Permalink Massive Explosion - St. Petersburg, Russia - At Nord Stream Gas Terminal

A very large and powerful explosion has taken place at the Nord Stream gas pipeline terminal in St. Petersburg, Russia. Visible flames and the roar of a major natural gas fire can be seen and heard for miles. Video Below. No word yet on what exploded or why, but with the Ukraine situation, it isn't hard to guess. UPDATE 9:48 AM EST -- We are now told the explosion took place in Vsevolozhsk, a town east of St. Petersburg. State media said that the explosion was caused by a gas pipeline in the region. There were no reports of injuries, and local authorities said that the fire was under control.

"Газпром Трансгаз": причиной аварии под Петербургом стал разрыв газопровода - VIDEO | MOSCOW, November 19 - RIA Novosti. A ruptured gas pipeline caused an accident in the Leningrad Region, rescuers continue to extinguish the fire, Gazprom Transgaz Saint Petersburg said. "Today at 15:32 Moscow time in Vsevolozhsky district at approximately 782 km there was a rupture of the gas pipeline Belousovo - Leningrad with fire. There were no casualties," the statement said. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/; free edtion)

"Fire as high as a 12-storey building". There was an explosion on a gas pipeline near St Petersburg | A gas pipeline near the town of Vsevolozhsk in the Leningrad Region has exploded and triggered a huge fire. Residents heard a rumble like the sound of an aeroplane in flight for about ten minutes. The windows of the houses shook. A huge pillar of fire could be seen for kilometres away from the site of the explosion. According to Aleksandr Drozdenko, governor of the region, there is no threat of the fire spreading to residential areas. Causes of the incident are being investigated. For more information on the accident, see Gazeta.Ru. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/; free edtion)


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