Permalink Iran starts offensive against Israel, dozens of missiles launched

Iran has launched Dozens of drones toward Israel, The Jerusalem Post said citing Israeli and US intelligence. Moreover, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari confirmed that Israel is ready to defend itself against the expected Iranian strike. | The Israeli army said that it is ready to shoot down Iranian drones which are expected to reach Tel Aviv's airspace in a few hours. Israeli airspace is closed until 7 a.m. on Sunday, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority said on Saturday night. Both Jordan and Iraq have also announced the temporary closure of their airspace amid fears of growing tension in the region. Iran has warned to respond to the Iranian consulate attack in Syria's Damascus during which seven Revolutionary Guards, two of them generals, were killed. Tehran blamed Israel for the attack and threatened to respond to the attack.

Massive power outage reported in Tel Aviv | News sources have told the Zionist regime's local media, a large part of Tel Aviv, the capital of occupied Palestine, went dark due to a power outage, Lebanese Al Mayadeen TV Network reported. A cyber hacking group by the name of "Cyber Avengers." has announced in an statement that it took responsibility for cutting off electricity in various parts of the occupied territories. The group emphasized that it carried out this cyber attack from the south to the north in response to the Zionist regime's crimes in Gaza.

Iran launches swarm of kamikaze drones at Israel – Axios (RT.com)
Iran attacks Israel: Live updates (RT.com)


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