Permalink “Israeli” Rights Group: Palestinian Detainees Subjected to Systematic Abuse in ‘Israeli’ Jails

Rights group advocates have warned that record numbers of Palestinian detainees are filling “Israeli” detention centers in light of the bloody onslaught on Gaza, stating that the inmates are subjected to “systemic abuse” and torture. 💬 “We are extremely, extremely concerned,” Tal Steiner, the executive director of the so-called “Public Committee Against Torture in ‘Israel’” [PCATI], told AFP news agency.  “What we’re looking at is a crisis,” she said, adding that nine people have reportedly died behind bars since October 7 last year, when the “Israeli” military launched its unrelenting ground and aerial offensives against the besieged Gaza Strip.  “There are almost 10,000 Palestinians in “Israeli” custody right now, ... a 200-percent increase from any normal year,” the activist pointed out, stressing that the situation has deteriorated dramatically since “Israel” waged the war on Gaza.  “We’re seeing really widespread and systemic use of many, many tools in order to inflict torture and ill-treatment on Palestinians.

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