Permalink Russia, China to maintain anti-terrorism cooperation: Lavrov

Russia and China will continue their anti-terrorism cooperation, including via multilateral mechanisms, following the deadly terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in the Russian capital last month, Sergey Lavrov said. 💬 "I want to thank China for their condolences in connection with the terrorist attack in the Moscow Region on March 22, and for their support of Russia's fight against terrorism," Lavrov said speaking at a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing, TASS reported.  "All those involved [in the terrorist attack] will be certainly punished," Russia’s top diplomat stated. "Our [Russia-China] cooperation on counter-terrorism will continue, including within the framework of multilateral institutions. Speaking about the recent presidential election in Russia, Lavrov stressed that it was organized amid "severe external pressure from the West and a surge of terrorist attacks on behalf of the Kyiv regime."

Zelensky’s peace plan ‘divorced from reality’ – Lavrov (RT.com)


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