Permalink Bill backed by Koch brothers and Monsanto to block GMO labeling laws in US

With the backing of powerful trade groups, Rep. Mike Pompeo is about to introduce a legislation that will essentially prevent states from passing laws requiring the labeling of genetically-modified foods. The bill is allegedly linked to biotech giant Monsanto and Koch Industries. Pompeo will offer the bill in the US House before Congress leaves for Easter recess later this month, according to The Hill newspaper and Politico. The bill includes a "prohibition against mandatory labeling," catering to the needs of powerful interest groups that have already declared war against such "right to know" labeling laws in the US.


Permalink Humans are NOT to blame for global warming - Greenpeace

Humans are NOT to blame for global warming, says Greenpeace co-founder, as he insists there is 'no scientific proof' climate change is manmade. There is no scientific proof of man-made global warming and a hotter earth would be ‘beneficial for humans and the majority of other species’, according to a founding member of environmental campaign group Greenpeace. The assertion was made by Canadian ecologist Patrick Moore, a member of Greenpeace from 1971 to 1986, to U.S senators on Tuesday. He told The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee: ‘There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years. If there were such a proof it would be written down for all to see. No actual proof, as it is understood in science, exists.’


Permalink A Catastrophic Cooling 5,200 Years Ago Was Preceeded by a Few Decades of Warming and Low Sunspot Activity: Sound Familiar?

The 2004 annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union saw evidence that proved beyond doubt that a devastating and abrupt change in climate happened 5,200 years ago. Now when I say abrupt I really do mean abrupt. A massive and profound global cooling event happened 5,200 years ago, and one of the leading scientists in the field of ice core analysis thinks it’s about to happen again. Not much was said about this outside of scientific circles, certainly nothing was said by the government. Even the words and research of a world renowned expert count for nothing. As far as the warmist government is concerned, we are all to believe we will die of heatstroke in the next 50 years. Thompson even mentions the Sun, and it’s role in climate forcing, and once again, just like 5,200 years ago, the Sun is showing the lowest activity for a century. Predictions for solar cycle 25 are that there may not be any sunspots at all.


Permalink French gov’t map shows ‘maximum’ radiation directly over Hawaii on March 21, 2011 — Highest levels of anywhere in world, including Fukushima - Graphic

Modélisation par Météo France de la dispersion des rejets radioactifs dans l’atmosphère à l’échelle globale suite à l’accident nucléaire de Fukushima.


Permalink Cargo à Anglet: 20 tonnes de carburant dispersées, premier pompage vendredi - Vidéo

L'opération de pompage de carburant dans l'avant du cargo espagnol échoué depuis mercredi à Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) pourrait commencer vendredi, selon le maire de la ville, alors que 20 tonnes issues de l'arrière du navire se sont d'ores et déjà dispersées dans la mer. Après une première tentative avortée dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi, les experts de la société d'assurances du navire, accompagné du chef-mécanicien du navire, épaulés par des pompiers et des membres du Centre d'expertises pratiques de lutte antipollution (Ceppol) de la Marine nationale, ont finalement pu accéder jeudi après-midi à l'avant de l'épave, échoué sur la plage de La Barre.


Permalink Indigenous Groups: 'No Keystone XL Pipeline Will Cross Our Lands'

Native American communities along proposed route vow resistance against 'black snake' pipeline. Native American communities are promising fierce resistance to stop TransCanada from building, and President Barack Obama from permitting, the northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline. "No Keystone XL pipeline will cross Lakota lands," declares a joint statement from Honor the Earth, the Oglala Sioux Nation, Owe Aku, and Protect the Sacred. "We stand with the Lakota Nation, we stand on the side of protecting sacred water, we stand for Indigenous land-based lifeways which will NOT be corrupted by a hazardous, toxic pipeline." Members of seven Lakota nation tribes, as well as indigenous communities in Idaho, Oklahoma, Montana, Nebraska and Oregon, are preparing to take action to stop Keystone XL. “It will band all Lakota to live together and you can’t cross a living area if it’s occupied,” said Greg Grey Cloud, of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, in an interview with Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. “If it does get approved we aim to stop it.”


