Permalink Regional War in Mideast Unavoidable If Israel Continues Strikes on Iran - Ex-Iranian Envoy

A regional war in the Middle East will be unavoidable if Israel continues strikes against Iran, former Iranian Ambassador to Germany Seyed Hossein Mousavian told Sputnik.

💬 "The current Iranian retaliation should be the end," former Iranian Ambassador to Germany Seyed Hossein Mousavian told Sputnik. "If Israel repeats attacking Iran and/or the US joins Israel; a regional war would be unavoidable."

Iran says concluded retaliatory strikes on occupied territories, warns against Israeli response (04/14/24)
Statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the attack on Israeli territory

Permalink Iran says concluded retaliatory strikes on occupied territories, warns against Israeli response

The chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, says Iran has concluded its retaliatory strikes on the occupied territories, warning of a “stronger” reaction if the Israeli regime responds. | "The operation is over from our point of view, but the armed forces are ready and we will act if necessary,” Baqeri said Sunday morning.  His remarks came hours after the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched extensive missile and drone strikes against the occupied territories in response to Israel’s deadly attack on the Iranian diplomatic premises in Syria early this month.  Baqeri downplayed the extent of the operation compared to what Iran is capable of, saying that it was merely a punishment and the country’s response to any further military action by the Israeli regime “will be much greater.”

Iran Forcefully Retaliates, Subjects Entire Zionist Entity to Attack (Al Manar TV)
Russia Expresses 'Utmost Concern' About Potential Escalation in Wake of Iran's Self-Defense Strikes (Sputnik News)
Iranian response to be tougher if 'Israel' makes any move: Ghalibaf (Al Mayadeen)
IRGC chief: Much harsher response awaits Israel should it attack Iran (PressTV)
US worried about 'Israel's' response to Iran's attack: NBC News (Al Mayadeen)
Biden tells Netanyahu US will not take part in Israel's counterattack on Iran (PressTV)
Tel Aviv confirms key airbase damaged by Iranian strikes (The Cradle)
Confirmed Hit: Footage captures moment Iranian missiles strike Ben Gurion airport (albawaba.com)
Iran's Retaliatory Attack 'Reestablished Deterrence' to Hold Israel, US in Check (Scott Ritter)
Ex-Shin Bet Chief: Bibi Unfit for Office, Leading ‘Israel’ to its Doom (Alahed News)(Nadav Argaman)
Iran starts offensive against Israel, dozens of missiles launched (04/13/24)

Permalink Israeli settlers brutally attack Palestinian West Bank villages

Hordes of Israeli settlers attack villages in the West Bank hurling stones, firing their guns, and setting ablaze homes and cars. | Israeli settlers, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, attacked the homes of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank town of al-Mughayyir to the northeast of Ramallah, on Friday. Then, Al Mayadeen's correspondent reported that after withdrawing, the occupation forces re-stormed the West Bank village.  Multiple illegal settlers ransacked Palestinian property in al-Mughayyir, destroying and setting ablaze several cars, while opening fire from their rifles and guns on the homes of Palestinians in the village. At least one Palestinian man has been killed in the ongoing attack after he was shot by settlers in al-Mughayyir.

Permalink UK develops lethal laser weapons against Russia

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps has revealed plans to accelerate the development of The DragonFire, a laser weapon expected to be completed by 2027. To strengthen the defenses of Ukraine against possible Russian assault. | Speaking from Salisbury [Porton Down: chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense and warfare], Shapps emphasized how military production strategies have changed in response to new threats. Promised to be able to take out drones, the DragonFire is set to revolutionize combat.  The system's flexibility—it can be implemented on land, sea, or in the air—highlights its strategic importance. Shapps underlined how it would affect Ukraine, especially in fending off drone threats.  Shapps stated that although The DragonFire is not yet completely operational, talks are underway to facilitate its transfer to Ukraine before 2027. It is anticipated that even once it is deployed [to Ukraine], the system will continue to be improved.

Permalink More German troops arrive near Russian border

Berlin has deployed the first soldiers from a promised 4,800-strong force to Lithuania | Germany has sent an advance military team to Lithuania as part of plans for a full-strength armor brigade permanently stationed in the Baltic state, which borders Russia. Moscow has described the mission as a threat that requires “special measures” in response.  German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius was among those to see off 21 military service members and civilian employees who departed on Monday from Berlin to Vilnius. The minister praised the Bundeswehr deployment as “a clear signal of solidarity” with Germany’s fellow NATO member.

Poland will defend Lithuania even if NATO’s Article 5 not triggered, president says (Anadolu)

Permalink WEF: Depopulation Will ‘Save Elites’ & ‘Drown the Rest’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has issued a chilling warning about how a global depopulation event would impact humanity. | The unelected globalist organization has revealed details of a so-called “Noah’s Ark” that will supposedly “save the elite” during an event that would wipe out most humans on Earth. The WEF has accused global “elites” that they will be saved from depopulation while “the rest” are left “to drown.” Details of the stomach-churning plan were revealed by senior WEF official Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is a senior advisor to the WEF and its founder Klaus Schwab.

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