Permalink Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on Ukraine

[Some extracts & The bottom line:] So what you see now is the continuation of the war on Russia that the West is fighting “until the last Ukrainian”. This leaves us no other option but to keep moving towards achieving the goals of the special operation by military means. Thereby the Ukrainian people suffer the most, because the West and the felonious regime in Kiev are using them as “cannon fodder”. [...] Western states promise that arms deliveries to Ukraine will continue for “as long as needed”, saying that they allegedly do it for the sake of peace. For example, the European Union even finances these arms supplies via its European Peace Facility, apparently in order to mislead the taxpayers. Kiev, however, has its own answer to why they need so many weapons. Lately, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine O.Danilov frankly stated that his country needs weapons because Russians “must be destroyed so that they cease to exist as a country”. In his opinion, negotiating with Moscow is something “unworthy of the Ukrainian people”. [...] It goes without saying that we cannot leave this sort of hate speech without a reaction. We will respond to Kiev’s hostile actions, i.a. by hitting the infrastructure that is used for military provision, logistics, and liaison of Ukrainian formations. In other words, we will keep impairing the military potential of Zelensky’s regime. [...] If [our] goals are not attained by peaceful means and by turning Ukraine into a normal state and a good neighbor that poses no threat to Russia, then [our] goals will be achieved militarily. Due to the thoughtless actions of Ukrainian rulers who are subordinate to the West, the population of peaceful Ukrainian towns and cities is suffering. Responsibility for that fully rests with Zelensky’s regime and its Western sponsors, who resolved to defeat Russia on the battleground. This is their choice, not ours. Until they realize it, we will defend our interests by all methods that we have at our disposal.


Permalink New Marine Fossil Found in Outback Queensland

Three amateur palaeontologists have discovered the remains of a 100-million-year-old long-necked marine reptile at an outback Queensland station. | In an Australian first, the complete skeleton of an ancient plesiosaur, an extinct marine reptile, was discovered at a sprawling remote property in the McKinlay region in what has been described as the Rosetta Stone of marine reptile palaeontology.  A team of museum palaeontologists travelled to the remote site to collect the fossil of the elasmosaur, a plesiosaur that lived alongside the dinosaurs. The Elasmosaurus lived in the Eromanga Sea, which covered large parts of inland Australia between 140 and 100 million years ago. There are well over a hundred species of plesiosaurs currently known worldwide—some had long necks and small heads, and some had short necks with giant heads. Elasmosaurus came to the water’s surface to breathe air and had slender teeth for catching fish, crabs and molluscs. Scientists have discovered plesiosaur fossils with stones in the stomach area, showing they swallowed stones (called gastroliths) to either grind up food in their stomachs or as ballast to aid in diving.  Queensland Museum Network CEO Jim Thompson, PhD, said the find would help paint a comprehensive picture of Queensland’s Cretaceous marine reptiles.


Permalink Protesters storm government palace in Mongolia (VIDEOS)

Mass riots hit Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar on Monday, when protesters broke into the government palace and attacked law enforcement officials. | Protests have been going on in the city for three days now, as the authorities investigate an alleged massive theft of exported coal, but they hadn’t turned violent until now.  Footage circulating online shows scores of people demonstrating in front of the government palace in central Ulaanbaatar, demanding transparency in the coal scandal investigation and publicly naming the suspects.  According to media reports, some 6.5 million tons of coal were smuggled out of the country under the alleged corruption scheme, with a vast portion of that heading to neighboring China while bypassing customs. The stolen coal is estimated to be worth some $1.8 billion.

Mongolia opens new railway to China
Mongolian union boss sets himself on FIRE to protest sale of country's coal mining industry
China eyes more coal imports from Mongolia as supply shortage bites
On Why Mongolia Winning Battle for China’s Coal Market

PolitSatirCa (ПолитСатирКа) | Unrest suddenly erupts in Mongolia. | The occasion was the theft of coal supplies to China.  Despite the fact that China quickly found and executed all those involved in the fraudulent scheme, the situation has not yet fully returned to normal. On the contrary, there are signs of a 'colour revolution' (similar to the unrest in Kazakhstan this winter).  China and Russia have the situation under control. Nobody wants another hotspot with an out-of-control government (or rather one run from overseas). (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator) (free version)


Permalink New Zealand Health Authorities Trying to Medically Kidnap 4-Month-Old Baby Who Needs Heart Surgery Because Parents Want Unvaccinated Blood

Health Authorities in New Zealand are trying to take custody of a 4-month-old baby that needs heart surgery, because the parents don’t want the baby to receive blood from someone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19. | According to an interview with the parents, the parents are not refusing medical treatment, and agree with the doctors who state that their baby needs immediate heart surgery. They just want to donate their own blood from their own donors, and they claim they already have more than 20 pediatric donors who have been screened and could donate their blood for the needed surgery. But doctors are refusing, because they claim the parents’ beliefs are unfounded and that vaccinated blood is perfectly safe. The corporate media in New Zealand is branding the parents as crazy anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists.


