded eco group quietly taking farmland out of production in rural America

The American Prairie (AP), a conservation project in Montana, has quietly scooped up more than 450,000 acres of land with the help of its billionaire donors and the federal government.

The American Prairie (AP), a conservation project in Montana, has quietly scooped up more than 450,000 acres of land with the help of its billionaire donors and the federal government. The little-known project aims to create the largest "fully functioning ecosystem" in the continental U.S. by stitching together about 3.2 million acres of private and public lands, according to the American Prairie Foundation, which founded the reserve more than 20 years ago. The group has recorded 34 transactions spanning roughly 453,188 acres of land throughout central Montana — much of which were once used for farming and grazing — since 2004 and continues to aggressively expand.

💬 "Our mission is to assemble the largest complex of public and private lands devoted to wildlife in the lower 48," Pete Geddes, AP's vice president and chief external relations officer, told Fox News Digital in an interview. "For comparison, about 25% larger than Yellowstone." "We're not asking the federal government to create anything, we're not asking the federal government for any money," he added. "Instead, we're engaged in private philanthropy and voluntary exchange by buying ranches from people who would like to sell that to us."

Permalink Why Are The Vaccinated Getting Sicker?

A new trivalent COVID vaccine was recently approved by the FDA for fall 2022; it will not undergo any extra testing despite having a completely different composition to address some of the more recent strains. So, just why are the vaccinated getting sicker?

Professor Norman Fenton questions vaccine data analysis - VIDEO

Permalink Why Satire Unhinges the Left

Richard McDonough | The satirical site, the Babylon Bee (the Bee) has been fact-checked, criticized, and/or censored by Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Snopes, Politifact, the New York Times and Slate on numerous occasions. This is literally incomprehensible since the Bee explicitly represents itself as a satirical “fake news” site. One cannot “fact-check” a joke. Why then do so many “liberal” sites insist on fact-checking explicit non-factual satire?

Permalink “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Little...(.pdf)

A scholarly literature search for “electromagnetic” + “biological effects” produces the astonishing number of 76,400 studies, more studies than for most other environmental threats, yet the world continues on, looking yet blind, listening yet deaf, mistaking silence for comfort, the advancing flames for a bright future.

On the Dutch island of Texel, being the south end of a line of islands separating the Wadden Sea from the North Sea, a large breeding colony of seabirds called Sandwich terns (“great terns” in Dutch) made headline newslast monthby dying. Of the 7,000 birds nesting in the De Petten nature reserve until the end of May, none were left by the middle of June. 3,000 avian corpses were collected, and the rest either died or abandoned their nests.


Permalink Chinese Army Posts “Get Ready For War” Message

From RT Telegram channel and going viral very fast: https://t.me/rtnews/27457 Chinese Army Posts “Ready For War” Message. The official account of the 80th Army of the People’s Liberation Army of China posted “备战!”, which means “Get ready for war” on its official Weibo account on Friday. The post received over 300,000 likes within 12 hours. It comes amidst heightened speculation that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may visit Taiwan despite warnings from Beijing not to meddle in One China affairs, and the 95th anniversary of the PLA’s founding on August 1.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you (Global Times)
How China Warns Of Pelosi's Taiwan Trip (Moon of Alabama)
USS Ronald Reagan Strike Group Enters South China Sea for Pelosi's Taiwan Visit
China Armor Headed To Fujian - Across from Taiwan; Navy Starts Live Fire Drills in Taiwan Strait
China’s Army posts “Get ready for war!” message over US visit to Taiwan
Did You Ever Imagine That Nancy Pelosi Might Start A Global War?
The Military Industrial Complex Is Going To Absolutely Love It When War With China Erupts

Permalink Meanwhile in Yemen...

A new batch of US military forces has entered Yemen’s southeastern province of al-Mahrah, as Washington continues its aggressive attempts to establish control over oil reserves and plunder natural resources in the energy-rich province‼️

Permalink Kiev is afraid of further confessions of "Azov" + Video

So Ukraine is in complete despair. Defeats on all fronts force prisoners of war to give their lives for the sake of "moral superiority". But the bets were made wrong.

According to preliminary information, the attack on the colony in Yelenovka near Donetsk was made using HIMARS MLRS. We are waiting for the results of the investigation and if this fact is confirmed, then Kiev has made another "shot in the foot", as in the case of Kramatorsk in April. It is obvious that Kiev is afraid of further confessions of "Azov" and other prisoners from Azovstal, who would tell a lot more interesting things on camera. Ukraine is also afraid of the trial of their "heroes", because it will be a terrible shame for the entire Ukrainian army. Today's murder of POWs is just a pathetic attempt by the Ukrainian side to preserve the morale of future reservists by exposing all the militants of the Azovstal dungeons as national heroes and "martyrs of the bloody Russian regime."

