Permalink Gaza live: Israeli military says 300,000 fled Rafah

80 bodies unearthed from newly discovered mass graves at al-Shifa Hospital | Israeli forces ordered fresh evacuations from areas in Rafah on Saturday as it prepared to expand its operation in the city.  The Israeli army said on Saturday about 300,000 people had left eastern Rafah after Israel ordered people to leave that area of the southern Gaza city this week.  Israeli forces issued the order and captured the Rafah border crossing with Egypt as it prepared for a ground invasion of the city.  On Friday, the UN said more than 100,000 Palestinians had evacuated Rafah this week. On Saturday the European Union also condemned Israel's forced evacuation orders in Rafah "unacceptable". “Evacuation orders for civilians trapped in Rafah to unsafe zones are unacceptable,” President of the European Council Charles Michel posted on X.  The Palestinian health ministry is reporting that at least 34,971 Palestinians have been killed and 78,641 others wounded since Israel's war on Gaza began in October. There are also an estimated 10,000 Palestinians buried under the rubble of buildings flattened by Israeli bombing, according to the Palestinian civil defence.

Israel army calls on Palestinians to evacuate more areas in Gaza Strip (Anadolu)
Israel’s war on Gaza live: Israeli forces ‘carpet bombing’ Jabalia (Al Jazeera)
France condemns Israel's ground attack on Rafah (Anadolu)

Permalink Pro-Palestinian protests continue across Europe

Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands protest Israel’s attacks on Gaza | Israel's attacks on Gaza were protested with marches Saturday in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands.  Thousands marched in Madrid to support Palestine. They gathered in the city center of Madrid on the call of non-governmental organizations and participated in the demonstration organized under the title "We condemn the genocide and Zionist massacre in Gaza."  Thousands holding Palestinian flags criticized Israel and its collaborators -- the US and the European Union. Carrying banners that read: "This is not a war but genocide", "Free Palestine", "Not in my name" and "Murderer Israel", protesters delivered the message: "No to genocide in Gaza, occupation in Palestine, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism."  Demonstrators demanded that the Spanish government and the international community take "urgent, concrete and effective measures against Israel, to stop arms trade with Israel and to boycott Israeli companies involved in the massacre."

Permalink Colombia's Petro says Netanyahu will go down in history as 'genocide perpetrator'

'Dropping bombs on thousands of innocent children, women and the elderly does not make you a hero,' Petro says | Colombian President Gustavo Petro blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, saying he will "go down in history as a genocide perpetrator."

💬 "Mr. Netanyahu, you will go down in history as a genocide perpetrator. Dropping bombs on thousands of innocent children, women and the elderly does not make you a hero," he said in a post on X in response to Netanyahu's antisemitism accusation. "You remain alongside those who murdered millions of Jews in Europe. Genocide, whether it is related to religion or not, is genocide. At least stop the onslaught that is continuing," he said.

Netanyahu trades insults with Colombia president over Gaza war (The Telegraph) | "Israel will not be lectured by an antisemitic supporter of Hamas," Netanyahu wrote in a post on X on Saturday.

Permalink First F-16 Fighters May Arrive in Ukraine Within Weeks - Reports

The first F-16 fighter jets are expected to be supplied to Ukraine in just a few weeks, UK newspaper The Standard reported, citing a high-ranking military source. | The fighters should be delivered to Ukraine by June or July, the report said on Saturday, adding that the source did not specify from which countries these jets would arrive.  The Netherlands and Denmark were among the first countries to agree to supply F-16s to Ukraine. The White House later confirmed that Kiev would receive the US-made jets from third countries once Ukrainian pilots complete the training to fly them. Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said the Hague planned to deliver the first batch of F-16s to Ukraine in 2024, although the ministry announced in early January that the delivery would be delayed by up to six months.

German MPs suggest NATO impose no-fly zone over western Ukraine (RT.com)
Ukrainian militants conduct mass shelling off Russia’s Belgorod, 28 injured and one dead (RT.com/Telegram)
Ukrainian government warns citizens of possible full mobilization (RT.com)
Ukraine sounds alarm: Full mobilization warning issued to citizens (Al Mayadeen)
Eric Denécé : “War in Ukraine, NATO and the USA Wanted to Overthrow Putin. Mission Failed” (South Front)
US regime-change operation in Ukraine exposed in leaked diplomatic phone call (Patrick O’Connor) (02/07/14)

Permalink Three EU nations persecuting Russian speakers – Moscow

he Baltic states have been displaying “extreme Russophobia,” harassing even Russian-speaking children, a senior diplomat says | Moscow will not sever diplomatic relations with Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania despite the “extreme Russophobia” rampant in the three Baltic states, since such a move would effectively mean “abandoning our compatriots in trouble,” the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second European Department, Sergei Belyayev, has said.  The senior diplomat made the remarks in an interview with TASS published on Saturday. Moscow downgraded diplomatic relations with the three countries a year ago, in response to repeated hostile acts on their part, with the country’s missions currently led by their respective chargés d’affaires, Belyayev noted.  “Today, our diplomatic missions in the Baltic states operate in extremely difficult, effectively siege conditions,” the diplomat explained.  The Russian missions there have been repeatedly vandalized, with russophobic pickets held outside the facilities on an almost daily basis and employees attacked on several occasions. The hostile activities have been going on with the “connivance of local authorities” and no real action to stop them has been taken, Belyayev added.

Permalink Eurovision 2024: Belgium broadcaster interrupts semi final to condemn Israel's war on Gaza

Trade union displays message calling for ceasefire, as Israeli entrant qualifies for final in Sweden amid mass protest | A Belgian broadcaster interrupted its coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final on Thursday night to display a protest message condemning Israel's war on Gaza.  In an act organised by a trade union, the screen briefly went black ahead of the semi-final coverage on VRT, Belgium's public-service broadcaster in Flemish. It then aired the message: "This is a union action. We condemn the human rights violations by the state of Israel. Moreover, the state of Israel destroys press freedom. Therefore, we are interrupting the broadcast momentarily." The message concluded with the hashtags "CeasefireNow" and "StopGenocide".  Israeli singer Eden Golan participated in the semi-final on Thursday in the Swedish city of Malmo, qualifying for Saturday's final.

Israeli Eurovision singer features on Ukrainian ‘kill list’ (RT.com)

Permalink Gideon Falter, Campaign Against Antisemitism instruments of the Zionist entity

David Miller | The Campaign Against Antisemitism is a covert instrument of the foreign policy objectives of the illegitimate and genocidal Zionist regime. It should be shut down. | Gideon Falter had his face plastered all over the British mainstream media after he tried to provoke a confrontation with thousands of anti-genocide protestors in central London on April 13. A specially edited video produced by his organisation the Campaign for Antisemitism, was released to the media 5 days after the march. It caused a deluge of headlines on the "shocking moment" police threatened to arrest Falter "simply" for being "quite openly Jewish". This narrative dominated all major news outlets for some five days, until Sky News published a much longer video, lasting 13 minutes, which showed the encounter in context. This started to change the story.

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