Permalink Radioactive 'mass murder': nuclear industry keeps Fukushima impact in secret, worst to come

Radiation is a rather tricky enemy. You cannot see it, you cannot smell it yet it’s harmful for our ecosystem, our markets and our bodies. The Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is still making headlines but no one knows the full truth about the ultimate impact of this accident. We should prepare for the worst case scenario, writes American democracy activist Harvey Wasserman in his article "50 Reasons We Should Fear the Worst from Fukushima".


Permalink Danish government implodes over opposition against a deal with Goldman Sachs

The partial sale of DONG Energy to Goldman Sachs took a shocking turn this morning after Annette Vilhelmsen, the head of government coalition party Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF), announced that she would step down as head of the party and the party would leave the government coalition. Vilhelmsen called a meeting this morning after she was unable to obtain a consensus in her party on agreeing to the government’s pending DONG/ Goldman Sachs agreement, which is set to be decided on in parliament later today. “It’s been a dramatic 24 hours. I must admit that there has been disagreement in the party, at a national level and in the parliament group,” Vilhelmsen said at the press conference at Christiansborg. “I couldn’t gather the party.”


Permalink World’s first magma-enhanced geothermal energy system operates in Iceland

In various parts of the world, enhanced or engineered geothermal systems are being created by pumping cold water into hot dry rocks at 4-5 kilometers depths. The heated water is pumped up again as hot water or steam from production wells. In recent decades, considerable effort has been invested in Europe, Australia, the United States, and Japan, with uneven, and typically poor, results. In 2009 a borehole drilled at Krafla, northeast Iceland, as part of the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project (IDDP), unexpectedly penetrated into magma (molten rock) at only 2,100 meters depth, with a temperature of 900-1,000 C. The borehole, IDDP-1, was the first in a series of wells being drilled by the IDDP in Iceland in the search for high-temperature geothermal resources.


Permalink US tested biological weapons in Japan’s Okinawa in the 60s – report

The American army conducted experiments with biological weapons aimed at destroying rice crops on the Japanese island of Okinawa in the 60s, Kyodo news agency reports. The alleged target of the tests was the China and Southeast Asia region. Citing classified US documents, Japanese news agency Kyodo said the US military carried out experiments on their sovereign territory between 1961 and 1962. At this time Japan’s southern island of Okinawa was still under post-WWII, US jurisdiction. The US did similar tests in Taiwan and the American mainland, notes Kyodo. The American army experimented with rice blast fungus – a plant pathogen – which infects rice crops with disastrous effects. The pathogen latches onto the rice plant as a spore and produces lesions and spots all over the rice plant and then reproduces.


Permalink U.S. Dumped Tens of Thousands of Steel Drums Containing Atomic Waste Off Coastlines

More than four decades after the U.S. halted a controversial ocean dumping program, the country is facing a mostly forgotten Cold War legacy in its waters: tens of thousands of steel drums of atomic waste. | From 1946 to 1970, federal records show, 55-gallon drums and other containers of nuclear waste were pitched into the Atlantic and Pacific at dozens of sites off California, Massachusetts and a handful of other states. Much of the trash came from government-related work, ranging from mildly contaminated lab coats to waste from the country’s effort to build nuclear weapons. Federal officials have long maintained that, despite some leakage from containers, there isn’t evidence of damage to the wider ocean environment or threats to public health through contamination of seafood. But a Wall Street Journal review of decades of federal and other records found unanswered questions about a dumping program once labeled “seriously substandard” by a senior Environmental Protection Agency official…

Permalink Over 1,800 flights cancelled in US due to snow storm

US airport officials report on Thursday that over 1,800 international and local flights have been cancelled and almost 3,000 delayed in a number of northern and eastern states due to heavy snowfalls.
Most of all, bad weather has hit the airports of Chicago (Illinois), Newark (New Jersey) and Cleveland (Ohio). However, there has been practically no air travel disruption between Moscow and New York. Electronic announcement boards at New York airports show no flight cancellations between these cities. Still, passengers are advised to contact airlines about possible changes in the timetable. National Weather Service spokesman Jason Tuell warns about more heavy snowfalls and a strong wind to come. On Thursday night snowfalls are expected to result in poor visibility, which is causing special worries. Meteorologist Hugh Johnson forecasts a drop of temperature followed by traffic problems. Blizzards have already brought about a larger number of car accidents. During a snowfall in Indiana a bus crashed into a car on a highway, as a result of which one passenger died and 15 were injured. Nine cars collided in New Hampshire. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called citizens to refrain from driving on Thursday night. It has also been decided to extend the New Year school holidays in New Hampshire due to bad weather.


