Permalink U.S. Approves Sixty-Five F-16 Fighter Jets for Ukraine

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives evaluated a series of notifications during the month of February proposing the transfer of 65 F-16A/B Fighting Falcon MLU fighter jets from Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands to Ukraine. | Despite the mentioned countries expressing their intention to donate the aircraft, the estimated cost of the initiatives amounts to $.683.5 billion, including spare engines, simulators, manuals, tools, and various materials for operating and sustaining the F-16s.  From the summary of the Foreign Affairs Committee, it is revealed that Denmark will make available six F-16 Block 10, thirteen F-16 Block 15 aircraft, additional engines, and support equipment. The transfer is valued at USD 87.5 million.  It is worth noting that the Danish government has not only been one of the promoters of the initiative to provide F-16s to Ukraine but is also one of the few countries training pilots and technical personnel.

Permalink On Accomplices in the Terrorist Act Committed on March 22 in Crocus City Hall

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) (Дмитрий Медведев) |On accomplices in the terrorist act committed on March 22 in Crocus City Hall | As it is known, in criminal law it is customary to distinguish complicity in the commission of a crime, when several persons intentionally participate in it. Let's analyze who became accomplices of this gravest criminal act.

1. The executors. Everything is clear with them: these underdeveloped bastards are caught, and investigative actions are carried out with them. And it is obvious that despite multiple references to their belonging to ISIS/Wilayat Khorasan* (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), these scum are not religious fanatics ready to die for their faith. Neither external nor internal paraphernalia have they demonstrated. They are primitive hired killers, hired for relatively little money and trained to shoot. Just animals, human scum.

2. The organizers. They are a bit more complicated, for which the legend of IS responsibility was developed, which the extremists were happy to confirm. But they always do this, to increase their capital. And no one canceled the money, they probably got their money. But the true organizers are still hiding in the shadow of the IS. That's the plan. But already the first information published from the phones of hired freaks unambiguously testifies to the nationality of the organizers. As well as many other things — open (destination) and so far closed. These are the officials of the Nazi “Ukraine.” It was in their ugly brains that the idea to compensate for failures at the front with terrorist attacks was born, which, however, is not surprising. They will have to answer either according to the law or otherwise. The way terrorists are being dealt with all over the world. No statute of limitations.

3. The accomplices. There are many. Their circle expanded to include those who gave property, and money, organized the movement, taught them to shoot, etc. They will be held accountable. Everything is clear with them too, and they will answer. More interesting are other accomplices or international sponsors of terrorists. And here, alas, the situation is as follows: they include top officials of NATO countries. They vary. Macron, for example. His rhetoric, his actions, and most importantly — his sanctions for secret operations with the Bandera regime may well be qualified as aiding and abetting the terrorist attack of March 22. That is why the lover of oysters and champagne got so shitfaced that he had to deny publicly his own and his subordinates' involvement in the March 22 terrorist attack. That's why the champagne oyster lover is so shitfaced that he had to publicly deny France's involvement in the attack himself and through his subordinates. It is clear that Macron and several other Western leaders are the sponsors of this horrific terrorist attack. There is no forgiveness for this. There is no immunity here. And from now on, they simply are the enemies of Russia. (Translation: DeepL + Grammarly)

Permalink Children ‘dying’ of hunger in Gaza, warns UN food agency

The UN World Food Program (WFP) has raised the alarm on the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip amid a genocidal Israeli war, saying children are starving to death in the besieged Palestinian territory. | WFP Executive Director Cindy McCain made the remarks in an interview with CNN on Sunday, as the Tel Aviv regime has been using food as a weapon of war and deliberately blocking aid deliveries to Gaza over the past six months.  Asked about the impact of food shortage in Gaza, especially for children, McCain replied, 💬 “Well, children are dying as we speak.”  “And those that are not dying or haven’t died yet are so emaciated and lacking so much in the way of important nutrients at this particular time in their life cycles, they won’t -- if they do live, they will never recover from it,” she added.

Denial of basic needs in Gaza inhumane, intolerable: WHO chief (Gulf Today)

Permalink Khan Younis pullout ‘to prepare for Rafah attack,’ says Israeli defense chief

Israeli troops pulled out of Khan Younis in southern Gaza on Sunday after months of fierce fighting half a year into the war sparked by the attack against Israel by Hamas militants on October 7. | Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the withdrawal was because “Hamas ceased to exist as a military framework” in Khan Younis, just north of Rafah, where more than 1.5 million Palestinians are sheltering. He also said the pullout was “to prepare for future missions, including ... in Rafah.” Israel said it had withdrawn more soldiers from southern Gaza, leaving just one brigade, as it and Hamas sent teams to Egypt for fresh talks on a potential ceasefire in the six-month conflict.

Israel prepares military operations in Rafah (Gulf Today)

💬 "The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar, and other places for the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they wanted absolutely nothing except Palestine, not because the Dead Sea water by evaporation can produce five trillion dollars of metaloids and powdered metals; not because the sub-soil of Palestine contains twenty times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two Americas; but because Palestine is the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, because Palestine constitutes the veritable center of world political power, the strategic center for world control." ~ Nahum Goldman, founder of World Jewish Congress." ("AZ Quotes")

Permalink Palestinian factions mourn Daqqa, hail his role with Captive Movement

The PFLP affirms martyr Walid Daqqa's status as one of the prominent figures leaders, and thinkers of the Palestinian Captive Movement. | Palestinian Resistance factions mourned detainee Walid Daqqa, who was martyred inside the Israeli Assaf Harofeh hospital on Sunday due to the policy of medical neglect after a long struggle with illness.  The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) described the martyr as "the revolutionary leader," affirming his status as one of the prominent figures, leaders, and thinkers of the Palestinian Captive Movement.  In a statement, the PFLP emphasized that Daqqa had a rich and distinctive intellectual and literary experience unmatched in its impact on the lives and revolutionary spirit of the detainees.  The Front added that the martyr was one of the most prominent symbols of prison literature and contributed significant intellectual and literary studies to the Palestinian, Arab, and international libraries.  According to the PFLP, Daqqa was one of the prominent national leaders and detainees of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 who were on the front lines in confronting the practices and violations of the Israeli occupation, adding that he took part in all the battles of the Captive Movement.

Walid Daqqa on deathbed, over 750 other prisoners ill: Waed (1 Jun 2023) | Bone marrow cancer-stricken prisoner Walid Daqqa, whom the Israeli authorities refuse to release, is now in his final days after undergoing a lung resection and cardiac catheterization, and his body is not responding to chemotherapy, which was administered very late. Walid Daqqa has been detained since 1986 and was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of resisting the occupation. His sentence was later decreased to 37 years.

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