Permalink BREAKING | 13 killed and 20 injured in an Israeli airstrike on a family home in Jabaliya refugee camp, Northern Gaza.

Permalink Israel continues to bomb Gaza, including Rafah, despite ICJ ruling

Dozens of Palestinians killed across the besieged territory as Israeli forces hit multiple targets from north to south. | Israel has continued its relentless attacks on Rafah despite the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordering it to put an end to the military operation there, and multiple deaths were reported from central and northern Gaza, which have been subjected to renewed attacks.  The Shaboura camp and areas close to the Kuwaiti Hospital in Rafah on Saturday were targeted, Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud, reporting from Deir el-Balah, said. Several people who have been injured in the bombardment have been transferred to the hospital, he said.

IOF continues aggression against Gaza for 233rd day (Al Mayadeen)
EU pressures Israel to obey ICJ's order to halt Rafah offensive (aNews)
Spanish defense minister calls war on Gaza 'real genocide' (Al Mayadeen)
"Our future doesn’t depend on what gentiles say" (Jerusalem Post)

Permalink The Message of Israel’s Torture Chambers Is Directed at Us All, Not Just Palestinians

Jonathan Cook | ‘Black sites’ are about reminding those who have been colonised and enslaved of a simple lesson: resistance is futile | On a misty November morning 21 years ago, I was desperately trying to remain camouflaged. Concealed in the foliage of an orange grove in Israel’s rural Galilee, I hurriedly took photos of a drab concrete building not marked on any map. Even the original road sign identifying the site as Facility 1391 had been removed after a local Haaretz newspaper investigation revealed it housed a secret prison.  I was the first foreign journalist to track down Facility 1391, most of it hidden within a heavily fortified complex built in the 1930s to suppress resistance to British rule in Palestine.  For decades, Israel had secretly held mostly Arab foreign nationals captive at the site, unknown to the Israeli courts, the Red Cross and human rights groups. Many were Lebanese citizens kidnapped during Israel’s 18-year occupation of southern Lebanon. But there were also Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians and Iranians.

Gaza civilians voice out their chilling encounters with Israeli torture (TRT World)
Tied, diapered, beaten: Israeli insiders reveal severe Palestinian torture (TRT World)
Gaza Al-Shifa doctor tortured to death by Israeli forces (Al Mayadeen)
3,000+ Palestinians from Gaza detained, tortured in Israeli prisons (04/16/24)
Horrifying cases of torture and degrading treatment of Palestinian detainees, spike in arbitrary arrests (04/13/24)
Released Detainees From Israeli Prisons Showed Signs of Torture (03/18/24)
Torture, Executions, Babies Left to Die, Sexual Abuse… These Are Israel’s Crimes (03/18/24)
Iron bars, electric shocks, dogs and cigarette burns: How Palestinians are tortured in Israeli detention (03/12/24)
Horrifying cases of torture and degrading treatment of Palestinian detainees amid spike in arbitrary arrests

Permalink The Jewish State Is Genocidal, But Is Israeli Society Sick, Too?

Ilana Mercer The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) continues to martyr the Palestinians, as it marches them up and down and across the Via Dolorosa that is the Gaza Strip. | By the time you read this—and as I write—the number of Palestinians murdered, maimed and displaced by The Devil’s agents will be, already is, out of date. Jump a level of abstraction, from the torrid reality engulfing Palestinians, to meditate upon the meaning of what I just said. 💬 The incessant, industrial-scale campaign of slaughter and starvation in Gaza, north, center and south, exists on one craven continuum of evil. There is no qualitative difference between the IDFs actions in Gaza before the invasion of Rafah and after. Like the numbers of Palestinians murdered and maimed, the debate over Rafah—to invade or not to invade—is already out-of-date or obsolete. Rafah was nothing but a fleeting and artificial demarcation, concocted reflexively by partners to genocide, Israel and America.

Poll Confirms -Israelis Love To Kill (Gilad Atzmon) (07/30/14)
On Israeli Genocidal Inclinations and The Jewish Problem (Gilad Atzmon)(08/08/14)

Permalink World reacts to ICJ order for Israel to halt Rafah assault in Gaza

Israel has been ordered by the top UN court on Friday to halt its military assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah and allow uninterrupted aid supplies. | Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich: "Those who demand that the State of Israel stop the war, demand that it decree itself to cease to exist. We will not agree to that."  Opposition leader Yair Lapid: "The ICC arrest warrants are a complete moral failure, we cannot accept the outrageous comparison between Netanyahu and (Hamas leader) Sinwar, between the leaders of Israel and the leaders of Hamas.

"Our future doesn’t depend on what gentiles say" (Jerusalem Post)

Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip (South Africa v. Israel) (24 May 2024) (.pdf)

Permalink Biden again makes offensive speech against Putin

American leader called russian president "a brutal tyrant" | US President Joe Biden again gave himself permission to offensive speech against Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  Washington continues supplying arms to Kiev and train the Ukrainian military, Biden noted when speaking in front of graduates of the US Military Academy at West Point.

💬 "There are no American soldiers in the war in Ukraine. I'm determined to keep it that way," he said.  "But we are standing strong with Ukraine and we will stand with them. We're standing against a man whom I've known well for many years, a brutal tyrant. We may not, we will not walk away," the US President continued.

Biden dishonors all Russians by insinuations against Putin — Russian Ambassador (TASS)

Permalink Algeria, France sign agreement on memory, retrieval of colonial archives

Algeria and France signed an agreement concerning the memory and retrieval of Algerian archives from the period of French colonization (1830 - 1962), according to media reports | The Algerian History and Memory Committee, represented by its chairman, historian Lahcen Zeghidi, signed the agreement and joint memorandum with the French Truth and Memory Commission, represented by historian Benjamin Stora, Algeria International Radio reported.

💬 "The signing ceremony, which took place in the capital, Algiers, followed the conclusion of the fifth meeting of the Algeria-France Joint Commission on History and Memory," it said.​​​​​​​  The agreement aims to "retrieve the Algerian archives from the colonial era and possessions of immeasurable historical value to the hearts of the Algerian people."

The fifth meeting of the joint Commission began last Monday in Algiers, which Zeghidi previously described as "procedural and practical" without revealing details. No additional information was provided about the content of the agreement.

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