Permalink The 15 Stages of Denial Among Recipients of the Covid-19 "Vaccine" (Bio-Weapon)

  1. It's the cure!
  2. It's not the cure, but it prevents you from getting Covid and spreading it to others.
  3. It doesn't prevent you from getting Covid, but it prevents you from getting sick.
  4. It doesn't prevent you from getting sick, but it prevents you from getting REALLY sick.
  5. It doesn't prevent you from getting REALLY sick, but it prevents you from dying.
  6. It doesn't prevent you from dying, but it prevents most people from dying.
  7. Hey, it's still a net benefit! Trust the science!
  8. Okay, well, at least it doesn't actively harm people! Roll up your sleeve for the updated shot.
  9. Okay, well, at least it doesn't harm THAT many people! I'm sorry. I'm busy and not rolling up my sleeves anymore.
  10. Okay, it's poison, and it causes “Covid” (I.E., illness and deaths that are blamed on “Covid”), and it doesn't actually do anything beneficial whatsoever. There are zero (0) benefits, only costs. The cure is so much worse than the disease. We got bamboozled every step of the way.
  11. It's poison and a bio-weapon, but it only kills a few people, and everybody I know is okay.
  12. Well, I know a few people who were killed, suffered adverse events or are now neurologically impaired, but it's pretty much all over now.
  13. Okay, more and more people are dying in the medium term, and the people I know who took the jab are starting to sweat the long term, but it will stop when these greedy pharma companies are reined in from still administering shots.
  14. It's true that the military was involved in orchestrating the whole thing, but the people in the military (who agree to kill anyone they are told to for money) care about us, and it's only because they want to prepare us for an era of biological warfare.
  15. The “Vaccines” have killed 17 million - 20 million+ people, with more dying every day from medium-to-long term side-effects, including myocarditis, blood clots, and turbo cancers, vs. the supposedly seven million that were killed by “The Covid.” The “Government” is run by an inter-generational organized crime system centered around banking and central banking. They have been tax-farming the population and stealing the value out of everyone’s money using a technique called fractional reserve banking that is causing the massive inflation we are seeing as economic warfare against a population that is waking up to the illegitimacy and criminality of “government.”


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