Permalink US-led West on verge of causing nuclear war – Lavrov

The three Western nuclear powers are among the chief sponsors of the Kiev regime and main organizers of provocations against Russia, the foreign minister has said | The US-led collective West could cause a potentially catastrophic war between global nuclear powers due to its openly hostile stance toward Russia and efforts to undermine existing arms control agreements, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.  Addressing the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference organized by the Centre for Energy and Security Studies, Lavrov noted that the globe is in a state of crisis with regard to mechanisms for arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation and that this jeopardizes international security. He placed the blame for this on Washington, which, according to the diplomat, has been “cynically combining the deliberate destruction of balanced and equal [arms control] agreements” with “blatantly dishonest schemes” that are advantageous solely to the US.  Lavrov explained that the US and allies were responsible for blocking the recent review cycles of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which, Lavrov says Washington long used to pressure its foes. He also noted the potential danger posed by the three-way AUKUS agreement between the US, UK and Australia, which is becoming “increasingly similar to a military bloc,” as well as NATO, which has been boosting its military spending.

US Goes 'Slippery Slide' With Sending Its Military Personnel to Ukraine (Sputnik News)

Permalink Death toll mounts in Gaza as Israeli genocidal war marks 200 days

The genocidal Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has entered its 200th day, with occupation forces killing more Palestinians in defiance of widespread international outcry to end the carnage. | The aggression marked its 200th day on Tuesday with no end in sight to the Israeli war that has so far killed a shocking number of Palestinians and led to a humanitarian crisis in the besieged territory.  The Gaza Health Ministry said Israeli forces have committed three "massacres" over the past 24 hours, killing at least 32 Palestinians and wounding 59 others.  The numbers, it added, bring the Palestinian death toll to more than 34,183, with at least 77,143 injured and an estimated 7,000 missing and presumed dead since early October.  More than 14,500 children and 9,500 women are among those killed, making up over 70 percent of the victims, according to health officials. [...] Despite all these atrocities, the regime has failed to achieve its declared objectives of “destroying Hamas” and finding Israeli captives held in Gaza.

200 days of Israeli aggression, 34,183 killed, 77,143 injured in Gaza (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink Revealed: Israel's Hidden History Of Attacks On Iran

Robert Inlakesh | Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel was framed in the West as a reckless attempt to spark a major regional war, but in reality, Israel has been attacking Iran for decades. | As is routinely the case with Western-backed wars, the corporate media’s timeline begins at the moment that suits their narrative. We have seen this play out recently, with the attempt to rob the Gaza war of all contexts before October 7, 2023. Similarly, when it comes to Israel’s conflict with Iran, the two have been embroiled in what is referred to as a “shadow war,” the details of which are pretty shocking.  While the international media’s attention was riveted on Iran’s retaliatory strikes against Israel, drawing great focus to some 300 drones and missiles used in the attack, no major deal was made of Israel’s strike on April 1 against the consular segment of Iran’s embassy in Damascus, Syria, that killed a dozen people, including seven Iranian officials of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). In this unprecedented act of aggression against Iranian soil, breaking international diplomatic norms, the Israelis were shielded by the U.S. government at the United Nations Security Council, blocking any condemnation of this act.

Permalink 'Not in our name': The Jewish movement for Palestine

Farah Hajj Hassan | How Jewish anti-Zionist movements are leading the fight for Palestine against the Israeli apartheid regime and how alternative media is playing a bigger role than ever in giving these voices a platform they never had. | On October 19, nearly two weeks after “Israel” began its onslaught on Gaza, more than a thousand protesters stood outside the US capitol demanding the US call for a ceasefire to the slaughter.  No traditional Palestinian chants or Keffiyehs in sight, rather scores of Jewish Americans sporting black t-shirts that read “not in our name.”  In recent months, history has seen many "firsts." Coordinated attacks from the Axis of Resistance, the penetration of the Israeli "border" by fearless Palestinian resistance members, and a global campaign for BDS and Palestinian rights awareness.  But perhaps most impressive of all, and most unprecedented, is the very support extended from the brotherly arm of the Jewish people opposing the occupation. An unlikely ally for the struggle of Palestine, but a crucial one in the last 6 months.

Another pro-Palestinian protest dispersed in New York (VIDEOS) (RT.com)
Scholars launch boycott of Columbia University as protests spread across US (MEE)

Permalink Colonna report: Israel has not provided any evidence of Unrwa staff link to Hamas

Israel has not informed UN agency of any concrete concerns relating to staff since 2011, independent review finds | Israeli authorities have not provided "any supporting evidence" to back up allegations that United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees employees are members of groups that attacked Israel on 7 October, a review led by the former French foreign minister Catherine Colonna has said.  The Colonna report, which was commissioned by the UN to look at Unrwa's operations and policies in the wake of Israel's allegations and released on Monday, said Israeli authorities have not responded to letters from Unrwa in March and April requesting names and evidence in order to open an investigation.

Permalink Netanyahu Says “…We Are Not Like The Nazis…”

Is it a row or just a tiff brewing between German and Israel? | The comment was part of an altercation between Baerbock and Netanyahu when the latter insisted there was no famine and Gaza, but the German Foreign Minister kept pushing the point, at which time Netanyahu raised his voice at her.  The altercation which was supposed to be kept in private but was leaked through the Israeli and Germany media set the balling rolling on the X platform with many bloggers reporting the incident that may sour Israeli-German relations despite the fact Germany is seen as one of the main suppliers of weapons to Israel led by the United States and Britain.

Permalink President Putin On Israel: Quotes From The Kremlin Website

Andrew Korybko | Alt-Media totally misunderstands – and oftentimes deliberately misportays – President Putin’s relationship with Israel, which a reading of the official Kremlin website’s most relevant links indicates is a lot better than most people may think. | Alt-Media dogma indoctrinates its followers with the notion that it’s impossible for Russia and Israel to be on friendly terms with one another, let alone allies, because President Putin is supposedly on an “anti-Zionist crusade” to “save the world”, which isn’t true whatsoever. Many websites have popped up and fed into this delusional “wishful thinking” with outlandish headlines and false narratives in order to reap revenue from increased web traffic and the donations that they hope to solicit as a result.

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