Permalink Hamas rejects Israeli ceasefire proposal: Key points revealed

‘You shall burn in Gaza’s alleys’: Hamas warns Israeli troops | Hamas stated early on Tuesday that Israel’s proposal, received via Qatari and Egyptian mediators, failed to meet the demands of Palestinian factions. However, the group stated that it would examine the proposal, characterized as “intransigent,” and communicate its response to the mediators. A Hamas official informed Reuters on Monday that the group had rejected the Israeli ceasefire proposal discussed in Cairo. [...] Another Hamas official, speaking anonymously, told Reuters that the negotiations had not progressed. “There is no change in the occupation’s (Israel’s) position, so there is no new development in the Cairo talks,” the official stated. “There has been no progress thus far.”

‘You shall burn in Gaza’s alleys’: Hamas warns Israeli troops (Mehr News)

Permalink 'Shocking': Human remains found in Gaza's Shifa Hospital after Israel's field executions – VIDEO

More decomposed bodies have been found inside al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, amid operations to recover bodies of the victims of one of the largest massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinians, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor says. | The founder and chairman of the group Ramy Abdu said in a series of social media posts that “operations to discover bodies executed by the Israeli army at al-Shifa Hospital continue.”  He published a “shocking” video that showed rescue teams, civil defense, and forensic evidence finding more decomposed bodies. “It seems we are witnessing one of the largest massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in history.”  Abdu said the video confirmed the Geneva-based rights group’s report on field execution operations carried out by the Israeli forces during their recent attack on al-Shifa.  “Horror: Doctors, nurses, displaced persons, administrators at the hospital, children, women. This is what is revealed after the Israeli army's withdrawal from al-Shifa Hospital. Dozens of bodies were executed in the field,” he said. According to his remarks, the Israeli army placed the bodies inside pits it had dug. [...] Since the start of the offensive, the Tel Aviv regime has killed 33,207 Palestinians and injured nearly 75,933 others.

WCK Founder: ‘Israel’ Engaged in War against Humanity (Alahed News)
Killing humanitarian workers as a strategy: Israel’s endgame in Gaza (MEMO)

Permalink World court begins hearings on Nicaragua’s claim Germany aiding Israel’s ‘genocide’

Nicaragua requests International Court of Justice to order Germany to cease providing support to Israel in its military assault on Gaza | The International Court of Justice (ICJ) began hearings on Monday on Nicaragua’s case against Germany, accusing Berlin of facilitating “genocide” in Gaza by providing political and military support to Israel.  Addressing the court, Nicaraguan Ambassador Carlos Jose Arguello Gomez said Germany is continuing its military support to Israel, although it is well aware that Israel’s violations may amount to an act of “genocide.” 💬 “The case before us involves momentous events affecting the life and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people, and even the destruction of an entire people,” he said. “Serious breaches of international humanitarian law, and other peremptory norms of international law, including genocide, are taking place in Palestine,” he stressed. “Nicaragua is requesting the court to order Germany to cease providing support to Israel in its campaign of destruction of the Palestinian people.” The ambassador underlined that Germany, as a party to the 1948 Genocide Convention, has to respect its obligations and stop sending weapons and military material to Israel.

Permalink Russia, China to maintain anti-terrorism cooperation: Lavrov

Russia and China will continue their anti-terrorism cooperation, including via multilateral mechanisms, following the deadly terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in the Russian capital last month, Sergey Lavrov said. 💬 "I want to thank China for their condolences in connection with the terrorist attack in the Moscow Region on March 22, and for their support of Russia's fight against terrorism," Lavrov said speaking at a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing, TASS reported.  "All those involved [in the terrorist attack] will be certainly punished," Russia’s top diplomat stated. "Our [Russia-China] cooperation on counter-terrorism will continue, including within the framework of multilateral institutions. Speaking about the recent presidential election in Russia, Lavrov stressed that it was organized amid "severe external pressure from the West and a surge of terrorist attacks on behalf of the Kyiv regime."

Zelensky’s peace plan ‘divorced from reality’ – Lavrov (RT.com)

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