“Washington and Kyiv remove witnesses of their crimes” (Teller Report)
Kiev knew prison it shelled held Ukrainian POWs – DPR (RT.com)
Russia claims Ukraine had a reason to kill its own POWs (RT.com)
Ukraine Fires HIMARS Into Their Own Men - Hits P.O.W. Camp to Kill AZOV Nazis (Hal Turner)
The extraordinary story of Ukraine bombing own POWs to stop them surrendering and talking. Over 50 killed. Over 100 injured. + [ Donetsk Front ] Ukr HIMARS strike on "Mariupol" POW barracks in Olenivka (SW of Donetsk City)

Permalink Expert reluctantly admits Svalbard polar bears are thriving

In an article published last week, polar bear specialist Jon Aars is quoted as saying that Svalbard bears are “unexpectedly” thriving. However, he fails short of admitting that the bears don’t really need summer ice as long as they are well-fed in spring, which they have been for the last two decades—this year included.

💬 Aars said the sea ice in this area is declining more than twice as fast as anywhere else in the Arctic. But the polar bears here — unexpectedly — are thriving. [E. Haavik, Svalbard’s polar bears persist as sea ice melts — but not forever, 21 July 2022; my bold]

The suggestion by Aars that the Svalbard archipelago could one day be ice-free for the entire year is speculative hyperbole but even if that were to happen, it would only mean the permanent movement of 300 or so Svalbard bears to Franz Josef Land (still within the Barents Sea) where ice conditions are less volatile. This year is typical of most recent years in summer: Svalbard is devoid of ice but there is still plenty around Franz Josef Land to the east and to the north, where the Arctic pack ice begins (see ice chart below for 20 July 2022).

Permalink Comrade Susan Mitchie, the WHO and a World I no longer understand

Dr Vernon Coleman | Comrade Susan Mitchie, who is a long-standing member of the communist party and a psychologist, has apparently been made chairman of the World Health Organisation’s Technical Advisory Group for Behavioural Insights and Science for Health. Phew. Think of the ink that’ll be wasted printing out the letter head for that one. Comrade Mitchie, who has no more medical qualifications than your nearest squirrel (at least, not the sort of qualifications that entitle you to remove an appendix, prescribe a morphine injection and ask a complete stranger to pop behind the screen and slip their things off), is on record as arguing that testing, border controls, social distancing and face masks should be kept going forever.

Permalink Meet the Ex-CIA Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy – Alan Macleod

[H]iring so many ex-U.S. state officials to run Facebook’s most politically sensitive operations raises troubling questions about the company’s impartiality and its proximity to government power. Meta is so full of national security state agents that at some point, it almost becomes more difficult to find individuals in trust and safety who were not formerly agents of the state.

[T]his article is not claiming that any of the named individuals are nefarious actors, or even that they are anything but model employees. This is a structural problem. Put another way, if Facebook were hiring dozens of managers from Russian intelligence agencies like the FSB or GRU, everybody would recognize the inherent dangers. It should be little different when it hires individuals from the CIA, an organization responsible for some of the worst crimes of the modern era.

While Meta has not unmasked any nefarious U.S. government action, it regularly uncovers what it claims are foreign disinformation campaigns. According to a recent Facebook report, the top five locations of coordinated inauthentic behavior between 2017 and 2020 on its platform are Russia, Iran, Myanmar, the United States and Ukraine. However, it was at pains to note that American operations were driven by fringe far-right elements, white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, and not the government. This is despite the fact that it is now well-established that the Pentagon fields a clandestine army of at least 60,000 people whose job is to influence public opinion, the majority of them doing so from their keyboards.


Permalink UN, WEF Behind Global War On Farmers

The U.N., the WEF, and other organizations are advancing the use of weeds and bugs as food. This, combined with a multitude of other signs, indicate that the UN and WEF are behind a global war on the farmers.

The United Nations’ “Agenda 2030” Sustainable Development Goals and the U.N.’s partners at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are directly related to the rising regulatory assault on agricultural producers from Holland and the United States to Sri Lanka and beyond. In fact, a number of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are directly tied to the implementation of laws that put pressure on global agriculture, ranching, and food sources.

High-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials within the U.N. system assisted in the development of the SDGs and are currently assisting in directing the organization’s execution of the global strategy. The U.N.-backed sustainability regulations on agriculture and food production, according to a number of experts, would cause economic ruin, shortages of essential items, widespread starvation, and a significant loss of personal freedoms if not stopped.

Ireland joins Canada and the Netherlands in contributing to world famine (Andrea Widburg)

Permalink The Good Reset...

The Good Reset: Thanks for this brilliant illustration, @BobMoran. It's a great reminder about what we stand and fight for. 🙏🏼 (HERE)

Permalink Member Of European Parliament Labels COVID Vaccine Coercion “Worst Crime Ever Committed on Humanity”

In a speech in the European Parliament earlier this month, German MP Christine Anderson described the coercion of people into taking COVID vaccines as the “biggest crime ever committed on humanity.”

