Permalink UK develops lethal laser weapons against Russia

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps has revealed plans to accelerate the development of The DragonFire, a laser weapon expected to be completed by 2027. To strengthen the defenses of Ukraine against possible Russian assault. | Speaking from Salisbury [Porton Down: chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense and warfare], Shapps emphasized how military production strategies have changed in response to new threats. Promised to be able to take out drones, the DragonFire is set to revolutionize combat.  The system's flexibility—it can be implemented on land, sea, or in the air—highlights its strategic importance. Shapps underlined how it would affect Ukraine, especially in fending off drone threats.  Shapps stated that although The DragonFire is not yet completely operational, talks are underway to facilitate its transfer to Ukraine before 2027. It is anticipated that even once it is deployed [to Ukraine], the system will continue to be improved.


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