Permalink A child trembles in fear as a result of the Israeli bombing of homes in the Gaza Strip

Permalink Gaza Hospital Mass Grave Discovery Raises War Crime Concerns

Concerns of potential war crimes have been raised after the discovery of a third mass grave in the remains of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza which has been under the “Israeli” bombardment since October last year. | The graves were found to contain bodies without heads following the “Israeli” military siege on the Gaza hospitals.  The Palestinian resistance group Hamas called the discovery of the new mass grave further proof of the "Israeli" occupation army's brutality towards Palestinians and the medical field, according to a statement released on Wednesday.  The statement added that the “Israeli” occupation is undermining the livelihoods of Gaza residents to carry out its agenda of elimination and displacement. It also demanded the opening of an independent international investigation into the crimes against humanity committed by the occupying entity against medical staff, the wounded, the sick, the displaced and civilians in general.  At least 49 bodies were discovered by health workers at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Wednesday, according to a medical official and Gaza authorities. This marks the latest finding at the facility, which had been previously raided by “Israeli” occupation forces.

Gaza Al-Shifa doctor tortured to death by Israeli forces (Al Mayadeen)
Israel Tightens Starvation Blockade on Gaza (Antiwar.com)
Israel ‘choking off’ aid to Gaza as tens of thousands flee attack on Rafah (Al Jazeera)
'Israel' committed 3,094 massacres, killed 15,000 children in 215 days (Al Mayadeen)
‘The goal is to destroy Gaza’: Why Israel rejects a ceasefire with Hamas (Mat Nashed)

Permalink Iran blasts ‘shameful’ US pressure campaign on ICC

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman described as shameful and heinous the attempts by US lawmakers to provide immunity for the Israeli regime’s officials sought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over their war crimes.

💬 "“The goal of a group of representatives of the US Congress and the US Senate is to threaten and pressure the prosecutors and judges of the International Criminal Court, to provide immunity for war crimes and genocide by the officials and military commanders of the Zionist regime, and this is a shameful and worrying action,” Nasser Kan'ani wrote in a post on X.  “This heinous intervention will create a dangerous procedure that is contrary to the goals and raison d'etre of the International Criminal Court in punishing war criminals, while global silence in the face of such threats hinders the implementation of justice and the continuation of crimes against the Palestinian nation,” he added."

Rep. senators to ICC chief over Israeli arrests: 'You've been warned' (05/07/24)

Permalink Biden issues Rafah ultimatum to Israel

West Jerusalem will be deprived of “offensive” US weapons if it launches a full-scale invasion | President Joe Biden has admitted that at least some Palestinian civilians in Gaza were killed by US-made bombs – and has vowed to halt the supply of any weapons that Israel could actively use in another major military operation in the southern city of Rafah.  The US leader’s remarks come after Israeli tanks and troops entered the eastern districts of Rafah on Monday night, seizing the main border crossing between Gaza and Egypt. This was accompanied by airstrikes on the densely populated city. However, Biden believes that Israel has yet to cross Washington’s red line.

Biden says he will stop sending bombs and artillery shells to Israel if they launch major invasion of Rafah (CTV)
Biden admits 'Israel' killed Palestinian civilians using US bombs (Al Mayadeen)
'Israel' committed 3,094 massacres, killed 15,000 children in 215 days (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink The Victory Day Parade in Moscow is now over

The Victory Day Parade in Moscow is now over. Key takeaways from President Putin’s May 9 speech:

  The truth about WWII is being distorted as history hinders those who build colonial policies on lies
  The justification of Nazism is now a part of the Western elite’s policy
  The Russian Armed Forces are combat ready but we will do everything to prevent a world war
  Russia is going through a difficult period and the fate of the country depends on “each of us”
  We will never forget the common struggle and traditions in the fight against Nazism
  The participants of the special military operation are heroes and “the whole of Russia is on your side”

Russian military parade celebrates victory over Nazi Germany (VIDEO) (RT.com)

Permalink UK targets Russian diplomats over ‘malign activity’

London has announced it will expel Moscow’s defense attaché and strip some Russia-owned properties from diplomatic status | UK Interior Minister James Cleverly has announced a package of sanctions targeting Russia’s diplomatic presence in the country in response to what he called Moscow’s “malign activity.” He outlined the measures while addressing Parliament on Wednesday.  The measures include imposing new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including capping the length of time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK, and removing the status of diplomatic premises from several Russia-linked properties in the country. London believes that Moscow has used the properties, including Seacox Heath in Sussex and the Trade and Defense Section in Highgate, for intelligence purposes. Cleverly also announced the expulsion of the Russian defense attaché, whom London has branded an “undeclared military intelligence officer.”

UK announces expulsion of Russian defense attache, new diplomatic visa restrictions (TASS) | According to Home Secretary James Cleverly, this is a message to Moscow in response to its actions allegedly aimed at undermining British assistance to Ukraine.
Russia Warns British Ambassador - Russia May Strike British Forces Anywhere (05/06/24)

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