Permalink Gideon Falter, Campaign Against Antisemitism instruments of the Zionist entity

David Miller | The Campaign Against Antisemitism is a covert instrument of the foreign policy objectives of the illegitimate and genocidal Zionist regime. It should be shut down. | Gideon Falter had his face plastered all over the British mainstream media after he tried to provoke a confrontation with thousands of anti-genocide protestors in central London on April 13. A specially edited video produced by his organisation the Campaign for Antisemitism, was released to the media 5 days after the march. It caused a deluge of headlines on the "shocking moment" police threatened to arrest Falter "simply" for being "quite openly Jewish". This narrative dominated all major news outlets for some five days, until Sky News published a much longer video, lasting 13 minutes, which showed the encounter in context. This started to change the story.


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