Permalink All passengers confirmed rescued from icebound Antarctic ship

All 52 passengers have been airlifted on Thursday from a Russian research vessel icebound in Antarctica and are safely aboard an Australian supply ship, rescuers said. "Aurora Australis has advised AMSA that the 52 passengers from the Akademik Shokalskiy are now on board," the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said. Passengers were flown to the Australian ship in groups of 12 by a helicopter from a Chinese icebreaker. The Akademik Shokalsky has been stuck in ice since December 24 100 nautical miles east of the French base Dumont d'Urville, with several icebreaking attempts failing to reach it. After a number of false starts a helicopter evacuation of the research vessel's passengers began on Thursday evening, with official confirmation that it was underway reaching AMSA at 6.15 pm Australian time (0715 GMT). The Australian agency, which is coordinating the rescue mission, reported all passengers were safey on board the Aurora Australis, an Australian government supply ship, at 10.15pm, some four hours later. Passengers were airlifted from a makeshift landing pad on the ice beside the Russian ship to an ice floe near the Australis.

Quadrant: Cold Comfort For Antarctic Warmists

Permalink Fukushima disaster: staff did nothing to prevent nuclear catastrophe

The past year was in many ways pivotal for Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant after it was struck in 2011 by the second biggest nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl. The NPP is to be phased out and eventually dismantled, despite the previous plans to restart the reactors that survived the meltdown. The Fukushima tragedy made the world reconsider its attitude towards nuclear plants and it has been on the lookout for new energy sources ever since.


Permalink Japan's homeless recruited for murky Fukushima clean-up

Mari Saito & Antoni Slodkowski Seiji Sasa hits the train station in this northern Japanese city before dawn most mornings to prowl for homeless men. He isn't a social worker. He's a recruiter. The men in Sendai Station are potential laborers that Sasa can dispatch to contractors in Japan's nuclear disaster zone for a bounty of $100 a head. "This is how labor recruiters like me come in every day," Sasa says, as he strides past men sleeping on cardboard and clutching at their coats against the early winter cold. It's also how Japan finds people willing to accept minimum wage for one of the most undesirable jobs in the industrialized world: working on the $35 billion, taxpayer-funded effort to clean up radioactive fallout across an area of northern Japan larger than Hong Kong. Almost three years ago, a massive earthquake and tsunami leveled villages across Japan's northeast coast and set off multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Today, the most ambitious radiation clean-up ever attempted is running behind schedule. The effort is being dogged by both a lack of oversight and a shortage of workers, according to a Reuters analysis of contracts and interviews with dozens of those involved.


Permalink Gazprom Says First Oil Flowing From Arctic

Russia's first Arctic offshore field Prirazlomnoye, where Greenpeace activists were arrested in September after a high seas clash with Russian authorities, has started production of oil, energy company Gazprom said Friday. The project is almost a decade behind its initial schedule and is one of the most controversial energy projects, seen as dangerous for the environment by the Greens, who say that the drilling and storage platform is three decades old. "We became the pioneers of Russia's Arctic development," Gazprom's chief executive officer Alexei Miller said in a statement. President Vladimir Putin has said Russia's Arctic offshore riches are of a strategic importance for the country, which now is pumping an average of 10.6 million barrels of oil per day, close to its current capacity.