Permalink Why Anger towards the Unvaccinated was Intentional Psychological Manipulation

As the first wave of the pandemic died down in 2020, the narrative was already being pushed that vaccines were the only way out. However, even before it was clear that the vaccines would predominantly be mRNA based, many were rightly hesitant to receive a novel vaccine that had been produced at warp speed.  With The Science™ so convinced that their solution was the only solution, something had to be done to increase uptake. Even though there were many opposing opinions (that were ignored), it was thought that without high rates of vaccine uptake, the pandemic would likely be prolonged.  Something had to be done about vaccine hesitancy, so along came Yale University with a study which began in July 2020. The study, which was not published online until October 2021 (once everyone was vaccinated) was to test “how persuasive messaging affects COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions”.      They wanted you to get angry in order to get vaccinated but they failed. But they wanted you to get angry, so get angry. Get angry that the population was psychologically manipulated to turn on one another. Get angry that your friends and family were nudged into parroting the phrases used in the study to make you feel guilty, stupid or embarrassed. Get angry that you were socially ostracised and de-invited from events. Get angry that your colleagues made you lose your job. And if you were one of those who tried to convince someone to get vaccinated, get angry that you were so easily manipulated.


Permalink DIED SUDDENLY: Official figures show at least Three-Quarters of a Million People have “Died Suddenly” across just 20% of all Countries throughout 2022 & Official Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination is to blame

It’s a trend which has unfortunately been increasing over the past two years, and it is showing no sings of slowing down. In fact, official Government figures published by just 38 countries, including the USA, the UK, Australia, and most of Europe. show that there are at least three-quarters of a million people who have died suddenly in 2022 alone. | No, we’re not making this up. Just 20% of the countries in the entire world have recorded 0.75 million excess deaths so far this year. And there is one thing all these countries have in common. They all coerced millions of their citizens into getting the Covid-19 injection. Why is that significant? It’s significant because official government reports prove that Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of death. We know this because the unvaccinated population in the UK have the lowest mortality rates per 100,000 population in every single age group. Even children. This probably explains why Europe has recorded a 552% increase in children who have “died suddenly” ever since the European Medicines Agency (EMA) decided they should be offered and coerced into getting the Covid-19 vaccine. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the figures taken from all the official Government reports yourselves…


Permalink China has OPENED FIRE on COVID Protesters - VIDEOS

Initially unconfirmed BUT NOW CONFIRMED reports are starting to come in claiming Chinese authorities have OPENED FIRE upon unarmed protesters, who are coming out en-masse against China's repressive COVID lockdowns. | Initially unconfirmed BUT NOW CONFIRMED reports are starting to come in claiming Chinese authorities have OPENED FIRE upon unarmed protesters, who are coming out en-masse against China's repressive COVID lockdowns. Initial reports are CLAIMING entire crowds have been gunned down, but we cannot confirm this. This is a developing story. Check back. UPDATE 11:03 AM EDT --The reports of crowds being FIRED UPON are now CONFIRMED.

Permalink The first results of yesterday's protests in China

📌 In Urumqi (XUAR, Western China), the authorities announced a phased lifting of anti-covigilance restrictions as the city reached "zero incidence";
📌 Oil falls to lowest level since 2021, Brent loses 2.6%;
📌 Chinese indices and currencies down: Hang Seng (foreign-oriented) loses 2%, Shanghai Composite (domestic-oriented) loses 1%. The yuan is cheaper by 0.5% to 7.2 per dollar. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)(free version)


Permalink World Premiere: Died Suddenly

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them. The Stew Peters Network is proud to present Died Suddenly, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

💬 If you have not yet seen Died Suddenly, the killer documentary that dropped two days ago, I urge you to watch it as soon as you can—it’s a little over an hour—and share it far and wide. Although it makes some trivial mistakes, it is a very solid piece of work—as sound as it is harrowing, and that’s really saying something; so all those who appreciate my weekly Substacks on the toll of the “vaccines” will also very much appreciate this film, and learn a lot from it (as I did) — Mark Crispin Miller

