Permalink 'Children burned alive': Death toll from Israel attack on Rafah safe zone rises to 50

The death toll from the Israeli regime’s airstrikes against a designated safe zone for displaced people in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip has risen to at least 50 people. | ActionAid UK, the British chapter of an international relief organization, reported the fatalities on Sunday.  Earlier in the day, Israeli warplanes fired eight missiles toward makeshift shelters housing internally-displaced persons in the city’s northwest.

💬 “These shelters were supposed to be safe havens for innocent civilians, yet they became targets of brutal violence,” the organization said.  “Children, women, and men are being burned alive under their tents and shelters,” it noted, warning that the number of fatalities could rise.

Reacting to the massacre, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas called it an “egregious affront” to a recent ruling by the International Court of Justice, which ordered the Israeli regime to “immediately” halt its offensive against Rafah.

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On Israeli Genocidal Inclinations and The Jewish Problem (Gilad Atzmon)(08/08/14)

Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip (South Africa v. Israel) (24 May 2024) (.pdf)

Permalink Hamas captures several Israeli troops in complicated op.

Al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson Abu Obeida says Hamas fighters “lured a Zionist force” into a tunnel and “killed, wounded, and captured” numbers of them in northern Gaza’s Jabalia camp. | Resistance fighters in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday night killed, wounded, or captured several Israeli soldiers in a complicated ambush operation, Abu Obeida said in an audio file.  According to Al-Jazeera, Abu Obeida noted that Hamas fighters “lured a Zionist force” into a tunnel and “killed, wounded, and captured” an unidentified number in northern Gaza’s Jabalia camp. He stressed that the enemy continues a blind and absurd policy of revenge and destruction. He added that further details about the ambush operation would be released soon. The people of Lebanon and the West Bank poured into the streets to celebrate after the spokesman for the Qassam Brigades announced that Zionist troops had been captured in northern Gaza.

Hamas fighters kill and capture Israeli soldiers in an ambush inside north Gaza tunnel (Tehran Times)
2 for 1: Gaza sniper kills two Israeli soldiers with one bullet (Al Mayadeen) - VIDEO
'Israel' admits 635 soldiers killed in Gaza since October 7 (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink EU state’s president pledges to bring Russia ‘to its knees’

Alar Karis urges the West to keep up the pressure on ordinary Russian citizens, to force political “change” in Moscow | Estonian President Alar Karis has claimed that meaningful discussions on ending the Ukraine conflict can only take place when Moscow is fully subdued [sic], while calling on Western nations to push for political change in Russia.  In an interview with the news website Yle on Sunday – ahead of Finnish President Alexander Stubb’s state visit to Tallinn, which began on Monday – Karis expressed skepticism over whether Russia can “change” quickly enough to “respond to our [Western] understanding of democracy.”

Moscow reacts to NATO chief’s call for attacks deeper inside Russia (RT.com)
Madrid doesn’t want to let Kiev use NATO weapons to hit targets in Russia — PM (TASS)
Orban Foresees Dire Consequences If EU Militarism Continues Unchecked (Sputnik News)
NATO chief supports Ukraine’s use of Western weapons to attack Russia (05/25/24)

Permalink Giving Ukraine Missiles to Shoot Into Russia Is a Declaration of War

Mike Whitney | Congressman calls for direct strikes on Russia | In a desperate attempt to stave off a humiliating defeat in Ukraine, “Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reportedly asked President Biden to greenlight Ukrainian missile strikes on targets deep inside Russia.” The change in policy will have no material impact on the ongoing ground war in Ukraine, although it could trigger a response that would put NATO in direct conflict with Moscow. In short, Washington’s looming defeat in Ukraine has compelled administration decisionmakers to implement a strategy that could precipitate a Third World War.

👉 US strike on Russian targets would be ‘start of world war’ – Medvedev (RT.com)
Member of British Parliament: "We are already at war with Russia" (05/24/24) VIDEO
Inside the White House, a Debate Over Letting Ukraine Shoot U.S. Weapons Into Russia (05/23/24)
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Give Ukraine long-range missiles to hit Russian targets, German minister says (05/22/24)
So calculate well the range of what you allocate to the Nazis, gentlemen (Dmitry Medvedev)(05/19/24)

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