Permalink 3,000+ Palestinians from Gaza detained, tortured in Israeli prisons

"Israel" has been carrying out mass detention and torture campaigns against innocent Palestinian detainees from Gaza, while denying them any form of legal protection. | A recent investigation launched by Al Mezan showed that since October 7 and the genocidal war "Israel" has launched on Gaza, Israeli occupation forces abducted over 3,000 Palestinians in mass arrest campaigns.  Evidence shows that women, children, the elderly, as well as professionals, such as medical personnel, teachers, and journalists, were all targeted and subjected to extreme forms of torture. Al Mezan noted that no legal protection was provided for detainees, a blatant violation of human rights and international humanitarian law.

Horrifying cases of torture and degrading treatment of Palestinian detainees amid spike in arbitrary arrests
Torture, Executions, Babies Left to Die, Sexual Abuse… These Are Israel’s Crimes (03/18/24)
Iron bars, electric shocks, dogs and cigarette burns: How Palestinians are tortured in Israeli detention (03/12/24)


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