Permalink “Good news for the US economy”: Péter Szijjártó on the looming recession in Europe

Against the background of the Ukraine conflict and the sanctions against Russia, the European economy is heading towards a recession, said Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. It is absolutely clear that it is the USA that will benefit from this. | At a press conference on Friday, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó spoke of a risk of economic slowdown in the EU spoken, which he says is linked to the Ukraine conflict and Western anti-Russia sanctions. In terms of the global economy, the EU is currently on the losing side, while the situation around the US economy, including the competitive situation, has “definitely improved” of late, Szijjártó said. For him it is obvious that the USA “benefits from the suffering of the European economy”. 💬 “The fact that the European economy is heading into recession is good news for the US economy, and it’s clear that Americans have benefited from it.”  Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Europe loses if it rejects Russian energy sources and relies on those from the United States. Europe is forced to pay fivefold or tenfold for it. According to Orbán, Europe should ask its “US friends” who is making profits in this situation. The Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Laszlo Kever, has already stated that the European Union can be called the loser in the Ukraine crisis because it is acting against its own economic interests.


Permalink Good To See There's Some Resistance To Tyranny In China! - Part I

Henan guy: "If I don't speak today, no one will tomorrow, the Communists don't take our lives seriously!"

Permalink Japan may strike enemy bases in case of attack on allied country - newspaper

According to the paper, the government is actively deliberating over the issue | Japan's armed forces may get approval to launch missile strikes on bases on the territory of a potential enemy not only in case of direct aggression against it, but also in case of an attack on an allied country. This is now being worked out in preparation for revising key security documents, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported on Friday, citing government sources.  Strikes on the territory of a potential enemy in the event of its attack on an allied country, according to the sources, will be allowed when there is an immediate threat to the existence of Japan itself.  According to the paper, the government is actively deliberating over the issue. As of now, Japan has one full-fledged military ally: the US. That being said, a similar system of defense cooperation with Australia is being worked out.


Permalink Gynaecologist: Death and destruction on an unprecedented scale

James Thorp has been a gynecologist and obstetrician for 43 years. He sees many thousands of patients a year, so he knows what's going on. There's death and destruction on a scale I've never seen, says the doctor in the new movie Died Suddenly. "It's terrible." The number of cases of menstrual disorders has increased 12-fold, Thorp said. He points out that the number of miscarriages has increased significantly in the past year. The same goes for the number of birth defects. In addition, babies are increasingly having heart attacks in the womb. Thorp warns that the covid vaccine causes a serious inflammatory response. “Anything that triggers an inflammatory response in my environment causes damage, death and destruction during pregnancy. We've known that for half a century." The fetal death rate has remained very stable in recent years in the United States, at 5.7 per 1,000 births. The gynecologist has found that this percentage has fallen from 10 to 5.7 in the past 45 years.  In July 2021 , the fetal death rate in the city of Fresno, California, suddenly jumped to 29.3 per 1,000 births. “This is horrible,” Thorp said at the Florida Summit on Covid.  A year later, in August 2022, Fresno's death rate was still the same: 29.3 per 1,000 births. A record.  In the Canadian city of Waterloo, the fetal death rate from January to June 2021 was even higher: a whopping 41.5 per 1,000 births. According to several Canadian doctors, this figure is correct.  In the province of British Columbia, 13 fetal deaths were recorded in one day last June out of 4,200 births per year. The rate of fetal deaths was 160 per 1,000 births. These are danger signs, according to Thorp. (Via Uncutnews.ch)


Permalink US military analyst: China knows a cunning way to defeat America

Elena Panina (Елена Панина) | US military analyst: China knows a cunning way to defeat America 💬 "Destroy the logistics fleet and there is little the US Armed Forces can do in the Western Pacific without sufficient and regular supplies of everything from fuel to ammunition to food," notes James Holmes, head of the Maritime Strategy Department at the US Naval War College.  According to the expert, "In this cunning way, China could win the war against America" as logistics is the centre of gravity for the US military. 💬 "China could not engage in an apocalyptic battle, but simply destroy US logistics," Holmes believes. - This is Beijing's risk-free path to victory in the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea and the East China Sea. It would deprive US forces in these theater areas of adequate reinforcements and the ability to meet commitments to Asian allies."   Stretched supply chains are a standard vulnerability for a hegemon that seeks to control the entire world. Apparently, this is why US analysts are considering the preventive deployment of US troops in Taiwan and the island's development of its own MIC through close cooperation with the Pentagon's defence contractors.  However, the U.S. establishment can cut logistics in another, less costly way. To do so, it could simply return to its original understanding of the Monroe Doctrine - and focus solely on the Americas. Which would mean voluntarily giving up world hegemony.  But the elite of the United States are not yet ready for this. It will be able to come to this idea only through a series of major U.S. defeats - in the Indo-Pacific, in the Middle East, and, of course, in Europe. (DeepL.com)

