Permalink Russia Warns British Ambassador - Russia May Strike British Forces Anywhere

Russia Warns British Ambassador - Russia May Strike British Forces Anywhere | Both the French and British Ambassadors to Russia were Summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry this morning. When they came out, they were pale with nothing to say to the Press. INTEL Source reveals what the British were told. A strong protest was expressed to the British ambassador in connection with the country's Foreign Minister David Cameron's statement about Kiev's right to strike Russia with British weapons. (Reported HERE 3 days ago) The Ambassador was warned that "the Russian response to Ukrainian strikes using British weapons on Russian territory, could be any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond."

EXTRAORDINARY: Russia delivered a three-point "nuclear ultimatum" to France and Britain: "We will bomb your countries directly"! (War News 24/7)
  Russia delivered a three-point "nuclear ultimatum" to the ambassadors of France and Britain regarding the arrival of F-16s, a possible strike on the Russian mainland with NATO weapons, and the presence of NATO forces in Ukraine. The French and British ambassadors have just left the Russian Foreign Ministry building in a sullen mood.
  Pierre Levy stayed at the Russian Foreign Ministry for about 40 minutes. The British ambassador in Moscow, Nigel Casey, was also summoned there. Half an hour after his arrival, the British ambassador left without a word to the media, Sputnik's correspondent reports. The head of the French diplomatic mission also refused to speak to reporters. Also today, the German government announced that it was recalling its ambassador to Moscow, Alexander Lambsdorff, to Berlin for consultations.
  Within 24 hours there has been a rapid escalation of NATO-Russia relations. This was preceded by statements by Cameron and Macron about striking the Russian mainland with NATO weapons as well as sending NATO forces to Ukraine. Following these statements, the Russian Federation started exercises on the use of tactical nuclear weapons. (Translation: DeepL + Grammarly)

French Ambassador "Warned" By Russia (Hal Turner)(Updates 05/07/24)
Nuclear weapons drills a response to ‘escalation’ – Kremlin (RT.com)
‘Russia’s Not Bluffing’: Tactical Nuke Drills are Deafening Warning to NATO to Stay Out of Ukraine (Ilya Tsukanov)
Signal to NATO Powers ‘Playing War in Ukraine’: Why Russia is Drilling Its Tactical Nuclear Forces (Ilya Tsukanov)

Kyiv given the green light for NATO weapons attacks on the Russian mainland (War News 24/7) | NATO member countries, including Britain, have given the green light to Ukraine to strike the Kerch Bridge and other strategic targets inside Russia with Western-origin long-strike weapons. This is the first time since the war began that NATO member countries such as Britain-Estonia-Lithuania have openly threatened Moscow with striking the Russian mainland in an attempt to break the last Russian "red line". This is the information that War News 24/7 revealed a few days ago.  The last ten days have seen a rapid escalation between NATO and Russia. Lithuania's ambassador to Sweden, Linas Linkevičius, has hinted that there is an imminent attack on the Crimean Bridge by making a post on the social network X (formerly Twitter). He even posted a collage with a picture of the bridge and a picture of a missile fired at it. He accompanied the photo with the caption: "If someone didn't get a chance to take a photo on the Crimean Bridge, there is still time," he said. Dmitry Polyansky, Russia's First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, responded by saying:

💬 "It seems that (Polish Foreign Minister) Radosław Sikorski's infamous tweet about sabotage on Nord Stream, which he later timidly deleted, inspires the submissive Baltic-American dogs. They are barking desperately now, but they will cry later, when the Day of Judgement comes they will repent for all these mistakes." (Translation: DeepL + Grammarly)

Permalink US-NATO Chinook Helicopters inside Ukraine Air Space Near Odessa

Video (paywall) shows two US/NATO Chinook (Double-prop) Helicopters, flying about 100 feet above the waters of the Black Sea, INSIDE Ukrainian air space, near Odessa.  It is important to realize that what you're seeing is the US/NATO operating in an area where they are considered a legitimate military target by Russia!  It is also important to point out the long air-refueling pipe protruding from the front of both helicopters indicates these are MH-47G helicopters; for "SPECIAL FORCES."

