Permalink 14 Israeli troopers killed, wounded in resistance operation in central Gaza

At least three Israeli soldiers have been killed, and nearly a dozen others wounded in a war zone in the central part of the Gaza Strip, as Palestinian resistance forces continue to inflict losses on Israeli occupation forces across the war-ravaged coastal sliver. | Israeli media outlets reported that the three slain reserve soldiers were members of the 99th Division of the Israeli Army. They lost their lives in the vicinity of the Netzarim checkpoint, which separates northern and southern Gaza. Another eleven Israeli troops sustained injuries as well.  There were reports that some of the Israeli troops were evacuated by helicopters, while others were still getting treated in the field.  The al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas, announced that it targeted the Israeli command center in Netzarim with heavy-caliber mortar shells.  In a statement, the group said its fighters lured a mechanized Israeli force and struck it with unexploded ordnance and munitions, which the occupation troops had earlier used against Palestinians in al-Sikka Street of the al-Mughraqa neighborhood in central Gaza.  The Israeli military has so far confirmed some 260 deaths among its troops since the launch of a ground invasion of Gaza.

Israel launches fresh attacks in southern Lebanon amid tension with Hezbollah (Anadolu)

Permalink UN Plotting ‘Planetary Emergency’ to Seize Control of Sovereign Nations

Hunter Fielding | The unelected United Nations (UN) is planning to declare a “planetary emergency” that would allow globalists to seize control of sovereign countries. | The UN is scheduled to meet in September for the 79th session of the UN General Assembly, as well as the highly-anticipated “Summit of the Future” where nations will sign the so-called “Pact for the Future.” The Pact is expected to call for declaring a “planetary emergency.”  What do this agreement and its policies mean for the future of individual and national sovereignty? By the end of September, the United Nations member states may vote to radically alter the UN itself, what some are calling UN 2.0, and the very nature of how nation-states make decisions regarding the future of the planet. The organization is expected to push to establish itself as an unelected single-world government with authority over individual governments.

Permalink Foreign Countries Have Begun PULLING THEIR GOLD from U.S. "Safekeeping"

A number of countries around the world have begun withdrawing their Gold Bullion from storage in the United States over fears about the US Financial System! It's not only our Financial System, it was the FORCIBLE SEIZURE of Russia's Sovereign Wealth Funds; the world now sees the USA as nothing more than a Den of Thieves! | Over the past ten days, at least FOUR (4) countries have decided to pull their Gold reserves from the United States: Cameroun, Ghana, Nigeria, and a fourth country.

  Cameroon: This movement is provoking discussions about the broader implications for international finance. It highlights the importance of diversification and risk management to navigate the complexities of the global economic landscape.
  Ghana’s decision to repatriate its gold reserves from the United States reflects a strategic move towards safeguarding against economic volatility and asserting greater control over its financial destiny.

Permalink The Us and the Uk Are Pushing for Total War on All Fronts

Timur Fomenko | The Iran-Israel clash has served as a catalyst for renewed escalation by Western leaders, and World War III cannot be ruled out | The events of recent weeks have produced a sudden jolt in Western politics. From a lethargy that was starting to creep into US and western discourse over the Ukraine war, Iran’s attack on Israel suddenly seemed to have had the effect of awakening Ronald Reagan from his grave and leading to a surge of neo-conservativism on steroids, on both sides of the Atlantic.  US House Speaker Mike Johnson did a complete 180-degree U-turn and proclaimed himself a “Reagan Republican” passing a series of aid bills for astronomical overseas spending that he had otherwise blocked for months, as he denounced an “axis of evil.” Along with that, a proposed TikTok ban bill came out of nowhere too, and was quickly signed into law.  Then the UK decided to devote its largest ever aid package to Ukraine, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warning of an “axis of authoritarian states” and amplifying ideologically combative rhetoric. At the same time, it was then revealed Biden had sent 300km long range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine despite having pledged not to do so for years, fearing escalation. Finally, EU President Ursula von der Leyen has suddenly dramatically increased economic warfare on China, pushing the European Commission to open probes on scores of Chinese exports. Where exactly did all this come from?

ALERT: Biden Secretly Planning To Fund Ukraine For An Entire DECADE (News Addicts)
Swiss Daily Speculates Russia Will Liberate Donbass ‘By October,’ Forcing Ukraine to Negotiate (Sputnik News)
Ukraine Continues Assault on Human Rights as Western Sponsors Turn a Blind Eye (Sputnik News)
Musk and Sacks slam Washington’s ‘forever war’ Ukraine plan (RT.com)

Permalink IRAN: Violent Suppression of Anti- ‘Israel’ Student Protests Shows West’s True Colors

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has vehemently slammed the heavy-handed crackdown against pro-Palestine student protests in Western universities, especially in the United States, saying it has laid bare the true nature of Western civilization. | The Iranian president described violent suppression of anti-Zionist student protests, and the beating and arrest of professors and students in Western universities, especially in the US, as “another scandal for self-proclaimed advocates of freedom of expression.”

💬 “Today, thanks to the blessed blood of the oppressed martyrs of Gaza, the true nature of Western civilization has been revealed to the people of the world more than any time before,” the Iranian president said. Raisi added, “It has become evident that those who claim to be advocating freedom of expression do not think about anything other than maintaining their own domination.”

Students and staff of Tehran University have held a rally in support of growing protests on US university campuses where students have erected encampments to demand action to end “Israel’s” aggression on Gaza.  Elsewhere in his remarks, Iran's president said the current uprising of Western students, professors, and elites in support of the oppressed people of Gaza is a major development with vast ramifications.

Over 900 arrested at anti-war protests in US universities since April 18 (PressTV)
Hundreds of Pro-Palestine Protesters Arrested in US Universities (Alahed News)
US doesn’t want Gaza ceasefire: Iran (Iran Front Page)
Israeli embassies worldwide on alert over potential ICC arrest warrants for Gaza war crimes (Anadolu)
“Israel” Fears ICC Arrest Warrants against Bibi, other Officials over Gaza Genocide (Alahed News)

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