Permalink Gaza live: ICJ orders Israel to immediately halt Rafah offensive

Gaza death toll rises to 35,800 as Israel intensifies attacks in Gaza’s southern Rafah and northern Jabalia, leaving thousands of civilians with nowhere to go | Al-Aqsa Hospital patients will die without fuel, electricity: Report A hospital spokesperson, Khalil al-Deqran, told Al Jazeera that doctors are unable to use many of the facilities at Al-Aqsa Hospital because of power outages, which have forced the shutdown of the generators.

💬 “This will lead to the death of so many sick and wounded people,” said Deqran, who said that some of the patients are being treated on the floor.  “We appeal to the international community and all international and UN organisations to supply 50,000 litres of fuel to the hospital within the coming hours to prevent a health catastrophe affecting hundreds of patients and injured individuals. Any delay in supplying the fuel would effectively be a death sentence for these patients and injured individuals," said a statement from the hospital reported by the Quds News Network.

BREAKING: ICJ orders Israel to end Rafah offensive (RT.com)
World Court orders Israel to halt assault on Rafah, cites ‘disastrous’ situation (The Arab Weekly)
ICJ orders 'Israel' to immediately halt offensive on Rafah (Al Mayadeen)
Live blog: Deadly Israeli strikes hit Gaza amid world court ruling due (TRT World)
World Court Orders Israel To Halt Military Operations in Rafah (Kyle Anzalone)

Permalink Member of British Parliament: "We are already at war with Russia; They won't tell the people until July or August"

Member of British Parliament: "We are already at war with Russia; They won't tell the people until July or August" | VIDEO BELOW shows British MP Andrew Bridgen confirming on a radio show today: "We are actually at war with Russia now... They're not going to tell the people probably until July or August; maybe later."

💬 ‘Rishi wants out..um…we are actually at war with Russia now …they just haven’t told you.’  "The whole thing's a pantomime in Parliament... It's not a race between the blue and the red team to see who crosses the finish line. This is a baton handover on all the big issues: Net Zero, Covid response, the WHO, the trans agenda."

We have a natural right to defend ourselves from the people doing these things, that are going to get us bombed, our families killed or injured, our way of life, destroyed.. It is our right, it is our DUTY to take action.

Permalink Funeral procession of FM Amirabdollahian begins in Tehran

The funeral procession of late Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has kicked off in Tehran. | Besides the staff of the ministry, people from all walks of life have attended the event. Amirabdollahian’s body will be laid to rest at Shah Abdul Az in Shayr-e-Rey in southern Tehran later in the day. He passed away in an air crash on Sunday in northwestern Iran while accompanying President Ebrahim Raisi and his entourage who all died in the tragic incident.

Permalink Suspect in Slovak PM shooting cites Ukraine policy as motive: Court

The suspected shooter, identified by Slovak media as 71-year-old poet Juraj Cintula, has been accused of premeditated attempted murder and was detained pending trial following a hearing on Saturday. | The individual accused of shooting and causing serious injuries to Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico stated that he carried out the act in opposition to the government's policy towards Ukraine, as per a court document obtained by AFP on Thursday.  Slovakia was shocked last week when Fico was shot four times while greeting supporters in the central town of Handlova.  After being swiftly taken to the hospital, he underwent two extensive surgeries at a nearby facility in Banska Bystrica. The hospital reported on Thursday that he is still in a "serious but stable" condition.  The suspected shooter, identified by Slovak media as 71-year-old poet Juraj Cintula, has been accused of premeditated attempted murder and was detained pending trial following a hearing on Saturday.

Slovak Media Explores Ukrainian Link to Fico Assassination Attempt (05/22/24)

Permalink 'Attempt to legalize theft': Russia slams EU decision to use profits from its frozen assets

The European Union will feel the "full measure" of Russian retaliation over its plan to use income from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday. | Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Thursday slammed the EU decision to use revenues from Russian frozen assets as "an attempt to legitimize theft."  The 27-member bloc has formally agreed to use windfall profits from roughly $300 billion frozen Russian assets to buy arms for Kyiv. The assets were frozen soon after Moscow launched its "special military operation" in Ukraine in 2022.  Zakharova, in response to a question by Anadolu during a news conference in Moscow, said such actions of European politicians demonstrate that the continent cannot be considered as "reliable entity" for foreign investors anymore.

💬 "Is this the first time the collective West has done this? Of course not, but this once again confirms that the European Union can no longer be considered as a reliable legal entity for foreign investors, whose investments can be confiscated or looted at any moment under one pretext or another," she stressed, and rejected claims that revenues from assets are not their part.  She said many investors have started withdrawing their assets from Western jurisdictions, and after the EU's "unprecedented lawless decision" on Russia this process will accelerate significantly."

Putin signs decree allowing use of U.S. property in Russia as compensation (aNews)

Permalink The Jewish Plot to Enslave Humanity

Pierre Simon | At the Roots of Political Judaism

[...] It is [the] ideas from the Torah, the Talmud, and the Cabala that animate the Likud party, the Tsahal army, as well as the Jewish media, academics, banks, financiers, corporations, and the tens of thousands of synagogues, Jewish associations, foundations, and think tanks spread out in a spider web fashion all over the world. These ideas are the blueprints or protocols that the Jewish race follows to impose its will on the world and to enslave humanity. As stated by the greatly beloved Sephardic rabbi of Israel, Ovadia Yosef, who passed away in 2013.

[...] Should we be concerned about the hegemonic, revolutionary, even tyrannical, and genocidal character of globalism and its off-shoot Zionism? To watch the “most moral army in the world,” of the “only democracy in the Middle East,” unabashedly torture, rape, and exterminate the Palestinian children, women, and the elderly of Gaza, without a shred of human remorse, in front of the entire planet, and with the consent of the Jewish-controlled Western governments, it’s high time to ask some serious questions.

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