Permalink Doctor explains in 2 minutes why so many vaccinated young people die during sports

There are many reports of young vaccinated people dropping dead during sports. This is not surprising, Dr Richard Urso told Bright Light News. VIDEO | During exercise, the so-called tight junctions relax, allowing lipid nanoparticles to pass through them and reach the cell wall of the heart. That's much more difficult if you don't move, says Urso.  The doctor added that the pericytes, which are part of the capillaries, are packed with ACE2 receptors. After injection, these produce a large amount of spike protein, which spreads through the gap junctions in the heart. This can cause myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. 💬 “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Urso. “This is absolutely unprecedented.” He expects that more and more people will realize that these vaccines are very dangerous.  The doctor quoted the director of the American life insurance company OneAmerica who said at a press conference late last year that the death rate among 18 to 64-year-olds was up to 40 percent higher than normal. 💬 “We are currently experiencing the highest mortality rates in the history of this industry, not just at OneAmerica,” he said.  Edward Dowd, a former portfolio manager at BlackRock, also pointed out that some 61,000 American millennials (aged 25-44) would die after being vaccinated in the second half of 2021. The excess mortality in this group was 84 percent. According to Dowd, this is the highest excess mortality rate in history. (Via Uncutnews.ch)


Permalink IN PLAIN SIGHT – G20 Heads Of State Agree To Hand Over Their National Health Sovereignties To W.H.O. And Global Citizens Are Clueless

The B20 Summit of business leaders, partially sponsored by the World Economic Forum, preceded the G20 Head of State Summit (G20) on the island of Bali, Indonesia this past week. G20 Heads of State, representing 19 countries and the European Union and two-thirds of the world’s population, agreed to hand over their countries’ health sovereignty to the World Health Organization, based upon the “One Health” model incorporating the health of humans, plants and animals. It was codified in what is called the Bali Declaration, which will lead to a major pandemic fund of billions annually and an international accord to be hashed out for future pandemic readiness.

It’s out in the open: Vaccine passports for the “next pandemic.” (11/19/22)


Permalink BBC Television: "Segment of HIV" Used to Create COVID-19 Vaccines !

As more and more people around the world got snookered into taking the COVID "Vaccine" we all got to see how more and more people started dying from strange ailments. Young people started dying from Myocarditis and Pericarditis. Middle aged people starting dropping dead from blood clots in the brain, in the lungs, or in their hearts. Other people started dropping dead from "unknown causes" to such a large extent, they made-up a phony name to describe it: "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" (SADS). Now, we finally have an idea as to why: Manufacturers of the COVID-19 "vaccine" used segments of the HIV virus in the COVID "vaccine." For a lot of the people who got the COVID vax, it now appears to many that they actually gave you a tiny version of...AIDS


Permalink 'Not Appropriate': Chinese President Xi Scolds Canadian PM Trudeau Over G20 Leaked Talks - Video

Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared to reprimand Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday for disclosing private discussions to the news media, in an informal exchange of words partially captured in a video recording in a busy lobby area of the G20 summit in Bali. Trudeau is heard responding that “In Canada, we believe in free and open and frank dialogue,” adding that they would “work constructively together but there will be things we will disagree on.” Xi responds that they will need to create the conditions first before the exchange abruptly ends.

«Все просочилось в газеты. Это неуместно». Как западные лидеры «сливают» переговоры

Xi roasts Canadian PM at G20 | The Chinese president scolded Justin Trudeau, implying he leaked the contents of their meeting to the media | Chinese President Xi Jinping has publicly dressed down Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for leaking the content of their meeting to the media. Canadian reporters captured the exchange on video during the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia on Wednesday. Barely a minute long, the exchange opens with Xi, speaking through a translator, telling Trudeau that 💬 “everything we discussed has been leaked to the papers.” “That is not appropriate. And that’s not the way the conversation was conducted,” Xi added. “If there was sincerity on your part…” 💬 [Trudeau] “In Canada we believe in free and open and frank dialogue, and that is what we’ll continue to have,” Trudeau replied, speaking over the translator still trying to finish relaying Xi’s words.