Permalink For global warming believers, 2013 was the year from Hell

Lawrence Solomon Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the cause of global warming. 2013 marks the 17th year of no warming on the planet. 2013 has been a gloomy year for global warming enthusiasts. The sea ice in the Antarctic set a record, according to NASA, extending over a greater area than at any time since 1979 when satellite measurements first began. In the Arctic the news is also glum. Five years ago, Al Gore predicted that by 2013 “the entire North polar ice cap will be gone.” Didn’t happen. Instead, a deflated Gore saw the Arctic ice cap increase by 50% over 2012. This year’s Arctic ice likewise exceeded that of 2008, the year of his prediction. And that of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Weather between the poles has also conspired to make the global warming believers look bad. In December, U.S. weather stations reported over 2000 record cold and snow days. Almost 60% of the U.S. was covered in snow, twice as much as last year. The heavens even opened up in the Holy Land, where an awestruck citizenry saw 16 inches of snow fall in Jerusalem, almost three feet in its environs. Snow blanketed Cairo for the first time in more than 100 years.


Permalink China rejects US corn on fears over genetic modification

China has rejected 545,000 tons of imported US corn found to contain an unapproved genetically modified strain. An unapproved strain called MIR162 was found in 12 batches of corn, China's product safety agency said. | China backs genetically modified crops to increase food production, but has faced opposition from critics who question their safety. The agency called on US authorities to tighten controls to ensure unapproved strains are not sent to China. China allowed its first imports of a genetically modified crop, soybeans, in 1997. Authorities are trying to develop others that produce bigger yields or can resist insects without use of pesticides. China has already approved 15 varieties of genetically-modified corn for imports and MIR162 is awaiting approval.


Permalink Study links BP oil spill to dolphin deaths

US government scientists have for the first time found direct evidence of toxic exposure in the Gulf of Mexico. US government scientists have for the first time connected the BP oil disaster to dolphin deaths in the Gulf of Mexico, in a study finding direct evidence of toxic exposure. The study, led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, found lung disease, hormonal abnormalities and other health effects among dolphins in an area heavily oiled during the BP spill. The diseases found in the dolphins at Barataria Bay in Louisiana – though rare – were consistent with exposure to oil, the scientists said.


Permalink Good news for Arctic, as sea ice volume up by half

Arctic sea ice last month was around 50 percent higher in volume compared with a year earlier, following a recovery in area this summer, the European Space Agency (ESA) said Monday. This is some good news for the Arctic, but does not reverse a longer trend of decline, it said. Data from ESA’s high-tech ice-monitoring satellite CryoSat found that in October this year, there was about 9,000 cubic kilometres (2,100 cu. miles) of sea ice in the Arctic. A year earlier, the volume was 6,000 cu. kms (1,400 cu. miles). When measured over a timescale of several years, ice in October 2013 was about 30 centimetres (19 inches) thicker than last year’s — a rise of about 20 percent. Sea ice is ocean water that freezes in extremely low temperatures. In the Arctic, this ice goes through regular swings, contracting in the northern hemisphere’s summer and expanding in its winter. As a result, the changes are considered a bellwether of global warming, although experts also warn that only decades-long data can show whether something is a trend — meaning a man-made shift in climate — rather than a blip in the weather.

TruthSeeker, Comment — Dec 17, 2013 Interesting how this story is being reported elsewhere in the corporate media. For example the Independent, long given to spouting N.W.O. party lines aimed at the liberal middle-class sometimes known as the “chattering classes”, reports that the increase in volume is “probably only a temporary respite“. That maybe but it it’s as well to recall that just 13-years-ago the very same Independent predicted that Flashback: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past. Since then, of course, Britain has seen plenty of snow in some of its worst winters in decades. So one should be a little sceptical by any of the Independent’s claims about climate.


Permalink Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie

The world's leading Scientists, Physicians, Attorneys, Politicians and Environmental Activists expose the corruption and dangers surrounding the widespread use of Genetically Modified Organisms in the new feature length documentary, "Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs".


Permalink Chalutage Profond - Prends cinq minutes, et signe, copain!