Nuclear weapons drills a response to ‘escalation’ – Kremlin (RT.com)
French Foreign Ministry denies France sent troops to Ukraine (TASS)
US not to send troops to Ukraine — Department of State spokesman (TASS)
France Sends Combat Troops into Ukraine [?] (Hal Turner)(05/05/24)
‘Russia’s Not Bluffing’: Tactical Nuke Drills are Deafening Warning to NATO to Stay Out of Ukraine (Ilya Tsukanov)
Signal to NATO Powers ‘Playing War in Ukraine’: Why Russia is Drilling Its Tactical Nuclear Forces (Ilya Tsukanov)

Russian paratroopers killed French and German soldiers in Chasov Yar — A "signal" was sent for the deployment of NATO forces Russian paratroopers late last night informed Russia's Supreme Military Command that during fighting in Chasov Yar, they engaged and killed seven French soldiers of the Foreign Legion and an undetermined number of Germans. Russian casualties are not mentioned.  Paratroopers and Spetsnaz forces that had penetrated deep into Ukrainian defensive fortifications reaching the Seversky Donets - Donbas canal were clear: "NATO forces have gathered in the area. They are not mercenaries, they are regular NATO troops! This is one of the two reasons why Putin this morning ordered the Southern Military District to prepare for the use of tactical nuclear weapons. (Translation: DeepL + Grammarly)

Permalink Chinese President to Visit Three Key Countries During Trip to Europe

Xi’s diplomatic visit to Europe – his first in five years – [...] comes during a period when the United States’ global leadership is in doubt. | The New York Times documents various reasons for shared skepticism towards the United States among China and the three countries Xi plans to visit during his trip.

💬 “Looking to the future, peace and development remain the trend of history and the aspiration of the people,” proclaimed Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi in 2023. “China's experience shows that the path of peaceful development has worked and worked well. There is no reason for us to discontinue but every reason to stay the course, and come together with more countries in the pursuit of peaceful development.”

Permalink Ukrainians are God’s chosen people – Zelensky

Amid nationwide persecution of Orthodox Christians, the Ukrainian president claimed that God is his nation’s “ally” | Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has proclaimed that God is an “ally” of Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. Despite his invoking of the Almighty, Zelensky has led a crackdown on the Orthodox Church for the last two years.  As Orthodox Christians celebrated Easter on Sunday, Zelensky released a video address from Kiev’s Saint Sophia Cathedral, in which he accused Russia of “breaking all the commandments.” [...] Zelensky’s appeal to Christians came as Ukraine’s parliament examines legislation that would close down the country’s largest Christian church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). While the law has sat in parliament for months, Zelensky’s government has moved to restrict the Church’s activity since the conflict began in 2022.

Moscow ridicules Zelensky’s claim about God and Ukraine (RT.com)
Multiple dead in Ukrainian drone raid on Belgorod Region (RT.com)

Permalink Utter Psychopathic Lunacy: PM Netanyahu rejects international criticism of war in Gaza

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [spoke] during a ceremony marking Holocaust Remembrance Day for the six million Jews killed [?] during World War II | Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday denounced international criticism of the country's war in Gaza, stating “Israel will stand alone! No pressure would stop us from defending ourselves." He was speaking at a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem.   The Israeli PM recalled the time when Nazis killed six million Jews during World War II, saying “no nation came to our aid" and “people were completely defenseless against those who sought destruction". [...]He further drew parallels between the anti-Semitic sentiment now and the treatment of Jews at German universities in the US and other international institutions during World War II. "What a distortion of justice and history," he was quoted as saying by AFP.

💬 “You will not chain our hands... Israel will continue to fight human evil... until victory. We will defeat our genocidal enemies. Never again is now!" Netanyahu asserted.

'Israel' commits massacre in Rafah, killing 12 in one airstrike (Al Mayadeen)
Gaza live: Israeli raid on Rafah leaves dozens dead (MEE)
Is­rael or­ders Rafah evac­u­a­tion ahead of mil­i­tary op­er­a­tion (Al Jazeera)

I Oppose Israel’s Atrocities In Gaza Because I’m Not A Psychopath (Caitlin Johnstone)
Another Zionist Crime - The Psychopathic Destruction Of Rafah (Moon of Alabama)

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