Permalink Death toll from Russian airstrike on hypermarket in Ukraine’s Kharkiv rises to 19

54 others were injured, search operations ongoing says Kharkiv governor | The death toll from a Russian airstrike on a hypermarket in Ukraine's northeastern city of Kharkiv last weekend rose to 19, local authorities said on Wednesday. “19 people died. 54 were injured. We will not forgive. Eternal memory of the dead. Condolences to family and friends,” Kharkiv Governor Oleh Synyehubov said on Telegram.  The airstrike on Saturday, which was carried out using two guided bombs according to Synyehubov, targeted a local hypermarket and damaged a furniture store and a shopping center.  Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said a day later that it took more than 16 hours to extinguish a fire caused by the strike that spread to more than 13,000 square meters (around 140,000 square feet).

Russia Hits CRUCIAL Logistics Hub of Ukraine Near Lviv- 100+ Foreign (NATO) Troops KILLED (Hal Turner)


So, the False Flag was a huge success….Gaza has been largely destroyed [in preparation for Zionist development] and the Palestinians have been and are being genocided.

Permalink Surveillance and interference: Israel’s covert war on the ICC exposed

Yuval Abraham and Meron Rapoport | Top Israeli government and security officials have overseen a nine-year surveillance operation targeting the ICC and Palestinian rights groups to try to thwart a war crimes probe, a joint investigation reveals. | For nearly a decade, Israel has been surveilling senior International Criminal Court officials and Palestinian human rights workers as part of a secret operation to thwart the ICC’s probe into alleged war crimes, a joint investigation by +972 Magazine, Local Call, and the Guardian can reveal.  The multi-agency operation, which dates back to 2015, has seen Israel’s intelligence community routinely surveil the court’s current chief prosecutor Karim Khan, his predecessor Fatou Bensouda, and dozens of other ICC and UN officials. Israeli intelligence also monitored materials that the Palestinian Authority submitted to the prosecutor’s office, and surveilled employees at four Palestinian human rights organizations whose submissions are central to the probe.  According to sources, the covert operation mobilized the highest branches of Israel’s government, the intelligence community, and both the civilian and military legal systems in order to derail the probe.

Revealed: Israeli spy chief ‘threatened’ ICC prosecutor over war crimes inquiry (The Guardian)

Permalink No future for Nazi-like 'Israel' in region, Sayyed Nasrallah says

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah underlines that the invasion of Rafah exposes the sham that the Israeli occupation is civilized. | Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah condemned Tuesday the Rafah massacre, stating that it stripped away the false facade that had been used to present the Israeli occupation as a "civilized" entity.  In his remarks at the conclusion of receiving condolences for his mother's passing, Sayyed Nasrallah said the Rafah massacre "confirms the enemy's brutality, treachery, and betrayal," emphasizing that "we are facing an enemy without values or morals, surpassing the Nazis. Nasrallah stressed the importance of condemning these horrific massacres, which should serve as a strong motivator for the world to press for an end to the aggression on Gaza. He pointed out that the "horrific Rafah massacre should awaken all the oblivious and silent people in this world."

Hezbollah Leader Predicts Collapse of ‘Nazi’ Israel (Tasnim)

Permalink Medical outcry over fatal Israeli airstrike on Rafah tent camp

Israel’s airstrike ignited a fire which has killed at least 45 people and overwhelmed a nearby Red Cross hospital. | Medical organisations have denounced Israel’s airstrike on Sunday (26 May) which hit an encampment for displaced Palestinians in Rafah, killing at least 45 people and overwhelming nearby hospitals.  Overnight bombing by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) ignited fires across the camp, spreading through tents and makeshift accommodation.  Videos of charred and dismembered children have prompted international outcry – while Spain, Norway and Ireland have today (28 May) formally recognised Palestinian statehood in an attempt to heighten diplomatic pressure on Israel.

Internal IDF Report Finds Two Gazans Died After Being Beaten en Route to Israeli Prison (Ha'aretz)
Israel keeps changing storyline on Rafah massacre as global fury mounts (TRT World)
Gaza live: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah as death toll mounts (MEE)
Slow deaths in Gaza: Thousands risk death amid absence of medical care (Al Mayadeen)
Israeli military report reveals Gazans beaten to death after abduction (PressTV)

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