Permalink 'Black Day for Norwegian Nature' as Oslo Plans to Open Its Waters for Deep-Sea Mining

Several studies have revealed the presence of metals ranging from copper and zinc to rare earths on the shelf, promising a lucrative business for the Norwegian government. However, critics say it runs contrary to the country's environmental commitment and may ruin its "green" image abroad. | Norway's Labor-led government has proposed opening the country's waters to deep-sea mining despite fierce opposition from environmental campaigners, political parties and even fellow European countries.  The small country with 5.4 million inhabitants was propelled to immense wealth by its vast oil and gas reserves, which helped fill its Petroleum Fund which at more than $1 trillion ranks as the world's largest sovereign fund. Its position in Europe was cemented further after the EU's recent sanctions campaign against Russian energy, which effectively robbed the continent of a major provider, while clearing a lion's share of the market. Norway even came even under fire when it was suspected of profiteering from the energy crisis that gripped Europe.  Now, Oslo seeks to shift from a reliance on hydrocarbons to new sources of economic activity, tapping into the high demand to transition from fossil fuels. According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, there are large mineral resources on the Norwegian continental shelf, including several million tonnes of copper, zinc and cobalt, which could potentially mean large revenues for Norway.

Norway Opens Door for Deep-Sea Mining of Copper and Other Critical Materials (Wall Street Journal)


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