Permalink France Sends Combat Troops into Ukraine [?]

France has sent its first troops officially to Ukraine. They have been deployed in support of the Ukrainian 54th Independent Mechanized Brigade in Slavyansk. The French soldiers are drawn from France’s 3rd Infantry Regiment, which is one of the main elements of France’s Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère). | These troops are being posted directly in a hot combat area and are intended to help the Ukrainians resist Russian advances in Donbas. The first 100 are artillery and surveillance specialists. For months French President Emanuel Macron has been threatening to send French troops to Ukraine. He has found little or no support from NATO countries outside of support from Poland and the Baltic States. Allegedly the US opposes sending NATO soldiers to Ukraine (other than as advisors).  One of the questions to immediately arise from France’s decision to send soldiers from its 3rd Infantry Regiment is whether this crosses the Russian red line on NATO involvement in Ukraine? Will the Russians see this as initiating a wider war beyond Ukraine’s borders?  A key question is how NATO will react to the French decision to deploy. As France is acting on its own without NATO’s backing, the French cannot claim support from NATO under its famous Article 5, the collective security component of the NATO Treaty.

French Foreign Ministry denies France sent troops to Ukraine (TASS)
Nuclear weapons drills a response to ‘escalation’ – Kremlin (RT.com)

Permalink WEF Admits Pandemic Was a Hoax to Eliminate Cash

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has admitted that the Covid pandemic was a globalist hoax that sought to eliminate cash and force the public to accept central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and digital IDs. | Interestingly, globalists have revealed that the coming single digital currency will have two tiers. There will be one CBDC system for the general public to use and another that only global elites, corporations, and politicians will be able to access. [...] Central Bank of Bahrain governor Khalid Humaidan discussed plans for eliminating physical cash while speaking at the WEF’s “Special Meeting on Global Collaboration, Growth and Energy Development” on Sunday. During a panel discussion, titled “Open Forum: The Digital Currencies’ Opportunity in the Middle East,” Humaidan told WEF elites that the goal of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is to replace cash with “100% digital” payments. He revealed that the pandemic was part of the plan to rapidly advance that goal.

Permalink Hand of Soros: Georgian Prime Minister Denounces US Color Revolution Tactics

John Miles | The leader of the country of Georgia has criticized US efforts to interfere in the country dating back several years. | A major scandal emerged in 2016 over the disproven conspiracy theory of Russian interference in the United States presidential election. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Americans were told, had spent vast sums of money to influence the outcome of the vote via social media. According to the conspiracy’s most dedicated adherents, US democracy had been near-fatally wounded by the pernicious meddling of a hostile foreign power.  What adherents of the unfounded Russiagate narrative failed to acknowledge is that the United States is guilty of precisely the same type of political interference it accuses others of, and on a far larger scale.

USAID, DoS, CIA Begin Structured Color Revolution on Russia’s Border in Georgia (05/03/24)

Permalink Witch hunt against Muslims in UK Civil Service continues

The witch hunt takes place against a background of historical structural disadvantage facing Muslims in the Civil Service. | The British government's assault on all things Muslim carries on apace. No sooner had the toxic minister Michael Gove smeared five specific Muslim groups as potentially extremist than he widened the attack by turning on Muslims working in the civil service.  Echoing the shift in policy from individual extremism to targeting Muslim institutions, the Civil Service Muslim Network was in the crosshairs.  The Times reported that meetings held under the auspices of the network 'featured numerous antisemitic tropes.' The only alleged trope the Times was able to identify was “one official involved in the webinars allegedly told staff that the ‘Israel lobby’ had an ‘insidious influence’ on British politics, widely regarded as a common antisemitic trope.”  The Times also reported that the official also shared anecdotes from a lecture given by Lowkey, a controversial anti-Zionist rapper, claiming Western media were covering up US and UK involvement in the war against Hamas… The same official claimed mainstream media were “biased” and “full of lies” None of this is anti-Semitic or even inaccurate.

Renowned British-Palestinian surgeon denied entry into France (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink 👉 Russian forces carry out 25 group strikes at energy, military industrial facilities

The Russian Defense Ministry noted that the strikes also hit temporary deployment locations of Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias and foreign mercenaries, as well as concentrations of military vehicles | In the past 7 days, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 25 group strikes via precision weapons and drones, hitting Ukrainian energy and transportation infrastructure facilities and Ukrainian military-industrial complex enterprises, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

  "Between April 28 and May 4, in response to the Kyiv regime’s attempts to inflict damage to Russian energy and industrial facilities, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 25 group strikes via precision weapons and drones, hitting Ukrainian energy and transportation infrastructure facilities, military-industrial complex enterprises, missile and ammunition storage areas, as well as unmanned speedboats and drone manufacturing workshops," the ministry said.   The ministry noted that the strikes also hit temporary deployment locations of Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias and foreign mercenaries, as well as concentrations of military vehicles.

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