Le texte mérite d'étre lu jusqu'au bout. A méditer....et c'est bien triste de vivre dans un tel monde. - Prends cinq minutes, et signe, copain. La pétition, à relayer et à signer, est . Ça vaut le coup d'essayer, vous croyez pas? Toutes les infos et tous les chiffres m'ont été fournis par l'association Bloom, rendez-vous sur leur site vous voulez plus de précisions. (IMPORTANT : Suite à une forte adhésion du public à la pétition, les serveurs de l'association Bloom sont un peu en difficulté, si la page n'est pas accessible du premier coup, revenez quelques temps après.) Take 5 minutes, and sign this, friend. Read it in english HERE


Permalink "Unfounded Complaints" About Water Supply Could Be Considered Terrorism Under Homeland Security

Cassius Methyl | In Tennessee, a Department of Enviorment and Conservation deputy director told some Maury County residents that unfounded complaints about thier water quality, may be considered an “act of terrorism,” sparking righteous outrage among citizens, who say the water is cloudy and odd tasting. In Tennessee, a Department of Environment and Conservation deputy director told some Maury County residents that unfounded complaints about their water quality, may be considered an “act of terrorism.” One might ask, is concern with fluoride in the water supply, an ‘Unfounded Complaint’? Or how about being concerned with toxic substances such as PCB’s ending up in water, is that ‘Unfounded’? I would think not, considering that toxic PCB’s were found in nearby Alabama city, Anniston’s water supply. Either way, the right to free speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, and anyone who wishes to prosecute someone over that, even with a slick fear based disguise of a ‘terrorist attack’, should legally be removed from their office.

Permalink Academi (ex-Blackwater) acquired by Monsanto

Academi (ex-Blackwater), the world’s most powerful private army, reveals having been signed over, without indicating the name of the buyer, nor the amount for which it was bought. According to SouthWeb.org, it’s the biotechnology multinational Monsanto who would be the happy acquirer. Created in 1901, Monsanto debuted as a saccharine producer, used by Coca-Cola. During World War II, it supplied uranium for the Manhattan project, then while the Vietnam war, a potent herbicide to defoliate the jungle. For now over thirty years, Monsanto has become the global leader for genetically modified organisms. With a revenue of over 13,5 billion dollars, it is the 206st US multinational. Academi was created by Erik Prince in 1997, under the name Blackwater Worldwide. The company, of which some managers are linked to Evangelic churches financed by the Pentagon, played a role, in Afghanistan in Iraq, comparable to that which played the Order of Malta, during the Nicaragua War. It is presided by Billy Joe (Red), McCombs (347th US fortune), John Aschcroft (former US Attorney general) and the admiral Bobby R. Inman (former NSA director and deputy director of the CIA). Academi, which works mainly pour the US government, participated in the Tripoli battle (Libya) and is currently recruiting combatants to do the Jihad in Syria.

VoltaireNet.org: Academi (ex-Blackwater) racheté par Monsanto
SouthWeb.org: Monsanto buys Blackwater the largest Mercenary Army in the World? - UPDATE


Permalink Philippines storm kills estimated 10,000, destruction hampers rescue efforts

Rescue workers struggled to reach ravaged towns and villages in the central Philippines on Monday as they tried to deliver aid to survivors of a powerful typhoon that killed an estimated 10,000 people and displaced more than 600,000. The United Nations said some survivors had no food, water or medicine. Relief operations were hampered because roads, airports and bridges had been destroyed or were covered in wreckage, it said. President Benigno Aquino, facing one of the biggest challenges of his three-year rule, deployed soldiers to the devastated city of Tacloban to quell looting and said he might impose martial law or a state of emergency to ensure security. Super typhoon Haiyan destroyed about 70 to 80 percent of structures in its path as it tore through Leyte province on Friday, said police chief superintendent Elmer Soria. After weakening, the storm headed west towards Vietnam. Huge waves from one of the strongest storms ever recorded swept away coastal villages. Some officials likened the destruction to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. "From a helicopter, you can see the extent of devastation. From the shore and moving a kilometer inland, there are no structures standing. It was like a tsunami," said Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas, who was in Tacloban, Leyte's capital, before the typhoon struck. "I don't know how to describe what I saw. It's horrific."

AP/Big Story: Desperate survivors seek to flee typhoon zone
Russia Today: 4.8 quake hits typhoon-ravaged Philippines
xinhuanet.com: Tropical storm follows super-typhoon Haiyan in Philippines
The Guardian: Typhoon Haiyan: 800,000 Filipinos displaced

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