Permalink 'Shocking': Human remains found in Gaza's Shifa Hospital after Israel's field executions – VIDEO

More decomposed bodies have been found inside al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, amid operations to recover bodies of the victims of one of the largest massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinians, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor says. | The founder and chairman of the group Ramy Abdu said in a series of social media posts that “operations to discover bodies executed by the Israeli army at al-Shifa Hospital continue.”  He published a “shocking” video that showed rescue teams, civil defense, and forensic evidence finding more decomposed bodies. “It seems we are witnessing one of the largest massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in history.”  Abdu said the video confirmed the Geneva-based rights group’s report on field execution operations carried out by the Israeli forces during their recent attack on al-Shifa.  “Horror: Doctors, nurses, displaced persons, administrators at the hospital, children, women. This is what is revealed after the Israeli army's withdrawal from al-Shifa Hospital. Dozens of bodies were executed in the field,” he said. According to his remarks, the Israeli army placed the bodies inside pits it had dug. [...] Since the start of the offensive, the Tel Aviv regime has killed 33,207 Palestinians and injured nearly 75,933 others.

WCK Founder: ‘Israel’ Engaged in War against Humanity (Alahed News)
Killing humanitarian workers as a strategy: Israel’s endgame in Gaza (MEMO)


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