Permalink Greta Thunberg arrested in Norway: Protests Against Wind Farm

Corriere della Sera | The activist was taken away by police after several days of occupation of the Norwegian Ministry of Energy Policy | Greta Thunberg was arrested yesterday (Tuesday 28 February) in Norway because, together with Sami (people of Lapland) activists, she had been occupying the Ministry of Energy Policy in Oslo since Thursday. The activist was protesting together with indigenous people against the construction of the Fosen wind farm.  Thunberg, together with the other activists, had blocked the entrance to the Norwegian Ministry of Energy to demand compliance with the 2021 final ruling for the dismantling of the wind turbines, which gives the Sami people a right. 'There is no ecological transition without human rights'. The turbines, however, are still there, and according to the environmentalist and Lapp activists, the wind farm would damage the reindeer herds, the primary source of livelihood for the indigenous people in the north-west of Norway.  The police operation was triggered in the night, at around 2.30 a.m., when the police removed a dozen protesters by weight. Thunberg, along with the others, was taken to the barracks for a few hours before being released. (Translation with: DeepL.com)

This is how Fosen could happen (02/28/23)


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