💬 “This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history,” Anderson declared, adding “moreover, it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity.” Anderson further warned that “unscrupulous globalist elites” have used the pandemic for their own ends, asking “What in God’s name have they done with this?” Addressing “each and every elected representative of people in every western democracy,” Anderson asked “What have you done?”

Permalink Russia, China making moves to replace U.S. dollar as world’s reserve currency

Since the end of World War II, the U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since the U.S. had become, by far, the world’s most powerful country. | But in addition to being the most powerful and being able to project that power globally, the U.S. also had become the wealthiest nation on the planet as well, thanks to our ingenuity and, for decades, successive presidential administrations and congresses that had America’s best interests in mind. Yes, Donald Trump was not the original “America first” president; in fact, that’s why his campaign in 2016 was so successful: He ran on a platform of returning our country to those days (and you see what the deep state that now runs the country from within the shadows did to him). Trump’s stolen election, the installation of a dementia patient as president, and the fact that Americans did not revolt over what took place by the tens of millions have led many of the world’s lesser powers to conclude that we are now an ’empire in decline,’ like the British and Romans before us, and as such, feel it’s the right time to move on from the United States.

Permalink Video evidence: US-funded biological research labs in Ukraine

These videos were available on the Youtube channel of the United States Nunn-Lugar Program in Ukraine. | Of course, nothing beats previous director of DTRA Andrew Weber, literally showing anthrax in a lab in Ukraine, to junior US Senator Barrack Obama. Note this was Obama’s first diplomatic trip overseas of his political career. Its odd that anthrax appears in a US-funded lab in Ukraine in 2005, considering the USA could not find Iraq’s biological weapon (anthrax) production in 2003, 2004, or early 2005. Then, strangely enough, what was believed to be Iraq’s biological research program labs were “stolen” in the middle of 2005. And this theft didn’t involve a Toyota Camry… the video below reviews of industrial cranes were used by the “looters”. Yes - there is such a thing as mobile biological labs. The USA Department of Homeland Security loves them. Stranger still - the Ukrainian military withdrew their troops from Iraq after the “looting”… but before Andrew Weber and Senator Dick Lugar showed the anthrax to junior Senator Obama. Another odd coincidence - the only plane big enough in the world to carry a portable biological research lab was the Ukrainian AN-225 (recently blown to bits by Russian military exercises).


Permalink Akhmetov’s son buys Swiss villa as oligarch sucks Ukraine’s enterprises dry

In December 2020, a new resident appeared in Vésenaz, a respectable suburb in Geneva. He paid an astronomical price of 60 million francs, or Hr 2 billion, to become part of the community and settle on the shores of Lake Geneva. This young man isn’t a successful businessman. Rather, he is an heir to an oligarchic empire created by his father, the richest man in Ukraine. The man who bought the house in Geneva is Damir Akhmetov, a 32-year-old son of Rinat Akhmetov, the biggest oligarch of the poorest country in Europe, Ukraine.

Damir is Akhmetov’s eldest son. He left Ukraine at the age of 10, studied in Switzerland and the UK, and is a member of the supervisory boards of his father’s energy and metallurgy companies, DTEK and Metinvest. His story has nothing to do with the success of a self-made man, he never ran a business independently, and was involved only in the management of his father’s companies. It is a depressing reminder of how Ukraine has become a resource base for a select few while leaving 40 million people impoverished. After all, outside of Ukraine, Akhmetov Sr. has no significant business, and the fusion of politics and oligarchic influence has allowed him to amass billions. Forbes Akhmetov’s net worth to be $7.6 billion. (H/T-Vanessa Beeley)

Permalink The UK Government has quietly confirmed that the Covid-19 vaccines are killing children at an unprecedented rate

UK Government admits COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of Flu/COVID-19 than Unvaccinated Children.

Shocking figures contained in an official report, published just hours before Boris Johnson announced his resignation as Prime Minister of the UK, reveal Covid-19 vaccinated children are 4423%/45x more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children and 13,6333/137x more likely to die of Covid-19 than unvaccinated children.

To summarise, the official UK Government figures published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, prove that COVID-vaccinated children and teenagers are more likely to die of both Covid-19 and any other cause than unvaccinated children and teenagers. This indicates that in regard to Covid-19, vaccination is actually worsening the immune response to the alleged virus and increasing the risk of both hospitalisation and death. But in regards to all-cause deaths, this indicates the Covid-19 injections are directly killing children. (Source)

In memory of those who "died suddenly" in... +
So many people are now "dying suddenly" that "our free press" can barely hide it any more (Mark Crispin Miller)

Permalink Guess Who Bought-Up Ukraine Farmland Since 2014 Coup?

Hal Turner | For those of us who have been scratching our heads as to why the US and EU are so bent on "helping" Ukraine, I found something out today: Since the 2014 Coup which overthrew Democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovich, and put a puppet regime, favorable to the west, in his place...three giant corporations -- Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto -- bought seventeen million hectares of Ukraine agricultural land. That's sixty percent (60%) of the total agricultural land in Ukraine! Thought you'd be interested in that.


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