Permalink Hegemon USA Wants Russia to Pay Reparations to Ukrainian Nazis

Stephen Lendman | On Monday at the UN General Assembly, the Biden regime strong-armed nearly 50 vassals to co-sponsor a resolution, one denying Russia’s UN Charter right of self-defense, wanting Moscow to pay reparations to Ukraine, ignoring the US-installed regime’s years of war crimes. | The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies finds new ways to redefine chutzpah. No nation in world history raped, destroyed or significantly harmed more invented enemies. None caused more harm to more people over a longer duration. None more flagrantly breached the rule of law in virtually every way imaginable. Yet the illegitimate Biden regime wants Russia to pay reparations to US-installed Ukrainian Nazis — the same ones involved is waging war on Donbass since spring 2014.  After years of trying to end Kiev’s aggression diplomatically, Vladimir Putin authorized Russia’s SMO. He acted responsibly because over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian troops were mobilized in preparation to invade Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea. Russia acted in self-defense, in accordance with the UN Charter’s Article 51 — in stark contrast to how US-dominated NATO regimes operate.

UN calls on Russia to pay Ukraine reparations (11/15/22)


Permalink UNGA has no authority to collect any ‘reparations’ from Russia — Russian mission

According to the Russian diplomat, putting this draft for vote, Western nations are opening a Pandora’s box | The United Nations General Assembly is not authorized to establish any mechanisms to make Russia pay ‘reparations,’ as a resolution put for voting on November 14 suggests, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations said on Sunday.

💬 "The UN General Assembly will be in focus of attention tomorrow again: Western countries plan another acrimonious attack. This time, they are pushing through a UNGA draft resolution on calling Russia responsible, including reparations to Ukraine. They are seeking to set up a mechanism that would not be controlled by the General Assembly. Even non-professionals see the politicized nature and legal futility of this document: the General Assembly doesn’t have such authority," he wrote on his Telegram channel.

A mechanism of collecting "reparations" from Russia Western national plan to put for vote in the United Nations General Assembly on November 14 is meant to legitimize [a theft of] Russia’s frozen assets, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations said.


Permalink The West renounces freedom of expression

This is a debate that we thought was closed: Westerners had affirmed that freedom of expression is an essential prerequisite for democracy and that they would never violate it again. However, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and Germany have already embarked on the path of censorship. Now there are things not to say. | Freedom of expression had been a feature of the West since the 18th century. This was the basis on which the political regime supported by the middle classes was built: democracy. The principle according to which the general will would emerge from the confrontation of various opinions was no longer contested. Any attack on this freedom was seen as a blow to the peaceful resolution of conflicts.  However, at the beginning of the 20th century, when the World War tore the West apart, the British, then the Americans, did not hesitate to use modern means of propaganda, not only against their enemies, but also against their own population [1]. For the first time, democratic governments were setting up programs to deceive their fellow citizens. At the end of this war, the British prided themselves on their successes, suggesting a possible use of war propaganda in times of peace. Also, when the capitalist economic system was threatened and even before the Second World War had started, democracies and freedom of expression were put on hold, and propaganda resumed, first in Italy and Germany, then throughout the West.  Today, as in the thirties, the present capitalist system is threatened by the development of inequalities between voters, but in a way that we have never known. If the industrialist Henry Ford said, during the crisis of 1929, that the salary of a boss should not exceed 40 times that of one of his workers, today that of Elon Musk is 38.5 million times that of some of its employees in the United States. The democratic principle “One man, one vote” no longer has any relation to reality.


Permalink Evidence of harm

Steve Kirsch | A short collection of key pieces of evidence showing the COVID vaccines are not "safe and effective." Not even close. They are the most deadly vaccines we've ever produced. | Here’s a high level collection of some of the most compelling pieces of evidence I’ve seen to date. This is not an exhaustive list, but just the key pieces of data that are impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe and effective. I’ve divided the collection into sections and I’ve tried to limit each section to the most compelling data points. So don’t be disappointed if your favorite item isn’t mentioned in this article; I wanted to keep it short enough to be read. I’ll try to keep this updated over time. It can be found in the my Reference Section.


Permalink THE PLAN: The World Health Organization has a plan for ten years of infectious diseases, says a WHO virologist

THE PLAN: The World Health Organization has a plan for ten years of infectious diseases, says a WHO virologist. While Mr. and Mrs. America was busy pouring their time, effort, and money into the Right/Left Paradigm Lie, the Evil Ones were hard at work perfecting a plan, which is in full effect, to enslave you and then to KILL you. [VIDEO]

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